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undeveloped lot much to the delight of the neighbours. >> It made my heart so her. >> Reporter: it inspired him to make even more and after getting permission, place more than 45 doors in almost a dozen different locations. >> It was about making other people happy, especially children. >> Reporter: at the time, he never imagined how meaningful those moments might also be for the adults who happened upon them. >> They were in tears telling me -- >> Tears of gratitude from the daughter who thought I would gnome door inspired her mom with all timers to suddenly recall long forgotten happy memories. Tears of hope from the mother who saw the door of the transition has inspired her child who she fled from violence with she smiled for the first time in months. And tears of solace from parents visiting the little spirits garden at the burial park where charlie gifted and gnome castle. >> That was a tough one. >> Reporter: perhaps felt he had to do it because like he regularly removes each door to repaint, repair, or replace it before reinstalling everyone, patrick knows that if you're fortunate enough to make magic, it's your responsibility to maintain it. >> What's really important to me is giving back, acknowledging what you've been given and in return, Darrell's family uses Gain Flings now, so their laundry smells more amazing than ever. Woman: Isn't that the dog's towel? (Groaning) Hey, mi towel, su towel. More Gain scent plus Oxi Boost and Febreze in every Gain Fling. Paula and Lynn have found adulting particularly hard today. Did you know how early you've got to get on a daycare list? Yes, I did. -It's like we're already late. And we don't even have a kid yet. That's no excuse, Paula. It's not? -Uh-uh. Dang it. But you can still adult like a boss when you buy insurance with Sonnet. Us? Just go online and in minutes, you're covered. And if you bundle home and auto, you save even more. Actual adults? -Like you. She said like us! -Correct. [ sigh ] This new Charmin Ultra Soft smooth tear has wavy edges. It's no ordinary square. New Charmin Ultra Soft smooth tear has wavy perforations that tear so much better with more cushiony softness. Enjoy the go with Charmin. Announcer: Have you ever walked into a big fancy car dealership and wondered who's paying for this place? Shopping for a Chrysler Dodge, Jeep Ram or Fiat? Log onto Actual photos rock bottom prices, click shop, buy online, save big! Because nobody beats a deal from Peel! -- the french capital played host to a different large event today - a giant picnic. You always meant to come to paris, but you dont imagine on the main street of paris having lunch with your friends. More than four thousand guests were served throughout the day on a massive picnic blanket set up on the champs elysee. Participants were selected by draw - and provided with free food baskets loaded with delicacies prepared by some of the top chefs in paris. In calgary this weekend -- excited parents cheered on their little ones... As they waited at the finish line... To scoop them up. Nats "ready set go" the inaugural "wee wild ones diaper dash"... Saw 64 babies and toddlers under the age of two... Take on a twelve metre long carpeted course. The mini race was held on the eve of today's calgary marathon. "we of course hope that these are our future marathoners. So were building the pipeline and today their crawling and you know 20 years from now hopefully their running a marathon." every participant scored a custom race bib... And went home with bragging rights. And that is our report for ctv news this evening. Remember -- you can get toronto's breaking news all day long on c-p-24. And on our website -- "ctv news toronto dot c-a". For ----- -- and all of us here -- have a good night. I'm andria case -- join us tomorrow -- for ctv news at noon. Show start time (Light music) >> Pro-palestinian protesters at uft are meeting this evening with the university ahead of their monday morning deadline to leave the property. A woman has been injured in a broad daylight stabbing at fairview mall.

police say the male suspect is known to the victim. And a woman is dead following a crash in oshawa this morning. We'll tell you what police are saying. From 299 queen street west. This is toronto's breaking news cp24. Good evening. I'm sijia liu. Thanks so much for joining us. Our top story tonight, toronto's pro-palestinian demonstrators who have been camped out at the university of toronto for weeks are presenting a counter-offer to school administrators tonight, we're just hours away from a deadline. University officials have set for clearing the encampment. Encampment spokesperson says the protesters work together on a list of demands and it hopes the university will quickly divest itself of investments in companies profiting from israel's offensive in gaza. The university issued a trespass notice to protesters on friday, which survey kate. The property by 8:00am monday. >> In the interest of transparency in correcting the record. We feel it's important to publicize are negotiating process. Offer. We're given by the administration on thursday. It's more for restatement of university policy that is an actual offer. Most of what was outlined in the document are processes that could have been initiated by students before the encampment before speaking to administration. The same processes that we know time again and then failure because president gertler has the authority to simply say no to the recommendation of a committee that he stacks himself. >> We, the students are steadfast in our demands for divestment, for disclosure and for cutting ties with israeli academic institutions complicit in israeli apartheid. We remain steadfast in demand for palestine liberation. We demand u of complicity, we demand and complicity in israeli apartheid. We look forward to meeting with ut administrators at 5:00pm today to finally begin our negotiations. President gertler, we ask again for you to pick a side justice or genocide. >> The statement from the university of toronto reads in part, if the encampments remains non-compliance with the trespass notice we will be proceeding to court to seek an injunction really through an urgent hearing. Meanwhile, a rally was held in the beaches today to demand the release of the remaining hostages being held by hamas. A few dozen people were joined by several politicians in calling for the release of hostages at kew balmy beach. The rally was also a show of support for the jewish community. Join the ongoing war. Israel says more than 100 people are still being held captive by hamas in gaza. >> It's quite incredible. The show of solidarity and support in general, just from our community, but also to have people from the non jewish and definitely gives me a sense of hope. And also the feeling of safety to know that I'm amongst people care for me and care for my community. >> These are innocent people who were snatched from their homes on october some were brutalized before they were taken and they continue to be utilized while in captivity. We are demanding that they are now. My message to our elected leaders is to continue to put pressure on hamas to the hostages to lay down its arms because of that is the shortest wage and this conflict should be an actual ally to israel. Still has been a canadian ally for many, many years. >> We're not going to rest until they are returned home to their families and their lives are restored. And to you know, the folks are gathering here in the east end of toronto are standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity to send that we are still thinking about those 125 hostages who have been taken from their families from their homes by hamas. We're not going to rest until they return home. >> To those who continue to be weather because they are that because they've seen the violence of the hit on street or whatever the reason might be speak because attack on the jewish community is attack on all of us. If someone hate someone for jewish, they're going to hate me for being chinese are going to get someone else, whatever their background might and so this is a fight for all of us. You have to step up, you have to speak and you have to ensure that you stop hate. Whenever its ugly head. >> The united jewish appeal of toronto is speaking out after a school in north york was shot at this weekend. The uja is asking for people to show up at the bay as how ca elementary school tomorrow morning at 8.34 show solidarity. Police responded to the school around 5:00am yesterday for reports of shots fired. A bullet hole was found in the building, but no injuries were reported. There are some concerns that this was hate-motivated. And police say they will be looking into that. Police are also stepping

up their presence in certain neighbourhoods in response to the shooting. Police say a woman has been injured in a stabbing at fairview mall near don mills and sheppard. They say they were called around 12 30 this afternoon about a woman who had been stabbed by a man. Police say that man is known to the woman while security was able to detain the suspect. Paramedics have since taken the woman to the hospital and say her injuries are serious. Durham police are investigating a fatal overnight crash. The collision happened just after 4:00am in the clem burning grandview area when a single car crashed into a home. No one was in the home was injured. But police say a 37 year-old woman died on scene. Her name has not yet been released. The circumstances of the crash are unclear. Anyone with information is being asked to contact police and there was significant damage after a car in ttc bus colliding near the waterfront. Here you can see the bus with its windchill knocked dow after it collided with a light pole at lower jarvis in lakeshore, a badly damaged blue sedan with its airbags deployed came to a stop alongside the bus. No injuries are reported and ttc service has resumed in the area. Body has been pulled from lake ontario near billy bishop airport. And this is what the scene looks like tonight. Emergency crews were called to the area around 12 45 this afternoon for reports of a person in the water. A body was pulled to shore a short time later. Police say the investigation is in the early stages and it's unclear at the time if foul play was a contributing factor in the person's death. And american man has been charged after a wheel smashed through the windshield of a bus on the qew in st. Catharines, killing a passenger. A 48 year-old toronto man died and 3 others were seriously injured when the wheel slammed into the bus near garden city skyway bridge friday afternoon. Police say a 45 year-old man from new york has been charged with unsafe operation after the wheel came off of his van. He's due in court in september. Halton police are out with a public safety warning about a recent string of opioid poisonings in halton hills. Officers have responded to 2 suspected separate opioid poisoning incident since friday. 3 people have died as a result of the suspected inhalation of an unidentified substance. The deaths are being investigated by the coroner's office. Police are reminding people to know the signs of drug poisoning and use safer practices. It's the final day of doors open toronto where people are invited to visit and explore some of the most exclusive and intriguing buildings in the city. One of those places is billy bishop airport, which has so much more to offer than what meets the eye. Ctv's rahim ladhani takes a look. >> From high in the sky, billy bishop may look like a regular city airport, but down on the ground, the hangar doors are open for people to really understand everything that goes on here. >> I haven't seen planes fly like helicopters set school. >> More than 150 buildings and sites are on showcase this weekend with the theme being hidden histories. It's the perfect setting for billy bishop, which first opened in 1939 and served as a training ground for both the royal canadian and royal norwegian air forces during the second world. War huge number of teams that are doing all different kinds of work here at the airport, including airport maintenance, runway maintenance. >> Security and those are things that people don't always get to see. A surprise to many people here is that the airport has its own fire home. >> Visitors were able to board the truck and even where a firefighter suit. We've got a full fire crew here that keeps the airports safe inside the hangar and also on display for everyone to get an up close look at is ornge helicopter. I think they're really cool. >> And >> They're most likely for like. Emergencies and stuff. The air ambulance service explaining how it provides medical care while in the air. A unique skill which is both captivating and inspiring neighbourhood. So it's nice and best gets an opportunity see how everything is work and stuff. And that's precisely the goal of the event, which has been running since the year. 2000. >> You're watching toronto's breaking news, cp24 bc wildfire crews are making some progress in their firefighting efforts. Thanks to mother nature. We have an update coming up. >> So from a juno award winner, canadian pop music mainstay ties that is back with a new album dancing in crying until drop by to talk about it on the next Speaker: Hi, can I take your order? Hello? Oh. Hey.

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to demonstrate >> They haven't been crippled. Still both weapons and the ability to use them. >> Meanwhile, israeli attacks in rafah today killed at least 35 people. According to palestinian health officials, the idf claims it killed 2 senior hamas operations have continued in rafah against court orders and mounting political pressure builds out. Those of him become good milled. Our goal in gaza is especially emphasized here in rafah, said israel's defence minister while visiting troops today destroy hamas return the hostages and maintain freedom of operation. He says. Now today's attacks by hamas, a show of resiliency that now has some questioning whether israel's goal of fully eliminating hamas can be achieved. >> The death toll in yesterday's russian attack on a ukrainian shopping centre has risen to 14. Local officials say to glide bombs were dropped by russian forces, striking a supermarket in the northern ukrainian city of kharkiv. 43 people were injured in the attack. Ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy called attack an act of terrorism, also saying more than 200 people could have been inside the store. The ukrainian president stated this attack and fa sizes, the need for air defence systems from western allies. 12 people have been injured by severe turbulence on a qatar airways flight. The boeing 7 87 9 dreamliner was flying from do have to doubling when experience turbulence over turkiye. The flight continued on to dublin were 6 passengers and 6 crew members received medical treatment after landing 8 were hospitalized. It comes 5 days after a man died of a suspected heart attack in dozens of people were injured when a singapore airlines flight from london hit severe turbulence. Former U.S. president donald trump was booed repeatedly while addressing the libertarian party national convention last night in dc. >> Now I think you should nominate me or at least a vote for me and we should when they get. >> People in the crowd shouted insults culled from for his covid-19 policies running up federal deficits and lying about his political record. Some supporters in the room tried to drown out the booze throughout trump's happen. Our speech attendees will pick their candidate for president during their three-day convention. This is toronto's breaking news cp24. The jays wrapped up their series against detroit today. How they is coming out. [ ] With lotto 6/49's two jackpots, what possible could you find? Play the growing Gold Ball jackpot plus the Classic jackpot of $5 million. [olg sting] Our Enercare technicians are experts at heating and cooling. Water heating and water purification. We can help you with a range of affordable solutions to help your home run smoothly. Enercare Experts at home Hi, Phil Swift here for Flex Super Wide Duct Tape. It's so wide... we built this race boat. It's super strong... and takes a pounding. Yee-Haa! Get Flex Super Wide Duct Tape. With new Scope Squeez mouthwash concentrate, just add water, squeeze to control the strength of your mouthwash, and find a zone all your own. ( ) Scope Squeez. My life is full of questions... How do I clean an aioli stain? Use Tide. Do I need to pretreat guacamole? -Not with Tide. -Why do we even buy napkins? Thankfully, Tide's the answer to almost all of them. -Do crabs have eyebrows? -Except that one. For all of life's laundry questions, it's got to be Tide. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser powers through tough messes. So it makes it look like I spent hours cleaning. And no, I didn't! It makes my running shoe look like new! It's amazing! It's so good, it makes it look like I have magical powers! Magic Eraser and Sheets make cleaning look easy. . It's spring time in paris and the kings and queens of clay have come out to play Tennis played on another planet That is a piece of art right there Ooo lala! Roland garros on tsn and tsn+ Closed Captioning is brought to you in part by Desjardins Insurance. Insurance with a heart so big, it shows. Visit Desjardins dot com slash heart, today. The blue jays take on the tigers in a matinee to wrap up their four-game series in detroit. >> And the 3, 2,

>> Jordan romanow giving up a three-run homer in the 9th inning in the jays. 14 11 loss. The 11 runs is the most. The jays have scored in a game all season. They trailed by 5 entering the 4th inning before mounting a comeback that ultimately fell short. The jays lose this series and dropped 3 straight games. Now they open a series with the white sox tomorrow madness in minnesota tonight in game 4 of the pwhl final. Boston scoring in double overtime to win one. Nothing extending the series against minnesota to a 5th and final game just minutes prior to the goal. Minnesota scored in a celebration began on the ice, but the refs ruled goalie interference and overturned the call. Game 5 goes wednesday night back in boston with the first-ever walter cuts on the candidate took on sweden this morning. The bronze medal match of the world hockey championship. >> Asked why the >> Canada took a two-one lead early in the 3rd, but sweden tied things up midway through the period before adding 2 goals late to win for 2. This is the first time since 2018 that canada has failed to win a medal at the world hockey championships. It was a hometown win for charles leclaire today at f one. The 26-year-old winning the monaco grand prix is look wears first victory since 2022 in the first ever win in monaco. Despite starting in pole position on 2 previous occasions. But claire cut reigning world champion that were stephens champion cheaply down to 31 points with 16 races to go this season. This is toronto's breaking news cp24. A new survey shows canadians are ready to travel again. That story's coming up. (Dramatic music) I am Paul Atreides! Duke of Arrakis! Let me fight beside you. I'll show you the way. [ ] Ever notice some odours don't come out in the wash? Odours from sweat, urine, and other musty odours can get trapped in fabrics. Try Downy Rinse & Refresh. It helps remove trapped odours 3-times better than detergent alone. Try Downy Rinse & Refresh. Did you know most dish soaps don't remove all the grease, even with scrubbing? Not mine. These are clean. How 'bout we take a closer look... Whaaat? I just cleaned those! Switch to Dawn Platinum. It powers through and removes 99% of grease and food residue. Including stubborn, invisible grease other dish soaps can leave behind. Now, that's... clean! That's why only Dawn is trusted to save wildlife affected by oil. Dawn Platinum cleans to the squeak. Chuck's a wanderer. A lover of the open road. To some he's a legend... to others a phantom of leather and steel. [Motorcycle revs] Chuck was searching. What for, you ask? A Triple-A-Steak at an unbeatable price. And that's The Legend of Chuck! Can I get you guys anything else? [Horse neighs in the distance] [Door opens] [Bell rings] [Footsteps approaching] ( ) -Having triplets is...amazing. -expensive. So, we switched to the bargain detergent, but we ended up using three times as much and the clothes still weren't as clean as with Tide. So we're back to Tide, and the clothes are clean again. Do three times the laundry and get a Tide clean. (Mid-tempo music) summer travel is ramping up and canadians are willing to spend more money this year on vacationing compared to last year. That's according to a new study by deloitte canada. Although where they are willing to travel might not be what you expect. Calm welcome rally explains. >> Despite economic pressures, it looks like canadians are willing to dish out more for travel this summer. Deloitte canada summer outlook shows that this year canadians are willing to travel despite these economic challenges, more than three-quarters of canadians surveyed said they plan to spend the same or more on summer vacation this year, while only 18% won't be travelling at all. With the average canadian willing to pay roughly $2400 for their summer trip this year. But while travellers are planning

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