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passengers willing to fly without a carry on bag. The airline ceo says the ultra-low price offering will appeal to travellers seeking the most affordable price, while also freeing up overhead bin space for other passengers travellers to purchase. It will still be able to store backpack or purse under the seat in front of them. Aviation logistics expert john gray to joined us earlier today with more on what this new fare will do for the industry. >> This is less jets attempt. >> 2 fact create a new class of fares that I'm not to do. So lower going, the other fares will go higher. But this was the conditions associated with little fair are no carry on bags cannot under the scene for you because you're saying, you know, premium space in that case and overhead bin, these people today don't have enough room. So we're going to create a disincentive for people to bring stuff on board by creating is the fair. So its history. >> You making it very confusing. >> The new category will be available in a couple of weeks. This is toronto's breaking news cp24. The jays bats came alive tonight in detroit will have the highlights. Coming up next. A carpenter. (Upbeat instrumental music) Tide is busting Laundry's biggest myth... that cold water can't clean. Cold water, on those stains? Cold water can't clean tough stains? I'd say that Myth is Busted. Turn to cold, with Tide. So I didn't think I needed Swiffer, until, I saw how easily it picked up my hair every time I dried it! Only takes a minute. Look at that! The Heavy Duty cloths are extra thick, for amazing trap & lock. Even for his hair. Wow! And for dust, I love my Heavy Duty Duster. The fluffy fibers trap dust on contact, up high and all around without having to lift a thing. I'm so hooked. You'll love Swiffer or your money back. ( ) ( ) This is Brad. Brad neglected to properly mount his brand new tv. And with a dishwasher on the brink... Brad's problems keep mounting. Lucky for Brad there's Jiffy. The app that connects homeowners with Pros in a Jiffy! Way to go Brad. Download the app or book online. Jiffy. Canada's number one home maintenance app. Tap into BetMGM Casino and you're entering a huge library full of exclusive games. Games you won't find anywhere else. Looking for jackpots? Right this way. You'll always find someone ready to give you a hand. Or some dice. Your favorite games waiting for you... On BetMGM Casino. >> The blue jays opened a four-game series in detroit tonight with a dominant performance. >> Becoming leadoff batter the for right. You are. >> The carpenter power problems for the tv broadcast comerica park tonight, but not for the jays. They had 13 hits, including 3 home runs to hammer the tigers. 9, 1, starter kevin gausman pitched 6 innings, allowing just one run, striking out 10. Tomorrow's game starts at 6:40pm. Prime minister justin trudeau met with some young basketball players during a stop in mississauga this afternoon. Yeah, that's a classic ball-handling drill there. Go look up and read the numbers. Trudeau took part in one of the sessions at the leading dollars camp. >> The not-for-profit charitable group develops girl centered programs, which encourages noncompetitive, physical, emotional and educational development. This is toronto's breaking news cp24. Thanks so much for joining us tonight. Your top stories are coming up straight ahead. . [ ] >> Zuraidah: going nowhere in the gridlock on the expressway. City council trying to find a way to ease construction.

>> Construction to ease the congestion. Good evening, the debate at city hall over how to put gas on the three-year project went into the evening. And, counsellors voting to find ways to wrap up the road work. Our city hall reporter followed today's debate and joins us now live with the details. >> In the end, all of council acknowledged that something needs to be done to get this construction done faster. The details of how this timeline will be set up still need to be hashed out but it is now clear that the political will is there. >> We know that it is crumbling, we know that it is six years old. >> Reporter: the consensus in council thursday night was that more needed to be done about the gridlock on the gardner. >> We're at a particular flashpoint right now with the gartner. People are exceptionally hot under the collar. >> A three-year timeline for the latest round of road repairs on the stretch between deferent and strong having major impact on toronto traffic. >> You draft your best plans and then your plans suddenly go awry. >> Counsellors spent the day battling over whose idea it was to speed up the road work and when. 's brad bradford putting the plan before council. The mayor insisting staff had already been working on it for weeks now after request. >> It is not fare to our staff to say that nothing has been done to score political points. Let's not do this. We want a much faster construction. >> Reporter: faster construction that is not one step closer to happening. City council unanimously does unanimous asking staff for a plan to accelerate the repairs including the possibility of 24/7 construction while considering the impact to the local community. >> Tens of thousands of residents, residents who live right next to this active construction area. >> Reporter: the city's experts now charged with finding concrete ways to tighten the timeline. >> We start to bring the work schedule, putting that in place, the report back in july will just be for the confirmation of what can be done, also looking at if there's more to be done. >> I'm still concerned that we might not be aggressive enough to see the results that people ought to demand from city council but this is a step. >> We need to come together and say it's a huge project. We can always improve but let's do it together. >> Staff will have two months to put together a plan to fast-track the construction that has slowed down the city. >> It will include the chit city's chief engineer will be sitting down to take a look at what a new construction schedule could look like. The details of which will determine how much time can be shaved off this. >> Thank you natalie. A first in canadian sports history, toronto will be home to a women's professional basketball team in 2026. It will be the first wnba team outside the U.S. mark walker has the details. >> Toronto, welcome to the wnba. >> Reporter: after months to anticipation, it's official. The wnba is coming to toronto. Larry tannenbaum has been awarded the league's 14 franchise. He is also the chairman and minority owner of maple leaf sports and entertainment, a $115 million U.S. for the team. >> Our team will complete the pathway for women in this country. They can see that the sport they play as girls and as women is just as important and worth investing in. >> Toronto has been on the wnba's rater -- radar since... >> I attended our toronto game and lots of people coming up to me and saying thank you for making a dream come true. That's when I knew this is the right place. >> Reporter: starting in 2026, the team's home court will be at the 8700 coca-cola coliseum with occasionally games played at scotia bank arena and in montréal and vancouver. >> We want to use this team to elevate basketball in canada. >> Reporter: serving as president of operations and player development, named the team's president today. >> The wnba has never had a team internationally with a lot of very difficult people to work through, that there is no precedent. It's not easy but it's worth it. >> Women's sports are gaining momentum. The pwa tell inaugural season saw huge success with three canadian teams. The wnba is now tipping off its 28th season. >> It's amazing that now, athletes are being recognized. Young girls and athletes can relate and feel inspired. >> A sentiment echoed by two

team -- two-time canadian olympian who also coaches the national youth basketball team. >> Young athletes will have role models in their country. We haven't had that in so long. Its something that you dream of and it's something that is finally coming true. >> As for the team's name and colours, network is just starting with the team planning to seek public input in the near future. >> The university of toronto is getting students involved in a pro- palestinian encampment 24 hours to respond to its offer to end the demonstration. It's been ongoing for more than three weeks. >> Our offer is fair and reasonable. Our approach is in keeping with the university's funnel does universities fondle commitment -- fundamental commitment to the diversity of opinions that exist in our community. We are situating this discussion where it belongs within the clear and robust policies and procedures the university already has in place to consider divestment requests. We are still in ongoing dialogue with students. We remain committed to peaceful resolution and help the students will accept our offer. Shouldn't agreement not be reached, we will issue a notice of trespass and pursue any subsequent legal steps. >> The offer includes forming a working group to consider options for the disclosure of the school's investments but the university says it will not end any partnerships with israeli schools which was one of the demands. Student demonstrators have called the offer inadequate and offensive. >> They claim they want to have -- they want to come to peaceful resolution yet they attempt to blindside us at every turn. This is a farce. They have stated to us on record that they will not pull the police over this weekend. Still, the trespass notice analyse that they spread about us, that they continue to talk about late the groundwork for a violent clearing. >> Reporter: the group said it plans to address the media at a news conference tomorrow to respond to the universities offer. The union representing 12,000 workers hasn't had a strait date of june seventh. In a statement, the union says the two sides remain far apart on key issues including job security, wages, and benefits. The news came hours after the ontario court of appeal's world the member's right to strike is protected by the charter. The ttc has said a strike would impact transit service but they have not provided details on what those impacts would be. We'll have more news in a moment. Let's get you alive look at downtown toronto. 18 degrees under clear skies. Jessica has her first look at the forecast. >> Jessica: many open the textbook of what spring should look like, the last few days before get into the first fee days of summer, that was it. It was beautiful, I guess they are went but it was warm and we had a much more manageable humidity. As we head into the evening, another about seasonal night but a pretty light wind began into the early morning hours and temperature wise will be at 15 where we should be. We are within a fairly normal range. Kicking off our friday, a bit of a northwesterly breeze to start the day but gentle enough that it won't cool things down and we are holding onto all that sunshine to wrap up the work and school leak. Coming up, a full look at your long-range forecast to show you what the week looks like, looking at the final few days of may. >> In mississauga, and man is dead after a double shooting in a school parking lot last night. >> Police say the shooting happened in the school parking lot after 11:00 o'clock last night. The scene is near glen aaron drive and battleford road in mississauga. One man is dead in a second man is in critical condition. >> With some gathering at the lot on the east side of the school, the nature of that gathering is unknown at this time but there was some sort of altercation that occurred between the two victims and either a suspect or suspects. The number right now is unclear. >> Reporter: evidence markers were placed throughout the parking lot as police continue the investigation. Neighbour say the gun violence is unsettling. >> We were talking to someone else who's been in the neighbourhood a long time and they say this has never happened before. >> I'm shaken. We thought it was just fireworks going off and so -- just because of the victoria day weekend,. >> It's crazy. I never thought it would happen in this area. We moved here because it's a really safe and nice part of mississauga. It's really scary. >> Police say the two victims were known to each other. The motive remains under investigation. Police are canvassing the neighbourhood for any surveillance video that might show what happened in the parking lot and possibly identify any suspects or vehicles involved in this shooting. >> Police are searching for a suspect involved in a shooting

early yesterday morning that sent a man to hospital with life-threatening injuries. The victim was found in the area of sherburne and isabella street with a gunshot wound just before 12:30 am. Police have identified the suspect as adrian gordon wanted on several charges including aggravated assault and discharging a firearm with intent to wounds. He is described as 5-foot six, 130 pounds with short black hair and brown eyes. Police services from across the gta gathered to launch their latest crackdown on street racing and stunt driving. It's called project erase which stands for eliminate racing activity on streets everywhere. Toronto police say they made more than 1400 spent driving charges in 2023 and nearly 600 so far this year. >> It's crucial for people to understand the risks associated with illegal street racing and the potential consequences. Not only for themselves but for other users of our roads. We want to emphasize the importance of keeping racing activities confined to legal racetracks. This is essential for public safety. >> If you choose to participate in dangerous any regal driving, you will be investigated, you will be identified, your vehicle will be seized and you will be charged criminally or provincial -- provincially. We utilize helicopters, unmarked vehicles and the deployment of specially trained officers to help us achieve our goals. >> Police are asking anyone who sees or hears of dangerous driving activity to report it. As of july first, ontarians will no longer need to renew their licence plates. Back in 2022, the province drop the fees associated with the annual registration of plates but the plates needed to be registered each year. The province has only place in good standing will be automatically renewed and drive -- drivers with parking tickets will need to replace their plates manually once those fines are paid. The ontario liberals are requesting an update on the rcmp's ongoing investigation into ontario's green belt. Last year doug ford reversed the decision to open up protected lands to build housing after reports from the province's auditor general and integrity commissioner found certain developers were favoured when deciding which areas to include. Opp referred the matter to the rcmp launched a criminal investigation in october. No information has been shared since then. In a letter to the rcmp commissioner, for liberal leader sent an update is needed amid new allegations of involvement by the premier's office. Doug ford has denied any wrongdoing and while his office directed those questions to the rcmp. Coming up, hoop dreams in the six. Canada's first wnba team is already inspiring the next generation of female players. >> High-pressure holding on making for a beautiful and to the week. For kids heading off to school, even for yourself, beautiful from start to finish. We've got a little -- winds are little bit later, a great day to get out and enjoy it. Coming up, a Hello. I'm Russell Oliver, and I am the cash man. Bring me your used jewelry and I will give you cash. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Darrell's family uses Gain Flings now, so their laundry smells more amazing than ever. Woman: Isn't that the dog's towel? (Groaning) Hey, mi towel, su towel. More Gain scent plus Oxi Boost and Febreze in every Gain Fling. How white do you think your teeth really are? Let's try the tissue test. Oof, still yellow! There's toothpaste white and there's Crest 3d Whitestrips white. They whiten like a $300 professional treatment. And to maintain your brightest smile, try Crest 3d White toothpaste. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! [ ] Ever notice some odours don't come out in the wash? Odours from sweat, urine, and other musty odours can get trapped in fabrics. Try Downy Rinse & Refresh. It helps remove trapped odours 3-times better than detergent alone. Try Downy Rinse & Refresh. Hello. I'm Russell Oliver, and I am the cash man. Bring me your used jewelry and I will give you cash. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Female Announcer: Tune into Pure Country or listen on the iHeartRadio app. >> 18 degrees under clear skies. And a slapshot of the cn tower live up in orange. In celebration of canada's very first wnba team which was announced today. A nice clear evening tonight,

much different than what it was yesterday. Sunshine to end the week, here's jessica was more. >> We had sunshine start to finish, a breezy southwesterly wind. A fantastic day to spend time outside. Weather is brought to you by the press or law firm. Injury lawyers you don't pay unless they win. It was one of those perfect spring days, a lot of folks taking advantage of the less humidity that we had, getting out and enjoying all the watersports the city has to offer. Getting out to walk the dog, head out to a patio. It was a beautiful day. We have that perfect balance of heat, humidity, and warm winds. People enjoying, nadir lunch break at the beach, must be nice. Taking a look at our tempter map, it is another beautiful evening and had of us. Just above that seasonal jump in a comfortable way so it's not too hard for people sleeping when it comes to that heat and humidity. About 15, we should be at 11. It was a more normal range as we had through the overnight. It's the same across the board, easier for london, waterloo, kingston, bancroft, parry sound. Everyone has an above seasonal but more manageable evening. Into the date tomorrow, we are at 26, almost identical to the day we had today. Lots of sunshine, really light winds but another david a high uv index. We are not into that dog days of summer type c but you have to start thinking that way when it comes to sun protection. We saw that cold front bring that city electric weather yesterday. We have a different story today holding on into tomorrow. High-pressure being the dominant system. Going through the rest of our evening relatively clear, put your sunglasses in the car now and there's just not a lot going on. A whole lot of sunshine as there from start to finish. Stepping into our began bc some cloud cover rolling in. Shower start early on through windsor, london, island sound and then they creep across in time for that midafternoon point for us. Really by 4:00, the bulk of it is done and we end up seeing late date sunshine. Temperature wise bear just above seasonal surround at the week and then we get there towards our saturday at least. The rain will shut us down slightly. We don't lose any of that warmth through the evening. Seasonal norms closer to 11. Throughout your sunday, you want to spend some time outside. Towards monday tuesday wednesday, we see a shift. We cool down slightly. We'll be around seasonable far my name of the chance of showers body off and on. Temperature wise me get below seasonal for your daytime high tuesday and wednesday. Although it isn't terribly cold, it will feel cool compared to how warm it has been over the last couple of days but the sunshine returns as we head towards thursday and we are slowly worming back up. Not too bad towards the weekends and next week. >> The blue jays were looking for their second straight win tonight, opening a four-game series in detroit. >> The days came on strong in the latter stages of the game scoring eight runs in the last three innings, beating the tigers 9-1. The two teams will play again tomorrow. Back to one of our top stories today, toronto is getting a wnba team and young players are excited to see them play. For the girls on the ursula franklin academy team, the expansion means more than just the chance to be a fan, it could mean new options for the future. >> They are among the best female basketball -- basketball players in ontario. Members of the tbs bees ursula franklin academy, the latest citywide champions from a school of their size. For them, the reality of a wnba team coming to toronto is exciting. >> I will be getting tickets. She's been offered spot that U.S. universities. She says for canadian players, the wnba hasn't been the best career choice but with its expansion north of the border, she's looking more into accepting one of those places. >> Islands wanted a team in toronto so I could have more role models to look up to. I think toronto getting a team will keep more young athletes in the sport. >> Reporter: professional matches are still two years away but it's already changing girls mindsets about their future and their talents being on display. >> A lot of the college games have changed and we've seen that. Players like kaitlin clark, it's really inspiring and I think that's creating a lot more talk about women in sports and especially in basketball. Throughout history leap and looked down upon in the world of sports and now we are really showcasing that we have the strength. You just haven't given us the opportunity. >> Because female players tend to be physically smaller than

men, the games are different. 's. >> It involves more trickery and more skill because we have to get around each other. I think it's more interesting. You can see more happening and seeing people like myself, I can look to the player like, I make similar move. >> A lot of people say it's because you're not tell enough, they can't dodge, they can be as flashy as guys can but that's not true and it's very obvious when you see them play life that players believe the toronto franchise will only make women's basketball more popular. >> So many job opportunities open up. It's just going to be so lovely to see. >> Reporter: on and off the court. >> Zuraidah: is still ahead, playing ball with the prime minister, justin trudeau plays a visit to a girls basketball camp If you're frustrated with occasional bloating or gas. Your body's giving you signs... it's time to try Align. Align Probiotic was designed by gastroenterologists to help relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. When you feel the signs... it's time to try Align/ Announcer: Have you ever walked into a big fancy car dealership and wondered who's paying for this place? Shopping for a Chrysler Dodge, Jeep Ram or Fiat? Log onto Actual photos rock bottom prices, click shop, buy online, save big! Because nobody beats a deal from Peel! Do you have a wet, damp, or moldy basement? Call the oldest and largest waterproofing company. Call rcc. Whether your basement needs to be repaired from the outside or the inside, we'll consult you on the right solution. Call rcc waterproofing today. Family owned and operated since 1920. Clean your rugs with Love Your Rug. Whether it's machine, handmade, or exotic, we clean each rug differently. Let us do the heavy lifting as we provide free pickup and delivery. Love Your Rug. We put our heart into it. It's time to Love Your Rug. Inez, you're using Head & Shoulders, right? Only when I see flakes. You should use it every wash! Otherwise , the flakes will come back! He's right you know. Is that Tiny Troy? There's no itchiness, dryness or flakes down here! I love Tiny Troy. Make Every Wash Count. -Having triplets is...amazing. -expensive. So, we switched to the bargain detergent, but we ended up using three times as much and the clothes still weren't as clean as with Tide. So we're back to Tide, and the clothes are clean again. Do three times the laundry and get a Tide clean. Closed Captioning is brought to you in part by Desjardins Insurance. Insurance with a heart so big, it shows. Visit Desjardins dot com slash heart, today. >> From close to cosmetics, jewellery to alcohol, they have become popular targets for shoplifters. Police in york region are warning the public about booster bags, devices are using to thwart security systems. Janice golding explained how they work. >> They wouldn't draw any attention if you were to carry them into a store however, they have been modified in certain ways in order to attempt to obsess. >> Reporter: detective constable... A booster back, one of the ways crooks are ripping up retailers across the gta. >> They've added compartments to this jacket. >> This is what it looks like with an interior pocket. >> Reporter: these clothing items and accessories are part of a whole york regional police recovered as part of a two-month long multi- forest investigation in organized retail theft. >> Which hung the people a store in groups with the sole purpose of stealing items in bulk. 501 location, 300 at another location. >> Reporter: here's one of the modified items of clothing that the thieves where. Expert on top of a booster skirt which is basically a large pouch with a zipper inside to conceal items in. Shoplifting streets targeting chain stores for items thieves could resell in the underground market. >> Everything from cosmetics to perfume, jewellery, high-end clothing and alcohol. >> Reporter: according to a release in the retail council of canada, shoplifting has increased across all categories including food, apparel, and merchandise, escalating inflation and a growing resale market for stolen goods that are some of the contributors that there is also an alarming trend of repeat offenders and people using violence. >> They're working in smaller cells. There is no hierarchy structure. >> Project booster, investigators arrested 88 people, late hundred and 69 charges in recovered merchandise worth more than a hundred and 14,000 from an estimated $333,000 worth of stolen goods. >> From the outside, the person that was rescued, you'd never know. >> And initiative they say has made a dent. >> We've noticed a decrease here into district. >> Police say this is a nationwide problem with stolen goods still making their way to and from the gta.

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