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because you've won 42 shows in a row? I'm just passionate about the skill trades. Enroll today and skilled trades college. To find a food star gordon faces his biggest rival ever. Who wants to be on team Vanderpump? It's team lisa vs team gordon She can Vanderpump off. We're done on ctv Like a puzzle piece stops now. Man: Us tribute's don't have a choice. My name is Alex Hitchons. Call me Hitch. (Upbeat instrumental music) canada border services agency workers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a strike mandate. More than 9,000 members voted in 96% supported job action that could lead to significant disruptions to the flow of people, goods and services in an out of canada. As the busy summer travel season begins. Workers have been without a contract for 2 years. He issues in this round of bargaining includes fair wages that are aligned with other law enforcement agencies across the country. Flexible telework and remote work options and equitable retirement benefits. Canada's competition bureau is looking into the conduct of sobeys and loblaws. The major grocery chains are under investigation for alleged anti-competitive conduct. The federal government documents show the bureau is looking at the company's use of so-called property controls to limit retail grocery competition. The commissioner claims the controls at the grocery giants have baked into lease agreements are designed to restrict other potential tenants and their activities. Meanwhile, loblaw boycott organizers say they plan to keep movement going past may. One of the group's moderators, rick brown joined cp24 with more on their efforts. >> It's going really well, the poll that came out yesterday, so to saint people participating, which is 18% of the canadian population. 58% of the population aware of the boy died and supported so that's very encouraging to us because, you know, we have a lot of and and do and dover evidence. But this, you know, really quantifies what's happening. >> Boycott organizers say they're looking forward to seeing the financial impact on loblaw once they're q2. Reports are released. This is toronto's breaking news cp24. Coming up, the blue jays looking for a win against the tigers with alek manoah taking them. And we'll have those 99.9 Virgin Radio wants to help pay your way. Listen to Daryn and Deepa mornings on Virgin Radio for your chance to win $10,000 every week. Virgin Radio pays your way. Do you wish you had a larger home with more living space? Finishing your basement is the solution. I'm Mike Holmes here with Ivan from agm Renovations Canada's Basement Renovators Thanks Mike! For over 20 years, we have turned thousands of basements into home theatres man caves kids' playrooms anything you can think of, whatever you can imagine. [Mike] agm is the only basement renovation specialist I recommend. [announcer] Get $5,000 off your new basement! We need to switch. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. But can we do it? Oh yeah. We can definitely make the switch. Sweet. I have a disability, but I'm not fragile. My first big hit, was a rush. It made me feel alive in a way only sports can. Because of partners like Bell, I get to feel it on the world stage. And now I get to share that feeling with the next generation. (Dynamic music) the blue jays continue their series with the tigers in detroit tonight. >> '02 is in the year left-center field. >> Things were going ok for the jays until 4th inning.

that's when centre fielder kevin kiermaier was charged with an error after he nearly collided with less yield felt our show. That lets the first of 3 runs in the jays starter alek gave up 6 runs, before he was pulled in the 5th. The jays scored a couple of runs in the 9th to avoid being shut out. Tigers win 6 to it. The weekend is here and that means there are lots of new movies hitting theatres, including the latest mound next installment. >> Furiosa in mad max saga is a high octane origin story set 15 to 20 years before fury road after being kidnapped by ward or dementia, says henchmen furiosa 1000 vengeance for the death of her mother when she's caught between 2 tyrants vying for supremacy. She finds herself in a battle to make the way home. Film critic richard crouse says it's a wild ride. We nobody. >> Shoots action seems quite the same way that george is able to. They are for the camera is in constant motion near exciting. It's like those old monster truck ads that say you'll pay for the whole seat, but you'll only use the edge as you slowly work your way up to the front of the sea because this movie is visually engrossing. There's fraction seen here called the stowaway secret took 78 days to shoot and it will make eyes pop out of their sockets. I give it 4 out of 5 it's really quite something to see it as large and as loud as you possibly >> I realize not everyone fantasized about the same hit man. Every sting operation was hit. Man is part romantic comedy part action movie loosely based on a true story follows a mild mannered leon. The sidewalks for the police secretly records and cover officer posing as a hit man for hire when he has to fill in for the officer one day he finds out he's a natural and start to embrace the role a little more than he should. Crouse says the movie is light and frothy, but is anchored by smart script in good performances. Ration was performance. >> It has a scene about three quarters of the way through the movie that with the audience and I saw this burst into applause after it was over it was dot will perform start well written funny with the slots to kind of edge to it, that pervades all the way through the entire show. Again, just 4, to 5 stars called hitman and it's in theatres right now. It's really worth the walk. >> Okay, eyes. Another review of garfield is hitting theatres this weekend. Pratt voices title character after being abandoned stream. They have play by samuel l jackson as it gets the orange tabby leads a life of leisure with civilian john canine best friend ot big victory appears garfield do leave the lasagna behind to embark on high stakes heist? I think this is a case of mistaken. Well, garfield doesn't really behave like garfield. I don't think the kids will bide all that much. It's a lot of if you're term or 11 years old absolutely who this movie is aimed at, they probably don't know who garfield is anyway, so they care that he doesn't sleep all day that he doesn't. Insults friend, od and all the other stuff that goes along with a comic strips. What this movie does, he's just deliver a generic action movie. So I gave 3 out of 5 stars. It's going into this right now. >> Term 11 year-olds for probably like it. Parents may be a little less. It's run out >> I explores the complexities of know friendships and motherhood. It follows 2 best friends whose relationship is strained when one gives birth to her second child and the other one gets pregnant from a one night stand. House gives it and a half stars price. This is toronto's breaking news. Cp24. It's time to go behind the scenes at some of the city's most popular destinations. We'll tee up some of this year's highlights (Dynamic instrumental music) It's odd how in an instant things can transform. Slipping out of balance into freefall. (The stock market is now down 23%). This is happening people. Where there are so few certainties... (laughing) Look around you. You deserve to know. as we navigate a future unknown. I'm glad I found stability amidst it all. Gold. Standing the test of time. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture.

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>>> In toronto, and 92-year-old man is fighting for his life in hospital after being hit by a car crossing the street on spadina avenue any mnpmac emergency crews were called to the spadina avenue grange avenue area around 940 5:00, the man was walking northbound when he was had by vehicle in the light -- light have turned, the nine year old remained on the scene, mother and child are in hospital after being struck by vehicle in etobicoke, they respond to the area of royal york road just before 5:30 pm. The victims were transported to hospital with nonlife threatening injuries, police to the driver remained onto the scene, no word on any charges. >>> The university of toronto said pro- palestinian demonstrators have until monday to vacate an encampment that has been ongoing for three weeks, the deadline comes out of her organizer turned down a proposal from the schools officials, a trespass notice has now been issued, db mike walker has the latest. >> Reporter: with the deadline to offered the -- to accept the offer of past. >> Order of trespass a rep mike special constables delivered trespass notices to pro- palestinian organizers, statements and demonstrators. >> This document is a farce. >> Reporter: rejecting the university of toronto offered to end the encampment offering -- occupying to the green space for more than three weeks now and includes more than 170 tenths. >> This document is nothing but a summary of their already existing procedure on divestment and disclosure with a few minor tweaks, to betas into thinking we are getting a good deal out of this. >> At the offer is fair and reasonable and reasonable, universities offer includes inviting students to present their demands to the business board of governing council but of forming working group to consider options for the disclosure of the school's investments! The university says it will not end any partnerships with israeli schools which is at one of the demands. >> Our approach is in keeping with the university's fundamental commitments to free expression, peaceful protests and the diversity of opinions that exist in our community. >> We were given a proposal for a committee, no commitment for devised money, you want a commitment of our development, we demand it. >> Reporter: the university has it made it clear that encampments on its property are illegal, there is also number of health and safety concerns, there have been numerous incidences of hateful speech on campus and reported to police since the encampment was established. >> To students are reporting it to us they feel unsafe, they feel targeted. >> Reporter: jay sullivan, with an advocacy group for jewish students calling for the removal of the encampment. >> It's long been time since the university took meaningful concrete steps to ensure jewish students like any other student is able to come to school and a study and live and work, free of harassment and intimidation. >> Reporter: giving demonstrators until late monday morning to clear the encampment, before then that of the two sides will meet over the weekend. >> There is lots more room for improvement. >> Reporter: of the encampment is not of removed, the university will take necessary legal steps. The university administrators and demonstrators are expected to continue negotiations on a sunday, at this point toronto police say the university has not requested its assistance to help clear the encampment stomach mike walker, ctv news, toronto. >> Zuraidah: expect to see larger cases of beer and grocery stores starting the summer, the province heating of the expansion of alcohol sales but not everybody is applauding the move. Siobhan morris has the details. >> Reporter: the premiere does not drink alcohol but has been pledging for years to place it in closer reach. >> We are getting a don't foster, we're getting it done starting this summer. >> Reporter: starting august 1st got groceries and big box stores that already sell alcohol can add a boozy seltzer's, premixed drinks and bigger cases of beer up to 30. >> At september 5th, convenience stores like this one will be able to sell beer, cider, wino and ready to drink alcoholic beverages steve as starting halloween more big retailers can have their license, the expansion more than a year ahead of schedule, to make it happen, 225 million taxpayer dollars goes into the beer stores through the transition. >> Or is going is to ensure that we protect the beer store employees to make sure they know they will be taken care of, we will audit every single penny to make sure it's going in the right place. >> Reporter: encoding keeping a minimum number of stores open, with hospitals under strain, municipal infrastructure buckling the. >> $125 million to alcohol -- accelerate alcohol sales. >> Thank you for that, when it comes to patient... >> Reporter: boasting on

healthcare and access to primary care, from ontarians, a cocktail of feelings about these changes. >> People are looking for convenience,. >> Oh wait about, it they should not be able to have such easy access to go and get it from a convenience store it. >> Make it easy for everybody, everybody's happy. >> Reporter: not everybody, the retail council of canada call exists a sweetheart deal for the multinational companies that own the beer stores, a gift from taxpayers, while pushing recycling costs onto grocers and consumers, and members were how to take a serious look at whether or not selling to alcohol under makes sense, entirely different reasons, the centre for addiction and mental health is also disappointed. >> Are really feel like this is a choice of convenience over ontarians health and well-being of. >> Reporter: saying alcohol plays a role in the 6000 deaths a year in ontario, a number they expect to rise. >> We are very worried about the violence and domestic violence which is already using increases, we know how that is linked to alcohol. We await about duis. >> Reporter: the premier ecology there will be speed bumps,. >> I'm confident we will go to those bumps. >> Reporter: the timeline of speculations that the premium recall an early election, today doug ford would not it commits to keeping the vote in 2026 but is committed to getting his agenda through. >> Zuraidah: more news in a moment, is give you a life look right now a downtown toronto, 15 degrees and are merely clear skies, jessica smith has our first look at the forecast. >> Jessica: aid was the most amazing today, the centred from start to finish, freezing low humidity, it is one of those days he just want to be outside of the entire time. Tonight is all, we do have a decent start to the day tomorrow before it gets messy but this evening sitting at 14, should be around 11 so we are holding onto that nearest seasonal market. When it gets lighter but it gets breezy or tomorrow. We're starting off with sunshine by that arena, risk of thunderstorms roles and, and sticks around until at least the made afternoon. Coming up, a full look at your long-range forecast to show you how long this rain will hold on and what we can expect for the weekend is. >> Zuraidah: thank you.

>>> Prosecutors say the suspect in a deadly mississauga shooting pledged allegiance to isis, and a man was killed because he was ready to expose those ties. John woodward has a story. >> Reporter: it was a bloody scene in may of 2021 in the family-run restaurant, five people shots, the 25-year-old died in an attack that shock the city of mississauga. >> Just don't understand. >> Senseless. >> Senseless. >> Reporter: at the time police released this surveillance video before and after the shooting, part of an investigation that led to the arrest of three men, natasha, solomon raza anna and owned it, in light of the crown attorney to tell a jury in the first degree murder trial that he had gone to work in his white house, singh that you will hear evidence that he was aware of the group pledged allegiance to isis, they were not just buying and selling products, they pledged our regions to isis, and when he was being used to finance at organization, sent back home to four that that caused. >>> He is planning to go to the authorities and betray the others, it's my position of the others came up with a plan to prevent that from happening, a plan to kill him and his family. The councils and between nines 2021 of that plan was put into action, alleging that he entered the restaurant, pulled a handgun and shot seven times and 18 seconds, witnesses told that they saw a slender man jump into a honda accord which set all, inside, the mother heard several pop sculptures trauma and the arm, rushed into see several others dink shot including one of her sons . She said elegant him, he was looking at me, I could see the blood everywhere on the ground, I could do nothing. She called 911 and asked any driver in the gas station for help you muck police at full different pulled footage from 70 security cameras to follow the accord back to the business, and major break in the case. John woodward, ctv news. >> Zuraidah: people police made an arrest in a fatal stabbing and mississauga, police were called to a motel near widow road just before 9:30 am monday. A woman in her fifties with stab wounds was browsed at the scene, the 25-year-old woman of mississauga was arrested the next day and charge of a second we murder, police he the victim and suspect are related, but did not consider the case of intimate partner violence.

>>> Toronto police a man has died after an assault last weekend in scarborough, investigators shared this image of the victim, the 57-year-old of toronto, police responded to an altercation, at a residence in the area of eglinton avenue characters after 2:00 pm may 16th. >>> They say a suspect to attack aladdin with an object it, the 65-year-old of toronto was arrested at the scene. He's now charged with second we murder. Police say the man a new one another. Back in york region in the investigation is underway after shots were fired at a richmond hill movie theatre three separate times this week. >> Reporter: the greater toronto area's newest movie theatre plank movies in multiple locations, while the new theatre was a draw for moviegoers, is also growing unwanted attention. >> Since it may 17th we've had three incidents of shootings happening good at the cinema, and each incident it's been three different suspect vehicles vehicles, fortunately nobody has been injured. >> Reporter: friday may 17th just before 10:00 pm, surveillance video shows a white pickup truck outside of the front entrance doors when multiple shots were fired, sunday may 19th just before 9:30 o'clock, read as he beat drove by and a suspect fired multiple shots at the entrance door. And today at 2:30 am, a dark coloured suv drove by the theatre with suspects flying shots which shattered the front door be one that we don't know if all three incidences are linked together, we are treating it as separate right now. But again we just want people to come forward who might know something of. >> Reporter: this is not the first time the theatre was fired upon, genuine 24th, four theatres into the gta including this one had a gun shots fired at its front door, following the shooting is an applied cancelled three indian action films. >> We don't have any information about what movie was playing a. >> Reporter: at 37-year-old mark commit man was arrested in relation to the january shooting where they are looking for different suspect and the investigation is ongoing. Anybody with information about the shooting is here is asked to contact the york regional police. >> Zuraidah: coming up here on ctv news, mississauga voters began the process of choosing the next mayor with the first polls opening today.

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