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open to adding more medications to the list of drugs covered by proposed pharmacare program. The bill chart a path towards universal pharmacare plan that cover so like birth control and diabetes drugs. Health minister mark holland says that the current list represents an absolute minimum and the government could expand it based on negotiations with provinces and committee recommendations. Insurance industry representatives, have expressed concerns about the bill saying that it could disrupt existing private coverage. Speaking disruptions go transit reminding people of some service updates on the lakeshore west and barrie lines this weekend service on lakeshore west will be temporarily modified on certain weekends until june 9th allow for track work. The trans are going to be operating every 15 minutes between union station to oakville and then hourly between oakville to west harbour train service on the barrie line this weekend will be suspended for track work during that time. Buses are running between highway 407 and allandale waterfront. And for those taking the ttc in the east and they'll be no service on line 2, then would vining kennedy stations saturday and sunday. This for track work shuttle buses are running instead, regular subway service will be back on monday. Want to check out an subway station. You can doors open. Toronto is happening this week and giving you a chance to explore more than 160 of the city's historic and significant sites since 2000. The event allows the public to get behind the scene looks at landmarks, including todmorden mills, the alma combo. The humane society queen's park and the lower bay subway station. This year's theme is hidden histories. Christine williamson is the lead programmer for doors open. She joined cp24 to give us a bit of a preview. >> The great thing about doors open is it's just in a really interesting opportunity to see inside some of the buildings that you may be walk past 100 times. But I've always wondered what goes on in there and it's, it's a chance to, you know, get off the beaten path, learn a new skill. We've got all different kinds of spaces, whether you're into architecture, design or history, you like arts and crafts, museums, all of these, these kinds of sites are participating. Yeah, it's just a really interesting opportunity to learn more about all the little gems in your backyard. >> Well, the sides are open tomorrow and sunday. 10:00am to 5:00pm o category service agency workers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a strike mandate. More than 9,000 members voted 96%. Supported job action. Now that could lead to significant disruptions. The flow of people, goods and services in and out of canada. As the busy summer travel season begins. Workers have been without a contract for 2 years. Key issues in this round of bargaining include fair wages that are aligned with other law enforcement agencies across the country. Flexible telework and remote work options and equitable retirement benefits. Well, canada's competition bureau looking into the conduct of sobeys and loblaws. The major grocery chains are under investigation for alleged anti-competitive conduct. The federal court documents show that the bureau is looking at the company's use of so-called property controls to limit retail grocery competition. The commissioner claims that the controls at the grocery giants have baked into lease agreements are designed to restrict other potential tenants and their activities. Loblaw boycott organizers say they plan to keep the movement going past may. One of the group's moderators, rick brown joined cp24 with more on their efforts. >> Still, it really well. The leger poll that came out yesterday, so to saint people participating, which is 18% of the canadian population. 58% of the population aware of the boy died and supported so that's very encouraging to us because, you know, we have a lot of and and do dover evidence. But just, you know, really quantifies what's happening. >> Boycott organizers say they're looking forward to seeing the financial impact on loblaw wants the q2. Reports are released speaking a dollars sense canada post losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year and needs to make major changes to stay competitive. This according to experts, the crown corporation lost 748 million dollars before taxes last year, its second worst year on record. Some say that higher stamp prices or more efficient delivery network. An expansion to new areas like banking and government services could lead to better profits. Canada post must make daily rounds to every address, locking them into an operational model that has been profitable since 2017. Well, legal issues continue to flow in for sean diddy combs facing new sexual assault allegations. April and pro has filed a lawsuit in new york claiming the rapper subjected her violence and abuse over several years spanning from 1995 to the early 2. Thousands. The new

allegations come just days after a former model accuse comes of sexually assaulting her. It also comes out their shocking cctv footage appears to show comes beating singer cassie. He continues to deny all charges against him. Staying in entertainment documentary filmmaker morgan spurlock has died. Spurlock's family announced today that he died yesterday from complications of cancer surrounded by loved ones here for a shot to start 2004 with his documentary super size me about the health impacts of fast food in america. Now over his career, he produced and directed nearly 70 films and tv series. >> The documentary as a form. People always take it to be truth but there's always sort of a certain construction when it comes to going to documentary filming. There's always a certain level of fiction. Well, in the footsteps of michael moore, morgan spurlock is someone who kind he created a sort of self mythologizing in it. You know, he became an actor in his own documentary and where wait, wait, you know, like a documentary become sort of folksy adventure with a touch of fiction. >> Was just 53 years old. It is not for the to feel like 20 outside. You're watching toronto's breaking news cp24 well company alberta, look at a higher what it's describing as the ultimate summer job. We'll have more on the opening of a for a pair of adventurers. ( )( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Most of our clients who come through our door and who are suffering from mental illness, they are feeling a sense of despair and a longing for help. Often insurance companies are denying disability claims on the basis that there's insufficient medical evidence. We've represented hundreds of clients who suffer from anxiety or depression. We fight for our clients right to receive the compensation they deserve. Your Long Term Disability firm... Kotak Law. [ ] "Ready?" Change is inevitable. It can send you off in new directions... show you the unexpected. Like how your favourite spot isn't yours anymore... it's theirs. Introducing the completely reborn three row Hyundai santa fe. Wah changes everything. [Hyundai sting] . It's spring time in paris and the kings and queens of clay have come out to play Tennis played on another planet That is a piece of art right there Ooo lala! Roland garros on tsn and tsn+ Closed captioning of this cp24 program is brought to you by Bloom Retirement Communities. Now open in Oshawa, Stouffville, Lindsay and soon London. (Light music) your personal lights, you know, fresh air and getting a 10,000 steps and then some this could be the perfect summer job for you. Moraine lake bus company alberta searching for 2 adventures to hike every single trail in the moraine lake and lake louise area banff national park. The chosen candidates will document everything on social media as the high as they hike paddle and camp between june 15th and august 15th. The application deadline is tomorrow. So do it now. For me because I can't a young dog is back on tonight after being safe from a potentially dangerous situation at pearson airport, 7 month old eska. Running traffic along airport road and highway 409 last night. What a good samaritan spotted her and turned her over to peel police. They shared a photo online and by late this school is reunited with her foster family. Keep it on a 9:55 19 degrees. You're watching toronto's breaking news cp24. The ford government has unveiled accelerated plan for selling alcohol in convenience stores. Of all the details coming up after the break with sijia liu. Tonight the summer forecast could include disruptions at canada's borders the strike vote and what it means for businesses and tourists

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bridge opp say a wheel came off a passenger van hit a pickup and then went through the bus windshield. A 48 year-old toronto man who was a passenger on the bus was killed. 3 other passengers were seriously injured. This happened around 3.40 this afternoon in the toronto-bound qew remains closed at glendale avenue for the investigation. It's expected to reopen around 11 tonight. Keep it here on cp24. As we continue to follow this developing story. Next to a significant update to the pro-palestinian encampment situation at the university of toronto. With the school delivering a trespass notice to organizers today, cp24's lindsay biscaia joins us live for the very latest details. Lindsay. Have you seen any movements with the encampment tonight? >> Not tonight, sijia. It looks as everyone behind me is a pretty well put it this point. There's actually not a lot of noise or anything. There seem to be some programming and some meetings going on earlier this evening, but now it seems pretty quiet here and pretty dark as well. So it doesn't seem as though anyone is moving, but they do have until monday at 8:00am to actually move out of this encampment because as you mentioned, that's the latest today is that the city has issued a notice of trust pass. And now that deadline am monday people in this encampment have to be at now this comes after the sent an offer to the students yesterday and in not offer a it detailed a couple of things. None of the actual demands that students have, but it did die. Give students an opportunity to come to the table when it comes to transparency of investments in the future as well as some kind of working group to consider options for disclosure and greater transparency of investments. But the students here say that that's not really enough because the university didn't say it will straight up, not be cutting ties with israel. Universities and will only explore disclosure of investments. But one of the main demands from students here is a complete does gust of investments toward israel. So that some of the main sticking points. And we did hear students this morning about that. Have a listen. >> This confirmed with us that they're meeting with us at but that they're moving forward, the trespass notice. That's where we're at right you know, this trespass notice is the first of a much longer you know, these types of things, you know, that you can issue that trespass notice. And then you know, that starts at the wheels turning, but doesn't mean immediately. And the next you know, for 5 minutes that hundreds of cops are going to show up. There's lots of room between now and then. And we implore the administration to the right thing to be on the right side of history to divest from israeli apartheid. And these ongoing aside? >> And so are once again showing you another live look at some of the signs outside this encampment as well as the encampment as a whole here at uft. Pretty quiet. Doesn't look as though people have been nothing has been taken down as of yet. We will have to see 8:00am monday morning is one of the students here are expected to be gone in. The university says it will pursue subsequent legal steps if that does not happen. See jeff, back to you. >> Okay, a pretty quiet night, but we will see what happens this weekend. Thanks so much, lindsay. Now as the encampment protests continues at the st. George campus vandalism has been found at the u of t's campus in scarborough. A number of red triangles were spotted on the side of buildings at the campus on military trail. They also feature cross hairs. Those upside down. Trying goals have become a popular symbol among pro-palestinian advocates. Some interpretations link them to videos from hamas's military wing that highlights israeli targets with red flying goals. The paint was soon covered up in the toronto police hate crime unit says it is aware of the occurrence. Crown prosecutors say a deadly shooting at a mississauga restaurant was the result of a plot of a group who had pledged allegiance to the terrorist group. Isis. 5 people were shot at chicken land near the college way. And glen erin drive in maine. 2021. 25 year old naeem a kill was killed in the opening address in brampton this week. Crown attorney david diorio said a keel was planning to turn others in the group in so they decided to kill him and his family an on not suliman rasa and quash a basi are all charged with one count of murder and 5 counts of attempted murder. The charges have been proven in court testimony continued today. Keep it here on cp24. As we continue to follow this story. Elderly man has life-threatening injuries after being struck by vehicle downtown. The collision happened just before 10:00am this morning at spadina and grunge avenue. Police say a 92 year-old man was crossing blanche at spadina when he was hit by a car making a turn. The 39 year-old driver remained on scene and the investigation by the traffic services continues. >> Ontarians will soon be able to buy beer, wine cider and ready to drink alcohol at corner stores. The province announced today they've moved up their plan to expand

alcohol sales with availability at convenience stores coming on september 5th grocery stores already with licenses will be able to sell larger cases of beer as of august. 1st. And by the end of october, more big box stores will be allowed to sell the lower alcohol beverages like beer and wine. The accelerated plan is going to cost taxpayers to the tune of 225 million dollars will go towards the beer store with their transition as well as giving a discount to convenience stores, health and community groups have expressed concerns about the increased access to alcohol and the lack of measures in place to address the harms that will go along with that. Premier doug ford was asked about this issue this morning. >> We take this very seriously. We put more money into mental health and addiction than any government in the history of this country, in the history of this province. And we're doing a fairly well without and it's going to be a we're going to continue working with people that need help and support. Not a mention on on the health care too. Our healthcare spending since we've been in office has jumped over 30%, never been done before. >> Some of the people we spoke to today support the expansion plan. Will be convenient, >> Any like downside do >> No, I think its responsibility of the people to be able cells. And you buy the well, I don't live in the city, but if I had a party, I won't stop honest thing as long as you're responsible and you know your limits, I think you should be fine. And from the states. So. >> I think not uncommon there at all. I think and might facilitate peoples. He said. Trafficking, they have more options to get like that, get places like that. I think that we all right. >> The beer store released a statement saying today is a significant milestone, reaffirming the beer store's crucial role as the primary distributor of beer in ontario. This announcement underscores our commitment to responsible beer distribution and environmental stewardship. Ctv political commentator scott reid. Things premier ford believes expanding alcohol sales will be popular with voters. >> For loves nothing more than peddling the beer story. And you know, it's, it's the beer store of your story and it's worked well for him, you know, buck-a-beer in the original 2014 election campaign beer quarters, he's going to get it. But you see the price, you got to pay 225 million dollars to the largest breweries, multinational breweries in the world. And so we're going to pay more to what may be paying more for that case of beer in a corner store, but it's popular. People would like that that community shake their head and say what we have already they got quebec, it seems ridiculous. Let's get it. So we're going to get it. >> The centre for addiction and mental health released a statement that reads in part camh is disappointed that the provincial government has chosen convenience over the health and well-being of ontarians. There are already more than 6,000 alcohol attributable deaths a year in ontario. And the changes announced today will significantly increase this number. The main driver of alcohol related harm is convenience. Decades of research show that increased ease of access leads to more consumption. And in turn, more harm. And earlier this month, a coalition of health organizations, including the canadian cancer society, the canadian medical health association in camh released a letter calling for a comprehensive strategy to deal with increased alcohol consumption that will come with this change. It says harms linked to drinking cost the province more than 7 billion dollars a year. More than tobacco and opioids combined. Advance polls open today in the mayoral by-election in mississauga, ctv's john musselman reports on the early turnout. >> There was a steady stream of voters arriving today at this advance pull at mississauga city hall. Residents here are voting for a new mayor next month. Housing crime transit and social services are all top of mind. >> Problem with removing snow and things that that we have met someone to help us housing to. Yeah, the price is over overpricing. That trend says its site safety of citizens. >> There are 4 main contenders for the top job. The latest poll conducted by mainstreet show's longtime politician, carolyn parrish in the lead. But there are still a large percentage of undecided voters. >> We have to vote or elsa. We want to get our choice or at least the opportunity to get a the by-election is being held to replace former mayor bonnie crombie, who has moved on to provincial politics as leader of the ontario liberal party, mississauga has only had 2 mayors in the past 45 years. He's a mccallion served as mayor for 36 years before crombie to be a mere, you need governance experience, you need 42, you need.

>> Community experience and you also need to be available to people given the busyness late. So I don't see that so much in the new candidates because lived it in mississauga for 18 years, officials with the city of mississauga say 22 additional advance polls will open next weekend, too. >> Make the process as smooth as possible support to bring your id. And if you can, your voter card of the, it would be a driver's license. A bill, something that has your address on it. By-election will be held on june, the 10th. >> John musselman, ctv news in mississauga. >> Go transit is reminding people of service updates on the lakeshore west and barrie lines this weekend service on the lakeshore west rail will be temporarily modified on certain we tech weekends until june 9th to allow for track work. The trains will operate every 15 minutes between union station to oakville and then hourly between oakville to west harbour train service on the barrie line will be suspended this weekend for critical track work during this time, buses will only run between highway 407 and allandale waterfront and a heads up for ttc riders. There will be a subway closure to keep in mind this weekend. There will be no service on line 2 between woodbine and kennedy stations on saturday and sunday. Crews will also be doing track work here. Shuttle buses will be running instead. Regular subway service is scheduled to resume on monday. It's 10:12 19 degrees. This is toronto's breaking news cp24 sounding the alarm over funding for child care and the potential impact on families. Those details next Welcome to the world of spycraft. (Dramatic music) Keep yours eyes glued to the action. Let's get down. Let's get funky! What are you concealing? You a communist sympathizer? (Whistles) It's just a job. Number one in sewer and drain cleaning. Number one in water damage clean-up. And number one in the number two business since 1935. Call Roto-Rooter that's the name. And away go troubles down the drain. Roto-Rooter! [ ] You might not know how to fix a broken air conditioner. Sfx: [phone/truck/bag/fan] But we do. "That was fast." And if you need a new one pay as little as three dollars a day and make no monthly rental payments for 6 months Call on Reliance ( ) ( ) Stop dreaming. Start shopping. Red Tag Days are on at Toyota, with great offers on select models. Find yours today, at When the Murrays discovered Gain Scent Beads, they fell in love with the irresistible scent. Huh, huh, so did their dog Roger. Gain Scent Beads keep even the stinkiest stuff smelling fresh. (Mid-tempo music) the ndp held a news conference today calling for action to help families facing uncertainty following the province's latest funding delay. The news conference comes after the provincial government told childcare centres that it will implement a new way of funding the national 10 dollar-a-day program starting in 2025 many daycares are warning about a risk of closure if a funding formula isn't soon updated to cover the actual cost of providing care. Emily elder, a full-time parent, says the closures could be detrimental to people's careers. >> Is there a plan to support the 150 kids that will be released into the wild, not 3.30 if this centre closes note. There is not a plan. There aren't other closures. It will mean working parents. Scrabbling. Adversely impacting their employers operations almost certainly to pick up their kids and make last-minute emergency arrangements and then longer term. Negatively impact. Working parents ability to fully contribute to their workplaces. >> 92% of licensed childcare providers have opted into ontario's 10 dollar-a-day program. The federal government is providing more insight into why it rejected toronto's request to decriminalize possession of illegal drugs. Addictions minister sachs says the proposal didn't include age restrictions or limit the amount of drugs a person could have. She says the plan left her with deep concerns. The minister says she decided to deny it after toronto refused to amend the proposals to address concerns from her

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