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>> Voice of Interpreter: and if one thing is clear to me it is that prime minister netanyahu has no peace project for palestine. Fighting the terrorist group is legitimate and necessary after the events of 7th of october, but netanyahu is creating so much pain and so much destruction and so much rancour in gaza and the rest of palestine that the viability of a two-state solution is in serious danger. >> Brandon: canada has been actively pushing for a two-state solution, but the trudeau liberals maintain that statehood cannot happen while hamas still reigns in the enclave. >> Guarantees that hamas won't be part of the leadership after new palestinian state. It would be, in my mind, inappropriate for us today to just declare statehood [ Unclear ] details. >> Brandon: conservatives M.P.s were a little more succinct. >> So countries are recognizing the state of palestine. Should canada recognize the state of -- >> Absolutely not. >> Brandon: most of the world already recognizes palestinian statehood, including 144 out of 193 united nations members. >> Nothing will change today or tomorrow, but it could basic [ Unclear ] if this starts -- be significant if this starts a trend and more states were to follow. >> Pro-palestinian demonstrators in madrid welcoming the announcement but say it still isn't enough. >> These are empty words. It does us no good to recognize the palestinian state if you continue to sell arms to israel when a genocide is taking place. >> Brandon: ireland, norway and spain say they will officially recognize palestinian state hood on may 28th. Brandon choghri, "CityNews." >> Cynthia: russia continues its relentless attack on ukraine, and we must warn you, this next video is quite jarring. One person is dead after a missile struck a police car not far from the border between the two countries. One officer was killed, a second injured when their vehicle was destroyed by a drone strike. The officers were on patrol in an area that's been under siege in recent weeks about 80 kilometres to the south, seven people were hurt when another drone strike destroyed a three-storey building that housed a kindergarten classroom. No children were hurt. Strong winds, hail and flash floods are wreaking havoc across southwest serbia. At least one person was killed when a tree fell on her car. Similar storms also struck in neighbouring bosnia, kosovo and croatia, damaging roads, buildings and crops. [ Hissing ] >> Cynthia: it sounds like a science fiction movie. Cicadas are starting to emerge throughout parts of the southern and midwest united states. Billions of the buzzing insects are expected to appear thanks to a rare occurrence where two generations of the bugs will pop up from the ground at the same time. Once they emerge, the average cicada lives for about four weeks. The insects are mainly just pests. They're nontoxic and don't bite. Illinois is expected to see some of the largest infestations. >> Announcer: next on "CityNews" -- >> A new barbie doll is about to hit store shelves and it honours a legendary canadian athlete. Find out who. Plus is the situation at the grocery store getting better? It appears many canadians are still reeling from the sticker shock. Closed captioning brought to you in part by HearingLife. Love your ears with a free hearing test at, & see how our personalised care can help you keep being you. Greetings from New Jersey. We welcome you. Sky to shore. Sun to snow. Winning cities to historic towns. Let the games begin. Plan your vacation at Leon's Spring it on event ends Wednesday! Get incredible deals on furniture. Save up to 50% on select clearance mattresses. Save up to $1,000 on select Appliance and tv packages. Last chance to spring into savings. ( ) With the $30 Massive Money ticket going big could be a scratch away. "you can have it all" by george mccrae You. Look. Fabulous. - No, you. - You! You! - Youuuuuu! - Youuuuuu! - It's Old Navy. - It's Old Navy. For sharing healthier meals quickly and without the mess. Frigidaire induction cooktops stop burned-on spills making clean-up easier and life yummier. For all we share.

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champ venus williams. Sinclair tells sportsnet "this is something ill never thought would happen to me but it's a huge honour as I've matured being a role model to the next generation and to show young girls anything is possible is one of the most important things I do." >> Cynthia: I love it. What a great story. >> Fil: I love it, too. She's a great person to honour. >> Cynthia: thanks, fil, very much for joining us today. If you are just joining us, here's a recap of our top stories. A man has been critically injured after a the shooing in toronto's St. Jamestown neighbourhood. The shots rang out just after midnight near bloor and sherbourne. There's no word yet on suspects. Signs a yonge-dundas square have been taken down paving the way for a formal renaming to sankofa square. The mayor says taxpayer money will not be used to cover the $100,000 cost. And city officials are changing their strategy tore dealing with unhoused people living in encampments on public lands. The new approach does not rule out enforcement completely, but it includes an emphasis on mental health and primary care support, with an eye toward moving residents into permanent housing. And we will be revisiting those stories again in greater depth at 6:00. But first, a toronto couple was forced to cancel their first family vacation after their daughter couldn't get a passport renewed despite being a canadian citizen. Pat taney hears their frustrations in speakers corner. [ ] >> Pat: in our speakers corner report, a toronto family calling out immigration after they say their daughter, who's a canadian citizen, can't get her passport renewed. Mir randa and derek harpell's lives changed for the better six years ago. Tell me about your daughter. >> Hope. She's amazing. She is this spirited, lighthearted, fun, energetic. >> Pat: the family legally adopted hope from south africa and she's been a canadian citizen ever since. >> It's been a journey but a wonderful journey but also tumultuous in a lot of different ways. >> Pat: tumultuous most recently after the family went to renew hope's passport six months ago before a planned trip to jam make av. >> We've never been on a family vacation. Did all the photos got our thing prepped. >> Pat: but there was a problem with canadian immigration. >> Recorded on her internal record that her birthplace was a different country, swaziland not south africa, despite the fact that every hard copy we have and every record we have states south africa. It's an error in their system. >> Pat: even her original passport stated south africa as country of birth. Despite all of this proof, the family had to cancel their trip. >> She's disappointed. She says to me finally, why do my friends get to travel and I don't? Why does canada not let me travel? >> Pat: for months, they've called immigration multiple times. >> And then we wouldn't be able to reach them because the phones were down or the call would drop. >> Pat: reached out to elected officials. >> No matter where I turn is we don't know what you need to do and we don't know how to fix this. And that's the frustrating part is that we're willing to do what is it you need? What do you want us to do? Everything. And we're being told no. You've done everything you can. We're not sure. >> Pat: so the family reached out to us. Speakers corner contacted immigration officials, asked them to look into the case. They blamed human error on their end, apologizing for the mistake saying, "the subject's country of birth was incorrectly recorded as swaziland on her canadian citizenship certificate." they went on to say "our system has been updated to correctly reflect the applicant's country of birth for any future passport applications." the harpells relieved, of course, to finally get a solution but say it should never have been this difficult. >> My daughter is a canadian citizen. She is the same as every other child that is a canadian citizen and has the same rights, including, not limited to but including the right to travel, to have a passport. There is no legitimate reason why she should be held back from travelling simply because of a clerical error that C.I.C. made. >> Pat: >> Pat: and as always, if you have an issue, story or question you'd like us to look into, reach out to us by visiting the speakers corner tab on the "CityNews" website. Pat taney, "CityNews." and >> Cynthia: they were fleeing war and now they are being asked to repay the canadian government for the trip to safety. Xiaoli li with how many evacuees are now trying to buy themselves some more time. >> Given more time because people really in bad situation now. So we need more time. And I think it's not fair for in this situation to be count us for the interest. >> Xiaoli: evacuated from a war zone but now facing a hefty bill. Muhammad is a permanent resident who was visiting family in sudan last year when civil war broke out. He and his family escaped on a canadian forces plane but canada is asking for him and

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