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I don't want that to be true. [soft dramatic music] I don't want to still be affected by my childhood, to be an adult stuck in some cage she made. - What do you want? - I don't know. - I think you do. - I just want to feel better. Be better, you know? Start over, I guess. - To leave? - I don't want to leave the team. Don't want to leave you. - You can't lose any of us. But you want better for you. Maybe you want more, different. Go get it. Me, you won't lose me. I got you. It's not conditional. - [sighs] What if there isn't more? - There will be. - What if I don't deserve more? - You do. [soft uplifting music] [chuckles] You do. - [grunts] [keyboard clacking] - O'Hare? - Yeah. . [dramatic music] [wolf howls]

>> Announcer: broadcasting from the traditional territories of the anishinaabe, the wendat, the haudenosaunee peoples, and since 1805 the treaty lands of the mississaugas of the credit, this is "citynews." [ ] >> Reporter: stabbing sends a man in his twenties to hospital with serious, possibly life-threatening injuries. >> They were fighting out in the alleyway. >> Reporter: and then? >> And then bang. >> Reporter: tonight in toronto, manis left fighting for his life in toronto after an argument leads to gunshots. And work begins to rename a toronto landmark but who will be stuck with the bill? [ ] >> Announcer: this is city news, everywhere. >> Reporter: good evening and welcome to city news. A man has been critically injured and a suspect is still on the loose tonight following a stabbing in the west and neighbourhood. Police were called to the area of jane street and alliance avenue just after 5:00 pm for reports of a stabbing. When they arrived, they found a man and his 20 suffering from injuries. Paramedic still city news they transported the mental trauma centre with serious possibly life-threatening injuries. There is no suspect information at this time and about 30 minutes earlier, police also responded to response to a stabbing at duffer and grove park. A man and his twenties to gospel with life-threatening injuries. Police to scrub a suspect as mama dreadlocks approximately 6 feet tall and wearing all black. Anyone with information is being asked to contact police. And a man remains in hospital tonight clinging to life as gun violence strikes yet another downtown neighbourhood. Shawna hunt has more from investigators and residents in the area were call those calling for better support in their community. >> Reporter: a man continues fighting for his life after shooting near bluer and jarvis. It all happened in the laneway behind the year on huntley street. Neighbours tell me this area is a common late-night hangout spot and it's often the scene of fights and commotion. >> They were probably fighting in the alleyway. >> Reporter: and then? >> And then bang. >> Reporter: resident started by the gun violence tell me about an hour before the shooting happened, they heard shouting and arguing happening in the alleyway below and then the fighting wrapped up again. >> The person was shouting to call the cops. I believe he knew something was going to happen and was asking for assistance. >> Reporter: a cluster of evidence cones marks the spot where the man collapsed and nine when rome was called and the victim was rushed off to a trauma centre with life-threatening injuries. At last check he remains in hospital in critical condition. The shooting happened outside of a building that provides transitional housing for people experiencing homelessness and residents stay here tell me with the harm reduction site nearby there is not enough supports in place to handle the needs of the neighbourhood. >> Because it's a lot of drugs, this alley year and that back area is the chaos of drugs and I think you would need more than one security to deal with this. Since I have come to this building, for people have died in the alley of overdose. >> Reporter: for people. >> Yes, for people in the alley. >> Reporter: since january the been over 170 shootings in toronto that's up 67 percent year-over-year. Fifteen people have died, at least 44 others have been injured. >> It does not surprise me at all considering what is going on in the entire city itself I know the police are overwhelmed I think they are trying their best but I don't know, the government has to get involved more. >> Reporter: police say at least two suspects fled the scene on foot. We know that officers spent many hours canvassing the area looking for witnesses and video surveillance. Anyone with information that could help this case is being asked to call police. Shauna hunt, city news. >> Reporter: thank you shauna hunt. Still on the streets, two teens have been arrested in connection to a story we brought you yesterday about a violent home break-in and a carjacking. Three people broke into a home near yonge and steals in north york overnight on tuesday demanding the keys to the families mercedes. Investigators believes the same suspect stole a vehicle hours earlier from a man who is filling up at a gas station in mississauga. 19-year-old malachi francis is facing 11 different charges including assault with a weapon, a 16-year-old boy is facing a similar list of charges. Both stolen vehicles were recovered but the search continues for a third suspect.

under the situation that has led to violent evictions in the past, but tonight, city officials say that they are switching up their strategy when it comes to dealing with those who are living in encampments. Erica natividad if laser approach went to the summer months. >> Reporter: as weather gets warmer the city expands or been increasing can't mental city officials giving update on their approach to the situation. They say there has been sick if he can progress in terms of moving people from encampments to shelters or more permanent housing. The ultimate goal of course is to have expected strategies in place and set of turning to enforcement. [ Bleep ] [ Shouting ] >> Reporter: scenes of chaos and intense physical confrontations in the summer of 2021. It's a memory burned into the minds of torontonians in a dangerous situation that the city said it does not want repeated. >> The approach here is not to start with enforcement and not even to prioritize enforcement@ instead, the focus the city said is on putting people first. Today releasing an update to it's encampment strategy. And it, a number of recommendations including expanding and outreach model used that dufferin grove and allan gardens which it said has so far been successful. >> At dufferin grove and allan gardens as of may 17, 97 people have moved from that part in to housing with supports. Another 320 people have been referred into the shelter system for now down to about nine encampments from a high of 84 in july last year. >> Reporter: that model includes having mental health and primary care supports visit on a scheduled basis. Having case managers dedicated to coming up with housing plans and deploying a trailer on sight which staff could work out of seven days a week but the report does not rule out enforcement completely. >> If there is an immediate threat to a person or to people around them, that there would be a situation where I could see some kind of enforcement being necessary. >> There is not a right to live in a park or a public space in our expectation is folks are working with us while we are brain and the supports of the need to connect with to make that move in to housing. >> Reporter: the pressure on that housing system in toronto continues and with housing affordability and mental health crisis. On top of that, the city says its currently sheltering about six before hundred refugee claimants in an out of the shelter system with mortgage and we to arrive. Last year, city council declared homelessness in emergency toronto. >> What is desperately needed is a coordinated regional response to this issue and the establishment of a regional reception centre something that city council has long asked for as well as our community partners. >> Reporter: there are 13 recommendations in this report, including requesting additional funding from the province and the feds. It will go to the economic and community development committee next week before it heads to council at the end of june. At city hall, erica natividad, city news. >> Reporter: for years, the public space outside of our front door has been called yonge dundas square. Without starting to change. Mark mcallister looks at the transition to sankofa and who might be paying for it. >> Reporter: is a subtle move that people may not be aware of given all the signs that exist but the yonge dundas sign is no longer on the pillars behind me. A contra mu those controversial move for those that live here to give this space a new identity. >> Over the last few years as these council decisions have wound their way through the system, I continue to here from people that are very upset with this change. >> Reporter: the faded outline of what had been the identifier for toronto central square is what all that remains after the lettering was removed earlier this month. Only a couple of small yonge dundas indicators remain as a transformation to sankofa square takes place. >> I'm sure we have better things to spend her money on and worry about in the city. It is trivial. >> I still skull skydome skydome and be police gardens maple leaf gardens. This will always be dundas square. >> Reporter: the sankofa square name came about after a committee involving black and indigenous leaders studied options to replace dundas. An initial council decision to change the name of the entire street was scaled-back due to cost. >> It should be loss that the renaming of the square could detract from that success in the future and end up costing the city and taxpayers a lot of money to run the square in the future. >> Reporter: the price tag for the design fabrication and installation of new signage is expected to cost between 105 and $200,000. Money that the mayor said does not come from the taxpayer. >> So yes, it think it costs something like 104,000 bucks to change the name of the square and move the sign. But all of it is paid for by owners of the buildings around it. >> Reporter: the protest began after a petition -- process began after petition pointed out

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