CITY - Thursday, May 23, 2024 - 06:00 a.m. (ET) - Segment #10

[ cheering ] >> Devo: stephanie henry all day in that dress! >> Meredith: like a sunset. Sunrise, yeah. >> Devo: very, very nice. >> Tracy: yes! Work it, girl! I can see her on the -- >> Meredith: like that preview monitor now -- >> Devo: steph, I'm going to ask you because I know -- we wear certain clothes and colours it comes off differently sometimes on camera. What colour is this? >> Stephanie: it's like orange. >> Devo: it is an orange? >> Stephanie: yes. >> Tracy: sunrise, sunset. >> Meredith: orange, yeah [ Laughter ]. >> Tracy: very nice! >> Devo: very nice. >> Stephanie: hopefully someone answers the phone today. >> Devo: let's go! 3 grand, we call you, you answer within four rings and say "i wake up with bt." that money is yours. Trace, you used to be a little bit of a good luck charm. >> Tracy: I don't know what happened to all of that. But you know what? I used to relentlessly pressure people and almost threaten, you know what I mean? >> Meredith: oh . . . >> Tracy: every time we had a chat segment I would say, remember what to say when you pick up the phone. You say "i wake up with bt" so no matter who calls you, it doesn't matter. I know it might even say likely spam, pick it up! In this situation, pick it up! I would do that all the way and -- >> Meredith: to the time. >> Tracy: -- and it was like 1980s parenting. A lot of threats. A lot of threats and it worked. >> Devo: hey! It's likely spam -- >> Tracy: pick up the phone! Pick it up and say the words. I haven't been doing as much threatening. >> Devo: it's the '80s, now it doesn't happen anymore. Now they vape, it's terrible. >> Meredith: why am I scared right now? [ speaking simultaneously ] >> Meredith: I really hope they win. >> Tracy: the steaks are high. >> Devo: a winner on a curse-day thursday. Get ready to make it rain -- [ phone ringing ] [ speaking simultaneously ] >> Tracy: let's go! I got the duck. The duck is waiting. >> Meredith: yeah, the duck is waiting. >> Tracy: make it happen. [ phone ringing ] >> Devo: come on. [ phone ringing ] >> Your call has been forwarded to voicemail. >> Tracy: trace, leave a voicemail. >> Tracy: oh, hey -- >> When you're finished you may hang up. >> Tracy: hey, good morning. It's tracy, meredith and devo. We're calling you from "breakfast television." >> Devo: hi! >> Tracy: we wanted to give you money, honey. >> Meredith: we really did. >> Tracy: I'm sorry, you didn't pick up. Do you check your voicemails? >> Meredith: does anyone. >> Devo: now there's a feature, you can pick it up as we're talking. >> Tracy: that's right! Do you hear us? Maybe she can see it. I'm sorry, it's too late. Have a great weekend. Even though it's thursday. >> Meredith: letoya? That would be amazing -- from "breakfast television." what's happening? >> Tracy: yeah? >> Devo: I'm going to call my friend and tell her what's going on. One call down. One to go. >> Meredith: here we go. Come on! >> Devo: short week. >> Meredith: 3 grand, 3 k. >> Devo: why the pink duck today? >> Meredith: I don't have a purple duck. >> Devo: shocking. >> Meredith: it is shocking. >> Tracy: need to get a purple. >> Meredith: I thought I had every duck. I don't have a purple one. >> Tracy: we're going to work on that one. [ phone e nging ] >> Devo: purplish in my mind. >> Tracy: make it happen, people! [ phone ringing ] >> Hello. >> Devo: good morning. >> Morning. >> Devo: how are you, matt? >> Good, how are you doing? >> Devo: good, man. It's devo, tracy, meredith, it's "breakfast television" calling you, bro. >> Meredith: that show. >> Tracy: remember that show? >> Meredith: that gives away money? >> Um . . . That's what -- >> Devo: matt -- >> It's bt! >> Devo: it's "i wake up with bt". >> "i wake up with bt". >> Tracy: yeah, that one. >> Devo: getting closer. Unfortunately you said hello first -- [ speaking simultaneously ] >> No way, how much money did I lose? >> Devo: you want to know? >> Yeah. >> Devo: $3,000, bro. >> That's what I'm talking about. >> Meredith: exactly, mat! >> You guys caught me in traffic! >> Devo: traffic all day every day, mat! >> All right, guys, thanks -- >> Devo: thanks for the laughs, buddy. >> Meredith: yeah, love ya! Oh, man . . . >> Tracy: not sweet. Would have been nice to give mat that money. >> Devo: think about other things while you're in traffic. That means on a friday -- >> Meredith: that traffic just got worse for him, though [ Laughter ]. Knowing you lost 3 k and sitting in traffic. >> Devo: very chill though. $4,000 on a friday, my friends. If you have not registered go to or scan the code on your screen.

get that money tomorrow! We call you, you answer, please, just answer and say the words. >> Tracy: you know what to say. >> Devo: right away. We want to give away money this week. >> Meredith: this week! >> Tracy: 4,000 fridays. >> Devo: that's nice. >> Meredith: we lose you next week, don't we? >> Devo: frankie and I will be in disneyworld. [ cheering ] >> Tracy: I just really wanted to use that bell. >> Meredith: with viewers -- >> Devo: I feel weird saying making it rain and didsney world in the same sentence. >> Meredith: tomorrow, ice cream? >> Tracy: yes! [ speaking simultaneously ] >> Devo: for breakfast? >> Meredith: yeah. Devo, we said ice cream nachos. >> Devo: so a sunday? >> Tracy: talk to me more about that. What is involved with an ice cream nacho? Are we looking at -- >> Meredith: we have a video of it. Check it out. Check this out. Here she is. So we're doing all the cones and the . . . >> Tracy: crunch them up and . . . What's that? I hope that wasn't cheese >> Meredith: and the cherries. No, it's like -- >> Tracy: I don't know if I want the cherries on there. >> Meredith: nuts and whip cream. >> Tracy: chocolate sauce! >> Meredith: look at those! Ice cream nachos. 2.6 million views. That's what this video has. >> Tracy: really? >> Meredith: yeah, ice cream, bananas, cherries, reese's pieces and so much more. You think this already exists? >> Devo: it's a sundae! It's a giant sundae. Stop with this on TikTok that I created everything. You didn't create it, bro! It looks absolutely delicious. Well done, thank you, I'll probably eat it. But you didn't come up with something brand new. >> Tracy: it's a rebrand. That's what TikTok does really -- >> Meredith: the movies are doing it, yeah. >> Tracy: it's like they're marketing specialists. >> Devo: but I'm happy that she did it on a tray. You see the pasta they do on the counter -- >> Tracy: can't do it. >> Meredith: yeah, yeah, when the boards -- the boards everything was happening, I was like, I need a plate, man! >> Tracy: thank you. >> Meredith: I don't want a weird cutting board. Who knows where that has been. >> Tracy: I feel like a lot of hands. That's my thing about shared things. >> Meredith: a spoon. >> Tracy: a spoon is good. Let's get into utensils. Let's get into utensils. >> Meredith: you make a good point. You don't have utensils with nachos. I think we shouldn't have chopped up the cones as much. I think the cones should be the nacho. >> Devo: you can scoop and slide on to a plate, that's what you do with a group of people. >> Tracy: and let's not do the hand things. Can I -- if we ever were to make this, can I make a few recommendations. >> Meredith: yes, kev -- >> Devo: kev-boy-r-d. >> Kevin: I made the cadbury croissant eggs and the team loved it. I will go out tonight, buy everything and we'll make this on the show tomorrow. [ cow bell ringing ]. >> Kevin: and I know devo is like, I'm not a huge fan. After tomorrow's segment you're going to love the ice cream nachos. >> Devo: oh, I still get with to try it? >> Kevin: you can. >> Devo: I didn't know if I was going to be banned. >> Tracy: take out the cherries. >> Meredith: oh, yeah -- >> Tracy: take out the bananas. >> Devo: the bananas? >> Tracy: I don't want fruit in there [ Laughter ]. >> Meredith: she likes spoons and no fruit. Anti-fruit, pro-utensil. >> Tracy: maybe a butterscotch chocolate chip or the whip cream. >> Devo: this restaurant doesn't take substitutions. >> Tracy: I'm a purist. I don't want fruit in there. >> Meredith: we'll settle this and make it happentomorrow. Coming up next on this show, jp joins us to talk about newcomer day and all the way newcomers are supported and celebrated in our fine city. That's next. Yeah, lose the cherries, Breakfast Television is brought by Tim's new Flatbread Pizza. Freshly prepared and served hot out of the oven. There's a new Tims run in town. Canadian summers just hit different with Tims. ("Steal My Sunshine" by Len) Introducing two new Sparkling Quenchers... made with natural flavours and colours. Memories are made with Quenchers. It's time for Tims When you're buying a car, sometimes, things can be hidden in plain sight. That's why in Ontario, All-in Price Advertising is the law. So there's no hidden fees or added costs. Know your rights. You should never be charged more than the dealer's advertised price. Find out about All-in Price Advertising, free. All the car buying information you need is at It's your free rideto your rights.

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