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>>> Mississauga residents will have an opportunity to hear directly from mayoral candidates ahead of the june election. The debate hosted by food banks mississauga begins at 7 o'clock this evening, moderated by our very own mark McALLISTER. Poverty, housing and food insecurity will be key issues for all candidates who are participating in the debate. Mississauga residents head to the polls on june 10th. >>> And just days after his spot on the maple leafs bench was filled the team's former coach sheldon keefe landed a new position in new jersey. The devils officially naming him their new coach. He was fired by the leafs following another first round exit at the hands of the boston bruins. They made the post-season five out of six years he was head coach. Ssz ssz. >>> A survey reveals half of registered practical nurses are considering leaving the profession due to overwhelming workloads and worsening patient care. Joining us live to discuss their findings is ceo of we rpn diane martin. Thank you for joining us this morning. >> Thank you for having me. >> Tammie: thanks for giving us a look at the numbers. Healthcare is one of the main issues we've been talking about here across the country, especially in the province. When you hear the number, nearly half of rpns are considering leaving, what's going through your mind as someone who is advocating for these positions? >> Yeah. Mostly fear. >> Tammie: yeah. >> We're not just advocating for nurses, potential patients as well. When you look at it through that lens, all of us should be concerned about what might greet us if we ever needed any sort of care, but nursing used to be -- my mom was a nurse, she was a nurse for life. I've beeee a nurse my whole life. My daughter is a nurse and I don't hold out a lot of hopes that she's going to be able to withstand what she's facing every day right now in the workplace throughout an entire tiertire career. It's just become a situation where nurses do the very best they can until they can no longer. >> Tammie: what are some of the stats that were revealed by this study regarding the conditions that nurses are working in? >> So what we found was that, for example, 77% of those considering leaving cited workload. Fairly significant number, very close to that, mentioned the pay. You know, during the period of time where bill 124 was in place, nurses fell behind in wages, but particularly registered practical nurses whose roles are close to that of a registered nurse, but their pay remained very close to a psw with nobody showing any appetite to help that group of people. And that's reflecti-rieflected in the numbers we're seeing. Unfortunately the government in question period last week -- I was in question period -- said they brought 17,700 new nurses into the work force. The reality is that we had a net number of maybe 5,000 rns and we have a negative 400 rpns. At the very time that we know we have to grow this work force, we see adminishing numbers in the case of practical nurses, less practical nurses than ever before. And practical nurses are the primary caregivers, nursing care providers for our elderly. And with an aging population we can see the disaster is only growing. >> Tammie: now, the province has mentioned over the last few months the fact that they are trying to improve the ways in which internationally trained nurses can come on board and work here in ontario. Are you seeing that turn into more staffing, or are there still challenges they're facing too? >> Soo there's a lot of new graduates from here and new internationally educated nurses, and I think one of the important things to note is that when you have new grads, new internationally educated nurses, in your system, you need educated -- sorry, experienced nurses who take them by the hand and help them learn what we learn on the job to gain the experience. That sense of judgment that nurses have where they know something is wrong but they don't know why they know it, that comes from experience. It's -- you can't keep filling up a bucket that has an empty hole at the bottom. If you're losing your experienced nurses it's not going to matter how many you bring in. You have to stop the loss of the experienced nurses, and receiving care from -- and I

feel so bad for our new nurses -- who haven't had that opportunity to gain that experience, that is not an ideal situation for patients. >> Tammie: right. Lastly, because we're running out of time here, but you talked about pay increases potentially to keep some rpns here in the positions that they're currently filling. We just heard that long-term care nurses got an 11.5% raise over the next two years, which is fantastic news in that sense. It's a huge raise. Best in 30 years. Is there hope that something like that will pan out for rpns? >> Yeah, that raise was primarily for rns. We haven't had necessarily seen similar action with practical nurses. And a lot of long-term care homes are not unionized. So that's one union who received that. We are certainly hoping so, that they receive that. It doesn't solve the compression problem, if they get the same raise as the people who they should be moving closer to. But I think it will alleviate a lot of -- fill a little of the hole in the bucket. >> Tammie: perfect. Diane martin, thank you for joining us this morning. We really do appreciate it. >> Thank you. >> Tammie: 7:38 on "bt." sending things over to orangeville now where we find frank ferragine. Good morning,g, frank. >> Frank: good morning, tammie. If you're wondering where I am in orangeville, just above the blue bird café and sgril is a space called the nest. This is a spot we're checking outs at 7:40. This is the entrance to it. I'm going to stand by the bar and hang out. Coming up at 7:40, we're going to tell you where you can stay in orangeville. First the forecast. We have gorgeous conditions today. We got rid of the humidity, cooler but a fresh feel with daytime highs of 25°. You're going to enjoy today. Enjoy the sunshine tomorrow because you're going to get into temperatures around 24. With that into saturday, you got isolated showers, with that through the weekend, temperatures around 22. Dry on sunday, wet on monday. Could see 2 to 5 millimetres of rainfall. Then tuesday we're going to get into isolated showers and remain cloudy on wednesday. You can see monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week, below seasonal highs as we're going to hover into the upper teens. Once again for today, lots of sunshine, a high of 25° with a breezy southwesterly wind. Now let's take a look at that pollen report for today. We have a moderate count for true grasses, a moderate count for pine, fir and spruce and a high count for mulberry. Giving you a total pollen level on this day of a choo, high! That's a look at your pollen report on this thursday. >> Announcer: breakfast television's pollen report is brought to you by reactine, reactine acts fast to relieve allergy symptoms and lasts 24 hours. [ ] [ ] >> Stephanie: good morning, frankie. Good morning, everybody! A busy one out there on the major highways and expressways as well as the city streets, of course. Following one major problem on the westbound 401 that's kind of in the midst of construction, so it's really caused quite the delay on the westbound 401, especially moving through the express lanes. Approaching allen in the express, looks like all leave lanes are opened but the collision is on the shoulder. Seeing very heavy delays on the westbound 401 itself. It's actually jammed from out of the scarborough area. It's solid from McCOWAN express, kennedy in the collectors over towards that problem. We're watching volume delays over on the eastbound 403. Eastbound 403 moving through mississauga. You'll find it to be busy highway 6 south to east of waterdown, through dundas and delays from 403 approaching mavis towards hurontario. On the eastbound 401, the earlier vehicle that we saw that was stalled in the collector lanes at dixie on the shoulder has cleared and pulled out of here. The eastbound° -- 401 is not great at all. Guelph line, mavis to hurontario in the cocoectors. Then you'll find delays through here, 410 to keele in the collectors, east of the allen in the express. Very busy on the eastbound 401 hitting long-term construction at dixon in the left lane. That is some construction that's supposed to last until the end of may. Currently on the eastbound -- rather southbound 404-dvp combo you'll find delays from approaching sheppard to south of dilz making your way in towards the city. Westbound gardiner is beginning to fill in heading towards long-term construction between strachan and dufferin. It's down to two lanes, same goes for the eastbound gardiner. Right now we're seeing delays westbound gardiner from jarvis, delays on the eastbound gardener from the humber bridge into downtown. Busy into and out of the city this morning. Get a deal on a new deck or a fresh coat of paint. The get ready for summer sale is on at home hardware building centres now until june 5th. Time is 7:42. We will have more traffic and weather for you at about 8:10,

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