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>> Tammie: -- >> Meredith: and toronto is a sports city. They have valuable franchises here in the city. They don't necessarily win, not all the time. >> Tracy: that's okay, you are being real. >> Meredith: but they are always very high value. To have the audiences there, the team is going to be here and we could not be more excited to welcome them to toronto. Bringing lots of drip. >> Tracy: on following so many female basketball players on tiktok, and they are giving me all of the good energy. There is something about it that his next level. >> So excited. I'm so excited you are here for the show. It's a big show, we have lots of people showing up, including you. We are so happy you are here. 7:00 on the dog, on the nose. Tammie sutherland has your news, next. >> A live look at the parking lot of settlers green public school. Where there was a heavy police presence this morning after a late-night double shooting that left two men with critical injuries. >> A record-setting day forwomen's basketball. I caryn ceolin gauging the excitetent does toronto's new wnba franchise is expected to be made official this morning. >> A celebration of life has been scheduled for city councilor jay robinson, who passed away last week. It is thursday may the 23rd. You're watching "bt". Coming up on 701 on breakfast television kade live look as the sun peeks out over those buildings. Get out there. It is thursday morning. Friday jr. Live at city hall there. Downtown. We are sending things further north than not. We say good morning to frank ferragine whose live in the beautiful town of orangeville with the latest on the forecast. Good morning, frank. >> Frank: did you see lightning last night in your area, tammie? >> Nothing. I did not see a drop of rain, I did not see any lightning or thunder at t l. It held up beautifully. >> In northern york region we have some tape video about -- of that. We saw a lot of lightning last night. We have some thunderstorms and some tornado warnings. In my area we did as well. A lot of boom, pop and pow in the sky. Nor tornadoes touched down that have been confirmed. Some rotation -- rotation was seen in the skies. But this morning it is beautiful outdoors. >> Which I am so grateful for. It looks so beautiful, frank. And I know you are in the sun for a good reason. That is how we get light when you're outside live in the world there. You get light for the camera, you are sprinting. But you are doing it for us. So we can see your beautiful face. I love it. >> Frank: I am doing it for you. We have a beautiful son. A breezy condition. The reason for the thunderstorms is due to a cold front. Temperatures out of pearson, 14 degrees. You may want to dress in a few extra layers, peel them off as afternoon, we will have comfortable conditions with a daytime high today of 27. Sunshine, clear skies for the most part as we worked our way through tomorrow with a temperature of 24. On friday enjoy that sunshine. Saturday we are often to some unsettled conditions. Off and on showers through the day. Sunday, partly cloudy skies, high of 22. Next week, below seasonal and more of a springlike field. Especially as we head in to monday. Wet weather. Tuesday, isolated showers and on wednesday, mainly overcast guys and temperatures around 18 degrees. Today we got youtube - humidity. On the breezy side. Daytime high today of 25. From beautiful orangeville I will send it over to you, stephanie henry. >> Stephanie: good morning, frankie. Beautiful orangeville. Very active out there as well. And an active morning out there on our drive as well. We have a few problems on the go on the 401. One is cleared but one does remain. Jordan kerr is flying in for us this morning. Jordan, over to you. >> Good morning, stephanie. Before the island and the express and that long-term construction zone the right lane is taken out. Only the left lane is squeezing by the two vehicle crash emergency crews are on scene.

mto cruiser may be waiting for an ambulance. But it is jammed up on the 401 westbound and it's bad in the express. People getting squeezed into that left lane. The collectors through this spot is better because it is closer to the problem. That is what is going on here through berry. They have a drive through this stretch. >> We also have the alan transfer and express closed because of a collision, a vehicle facing the wrong direction. It looks like that is cleared. But not great on the westbound 401 this morning. I'm also on the qew where we have volume approaching centennial parkway on brand, a break on the eastbound qew that slows from burloak to bronte, and then over to dixie. A busy drug building through the burlington oakville area and then through mississauga. On the eastbound gardiner, you're heading into long-term construction between dufferin and strachan. And taking you know over to these outbound 410, checking in on that volume, it's busy approaching sandalwood down to clean and things are moving at a nice pace for the 401. Southbound, south of aurora road from shepherd to the 401 ramps. And we see delays on the 404 ddp combo to the right of your screen. Just how busy it is from approaching shepherd south of lawrence. Get your diy on during the get ready for summer sale at home hardware withrd deals on paint and power tools only until june 5th. Your time is 705. That's a look at your drive. Tammie sutherland, you have a look at our morning headlines. >> Tammie: think you, stephanie. Weegin in mississauga where a late-night shooting has left two men fighting for their lives in the hospital this morning. Peel police were called to the parking lot of settlers green public school. Near winston churchill and brittania. This is just after 11:00 o'clock last night. Paramedic say that a young adult mail and a middle-aged male were found with life-threatening injuries. One was taken to a local hospital, the other airlifted to a trauma centre. A live look at the scene this morning, where police are still investigating. You can see a large part of the school parking lot, and just the schoolyard itself has been cordoned off. They expect to maintain a presence well in to the day as well. Investigators believe that this was an isolated incident and they say the suspect or suspects fled the area. No disruptions have been released. Still on the streets, a man is in hospital with serious injuries after a stabbing in a west an end neighbourhood. It happened just after 5:00 yesterday afternoon near a grocery store parking lot. At jane street and alliance avenue near black creek. Police are still on the hunt for a suspect after a victim in his twenties was found with possibly life-threatening injuries. He was rushed to a trauma centre. No suspect descriptions have been released here. Arrests have been made in a story that we brought you earlier this week. This does two teenagers are facing charges after multiple carjackings and a home invasion in the gta. It was around 330 on tuesday morning when investigators say that three people broken to a home in the young and steals area, demanding keys to a mercedes. Police allege that the same suspects stole date -- stole a vehicle hours later from a man filling up a gas tank in mississauga, and then broken to another home. The suspects were found in markham and arrested after a foot chase. A 19 and 16 -year-old are facing dozens of charges including robbery with a weapon. Officers are searching for a third suspect. Criminal charges have been dropped after vandalizing a gift store in toronto at a protest that many claim was anti-semitic. >> I have endured a lot of hardship because of these charges. My reputation and n ne has been dragged through the mud. I've been called an anti-semite, a criminal and worse. >> It's egregious of the police arrested them at all. Enter raids in the middle of the night in their home for a peaceful protest. >> Seven others are facing charges in the november 10th incident at the store near bay and bloor. Red paint was splashed along the storefront along with posters accusing jewish ceo heather reisman of funding genocide. She has long been the target of protests over a foundation she began with her husband, encouraging people with no family ties in israel to serve in the army. 709 here on "bt".

we are a couple hours away from an official announcement that toronto will be getting its very own wnba team. A first for the league in canada. Caryn ceolin's live taking a closer lookk at this exciting report from last week that looks like it's going to become reality at 9:00 this morning. Good morning, caryn. Wrap good morning, tammie. It is certainly a game changer for women's sports, as toronto is officially awarded a wnba franchise, their first outside the us. One at the coca-cola coliseum where toronto paused as new team is expected to hit the court in 2026. Were expected to learn all of this when the official announcement gets underway at 9:00 am this morning. That is where we will learn toronto billionaire larry tannenbaum, his group, the kilmer sports ventures will own this team. Canada is a chairman and owner of maple leaf sports and entertainment which owns theraptors. He told the associated press ahead of the official announcement this morning that women sports is not just a moment, it is a movement. And it is only getting started. This yeaea canada sold out all wnba preseason games at scotiabank arena. Showcasing the passion of the fans in this country. I spoke with chelsea, the editor-in-chief of raptors hq. She tells me that having a professional women's basketball team here in canada is all about access. Have a listen. >> People think about the players on the court, but a lot of times people don't understand that having a professional best ball team in your community provide so many more opportunities for outreach. So many more opportunities for camps and programming and involvement with the community. The thing that goes around as if you can see it, you can be it. And I think that is so huge. >> Tammie, we are taking name predictions, any names in particular we would go she would like to see on this marquee behind me at coca-cola coliseum. Chelsea was telling me that she was speaking with an olympian from the canadian national team, and she suggested the toronto tear. Because a group of raptors makeup a tear. >> Tammie: that is really, really good. I know a lot of people have been floating toronto towers. And I feel like we did this before. I was around when the raptors first came here to toronto. And it was always the toronto towers. But I like toronto tear, for sure. 9:00 this morning is the official announcement for this. Caryn, did you have your guests? >> No. But as far as the name goes tannenbaum did tell the ap that they are going to take their time and will solicit public input. Everyone get your guess is ready. Larry tannenbaum wants to hear them. >> Live down at coca-cola coliseum, thank you for that, caryn. 712 you're on breakfast television. We now know how a celebration of life will be held for city councilor jay robinson after the 61 -year-old passed away last week. A celebration late -- of life is being held last thursday at the york minster park baptist church on thursday. No cause of d dth has been given, but robinson had been battling breast cancer since 2019 when she took time away from treatment -- for treatment. She was elected to council in 2010 -- in 2010. Former colleague say she will be remembered for her dedication, mentorship and strong voice. Coming up here on 713 on breakfast television, more news at 730. For now we will say good morning to the entire gang. Good morning, dies. >> Meredith: good morning, tammie. [ Simultaneous talking ] >> Devo: men, take note. You all look lovely this morning. >> Meredith: thank you. [ Simultaneous talking ] >> Devo: that school. We are excited about a wnba team here in the city. That's going to be super cool. I can't wait for that announcement on what they have to say about it this morning. Speaking announcements, you have something special coming your way. >> Tammie: I have a handwritten note from my nephews. My nephew is turning 20 next month. The school he went to when he was 18 months straight through to great eight -- grade eight. It's called montessori learning centre of pickering. A fantastic school that started in 1984.

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