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25° and sunshine all day long. >> Announcer: next on "CityNews" -- >> Melissa:S blue jays looking for their second straight win taking on the tigers in detroit tonight. We'll have highlights just ahead. How can you protect yourself from continually rising health care costs not covered by your government health insurance? With SureHealth from Green Shield Canada. My SureHealth plan helps to protect me and my family from a lot of routine medical expenses. Host: Like prescription drugs, dental care and vision care. And many unexpected expenses I could face, if I have an accident or get a serious illness. Like physiotherapists, chiropractors, home care, emergency medical travel expenses, and more. And for most plans, your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health exam and no medical questions when you apply. If you're self-employed, don't have health coverage at work, are recently retired or retiring soon, get SureHealth now and protect yourself and your family from rising health care costs not covered by your government health plan. Call or visit now for your free, personalized SureHealth info package. That's >> Quarterfinal of the iihf world championships. Canada taking on slovakia. First period canada already up 2-0. Slovakia on the rush. Brandon hagel tries to bat the pass away but, whoops. Knocks it right into his own net so it's a one-goal game. Second period, dylan gunther to connor bedard, who feeds nick paul who buries his first of two goals in this one. Bedard, up to 7 points in eight games. It's 3-1 canada. Third period. Gunther centres for hagel whose shot is denied but paul gathers the rebound and finds gunther. Snaps home his first of the tournament. Canada remains undefeated to advance to the semis for the ninth straight year 6-3. >> Blue jays, kicking off their series with the tigers. Kevin gausman with an era approaching 5 through 9 starts this season but bottom 3, gausman looking very sharp strikes out the side. He sat down 7 of the first 11 batters he faced and doesn't allow a hit through five innings. Not bad but bottom six, gausman in a jam. Tying wers two on facing wentzell perez. -- tigers with two on. >> He lines it into centre and that is going to cash in one run and -- [ Crowd din ] not a second! As kevin kiermaier throws out carson kelly at the plate. >> Jays bringing the defence. Kevin kiermaier and danny jansen, great play keeps it tied. Meanwhile gausman just one run over six innings with ten punchouts. Top 7 jays with a man on. Daulton varsho gets ahold of one sends it over the wall. Two-run blast. Four R.B.I. in his last two games and it's 3-1 toronto. Top 8 they're not done. Pair aboard. Bo bichette singles. His third hit of the night part of a three-run frame that makes it 6-1 for the bluebirds. Top nine, jays continue to pour it on. Man aboard for vladimir guerrero, Jr., crushes one 423 feet. That's a two-run blast and vladdy, he is going to get the jacket. Toronto score nine runs in back-to-back games. They have now won four of their last five. >> Melissa: we turn now to announcement many have been waiting for. Move over, raptors. You're not the only basketball team in town anymore. As lindsay dunn tells us, wnba is coming north to canada. >> Lindsay: there's applause, tears and a lot of emotion as it became official. Canada is getting its first wnba team. >> Toronto, welcome to the "w." [ Applause ] >> Lindsay: wnba commissioner cathy englebert announcing that toronto will be the league's first expansion team outside of the u.s.a., with the new franchise set to tip off in 2026. >> I woke up today saying we're making history today and you don't get to say that too much in your life. >> Lindsay: the room filled with canadian trailblazers from wnba alumni stacey dale and tammy sutton-brown. >> I always hoped for this day. >> To team canada alumni tam mah tathum and kim smith gaucher. >> I'm so excited of the future of canadian female basketball players. >> Lindsay: the prime minister was on hand for the historic moment, as well as raptors vice-chairman and president masai ujiri, raptor scottie barnes and former raptor kyle lowry. >> Many say women's sports is having a moment. I disagree. Women's sports has arrived. It's a movement. >> Lindsay: the franchise,

which will be the league's 14th team and will join the league in their 30th season, was able to happen because of billionaire larry tanenbaum's group financially backing it. >> We didn't have anything like this to strive for in the country itself. It didn't exist. And so to stand and be a part of this was just incredibly emotionally high, lifting experience for me. >> We'll see the reaction of it right away in terms of the support and the fan base and the excitement and community work that I know the organization will do and the way that the community will surround the team. >> Lindsay: there is still a lot of work to be done before they launch, including finding a team name. >> Every single person has has said what is this team's name and colours going to be? We don't know. It's a clean slate so we are very much looking forward to sourcing information and suggestions from the canadian public. >> Lindsay: former raptors V.P. teresa rush, the new president of the wnba expansion team, says they're hoping to find a name that represents women and the country as a whole. >> This isn't just toronto's team. This is canada's team. We're going to play across canada, different markets. We look forward to doing that in a way that no other professional sports team in canada has ever done. >> Lindsay: the team's home base will be at coca-cola coliseum in toronto. Some games will move to scotiabank arena and they also announced that during their inaugural season, some games will be played in vancouver and montreal. For "citynews" in toronto, I'm lindsay dunn. >> Announcer: next on "CityNews" -- >> Aid is not reaching the desperate people who need is so badly. >> Brandon: dire warnings from humanitarian agencies as supplies run out for palestinians, and israel pushes deeper into gaza. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! You've been waiting to get outand drive a New Nissan,great offersare ready So, check out all the latesttech, features and thrills - it's all happening right now. Now, at Nissan, lease select models from as low as 2.99% for 24 months. ( ) (intense music) Everything that you think theres no way to top it... this season tops it! Never know what is going to happen next! Wow! -whoah! We've never seen anything like this before! The youngest ever on that stage! I'm sorry, I cant give you a yes (booing) I've got to give you one of these (intense music ) Announcer:Speaks words on screen >> With daily offers, big savings and value-packed bundles at t.s.c., having more quality time is easy. Shop exciting offers every day at [ Whistle ] >> Melissa: it appears the clock is ticking for pro-palestinian protesters to clear thar encampment from the university of toronto downtown campus. The school's latest offer and thes are ponce from the demonstrators. >> Jazan: the university of toronto has given pro-palestinian demonstrators a 24-hour deadline to accept an offer that they presented in their latest meeting where the u of t president is warning that they will be issued a trespass notice. >> Given the duration of the encampment and growing strain on our community, it's time to bring this encampment to an end. >> Since may 2nd dozenes of students and staff and and faculty have been occupying king's college. Presenting the demonstrators with an offer he calls fair. >> That offer includes supporting students through the university's process for considering a divestment request and a commitment to expedite this effort. Striking an advisory committee to examine a case for divestment and creating an expert working group to consider options for disclosure and increased transparency related to the university's investments. >> Jazan: the president also made it clear that the university will not end partnerships with israeli universities. That is one of the three main demand of the demonstrators as the institution says it's committed to academic freedom. The other two demands include that the university disclose its financial investments, along with divest from companies connected to the israeli military. The president was also asked if they would call police on the protesters if they refused to leave within the deadline. >> We are at this point not eliminating any options. We are pursuing all legal options available to us if as necessary. >> One demonstrate or said they went into the meeting in good faith but feel the university has betrayed their trust. >> The u of t gave us an offer essentially under a

threat of notice of a trespass within 24 hours. It is essentially pointing a gun at us and expecting us to take it or leave it. The administration claims that they want to have this encampment come to a peaceful resolution, but they continue to attempt to blindside us at like every corner. >> Yassin says the administration is laying the groundwork for a violent clearing. When I asked one of the organizers if they were planning to accept the offer, they told us as of now, it remains unclear but they will be holding a presser at 11 a.m. Friday. At king's college circle, jazan grewal, "CityNews." >> Melissa: the humanitarian crisis continues to grow in gaza tonight. Brandon choghri with the concerns that help isn't reaching some of the most vulnerable palestinians. >> It looks like the whole operation is being designed and destined to fail. >> Brandon: the united nations children's fund warning of the dire situation in gaza as israel continues to restrict aid deliveries in the strip. >> Aid is not reaching the desperate people who need it so badly to survive day after day. >> Brandon: israel's increasing pressure in the south has forced palestinians to flee rafah, an area that was once considered safe from the fighting. >> We've had 800,000 people displaced in rafah in the last ten days. It's an extraordinary figure. There's nowhere safe to go to. [ Gunfire ] >> Brandon: earlier this month, israel seized control of the rafah crossing, effectively sealing off gaza from the rest of the region. >> We can't get to our warehouses in rafah because of the operation, and fuel is inadequate to move supplies. The aid program is grinding to a halt there. >> Brandon: U.S. officials say they've been briefed on israel's rafah plans and are closely monitoring the operation. >> We now have to see what unfolds from here. We will watch that. We will consider that and we will see whether israel has briefed us and what they have laid out continues or something else happens. [ Gunfire ] >> Brandon: israel releasing new video of fighting in gaza, where officials say the assault will continue until hamas is eliminated. >> No power on earth will stop israel from protecting its citizens and going after hamas in gaza. We will destroy hamas. We will return peace and security to the people of israel and to the people of gaza. >> Brandon: on friday, the international court of justice is set to make a decision on a request to order a halt of israel's rafah incursion. The U.N.'s top court has no way to actually enforce its decisions, but they do carry international weight. Brandon choghri, "CityNews." >> Melissa: breaking news from queen's park tonight. Beer, wine and ready-to-drink cocktails are coming to corner stores, supermarkets and gas stations starting this fall, according to multiple sources. Multiple sources tell "CityNews" that premier ford is set to announce that he is dramatically speeding up his push to liberalize alcohol sales tomorrow morning in etobicoke news conference. Ford said that up to 8,500 new stores will be allowed to sell alcohol but will have to addhere to rules laid out by the alcohol and gaming commission of ontario, which says that retailers can sell -- can only sell alcohol between 7 a.m. And 11 p.m. >> Meredith: tomorrow on "b.t.". >> We celebrate biodiversity with the cutest animals in studio. >> Meredith: plus we are trying the viral ice cream nacho craze. Will it be great? Will it be gross? ( ) ( ) Stop dreaming. Start shopping. Red Tag Days are on at Toyota, with great offers on select models. Find yours at (Woman) We're putting our footdown to keep our feet up.Like way up with La- (Man) We worked overtime,now it's tv time. (vo) It's the La-Z-Boy Red Tag Sale! Save up to 25% La-Z-Boy. Long live the lazy. Turner: The Sportsnet App has everything Blue Jays. Listen to live games and podcasts And much more. Kiermaier: You can stream Blue Jays games anywhere on Sportsnet Plus. Tap the Sportsnet App today! Its been a long time comin... You dont win it to keep it, you win it to be a part of its history!” and I always knew Always hard to see the difference between winning and losing!” Got a heart of steel (crowd erupts) Ta da da daaaa Stanley Cup Champions!” You know we waited such... a long time, long time! (celebration cheers) Ta da da daaaa The quest for the hardest trophy in win in sports!” Well here it is... Here it is!

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