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>> Broadcasting from the traditional territories of the anishnabe, the wendat, the haudenosaunee peoples, and since 1805 the treaty lands of the mississaugas of the credit, this is "CityNews." [ ] >> Melissa: a date has been set for thousands of T.T.C. workers to walk off the job. How soon your commute can be derailed. >> It's time to bring this encampment to an end. >> Melissa: the university of toronto gives pro-palestinian encampment demonstrators 24 hours to consider an offer to avoid a trespass notice. >> Toronto, welcome to the w. >> Melissa: the countdown to tip hoof off is on. The wnba is coming north of the border. >> Announcer: this is "citynews," everywhere. >> Melissa: good evening and welcome to "CityNews." it could bring chaos to toronto's transit system. Roughly 12,000 T.T.C. operators and frontline staff could walk off the job as soon as june 7th. The first potential T.T.C. strike in nearly 20 years. With more than two weeks left until the june 7th deadline, union leaders with the amalgamated transit union local 113 say the two sides remain far apart in ongoing contract talks. >> We have a problem right now but we don't have sustained job security benefits and wages acceptable to local 13 members. >> The employees have been working without a deal since the end of march with job security and wages remaining two of the key sticking points. >> We're ready to fight for those wages, benefits and most importantly job security that we're entitled to have. >> Melissa: on thursday the court of appeal for ontario dismissed an appeal made by the provincial government that declared a law eliminating the workers' right to strike unconstitutional. Union leaders calling this a big win. But transit riders we spoke to today say they are worried about how a transit disruption could impact them. >> Even if there's like a five, 10 minutes delay, it causes such a big impact and if it goes on strike, it's going to be terrible. >> Very disruptive because I have to get to work every day and school. >> Melissa: jamaal myers has said a strike would likely result in delays and cancellations but it's not clear if that would mean a complete service shutdown. We reached out to the T.T.C. for a comment late this afternoon, but it only referred tous a previous statement from tuesday saying -- bargaining teams remain at the table. The top candidates vying to become mississauga's next mayor, squaring off tonight in a debate hosted by food banks mississauga and aired exclusively on "CityNews 24/7". And there was no shortage of talking points. Among them, affordable housing, a topic that sparked some spirited discussions. >> First of all, it's how we get the permits pulled and how we get the shovels in the ground. Right now we don't have a time period in place where once you get something approved from council for a developer to when they actually have to get those permits pulled and get in the ground. I just talked about atwater and cawthra for example. That's one of many that are out there right now. >> Approval time, I'm sorry, sir, is actually something I think councillors should be elect today make sure the red tape and regulation is appropriate when it's appropriate because you don't want everything approved but it's cut when it's not appropriate. >> Melissa: brian crombie and ward 1 councillor stephen dasko going back and forth on building more housing in the city. Other hot button topics tonight included high grocery prices and increasing social assistance. Ward 7 councillor damerla and alvin tedjo providing support for ontario works recipients who desperately need the money. >> People are struggling right now and working hard, harder than ever. People can't work enough and make ends meet still. Odsp and ontario works is woefully underfunded. Yes, the increases in inflation, fine. That's a good first step but the fact that ontario works hasn't been increased in real dollars in decades is a shame. >> Kudos to the provincial government for indexing it to inflation. But it's not enough because the base is too low. You're trying to index ontario works when the ontario works base is so low. So I would work with the provincial government, collaboratively, to increase that base. >> Melissa: a mississauga neighbourhood is still in shock tonight after a double shooting overnight left a

man dead and a teenager fighting for their life. As shauna hunt tells us, it all played out outside of an elementary school. >> Shauna: one man is dead and a teenager is fighting for his life. It all happened in the parking lot of settler's green public school during a late-night gathering and this crime scene was a startling sight for parents and kids heading to school the next day. >> Like I'm just shaking. Because even last night, we thought it was just fireworks going off. >> Shauna: some parents had a hard time saying bye to their children, knowing a man was killed and a teenager was shot on school property just hours before, violence that has rocked the neighbourhood. >> It's pretty close to home. Crazy, yeah. I've been here for my whole life pretty much and this has never really happened here. >> Shauna: so you kept your son home today? >> Yeah, yeah. It's a little nerve-racking. >> Shauna: neighbours who back onto the school tell us there was a group of people here last night, which is not uncommon, and they also thought the three loud pops were firecrackers. So the kids that you saw out last night, did they look like teenagers mostly to you? >> Yeah. They looked young. They were just -- there was a group of them. Like I said, it's not unusual. We see people hanging out there later at night. It's not a big deal. I didn't know there was an adult with them. >> Shauna: police say up to 20 people were here when the shots rang out just after 11 p.m. A man in his early 40s was rushed to hospital and did not survive. Another male under the age of 20 was airlifted to a trauma centre where he continues to fight for his life. >> The nature of that gathering is unknown at this time but there was some sort of altercation that occurred between the two victims and either a suspect or suspects. The number right now is we're unclear. >> Shauna: the crime scene here was quite large but the east side of the school roped off with yellow tape. Our cameras captured evidence markers documenting things like articles of clothing, bottles, fireworks and shell casings. Students who did go to class were kept inside for the day to allow police to finish their investigation. >> I would never feel unsafe letting my daughter out, but this does make me a little bit on edge. >> Shauna: now some witnesses who were part of that gathering, they did hang behind and speak with investigators, while many others sped away in cars and scattered on foot. Those are the people police would like to hear from as they try to identify a suspect. In mississauga, shauna hunt, "CityNews." >> Melissa: on the streets tonight, a woman is in hospital with minor injuries after being involved in a crash with a peel police cruiser. The collision involved a total of three vehicles, including a dark-coloured S.U.V. and a dark-coloured car. The crash occurred in the area of chinguacousy road and bovaird drive west in brampton at around 5 pm. The police cruiser and the S.U.V. appear to have minimal damage as a result of the crash but the third vehicle received significant damage to its front end. No other injuries have been reported. A suspect has been identified tonight in a shooting of a 30-year-old man downtown yesterday morning. 24-year-old adrian gordon is facing multiple charges, including aggravated assault and discharge of a firearm with intent to wound. Police found the victim with a gunshot wound on isabella street around 12:30 a.m. The man was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries and police say he remains in life-threatening condition tonight. Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities. And pedestrians in downtown toronto got quite the scare today after broken glass fell from a multistorey building. Police say they received reports of glass falling on bay street near college just after 3:30. No injuries were reported but multiple vehicles were damaged pie glass. It is unclear where exactly the broken glass came from and what caused it to fall. Dash dash it was a mainly sunny afternoon. A few cumulus clouds popped up. Some across lake huron. Other than that high pressure doing its thing keeping the cloud and rain away. You have to get yourself to northern ontario before you get into rain. Speaking of rain, there is some coming over the next five days. Yellows and oranges indicate areas where that rain may be a little heavier but breaking it down day pie day it's not coming friday and it's not coming on sunday so we've got some of it coming saturday. Most of it coming on monday. Both saturday and monday we're going to bring in a slight risk of thunderstorms. But after that sunny day tomorrow, we'll increase the cloud through the day on saturday at least through the morning hours and by noon we're into some scattered showers. These are passing showers and thunderstorms. Pretty quick moving so it's not going to be an all day rain on saturday. We will have a number of dry hours. Just watching the middle of the day in the early afternoon for storms. But tomorrow sunscreen and sunglasses. That's what it is.

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