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three rows of comfort, and a sleek-yet-daring design. ( ) Lease a 2024 qx60 from 0.99% apr for up to 24 months. Visit ( ) Is this your first gardening season or are you a seasoned green thumb? Looking for planting inspiration or guidance to help grow your best garden? Then come to Salisbury Greenhouse where true experts are dedicated to helping grow all the way from planting to harvesting. Let's help you grow joyful experiences this season. (Song in Italian) ("il geghegè" by Rita Pavone) ( ) Crispy and tangy. The Cuban Crunch, part of new Globally Inspired Subway Series. >> Erin: you're watching global news morning. Good morning the shocking death of a 15-year-old is under investigation edmonton homicide detectives have arrested a suspect as that school community struggles to cope with the loss. Our kendra joins us live this morning with more and this happen on the outskirts of edmonton on tuesday night. >> Kendra: that is right. We are here off 137 avenue and 184 street now saint albert public school has identified the 15-year-old as a grade 9 student. No word of the sudden and tragic death as you can imagine, is sending shock waves and enormous grief through his school community he was a student at a school in st. Albert. Police and edmonton releasing very few details they said that he was killed on tuesday night around 930. Police and paramedics tried to save him but despite there efforts he died here on this abandoned road just south of st. Albert. Now police arrested a man at the scene only saying the suspect and the teen victim may have no each other. Now to the west of this is a brand-new business park again this area not far from the anthony henday. In a statement posted to facebook the school writes our hearts are with their family, friends, classmates and teachers as they struggle with this enormous loss. We will also lower our flags. We are grateful for the time he spent with us. May he rest in peace. Homicide investigators are continuing to look into this tragic death. They do have someone in custody saying that they are not searching for anybody else. Back to you. >> Erin: thank you, kendra. Police say they have received 7 new had used dna evidence to tie tips about a suspected serial killer with ties to alberta. Last week police announced they had used dna evidence to tie gary allen srery to the deaths of four young women in the calgary area in the 1970's. He was wanted for crimes in his native california. But fled to canada in 1974. Police say he spent a considerable amount of time living on bc's sunshine coast and in the fraser valley. In 1998 he was convicted of a rcmp are convinced that he committed other crimes there. In 1998 he was convicted of a sexual assault in new westminster and sentenced to five years. He died in prison in the us in 2011. The next paramedic school in alberta to generation of first responders are in edmonton for hands learning. Inviting ems students from every paramedic school in alberta to take part in the interactive event. Students toured through different stations and got the chance to use some specialized equipment to get a better understanding of their future careers. >> Jessica wendland: everyones so welcoming and so willing to >> Jilian maier: people that are help and they are very encouraging to just get you in the door. >> Jilian maier: people that are interested in the medical field are there because they want to help people and that is how we all start out this is a good way to get them interested and a little bit deeper to see how far of a career path that can actually go. >> Erin: the event was held as part of national paramedic services week. Later at the a-t-b building on jasper today, the public can get an up close look at an ambulance and ems equipment at the a-t-b building on jasper ave. If your car is running on empty your wallet maybe as well. The price at the pumps jumped to nearly $1.60 a leader but if you're willing to drive around the deals to be found. Jasmine can caught up with some who packed the patients to save some cash.

>> Reporter: people are always looking for a good deal even if it means saving at the pump. This gas station is more than 20 cents cheaper than some other stations in edmonton. Across the city prices fluctuate. And at a time of high inflation saving a couple of dollars on gas can help in the long run as people look to save some cash anyway that they can. >> Speaker: I came from the west and just for gas. Because it is literally the cheapest and the city. >> Speaker: how are you supposed to manage all of this when groceries are more, gas is more having to go a little bit further extra and it's 10 cents cheaper, it's I'm definitely going to go and get it a little bit cheaper. >> Reporter: analysts don't expect the prices to jump in the next few weeks with similar price gas for the month and a half. Experts say the prices in alberta don't tend to react to small changes in the market compared to the united states but the wide range of prices in edmonton tend to come down to a simpler explanation. >> Speaker: has a lot to do with what I referred to and it is gas barth shenanigans. But if you're selling it for a dollar that he better have a generous uncle or strategy because you're selling a below cost. And I don't think refineries are all that generous. >> Reporter: going on to save you it see prices below $1.50 to take advantage because these prices do not always last. Jasmine king, global news. >> Erin: it is 636 in you're 12 hours away from the game starting in dallas. The oilers taking on the stars in game one of the western conference final. The team had the ice for one last practice at home on wednesday morning most of the team skated, except . Most of the team skated, except for evander kane who was taking a maintenance day. The lineup is expected to be the same that was used to defeat the canucks. The team then making their way to the airport to board their flight to texas. The players know it was a tough task to send vancouver packing and it will be another battle against the stars. But they're confident they know what needs to be done. >> Speaker: through the playoffs, every team that had successes good defensively and we have to be a tight checking team and limit the chances that we give up. And we know as a team that there will be mistakes and that there will be chances and that the other team will have good players and they will make plays. But we cannot get away from playing a tight game. >> Speaker: it's nice being canada's last team. You get support from that many more people. And it is a little bit >> Erin: ceci of course more pressure but at the same time we have to enjoy it and embrace it. >> Erin: ceci of course referring to the oilers being canada's last hope to bring the cup back to our country. Puck drop is at 630 tonight. You can listen live on 630 ched. And coming up around 720 this morning we will chat with former oiler and fan favourite georges laraque about tonight's game. So we have a couple messages after we talked about how tall the head coach kris knoblauch and he is around 6 with three or 6'4". >> Daintre: wes and is moving well and out and you're park starting to pick up a few more vehicles coming into the city along highway 16. But moving along very well on our city streets. No stalls and no collisions to report. For the south west like rolling along well. A little bit of traffic flow showing up at the intersection south and along once in the street. For those travelling along st. Albert trail northbound near 137 avenue east on 137 avenue as you head up towards the 97th street area it is moving along well but westbound from 972 around I would say one 13th street area a little bit slow going but just really relatively speaking it is traffic flow data showing up on our map but not necessarily showing that it is stopped and go type of traffic. And just a couple of areas where we are actually seeing vehicle traffic sitting at an intersection. Overall moving along well and you can see for the east end southeast corner everything is rolling along well and a little bit of traffic volume making its way off of the eastbound lanes for the shore park freeway onto the anthony henday out on the east side. For airport arrivals we do have a couple of flights coming in these ones are just under two hours behind schedule. So they were supposed be showing up just before the 9:00 A.M. mark but they will be closer to around 11 for air canada 161 from toronto and flayer 633 from toronto as well. That is your ok tire traffic now

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