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Right from the start,it's you Closed captioning of this program is brought to you in part by Non-Drowsy Claritin. Get fast 24-hour relief from symptoms caused by indoor and outdoor allergens. Ireland and spain say they will >> Erin: in it's quarter after 6. The leaders of norway, ireland and spain say they will recognize an independent palestinian state calling it an essential step to peace in the region. Although a largely symbolic it was met with anger with prime minister benjamin netanyahu calling it a reward for terrorism. Although a largely symbolic move, all eyes are now on other western nations to see if anyone will follow suit. Mike armstrong reports. >> Reporter: in three european capitals coordinated announcements. The spanish prime minister the norwegian prime minister and the irish prime minister each thing they will recognize the state of palestine officially on may 28 and that they hope that others will follow. >> Speaker I'm confident that further countries will join us. >> Reporter: at the reaction from israel was immediate the country's foreign minister standing with the families of hostages saying the move supports hamas atrocities while the israeli prime minister said it was rewarding terrorism. Israel announced it will allow israelis to return to three former west bank settlements, access had been closer to an evacuation order in 2005 under international law these settlements are illegal and israel is also recalling its ambassadors to the three countries. >> Speaker: island, norway and spain. Our telling hamas in a loud and clear voice that the october 7th massacre pays off. >> Reporter: that news was greeted to philly by palestinians in the west bank a spokesperson for the passing authority said a two state solution is the only path to peace while in gaza that there was hope that the new recognition will lead to change. We have the right to live like other countries this man says appeared to have a state and to live in freedom. Now weather the move by the three governments lead others to follows is the big question. In each recognizing a palestinian state analysts say will play well domestically. Transfigured the result is as follows. >> Reporter: hundred and three countries voted at the un to recognize the palestinian state the addition of three more is not moving the needle. >> Speaker: canada's long-standing position has been to support and to call for a two state solution. >> Reporter: one thing the three countries are saying is that while they will recognize a palestinian state, they insist that they also stand behind israel's right to defend itself. But what was legitimate and even >> Erin: british prime minister, necessary that they say has dragged on, too far. Mike armstrong, global news, montreal. >> Erin: british prime minister, rishi sunak, has called a national election on july 4. >> Rishi sunak: now, is the moment for britain to choose its future. This election will take place at a time when the world is more dangerous than it has been since the end of the cold war. >> Erin: sunak says king charles granted his request wednesday to dissolve parliament, which his office says will be suspended on friday. This announcement comes months ahead of when it was expected. With the governing conservative party's support dwindling after 14 years in power. >> Erin: the deadline is lock bit the online group that approaching for london drugs to pay a multi-dollar ransom demand after its recent cyber attack. Lock bit the online group that has claimed responsibility for the attack is demanding london drugs pay $25 million by thursday or stolen data will be dumped onto the dark web. London drugs says it won't pay. The ransom demand comes as another attack has surfaced. Bc's first nations health authority has been targeted. With some employee and patient information impacted. One expert says it's vital for companies that are successfully attacked to share how it happened. So other organizations can protect themselves. >> Roger gale: the chief operating officer has been pretty tight-lipped on exactly how this took place, what was happening, and we don't want other companies to get into that same issue, and we need to know. We need to know how this attack took place. >> Erin: for now, london drugs is paying for up to two years of credit monitoring for its employees. Experts say people should pay close attention to their online profiles after these types of attacks.

>> Erin: it is almost 20 after 6. It is a chilly morning was some rain expected. >> Ciara: quite a bit of rain last night. 10 millimetres. >> Air and I thought that soccer would be cancelled but it was not. >> Ciara: but you said it would go well. >> Erin: it was a good game. >> Ciara: your little guy is a superstar. Now not warming up much if you are looking to go golfing you may want to grab a windbreaker. It can be done. I golfed on sunday and it poured the whole time. But still stayed out there so again you can do it. 12 degrees this afternoon and the rain is expected to clear so not too bad and then the evening 5. So I don't think there will be a lot of people on the course tonight seeing as it is also game one but I could be wrong. Some other current temperatures coronation, red deer, calgary 6 degrees. Again for southern and central parts really not warming up much today. A different story for northern alberta. Which is funny because they are on the cooler end. 1 degree for high-level and peace river but they will actually be the warmest across the province today. We are seeing that rain rolled through the edmonton area. And it is moving into lloyd minster and saskatchewan. Whitecourt seeing some rainfall. Banff and jasper as well. Now here's what we are talking about. High-level 20 degrees. 17 for peace river, 18 for grande prairie. And then we see a decrease in central and southern. Only 13 for medicine hat, lethbridge 11. 10 for gold lake in athabasca. But tomorrow a different story with the temperatures slowly starting to climb in next week is looking great. Overnight lows still not below that freezing point but there is a risk of frost. Some areas still experiencing quite a bit of precipitation and a lot of cloud coverage can cool things off. The good news is that the wind will not be a concern. It is nice and light that the entire province especially for southern alberta. And that's overnight for medicine hat, lethbridge, and tomorrow it this is where we see increase in temperatures definitely in central and southern parts like lethbridge. Coronation 14, 13 for man, 17 for jasper, 18 for grande prairie and if 20 for peace river and high level. Stay with us. , we will be back after the break. Fairway Forecast is brought to you by Lightning Lotto. Know your limit. Play within it. Canadian summers just hit different with Tims. ("Steal My Sunshine" by Len) Introducing two new Sparkling Quenchers... made with natural flavours and colours. Memories are made with Quenchers. It's time for Tims [Ambient Sounds] [Ambient Sounds] [Ambient Sounds] [Ambient Sounds] [Silence] This is his why. What's yours? Discover the science behind managing weight at 3 Roommates2 packs of Ben's OriginalJasmine rice 1...2...3 social feeds 3 Real life bffs We're all original recipes music Okay, and root beer to drink? No. [gasping] What? He didn't get root beer? I'm getting frozen root beer. Oh! Try frozen a&w root beer with sweet cream. It's the clearance sale at rbp Furniture. Ashley 8 peice set only 1999. Tempurpedic mattress only 2199. Stearns and foster. Mattress only 1799. Come and compare. Be your own judge at rvp furniture in West Edmonton Mall. Gate 48. With majority of my patients with sensitivity, I see irritated gums and weak enamel. Sensodyne sensitivity, Gum & Enamel reliefs sensitivity, helps restore gum health and rehardens enamel. I am a big advocate of recommending things that I know work! [basketball game crowd noise] Gimme that ooey gooey, crispy, crunchy mouthwaterin' Gimme that creamy, dreamy, meaty,toppin' pepperoni poppin' Gimme that crispy, cuppy 'roni Papa Johns Better get you some Try the trio before its gone Introducing the all new Avenir 17bh by Cruiser rv loaded with bunk beds, fireplace, full kitchen and bathroom for just 21,990. Visit Western rv Country and get out camping with your family

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