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>> Erin: good morning, it is thursday, may 23rd. We saw quite the downpour yesterday late afternoon in. And into the evening. And then the sun came back out and now the rain in in. The clouds are back again. Will we see a lot of rain today ? Will be seen sunshine? What is in the forecast? Ciara has all of those details and daintre will let us know about the morning commute first let's see what's coming up, the news today. A teenage boy has died and the police have launched a homicide investigation into his death. Difference in price, depending you may have noticed a big difference in price, depending on where you're getting gas, why shopping around right now, might save you a lot of money. And it's been more than a decade since the oilers and stars met in the playoffs but the rivalry is set to be renewed tonight >> Ciara: I am nervous already. A 60 percent chance of showers sticking around throughout the morning expect it to lift later in the day. Temperatures are below seasonal. We could see some more frost will into this evening. Daintre has your morning commute. >> Daintre: that's the best part about the rain is seeing this city come alive again. And good news for those who do shop around. You can save yourself quite a bit of money is he averages around $1.50 4. But the lowest will find in town is 129.9. So make sure you double check before you hit the pumps. And we'll take a quick look around the city coming up, shortly. >> Narrator: you are watching global edmonton. This is global news morning. >> Erin: good morning and thank you for joining us. Homicide investigation, police have launched a homicide investigation, following the death of a teen boy near St albert. Officers were called to the area of 137 avenue and 184 street around 9:30 tuesday night. When they arrived they found a 15-year old boy suffering from serious injuries. Despite efforts from officers and paramedics the boy died on scene. An adult male was taken into custody and police say they're not looking for any other suspects. They add the two appear to be has identified the boy as a known each other. An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. Saint albert public school has identified the boy as a grade 9 student broden radmske. In a statement posted to facebook they write our hearts are with broden's family, friends, classmates and teachers as they struggle with this enormous loss. Our flags will also be lowered in honour of broden. We are grateful for the time he spent with us. May he rest in peace. Police say tips are already coming in about a suspected serial killer with ties to last week, police announced they our province. Last week, police announced they had used dna evidence to tie gary allen srery to the deaths of four young women in the calgary area in the 1970's. He was wanted for crimes in his native california. But fled to canada in 1974. Police say he spent a considerable amount of time living on bc's sunshine coast. And in the fraser valley. In 1998 he was convicted of a sexual assault in new westminster and sentenced to five years. Alberta rcmp are convinced he committed other crimes in bc and want to hear from potential victims. >> Staff sgt. Travis mckenzie: and we realize we're asking some people to go back in their minds to the 1970's, the mid 70's, whether it be in calgary or the 1980's in davis bay, half moon bay, gibsons. He moves into abbotsford, cultus lake, chilliwack so we're asking people to take themselves back there. >> Erin: seven new tips on srery were reported to rcmp over were reported to rcmp over the weekend. After serving his time in a bc prison. He was deported to the us. Where he died in custody in 2011. Although alberta saw a record number of canadians move to our province last year. A new report suggests many families here are struggling to keep up. For the second year in a row food bank canada's poverty report card gave alberta an overall grade of d minus. Dropping a bit from last year's grade of a d. According to the report 47 percent of albertans feel worse off financially than last year. Our province was also given an f for both the legislative process and for the 27 percent albertans struggling with food insecurities. >> Speaker: food insecurity ranges from not having enough food to cutting down the quality or quantity of food in some severe cases, skipping food for an entire day due to a lack of money. And this has profound effects across the board on one's physical and mental health. It was bigger than number of kids who are expense and good insecurity and live in households where food insecurity is a challenge is really growing. The latest numbers from stats canada tell us that about 30 percent of kids live in a house hold that experience food insecurity in 2023. >> Erin: the report recommends the province introduce a

provincial poverty reduction strategy and expand the temporary rent assistance benefit to all albertans waiting for affordable housing. Shopping around for gas right and might be worth shopping around for gas right now, prices in the city seem to be all over the map. Nearly everywhere you go, gas prices are different. As of wednesday afternoon, there are a few stations selling for a spread of 24 cents a litre. $1.34. Many are sitting around $1.58 with others in between. A spread of 24 cents a litre. At this domo near 118th avenue, some people were waiting up to 30 minutes to pay $1.34 per litre. >> Speaker: when you have a 65 litre tank like I do, saving 20 cents on a leader is totally worth it. >> Speaker: even on a fuel-efficient car is a difference of 15 kilometres and when I have to go 15 kilometres to get home and such, that is $5 more in my pocket that I can put groceries on the table for. >> Erin: experts say if you see gas below a dollar and 50 cents right now take advantage because it likely will not last. >> Narrator: you're watching global news morning. >> Erin: it is almost 6:06 A.M. it's been 18 years since the oilers have played in a stanley cup final. They're four wins away from doing it again. Standing in their way is a big obstacle in the dallas stars. The stars are considered by many pundits to be the stanley cup favourites. >> Slav: and then there were four. The oilers are in the western conference final for the second time in three years. >> Cody ceci: there's only four teams left now and everyone is here for a reason and they're all great teams and know how to win games. Just gets tougher and tougher and we're going to have to bring our a game. >> Darnell nurse: obviously, there's excitement, but there's also a level of just wanting to play and not really worry about anything else. >> Slav: dallas presents a major challenge for the oilers. Their depth up front is among their strengths. Edmonton will have to be very good defensively. Like they were for long stretches of games six and seven against vancouver. >> Kris knoblauch: the other team has good players that they'll make some plays, but we can not get away from a tight checking game. >> Cody ceci: they're a great team off the rush. We saw that in season and we've seen it in playoffs too, so that's something we're going to have to keep an eye on and try and slow them down. >> Slav: edmonton's penalty kill has been excellent in the post-season. Killing 91 percent of the it'll be challenged by a dallas all positions chances. It'll be challenged by a dallas power play that's been second best in the playoffs behind the oilers. >> Darnell nurse: you don't go in with a script, be instinctual, that's what makes our kill good when we are good is just playing off instinct, not trying to script too much. >> Slav: the oilers are anticipating adding to their own depth up front. Adam henrique is expected to return early in the series after missing six of seven games in the second round because of an injury. >> Adam henrique: it's painful watching, so we're all on the same page as far as where we're at and how we're going about things and just again taking it a day at a time. >> Kris knoblauch: adds a lot to our team. Whether that helps us with our second unit power play, penalty kill or probably more importantly is secondary scoring. >> Slav: the oilers will need everyone on board against a stars team that's been shining bright all season. Slav kornik, global sports. >> Ciara: oh boy, here we go. I think that right there said it is sydney, australia. >> Daintre: look vessey opera has. This is a live shot from sydney and it does look beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. But let's take a look at our beauty shot from the area highway so you can see at near highway 15 near fort saskatchewan looking very nice. Henday some wet roads and 91st street. Quite so far on the area highways. It's continuing to be quiet. I do expect to see a few more vehicles on area highways but for the moment it is looking very nice. So if you're travelling out the door they have light volume. Picking up some more vehicles here. But generally you can see lots of green on the board. So good news for anyone he was just about to make their way out on the roads and we are moving along nicely for the west and for the anthony henday out along terwilliger, coming in from st. Albert. Some traffic showing up for the northeast corner much the same.

the east side is looking great and free-flowing traffic around the city. Less anthony henday from the white to calgary trail that's running about 10 minutes for drivetime and looking at the qe2. Just a reminder with a gas prices to shop around. He averages around $1.50 4 cents. But the lowest is $1.20 9.9. so make sure you keep an eye out for that good pricing edit when you can. That's or ok tire traffic and now we will go to ciara and sky check weather. >> Ciara: so I have a question do you shop around for gas? >> Daintre: often not so much. I'll pull into the nearest place or it will be three in the morning. >> Ciara: 80? >> Erin: you are worried about 80 kilometres to empty? >> Daintre: yeah. >> Ciara: I got ready to push my car. >> Erin: I worry at like 5 kilometres till empty. >> Ciara: I need to take some advice. An 80 kilometres would work. Thank you, bill for the advice. 60 degrees out there was some weather alerts. A little bit of an air quality statement. Rain rolling through the edmonton area, medicine hat and lethbridge, easing up later this afternoon. But you will notice stepping outside this morning it is brisk. You will need to add the extra layer and rain jacket into the evening 7 and overnight three with a risk of frost yet again. Some areas receiving frost even some hail last night and we received around 10 millimetres of moisture throughout the day yesterday so quite a bit. As for tomorrow we are seeing an increase in temperatures. Same thing into saturday. Last year on this date it was 20 degrees to quite a bit warmer. Evening and overnight low a lot warmer. Sunrise up at 520. Didn't see much sun. Actually not at all. Just the sky lighting up there. 1886 we set a record. Another rainbow. This was from whitney in southern alberta. In the aurora back at it. Look at this satellite it is stunning. It has been clear skies. Thank you for sharing. Stay with us. , we will be back after the break. (Song in Italian) ("il geghegè" by Rita Pavone) ( ) Bright and zesty. The Chimichurri Steak & Cheese and Chimichurri Veggie part of the new Globally Inspired Subway Series. (Upbeat music) When you're performing at your best, it's hard to imagine anything holding you back. ( ) But performance inhibiting deposits restrict your engine's performance, robbing it of its true potential. Don't let anything stand between you and performing at your best. New and improved Shell V-Power Nitro+Premium Gasoline. Performance unbound. (Shell mnemonic) Is that a Cheestring? I'll trade you my bagel for it. How about my pirate's treasure? Mystery Orb? I offer Cthulhu, the World Eater! I'll stick with the Cheestring. Keep it Cheesy. Cheestrings, only from Black Diamond. River Cree Resort And Casino brings you world class entertainment! Former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is on his first solo tour in seven years. Catch is Who Am I Tour on October 10th. Get your tickets today at -I'm always thankfulwhen spring comes.It feels like a positive time. -Yes, we all get to spring clean and put new plans in placefor the year. -How about you? Is there somethingyou'd like to get done? Perhaps it's yourhome renovation or a purchase for your business. It's great to know a Flexi Linecan help you do that. -Could you useeighty thousand, two eighty or even two pointeight million? -Call us today at 1800-new-capital to see what's available to you. [Song playing - Here Comes theHotstepper by Ini Kamoze] [people shaking the ice in their cups] [people shaking the ice in their cups] [people shaking the ice in their cups]

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