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[ ] >> Jeff: on this sunday night, sirens sound in tel aviv. For the first time in months, hamas rockets rain down on israel as trucks carrying desperately-needed aid finally enter gaza. >>> Scrambling for shelter. >> When it hit, it was just so loud. >> Jeff: powerful tornados tear through the central united states. >>> Mandatory military service. >> We will introduce a bold new model. >> Jeff: the british prime minister's controversial campaign promise. >>> Plus missing messi. [ Chanting ] >> Jeff: canadian soccer fans raise their voices after a superstar snub. >> Announcer: "global national" with farah nasser. Reporting tonight, jeff semple. >> Jeff: good evening, and thank you for joining us. For the first time in four months, air raid sirens sounded in tel aviv, sending israelis scrambling for cover. Hamas launched at least eight long-range rockets. Several were intercepted and no one was hurt. This 84-year-old and her caretaker barely escaped. She described the chaos when a rocket landed on her house. Israel says the rockets were fired from rafah in southern gaza. The israeli military is preparing to launch a major offensive on that city, despite pleas from its allies and the u.n.'s top court. And a warning, the images you're about to see here are disturbing. This was the aftermath of an israeli strike on rafah today. At least 30 people were killed according to the hamas-run health ministry. The palestinian red crescent society says the israeli attack hit an area designated for displaced civilians. Late today the israeli military commented on that air strike in rafah, claiming it was targeting a compound housing hamas militants and that it successfully eliminated two senior hamas leaders. David aiken has our top story tonight. >> Reporter: for the first time in four months, air raid sirens sounded in tel aviv. Residents scrambled for cover. This video released by hamas shows the missiles leaving gaza. And the israeli army says they were launched from rafah from a site less than a kilometer where israeli forces were stationed. >> Hamas launched these rockets from near two mosques in rafah. >> Reporter: one person in israel was injured seeking shelter from the attack, and damage otherwise was minor. This house in central israel was damaged by a shrapnel hit. Still, it was a demonstration that even after seven months of fighting, hamas still has significant weapons. Meanwhile, israel allowed around 200 aid trucks through the kerem shalom crossing at gaza's southeastern corner, bypassing the main rafah crossing that's been closed for weeks. But some of the food has been waiting so long to cross, it is beginning to rot. And on the diplomatic front, norway's foreign minister sunday presented palestinian prime minister mohammed mustafa with papers confirming norway's recognition of the state of palestine. >> We very much look forward to upgrading our relations. >> Reporter: mohammed mustafa used the opportunity to repeat calls for an end to the war. >> I think it's time to raise the voices a little bit more and demand a ceasefire. >> Reporter: but the rocket attack makes a ceasefire much less likely. One hardline minister in netanyahu's cabinet urged the army to hit rafah even harder. David aiken, global news, ottawa. >> Jeff: israel also struck several targets inside southern lebanon today, killing at least people. Israel said the strikes were in response to an earlier attack by hezbollah that saw 15 rockets launched into israel from southern lebanon.

>>> And the war in gaza continues to spark protests here in canada, and a deadline is fast approaching for protesters at canada's largest university. Members of a pro-palestinian encampment at the university of toronto are meeting with the administration, which has given them until tomorrow morning to clear out. Protesters are presenting the university's leadership with a counter offer after rejecting the administration's proposal last week. The protesters are demanding the university cut all ties with israeli institutions and companies they say are profiting from the war in gaza. A trespass notice was issued to the camp on friday, and demonstrators now have until 8:00 A.M. to leave or the university says it will take all necessary legal steps to remove them. >>> Ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy made a dramatic plea for the leaders of china and the U.S. to attend a major peace summit in switzerland and apply pressure to the kremlin. >> We do not want the U.N. charter to be burned. Burned down just like these books. >> Jeff: that's zelenskyy speaking from the war-ravaged kharkiv region where russia has escalated its attacks in recent weeks. His message, directed at U.S. president joe biden and chinese president xi jinping calling on them to compel vladimir putin to end the war. >>> A series of deadly storms in the southern united states now. This is all that's left of a shell gas station in valley view, texas. People said they had mere seconds to find shelter. >> We ran up under the stairs and the little bathroom, and then it went boom. Like we got hit by lightning or something. And then whistling. It was scary. That's the worst I've ever experienced. >> Jeff: at least 15 people were killed in those tornados, including two small children and dozens more were injured. The storms in texas coincided with record-breaking heat over the U.S. memorial day weekend, and as heather yourex-west reports, forecasters warn this is just the beginning of wild weather ahead. >> Reporter: incredible video as a tornado forms in north texas saturday afternoon. Part of a super cell storm that erupted over the region. >> When it hit, it was just so loud. It was like something just crashed into us. And I knew. I knew. And I didn't realize how bad until we came out. >> Reporter: in texas, at least seven people are confirmed dead so far, including two children aged 2 and 5. >> It's like a punch to the stomach really. This is my community. I know people that work here, and I see them every day. >> Reporter: in oklahoma, what is believed to have been a long track tornado damaged homes and trees in two communities northeast of tulsa. Baseball-sized hail was also reported. Two people were killed in the storm that rolled in quickly early sunday morning. >> I'm still trying to process it. It's shock. Everything you've had, worked so hard for all these years is gone. >> I'm just glad that my mom got me out. She got me out in a minute. After she got me out and I sat down, my glass immediately broke and that tree hit my window. >> Reporter: parts of arkansas were hit hard too. Officials say thousands in the state are without power, and at least one person is confirmed dead. Earlier this week, tornados in iowa killed at least five people. >> Several states will be impacted by several storms on memorial day. With it it will bring strong winds, large hail, and triggering tornado watches. >> Reporter: 2024 shaping up to be one of the worst spring storm seasons in at least five years, with more severe weather still to come. Heather yourex-west, global news, calgary. >> Jeff: 12 people have been injured by severe turbulence on a qatar airways flight from doha to dublin. It still managed to land safely and on schedule. Passengers say the turbulence lasted less than 20 seconds. It comes just days after a similar incident involving severe turbulence on a singapore airlines flight that saw dozens of passengers injured and one man killed in a suspected heart attack.

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