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>>> Let's head up to the sky, where jaxon mcnulty is an global one with an eye on traffic. I know everyone was watching the oilers last night, but how are things looking right now? >> Phil: things are picking up more tonight, it'll bit more to talk about, that's for sure. Some volume stacking up on terwilliger drive north and southbound on the southwest leg of the henday. Only a few lanes to work with, so volume does pick up quickly. Southbound traffic backed up, northbound traffic seeing delays into windermere boulevard. Get a deal on new deck or fresh coat of paint at the get ready for summer sale on at home hardware. The building centres until june 5th. >> Scott: thank you. >>> Volleyball teams from all over the country are in the city right now for national championships. Still to come, how the tournament is giving some local businesses a bump. The 15,000 athletes taking part. That's next on global news. [ ] Go, go, go! What wouldn't you doto keep them alive? (Announcer speaks wordson screen) Stream on STACKTVand the Global tv app. ALL:Let's see your voice! It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! When you play the largest 50/50 in sports, everybody wins. Your support makes all of Oil Country a better place. A place of kindness, caring and compassion, uplifting those in need, changing lives forever. The largest 50/50 pot in professional sports is currently growing by the second. Get your tickets now at And help change lives today. Maybe even your own. With new Scope Squeez mouthwash concentrate, just add water, squeeze to control the strength of your mouthwash, and find a zone all your own. ( ) Scope Squeez. [ ] >> From arundell park, this is #ouryeg. Blood donation can make a life-saving difference. Join canada's lifeline and book now to donate blood. To find a centre near you or book at appointment, visit Join us in the fight against als by produce bidding and the walk june 8 that rundle park. Help fund research for those living with als and their families. Find more information on lineup >> Announcer: our yag brought to you by furnace family. [ ] >> Scott: over the last week, the city has been a hub for volleyball with thousands of players here to compete at youth nationals. Roughly 15,000 athletes from more than 1200 teens are competing in national championships. The 12 day event also brings in around 22,000 spectators. Explore edmonton says it's one of the city's biggest economic generators, expected to bring in around $48 million into the city. >> That scene by restaurants, hotels, bars, transit, every business that touches the industry is affected by this event. >> This is one of our bigger events of the year. This 14 a 12 day run. >> Scott: by the time the tournament wraps up its expected about 33,000 nights will have been booked in hotels for that event.

>>> Tomorrow is shaping up to be a very good day for local sports. On top of the volleyball nationals, the edmonton elks are in their preseason campaign with a home game against the saskatchewan roughriders. Kick off his 2:00, meaning you can enjoy that game and make it home warmer to the ice district just in for puck drop in game two of the oilers-stars western conference final. [ ] >> Scott: and it sounds like tomorrow will be pretty good if you're spending the day outside. >> Phil: technically still a slight chance of showers, but very slight as we are seeing. This afternoon we had a few scattered showers off of the foothills, and if you have turned into garden-variety thundershowers. Southern alberta has been different when it comes to active weather, and there is still advisories further to the east, if you're getting further east of vegreville, toward the border with saskatchewan, funnel clouds are still it possibility. Through the evening and overnight, still a few clouds north of us that will cycle through an just be heavy. There is eight slight chance like there was last night of showers, but you're truly going to have to wait until the overnight between saturday and sunday morning to see the risk of rain ramping back up. If you're outside of edmonton, you're talking further to the west, there is an even better opportunity and that's going to extend all the way down closer to rocky mountain house, red deer as well. Scattered showers cycling through the city's general region of the province for sunday afternoon, and if your further south, just outside of red deer, you might even see if you thunderstorms kick off for the same timeframe. Progressing through sunday night into monday morning, we are expecting high pressure to build more back in with clear skies for the region. A few scattered showers further north, but then we are essentially done with the risk, at least for 24 hours or so. As far as accumulation between now and monday morning, maybe 1-2 millimetres at most. More towards the calgary, red deer, medicine hat, and jasper areas in between. Travelling to the mountains over the weekend, raincoat, umbrella, and maybe a slightly more indoor set of plans is not bad idea. If you like the rain, all the power to you, but it could be on the damp side. Still a few degrees below average, but only just. Five is our low in the city of edmonton. Outside the city it could be cooler, but not too bag. Generally speaking its not far off for most of the province for average lows. A few degrees here and there. But it sets us up for an even better daytime high tomorrow. Upping it by around 3 degrees over what we got today, and it's the same story playing out across much of alberta. Over the next few days, temperatures continue climbing. Not a huge improvement on sunday. I still have it at 17, chance of late afternoon showers and thunderstorms in the region, so that might not get back down. There is potential for 18. Back up around 21 next week, but with breezy conditions out of the southwest. Up to 25 for tuesday, however cools up on wednesday with the arrival of showers once again and potential for steady rainfall included by the end of the week. >> Scott: thank you.

>>> You may have seen them here on global news cheering on the ice district or even at rogers place. The story behind one of the super fans going viral for how he's supporting the team with his dance moves. [ ] Closed caption of this program is brought to you in part by Shield Foundation Repair. Cracked walls? Sloping floors? Talk to the house-leveling experts at Shield Foundation Repair. (sigh) Italy... KFC's $5 Sandwich of the Day is back. Only in Canada. Have a great trip... What? Sit down. Not everyone's happy. But you will be. ( ) Financial goals. At Fidelity, we know that everyone's got them. And they're all different. But the one thing we share? We all want to get to them sooner. ( ) (Pop music plays) Circle it ( ) Circle You let me circle it ( ) I can find anything if I circle it ( ) Let me circle it So let me circle it ( ) (Wind blows) (Lively Orchestral Music) (Lively Orchestral Music) New Finish Ultramax. Engineered for the toughest conditions. Dry burnt-on stains. Old dishwashers. Very hard water. New Finish Ultramax, with CycleSync technology, helps deliver the ultimate clean. What's behind the Blue Cow Logo? High Canadian Standards. Which means we meet strict requirements. ...Working with a team of experts and working towards a sustainable future. That's what this logo certifies. We're behind the Blue Cow logo. Toyota's electrified vehicles are for everyone. Every chauffeur. Snack connoisseur. Every scenery soaker. Practical joker. Every road tripper. Toe dipper. Every nine-to-fiver. Every long-driver. Starting over 20 years ago with the Prius, we now have the largest line-up of electrified vehicles in Canada. Because this journey belongs to everyone. When you play the largest 50/50 in sports, everybody wins. Your support makes all of Oil Country a better place. A place of kindness, caring and compassion, uplifting those in need, changing lives forever. The largest 50/50 pot in professional sports is currently growing by the second. Get your tickets now at And help change lives today. Maybe even your own. [Song playing - Here Comes theHotstepper by Ini Kamoze] [people shaking the ice in their cups] [people shaking the ice in their cups] [people shaking the ice in their cups] The next lotto 6/49 Gold Ball jackpot is a massive $54 million! Imagine the possibilities Plus, the Classic $5 million jackpot. Two chances tofind your possible. This Global Program is brought to you in part by James h. Brown and Accident Injury lawyers Visit us at James h Brown dot com [ ] >> Scott: mcdavid, draisaitl, and skinner have been front and centre in the spotlight, but there are some lesser-known members of oil country also gaining popularity. [ Cheering ] just one of them right here. This is isaac, a big edmonton oilers fan and also, as you can see, loves to dance. If you've been an ice district plaza, you've seen him last round. He threw out a few dance moves and went viral. Now he's drawing it cloud wet -- crowd whenever and wherever he breaks out those moves. >> The energy in this area is just wild. It's almost electric the energy you get from everyone else here. Makes it worth coming back every time. >> Scott: dancing skinner, as he is known, is also a goalie himself. He says he'll keep dancing in hopes the oilers keep on winning

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