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>> Alan: Why don't we just take a breath, okay? >> Ashley: So did Traci tell you what happened? >> Alan: Why don't you tell me? >> Ashley: Okay. Um, I'm talking to Jack and Traci and then I-- I-- I get kind of lightheaded and I-- I guess I blacked out, which is what apparently I've been doing. And then I-- I'm in this room and it's all white, very bright white light and I'm there, but there's two others of me, but we're different. One is a-- a bitch and the other one has like a Southern accent and they're fighting over me. They're arguing over me. >> Alan: What were they saying? >> Ashley: They were saying that I should absolutely not go to Paris with you and that I should let them take over. Is this what you meant? Is this what you were trying to explain to me? >> Alan: I believe so, yeah. These personalities, alters, call them, they think they're doing the right thing, Ashley. They think they're protecting you, but the fact that they exist at all means that there is something terribly wrong. >> Ashley: Well, what are they protecting me from? >> Alan: Well, that's what we need to find out. I think you should go to Paris with me as soon as possible. >> Tucker: Yeah, hi, Hayley. Uh, I need you to book me on the next flight to Paris. Absolutely, tonight. [ Jordan groaning ] [ Jordan sobbing ] >> Jordan: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, I will not die like this. I will not die like this. Not at your hands, Victor, no. No, I will not. Help me, help me, help. Oh. >> Cole: Just don't fight. >> Jordan: Please, please have mercy, please. Please, please. [ Jordan panting ] [ Jordan crying ] >> Cole: Okay, put her back, put her back. >> Victor: This is Victor Newman. We found that Jordan woman who escaped from prison twice and who terrorized my family and almost killed my wife. We found her on the banks of the Galewood River. Yes, that woman. She's alive, we'll bring her to you. >> Cole: You're doing the right thing. >> Victor: No, Cole, you and Michael betrayed me. And that I will not easily forget.

Captioned byLos Angeles Distributionand Broadcasting, Inc. Captioning provided byBell Dramatic Serial Company, Sony Pictures Televisionand cbs, Inc. Join us again for"The Young and the Restless." >> Thousands of volleyball pears -- players packing the expo centre for national championships right now. The boost it's providing local businesses coming up. [ ] >> Today on global news, double overtime win leaving fans in an absolute frenzy. The oilers reacting to that victory last night, and preparing for game two tomorrow. >>> Also the cup -- the truck driver responsible for the humboldt broncos bus crash order deported by an immigration and refugee board.

but he could still be allowed to stay in canada. Details ahead. >> Phil: the same sky that's given us a chill afternoon in the city is producing interesting conditions and other parts of the province. Is any of it headed our way? I got your forecast coming up. >> On the budget passed by the edmonton school board. The trustee say its not sustainable. They're calling for more funding from the province. [ ] >> Announcer: you're watching global edmonton. This is global news at five. >> Good drop in the first. [ Cheering ] deflected home! Edmonton wins the game 3-2! It's connor mcdavid in double overtime! >> A classic called by six thirties jack michael's, who else of captain connor mcdavid, the overtime hero as the oilers draw first blood in the lone star state, taking a 1-0 lead in the western conference final. Good afternoon. How wild was that game last night? Talk about tension, talk about nerves. We were down to the final four in the road to the stanley cup and the oilers have stepped forward with that double overtime win. Slav kornik was watching the action closely last night. Oilers fans still buzzing from that big win. >> Reporter: no doubt about that. The oilers are too after the game. Stuart skinner said he wanted to go straight to bed. Zach hyman, brett kulak, and the head coach admitted it took a bit to wind down last night after that thrilling double-overtime win. [ Cheering ] >> How did that not go in? Oh my goodness. >> Reporter: how about that moment late in the first overtime. Mcdavid just hanging on to the puck a little too long and was robbed on a game-winning goal. This came 15 minutes after he started the extra frame in the penalty box. Mcdavid clearly frustrated, but the oilers killed the double minor even with the stars hitting the post a few times. As we all know, 32 seconds into the double-overtime, the oilers pulling out the win. Speaks a lot about the character in edmonton's locker room. They dug deep and found ways to overcome adversity pack. Something they've been doing for months. They feel that set them up for success this postseason. >> The teams have been through a lot from the season back -- being dead last in the standings. Their playoff experience also. They've gone through and had the experience, and between having a good hockey team and the past performances, I think that no matter what happens we are ready to move on and ready for the next play. >> Scott: mcdavid getting a lot of attention as the overtime hero last night with that goal. But stuart skinner really impressive in net as well. >> Reporter: certainly. Skinner seems to have found his form again in game one after some slipups in the second round against the vancouver canucks, which banished him to the bench, of course. Maybe sitting out games four and five in the second round was what skinner needed since his return to the starting role, solid and between the pipes. He's a perfect 3-0 with a 1.5 goals-against average and last night was perhaps his best game of the playoffs so far, stopping 31 of 33 shots. His performance a big boost for the rest of the team. >> The important part for us was how well he played, and he's making those initial stops. It kind of spreads through the whole group and makes everyone feel comfortable. >> Reporter: also providing an update on adam henrich today, saying he has a tough decision to make and one that has to be in the best interest of the team. He says henry because that 90 percent right now with more time off helping him to get to 100 percent. While he hasn't played since game two against the canucks, knobloch says he would be huge boost for the oilers. We'll find out tomorrow if he will suit up for game two. >> Scott: thanks very much. [ Cheering ] >> Advancing to the stanley cup final with this last shot. There it is. It's over. >> Scott: last night's win was a long time coming. Nearly 18 years to the days since her last win in a western conference series game, may 27th, 2006 when the oilers beat the anaheim ducks to advance to the stanley cup final. The oilers will look to take the 2-0 series lead when the puck drops on game two tomorrow night at 6:00. The oilers are a staggering 22 and three when leading a best-of-seven series 1-0, but keep in mind the stars lost the opening game of each of their

last two series before storming back to in the both. >> The edmonton oilers have done it again, their fifth stanley cup. >> Scott: remember this? Thirty-four years ago today, jasper was party central. Celebrate the fifth stanley cup win and last nights when with that win, the oilers just three wins away from advancing to the finals and seven from reliving those scenes right there and celebrating their sixth stanley cup win. >> Announcer: road to the cup brought to you in part by sentinel storage. They shoot, we store. >> Scott: in other news today, the man behind the wheel the truck that because the deadly humboldt broncos bus crash has been order deported six years after the collision. Jaskirat singh sidhu was sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to causing the crash that killed 16 people and injured 13 others. He has since been paroled. Sidhu, and indian national, has permanent resident status in canada. His lawyer called the deportation decision a foregone conclusion, because he's not it canadian citizen. He says he will now reapply for sidhu's permanent residency on he monetary and grounds, suggesting sidhu has suffered enough for his crime. >> There's a lot of people, including some of the families, who say that's enough. He doesn't need any more. We don't need to make another victim out of this. >> Scott: any possible deportation is still likely months or years away. 's lawyer says humanitarian appeals can take two or three years to process. >>> Stretch then financially, and now edmonton public schools says their budget for the next school year is not relieving any anxiety. As jasmine king reports, trustees are asking for more provincial support with thousands of new students enrolling every year. >> Reporter: edmonton public school trustees have passed with they are calling it constrained budget for the next school year that they say isn't keeping pace with rapidly growing schools. It was a unanimous vote, but not quiet. Trustees expressing frustration with the lack of funding they are seeing from the province. The province's weighted moving average, calculating average enrolment, fall short, meeting around 4000 students will not be funded. Costs to the division are increasing for staff and students, making it harder to find. This is requiring the board to use operational reserves to balance the budget, something they say is not sustainable. The superintendent says the division is adding more than 5000 students each year. So far this year there was already 2900 new students enrolled compared to september. The board chair says they are doing the best they can with limited resources. >> We are seeing higher numbers of students, higher complexity, increased staff unit costs, impact of inflation. At the end of the day, that means our spending power isn't as much to support higher demand for those services. >> Reporter: with the budget approved, edmonton public schools must now submit to the province by may 31st. Jasmine king, global news. >> Scott: one edmonton teens suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident last summer that changed his life forever. Now a new wheelchair is restoring some freedom he wants had. Tanner leslie lost his ability to walk in an instant, but with the help of the schein foundation, working one-on-one with tanner, they found a way for him to continue being a kid. They came up with what's cold day not a wheelchair rig that helps him access uncharted territory normally inaccessible by emanuel wheelchair. >> Having this has given me the ability to do things I thought I couldn't do, or at least due well. It's just amazing in general. >> Scott: tanner is april seeker and can't wait to take his wheelchair to an open field and see how fast he can go. What great device there. And some sunshine out there for tanner as well today, though it was little on the cool side. >> Phil: it was warmer than it was yesterday. Still is right now, but we are still definitely it weighs off of average. There's also a lot more active weather outside the city this afternoon. Some nonsevere thunderstorms along the foothills, couple of severe ones in parts of southern alberta earlier this afternoon. For a good portion of today we've had the weather advisory for areas just outside of vegreville, across the border into saskatchewan and medicine hat. That's for the potential of funnel clouds. We haven't seen any in the edmonton area. A few blips on the satellite radar suggesting clouds may produce showers, but so far so drive. Just looking at partly cloudy skies right now, it's of blue shining through, helping produce the daytime high a few degrees above where we sat this time yesterday. Over the next few days warm up will continue. >> Scott: sounds good. Thank you very much.

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