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that's on the july contract. In new york south of the border member yesterday the dow jones was up 605 points. That was the worst day they have had since march of 2023 so just over a year. And it was down 1.5 percent and remember money is a holiday. So we take a look at it right now right now it's up and the nasdaq is also up. As I mentioned oil stocks in canada are up across the board right now. Canadian natural resource shares our trending up trading hundred and $4.75. Now with stats canada coming out this morning saying in the month of march which seems like such a long time ago retail sales were disappointing. Just a little bit there were down 0.2 percent we thought they would be down 0.1 percent. Now that being said it june for the bank of canada could lower interest rates. Keep in mind though that in the month of april they are looking for retail sales to be up 0.7 percent. So if you the governor bank of canada you are going as they were going to need to wait till july. But there is a possibility that the bank of canada could drop rates by a quarter of 1 percent but, from my perspective I would bet more so on july. And remember in the united states more more people are thinking it could be no in july or september and we are still thinking there may not be a cut until after the us elections on november 5th. So, it's an interesting one when we come back we will talk about banker news coming out next week. >> Erin: sounds good thank you, angus. >> Tracie: I was right there but my clicker was not working so I will do this report from my computer over here. We had to restart that because we have a vehicle fire in the northwest end of emmett in 1843 and 121st avenue. Vehicle completely engulfed in flames. The vehicle is not on the road but there are fire trucks there that are blocking the street. It's not a busy street. It doesn't look like it will affect traffic to too much but watch for some visibility issues through the area due to the smoke that we are getting off of that. We did have a very long line of stop and go traffic making its way east bound calgary trail and the southwest leg of the anthony henday. We have a delay underneath the terwilliger overpass. Underneath seen albert trail all the way to about 170 street so watch for delays there. 97 street northbound headed towards the north like of the anthony henday we do have some stop and go for the northbound commuters and where we are releasing delays this morning is out on our highways. Look at this. Westbound traffic headed towards edmonton just past elk island park very slow moving we have some stop and go traffic through the construction area there so watch for those delays. That's a look at your ok tire traffic and now over to see her was carjacker weather. >> Ciara: thank you, tracie a beautiful day here. Look at this skies. 8 degrees and edmonton and the temperatures are on their way appeared for mcmurray the same thing. 8 degrees here. Look at that it doubled in less than half an hour. 5 in banff. Definitely starting off here this morning lots of low-lying cloud coverage but that seems to be lifting and we can see the mountain now. Calgary's at 6 degrees and the sun is shining down as well. Weather alerts we are okay. Not even an air quality it's been a while since we had to deal with that. It has lifted in a northern british columbia as well as in saskatchewan. However, still some rain precipitation rolling through the hanna area along the mountain parks as well and into saskatchewan. Making its way through lloydminster. That's later today. So, we will see that precipitation rolling through. A lot of scattered showers so british columbia and alberta and into saskatchewan for most of the weekend. So clearing later this evening we will see the showers roll back through tomorrow budget is very light. Nothing significant like what we were seeing on wednesday. Yesterday we received 1.1 millimetres of rain just again a light showers we will see it roll in on sunday this is sunday afternoon into whitecourt, into calgary and then not bad for saskatchewan and clearing up along the mountain parks is still the rain is sticking around in the wind is nice and light as well which is a treat. Normally with the rain we would see the wind increase but not this weekend. 13 kilometres an hour for gold lake. 15 for slave lake and 11 in lethbridge and whitecourt. Temperatures are on the rise however we are still below seasonal. 14 degrees for the afternoon high. 16 for medicine hat, lethbridge 19 for peace river and grande prairie and 24 height level. So definitely seeing warmer temperatures in northern alberta throughout the week. Overnight we are looking good

6 degrees so even that overnight low it is on the rise and you don't need to worry about any frost here and edmonton. A bit of a different story for coronation and banff where you could see frost. There skies and we will take a look from a live chopper down at the annual powwow here. This is beautiful. This is beautiful. >> Narrator: want to know about a new and exciting business in our city or learn about a triple group doing incredible work #or how of the 6 and people in our community. >> Speaker: at a patio store. How little touches are making a big difference in seniors care peer protecting you ALL:Let's see your voice! For many families, the reason that they do estate planning is obviously to have that freedom. It's very important because we're living much longer than we ever have before. You're going to actually be spending more time in your retirement phase of life than you are in your working career. So we suggest to families to plan their estate funding very heavily in the beginning of life in retirement, because this is our life's work and we didn't earn it to leave it behind. We earned it to enjoy it. For more information, join me for our next complimentary webinar. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! (Song in Italian) ("il geghegè" by Rita Pavone) ( ) Bright and zesty. The Chimichurri Steak & Cheese and Chimichurri Veggie part of the new Globally Inspired Subway Series. [Music] ( ) ( ) Stop dreaming. Start shopping. Red Tag Days are on at Toyota, with great offers on select models. Find yours today, at -music- Go RV's Adventure Club makes every journey worry free. With free firewood, propane, toilet paper and sanitary chemicals for the lifetime of your trailer. The great outdoors will feel just like home, ready to make memories that will last a lifetime. Embark on your next adventure. With payments as low as $41 weekly Visit today. Join Global News Morning for "Protect what Matters Most" with Shield Foundation Repair. Safeguard your home and your investment. Learn the signs of foundation issues and what to do when there's a problem. Protect what matters most with shield Foundation Repair. Sundays on Global News Morning. -Could you use eightythousand, two eightyor even two point eight million? -Spring is a perfect timeto get things done. It's great to know a Flexi Linecan help you do that. -Call us today at1800-NEW-CAPITAL to see what'savailable to you. Closed captioning of this program is brought to you in part by CLiC Privacy Glass, now in Canada from Lux Windows. Call for a free estimate. >> Erin: I was waiting for you to put your hands. Everyone's hands need to be up. We are very excited. >> Speaker: I bet and excuse us. We were up late like everyone else. A delayed reaction. Double over time. How is the city of edmonton on this friday? I'm sure many were tired due to the time change. But it was a good one. >> Jeff: 7 more wins that's all that we need to get to the cup. We will talk about the us government who is suing ticketmaster or the company that

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