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>>> With summer fast approaching many of us are thinking of taking a trip. >> Nicole: but with finances tight, many canadians say they're being forced to re-think their summer vacations due to inflation. The results of a new poll next. >> Scott: would you ever take a vacation without telling your boss? The growing number of millenials taking so-called quiet vacation when is we come back. [ ] Are you ready, ready, ready... Mmm, are you ready? playBig Brother? Are you ready? Mmm On your mark, get set, go! Announcer: Big Brother, special two-night premiere July 17th and 18th on Global. ALL:Let's see your voice! Now at Southgate Audi qualified Audi owners can lease a 2024 Audi q5 from $169 weekly with zero downpayment. Southgate Audi progress. You can feel. ( ) When you're looking for effective pain relief choose Tylenol. It's clinically proven to start working in 15-20 minutes. ( ) Tylenol. When you play the largest 50/50 in sports, everybody wins. Your support makes all of Oil Country a better place. A place of kindness, caring and compassion, uplifting those in need, changing lives forever. The largest 50/50 pot in professional sports is currently growing by the second. Get your tickets now at And help change lives today. Maybe even your own. If you want to be a partof the future.If you want to share in thewealth bei by conferenced like this, come to Inventures 2024. That's where the action is. The energy, the enthusiasm,the passion. You know what's nice about entrepreneurs? Is they like breaking rules. (Sentimental instrumental music) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) >> Let's go back up to global one. You're flying on the north end. And you spotted first responders. What's going on here? >> Exactly right, scott, nicole. We didn't have to go far. 127 street at 167 avenue, a near t bone collision a couple of things. Northbound traffic looking at the left of your screen, they have to keep left. Eastbound traffic towards the top of the screen left as well as the rest of the vehicles are in the far right lane. Questions about your health? Call health link to get advice and virtual care from health professionals for you and your family. >> Scratching the summer travel itch is high on the list of priorities for many people across the country. That's despite high inflation straining household budgets. >> Fresh data on how many are willing to stretch themselves final financially to make that happen. Anne gaviola with details. The. >> Reporter: financial times are tough for a growing number of canadian households. But the urge to take a break is particularly strong this summer. >> A lot of canadians are excited to travel whether that looks like a road trip, a staycation or even a flight overseas. The. >> Reporter: four in five canadians say they really need a vacation. But only three in five say they're likely to take one this summer according to ipsos polling exclusively for global news. Two-thirds are scaling back vacation plans because of inflation. More than a quarter say there's no way they can afford it this year while nearly 20% say they can easily afford one. The vp of ipsos public affairs says age as opposed to income dictates how likely you are to want to splurge. Younger less affluent respondents are willing to break the bank to get away. >> I implications for the line of credit or credit card, they'll find a way to do it, budget be damned. >> Budgeting as you plan your travel is the way to g.

>> There is an opportunity to sort of use your itinerary as a budgeting tool. >> Reporter: airfare is a major expense. Save money by flying out on less expensive dates and times from cheaper airports. >> We want to think about chasing the deal and not the destination. If we want to trim costs on airfare. >> Reporter: consider a staycation rather than a luxury vacation abroad, choose free activities and scope out less expensive food options. >> We want to avoid coming home to that nasty credit card bill that we're not anticipating. >> Reporter: anne gaviola, global news, toronto. >> Scott: you probably heard of quiet quitting. There's a new trend among remote workers called quiet vacationing. 78% of employees dent take their vacation days but still taking time off, just not officially. In particular, four out of out of 10 millenials have taken time off without communicating to their manager. Others give their mouse a jiggle to appear as though they're still working. Sometimes I'm jealous of those remote workers. If we're gone, we're gone. >> We're in the -- in the caribbean. >> That's a green screen. >> So true. We can be anywhere. >> We don't have caribbean like temperatures but it's warming up. It is warming up over the next few days. Today warmer than yesterday. That continues. We have a few scattered showers developing off the rockies and the foothills through this evening and overnight. So you're to the south, expect the potential of rain tonight. Edmonton isn't expecting all that much overnight tonight. Through the early morning hours, will his a potential for a few fog patches, thing to keep in mind. Saturday evening and overnight into sunday morning, once again the risk of rain does re-join our region. If you're a little further to the west, well, that's a better opportunity. It's going to kick off the potential of a few isolated thunderstorms through the afternoon and the evening hour around this time, but just on sunday. Especially further south around the red deer region as well further to the north, but we're not ruling out the potential for one or two isolated ones in the edmonton area as well. Most clears out from our area, in fact all of it will if we look into the early morning hours of monday. High pressure re-develops. The scattered showers become very scarce and across a few areas of northern alberta and then we're off to a decent start next week. There are a few opportunities for overnight scattered showers and by the end of next week, potentially for rain. Between now and monday morning not a lot. More towards red deer, calgary, medicine hat and between us and the mountain parks. A bit of heavy rain is possible along the highway as well as drayton valley, rocky mountain house, nordegg. Keep in minds for your weekend plans. Overnight not too bad. A low of 5° which is yeah, technically below average. By not much. The average is seven. We're doing okay in that regard. Outside the city, cooler in the mountain parks. We might see a few fog patches. It's not out of the question for central, northern and southern alberta to see fog, although scattered showers likely remaining overnight tonight in the south being the more pressing weather feature. And then for tomorrow, we're back up with a daytime high which is a little on the shy side of average but close, typically 19 is the average in edmonton. We get 17 and sunday's looking to be the same. Will his a there's a chance of 18. However the risk of thundershowers can't be ignored. A safe 17. Back up to 21. Southwesterlies getting gusty. 25 tuesday. A few of the overnights right produce showers. By the end of the week, cooling off with more steady rainfall. >> Brought to you by... Accidents and injuries happen. Joseph a >> A saskatchewan farmer found a piece of space junk in his field. >> As sean previl reports it's raising questions about what W.H.O. is who is responsible? >> Space junk. When you call something space junk, everybody thinks you're a little nuts. >> Reporter: it's exactly what barrie sawchuk found on his land last month while checking his fields northwest of regina. >> A quarter mile away, looked like garbage and closer and closer and what is it? It's not garbage. >> Reporter: photos led to an astronomy professor, working with a colleague to determine it was likely linked to a spacex

dragon spacecraft that returned to earth in february. >> This is not uncommon and as we launch more and more stuff, these re-industries hitting stuff on the ground is going to more and more common. >> Reporter: global news reached out to spacex but did not hear back by deadline. Sawchuk says the company has been in touch. >> Some compensation. We don't know. Haven't set a number. >> Reporter: space debris has fallen to earth before, will you go including australia. >> Whatever if it a landed in regina or toronto, this would have killed people for sure. >> Who is liable? According to the outer space treaty, the country where the object comes from is responsible. >> The united states is liable for damage caused by american satellites even if they're private companies. >> Reporter: that treaty was established in the 1960s but he points to other initiatives being developed but added pressure will still be needed to make things better before they get worse. >> If this happened -- crashed into the streets of a major city, the story could be very different. >> Reporter: in the meantime, sawchuk says whatever money he gets will go towards a skating rink for the town. While the debris is out of this world, he'll continue his day to day farming grounded on earth. Sean previl, global news. >> Scott: israel ordered to cease military operations at rafah by an international court. >> Nicole: up next, what led to the ruling that is legally binding and whether israel will actually abide by it coming up. >> Scott: the desperate search for survivors following a massive landslide in papua new guinea with the death toll rising next on the news hour. [ ] Closed captioning of this Global program is brought to you in part by Edmonton International Airport. Discover your next non-stop vacation at With the price of gold tradingat a high level now is the time for you to sell! Aaron Buys Gold makes it easyto recycle anything made of gold or silverfor instant cash! Visit Aaron Buys gold inSherwood Park and Downtown or go to [Whistling] ( ) Ah, fiori! [Italian mandolin music] Ooh Red Bull! [kissing sounds] No no no. First to the rings, then the wings. Red Bull gives you wiiings. The new Red Bull Summer Edition with the taste of Curuba-Elderflower Wings for every taste. When you play the largest 50/50 in sports, everybody wins. Your support makes all of Oil Country a better place. A place of kindness, caring and compassion, uplifting those in need, changing lives forever. The largest 50/50 pot in professional sports is currently growing by the second. Get your tickets now at And help change lives today. Maybe even your own. -Having triplets is...amazing. -expensive. So, we switched to the bargain detergent, but we ended up using three times as much and the clothes still weren't as clean as with Tide. So we're back to Tide, and the clothes are clean again. Do three times the laundry and get a Tide clean. Ram Power Days are here.The power to choose fromthe most awarded truck brand over the last five years. Like Ram Classic.As versatile as it is capable. Ram 1500, voted bestlarge pickup in Canada. Or Ram Heavy Dutywith a no-charge Cummins. And you don't pay for 90 days. The power is yours.The time is now. Get 20% off msrp on Ram Classic for up to $14,200 in discounts. Plus get 4.99% financing. We're finally here! This is wild, man. (Announcer says words on screen) >> Announcer: you're watching global news hour at six. >> Nicole: stop now. That's the order from the united nations top court to israel about its assault on rafah. >> Scott: the court says israel is not considering the effects of the attacks on refugee. Alice bauer has the latest. >> Reporter: in a major blow to israel, the international court of justice today ordering the country's military to halt its assault on rafah. The united nations court citing an immediate risk to the more than one million palestinian civilians who had sought refuge in the southern gaza city. >> Israel must immediately halt its military offensive. >> Reporter: the court has no power to enforce it and israel indicated it will not comply.

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