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>> Tucker: Hey, Jean-Jacques, mon ami. What's happening, brother? Will I be attending any of the meetinhis week with Audra? Is Audra in Paris? >> Traci: Ashley has come to this point before where she was willing to get help and then backed out at the last minute. But somehow, this time, Jack, I really feel it's different. >> Jack: Yeah, we can only hope that she's ready to take the steps to make herself healthy again.>> Traci: Yeah, that's all I want for her. I think about when finds out what she may be facing, if this is D-I-D, ths gonna be so overwhelming for her. >> Jack: She's always in control. That's who she is. She thrives on it. To find out she's not in control of her actions, her mind, I don't know how she'sthat. >> Traci: I know, I know. She's worked so hard to overcome mental health issues in the past. When she finds out that shy have to go back into some kind of a fity, this is gonna bring back all kinds of memories of Fairview, and it'sgonna add to all the emotional baggage she's already >> Jack: Wherever this leads her, she will have our love and support. >> Traci: Of course, she will. And do you know what gives me hope, Jack? That the Ashley that came home day, that's sitting in our house right now, th >> Jack: Oh, I pray to God you're right. >> Alan: Who were you talking to just now, Ashley? >> Ashley: I don't know. Oh, God, could you please help me? I don't know what's happening to me. >> Alan: Well, I thinkare dealing with several personas here. >> Ashley: What does that mean, personas? >> Alan: Have you ever heard of, D-I-D, dissociative identity disorder? >> Ashley: Yeah, I've heard of it. >> Alan: Yea and it presents in a number of ways, but in this case, we're looking at multiple, distinct personalities. Identities that can control your behavior, and is the result of some kind of severe trauma. >> Ashley: That can't be what's happening to me. >> Alan: Well, another symptom of D is memory loss, which yo And your family, and Tucker and I have seen you forget memories from your past from your own history. And we've all met these personalities that arey different from the Ashley we all know. >> Ashley: But you said it was because of trauma. I don't like, I haven't experienced any trauma. I mean, not recently. Not that it would'vetriggered something like this. >> Alan: Unfortunately, I-- I think you may be blocking it. >> Ashley: When would this have happened? >> Alan: Well, right now, looking at the timeline, we are thinking Paris. >> Ay: The argument I had with Tucker? I mean, that doesn't make any sense. It wasn't anything that would've made thispen to me. >> Alan: Well, there are ways of exploring this. >> Ashley: No. Nou're not gonna talk-- you're not talking about putting me away, are you? I won't go. I won't go. >> Alan: Ashley, you need to be in a safe place where you canment. Now, I promise you, I will be there all the time, making sure you get the best The important thing right now isuncover the incident that caused this trauma, and once we have, we can begin to address i >> Ashley: How am I supposed to remember this? I mean, how-- how remember this, whatever you think has happened to me? >> Alan: Well, I'm thinking maybe you could come back to Paris with me and we could explore these memories together, maybe, find the truth. Captioned byLos Angeles Distributionand Brasting, Inc. Captioning provided byBell Dramatic Serial Company, Sony Pictures Televisionand CBS, Inc. Join us again forThe Young and the Restless. >> WE ARE DISAPPOINTED IN THE JURY'S VERDICT. >> Alan: A GUILTY VERDICT TONIGHT FOR DALLAS LY, THE MAN ACCUSED OF MURDERING HIS OWN MOTHER. MORE OHE DECISION AND THE REACTION STRAIGHT AHEAD. >> THE POLICY SHOULD BE REVOKED

because it was introduced during a covid pandemic time. >> Growing calls for queen's park to cancel policy cat giving some suspected drunk drivers a legal s on the wrist. >> You're watching global toronto. This is global news at 5:30. >> Alan: thank you for joining us I'm alan er. A jury found dallas ly a toronto man who admitted to killing his mother before decapitating her body guilty of second-degree murder. >> Alan: crime specialist catherine mcdonald has been covering this case from the beginning and joins us now from the courthouse with more. Dramatic moments this afternoon that verdict came down. >> Reporter: you becauset first it sounded like the jury d found dallas ly not guilty. When the court register asked the jury foreman how do you dallas ly on count 1, the foreman said not guilty. Dallas looked relieved as did his lawyers. But then the foreman said I misunderstood the question. Clarified himself saying the jury has found himuilty of second-degree murder. Dallas ly testified in his own defence that on march 2022 he stabbed his mother multiple times after s arrived home from work. He said after killing her he panicked severing her head entering to dse of her body. It happened after the 2 had a fightn the condominium they shared on carlaw avenue. Dallas said he never intended to kill h the defence said the jury should not find m guilty of second-degree murder sync he did not have t mind to kill her because he was suffering from post medic stress disorder after years of physical and mental abuse. Mother threatened to kill him when he told his mother t night whose plan to move out. When she began punching him dallas believed his mother's threats were real and began swinging his knife. That's when he hit her. The jury clearly did not believe dallas' testimony iad believing the crown who argued21-year-old was seeking revenge after years of suffering at the handsf his mother. >> We areappointed in the jury's verdict. We stand behind dallas' account. He got to has his side of the story told and heard. We are thankful for the jury's consideration but this case really does underline the fact there's work to be done on the intersection between menta health and the criminal justice system.

>>> Relatively quick verdict given the jury only began deliberating yesay after the lunch hour. 1 of the things the judge said to jurors before relieving them was they could good recommendation on parole ineligibility. Second-degree murder is a nonmedicallytence. The question the judge must decide is a period parole ineligibility between 10-25 years. Coming up at 6 oh more on what the jury recommendation was and why the defence says they are considering recommendn this case. Back to you. >> Thanks. >> Tracy: a man is in hospi shooting in downtown toronto. Officers called to the area of isabela insur returning. They found a man with a gunshot wound behind a build he was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. There's nouspect information available at this time. >> Alan: hamilton police of peeling for information to make following a disturbing spike in daytime shootings. Among the chilling examples a young child walking through a laneway and then moments later a gunman opens fire on a car in the same part of the laneway. There's been 22 shootings in hamilton since january up from 10 over the same period last year. >> We need to be calling out this action. We need to communicate to the police when we know people are running around on our streets with guns. We know what they're doing in our homes doing about it is speak up and we do that because to get the stronger safer >> As a result the shooting response team which was a year-long pilot project now becomes a permanent p of the hamilton police service. >> Tracy: as temperatures rise a new campaign was launched today calling for legison to regulate workplace heat stress in ontario. The new democrats and the ontario federation of labour have teamed up to spearhead the effort titled the heat is on. They say conditions are getting worse for many workers. Is extreme heat events become more frequent. The oh fl ones heat stress to b recognized as workplace hazard. >> The heat is a hazard t many cannot escape. We are turning the heat up this government and all mpps to step forward and pass this legislatwithout delay. >> Tracy: the ndp will introda motion next week to address the heat issue with the aim ofegislative change to be introduced in the file. >> Alan: are your seasonal allergies worse this year? The answer is yes you're not alone. As caryn lieberman reports spring allergies have beenbeginning earlier in recent years and that trend is expected to continue. >> This year is the worst. The other years were okay but reacted in that book this year doesn't seem to want to work. >> Reporter: cheryl hried every allergy medication but nothing seems to be ing. >> Sinus in my throat. That's whynd all stuffy. >> Reporter: the typical seasonal allergy symptoms, seizing coughing and feel more miserable than usual are being felt by many. >> All iould go away. I cannot find anything that sorts them it really well but everyone has my sympathies. >> Reporter: about quarter of canadians suffer from seasonal allergies. And if itls like years or worse this year you're not the ly 1. >> As warm months start earlierand fall tends to be warm for a bit longer, that the overall season were different pollens are going up in the air is extending for longer so morepeople are feeling. >> There's a lot of pollen in the ai I can get completely congested where ian't even breathe. >> Repor at victoria cummins pharmacy allergy on medication is flying off the shelves. >> I have to order completely new stuff. >> Reporter: pharmacist marcos says patient players have been coming in regularly asking for advice >> Allergy medication, changing filters in the car or the house and sinus which is essentially a mixtur salt and water to help clean out the sinuses. >>orter: this is a type of condition that can change over time so your syms may have been not so bad long ago and getting worse because counts are higher. >> Reporter: a few simplestrategies to keep seasonal allergies under control. First is obvious s indoors if you can dry and windy days. Avoid your gardening chores becausey tend to stir up the allergen. Finally if you been outside all day when you get hom remove your clothing and take a sho to rinse your hair and your body of thallen. I'll head indoors because I have been struggling with my snal allergies. So back to you in studio. >> Tracy: things were looking pretty homicide there for a while. Severe thunderstorm watch still in effect. What's the status? >> Anthony: I will say this

threat has diminished and there wasn't a whole lot of anything around the city of toronto. Different story up to the north. That's where the atmosphere is primed for some of these super cells to form and they are still ongoing but it's pushing off towards the east and that's where they're still some warnings. There is still a boundary back towards the west that's what we are not completely out of the woods but so far so good. None of these cumulus clouds yousee here have erupted. And once they go past a cap that's when you see them bubble up into the atmosphere in the end result can be a lot of wind and also hail. I want to show you as we go through lake sim earlier this afternoon at 1 of the super cells move right across the lake lagoon cities right here and to have significant hail. This shows up as up to tennis ball or sorry golf ball sized ha which can do a lotf damage. Here's some video shot by kevinsmith in the area. Look at that. That will hurt if you are out there and alsoo damage to your car and there were reports of some damaged trees down as well and there isake simcoe off in the background. That is really agita because that hail. Here's another pre from scott or from kevin rather. Kevin smith just in the middle of things as we have been seeing up to golf ball sized hail. So for toronto, yeah, it's jus beautiful. The sun shining. Hard to believe there are those storms just to torth. They're still quite a bit of lightning here is the front-end it's a week cold front that's going us of the humidity. Keep the warmth around but rid us of the humidity. You will notice that a early as later this evening. It isezy. That temperature near 26 and those winds will remain brisk on thursday. We are talking guests and 40-50 kilometres per hour. Sunshine, yeah, we've got that on the way as well. How long will it last? Talk of the weekend still ahead. >> Alan: thanks for that. >> Tracy: we have developingnews tonight from north york. Are looking live at a scene where a man has life-threatening injuries after a stabbing at jane street and alliance avenue near black creek drive just after 5:00 pm. The victim believed in twenties has been rushedo also life-threatening condition. No word yet on suspects.

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