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this to y'all 'cause I've really loved. -Oh! -Oh, come on! Here's your first look atSurvivor47. (all cheering) PROBST: Every survivor story begins with an empty page. It's up to the players to leave their mark. I want to forge my own legacy in this game. I want to be the very first head on the Mount Rushmore of the new era. This will be the most important chapter of my life. Survivor is a completely blank page right now. I want to come here and really be one of those big-nplayers that people are saying, "We want to see this guy." People look at me as an underdog. That's Miss Delaware or whate She has nothing more to her. And I'm like, I'big dog. (imitates dog barking) I have no outdoor skills. What am I doing here? I went camping as a Cub Scout. I threw up and went home. I am ready to forge my own path. I want to be the fasting person out here. I want to be the strongest person out here. I wish they had a bench press competition, 'cause I just hit 300. My final words will be I'm 59 and I beat all your asses. I am either gonna blaze my own path out here or I'm gonna burn down this island. It has to be victory or glory in death. All right, welcome back to theSurvivor46 Afterhow. If you want to bid on props from this season,you can do that. Website's Profits goto Stand Up To Cancer. If you want to be onSurvivor,what do you have to do? -ALL: Apply.-You gotta apply. All right,thank you all, and thank youto the non jury members -who couldn't be here.-We love you, Jeff. Really enjoyed this season. You all were fantastic to watch. Congratulations to our winner, Kenzie. We will see you in the fall forSurvivor47. -(all cheering) -PROBST: Let's do it. Give me a hug. Congratulations. Thank you so much. -Charlie [indistinct]. -CHARLIE: Thanks, Jeff. -[indistinct] -Thank you. PROBST: All right, come here. We got to sign this thing over here. e, you got to sign it first. Let's get Kenzie in there first. We've got Charlie, ight under [indistinct]. (cheering)

[ ]d in the jury's verdict. Verdict for the men accused of murdering his own mother. More on the decision of the reaction to it. >>> Recognizing a palestinianstate. The historic but largely symbolic move by three european countries, drawing condemnation from israel. [ ] >> Announcer: you'atching global toronto, this is global news at 11:00 pm. >>> Good evening and thank you for joining us. A jury has found dallas lee, atoronto man who admitted to killing his mother before decapitating her body, gy second degree murder. There were dramatic moments is afternoon as the verdict was delivered. Crime specialist catherine mcdonald has been covering the case from the sta and has the latest. >> Reporter: minutes after a jury found dallas lee of second degree murder, his lawyers s outside of the court about the 23-year-old client's. >> Yes, we spoke to him, he's disappointed ofou say about the verdict. The fact that he is going to be sentenced now to a life sentence is something that is very difficult f this young man to have to deal with in the circumstance. >> Reporter: dallas lee, testified in his own defence, said after years of physical and mental abuse, on the mark doors 2022, he told his mother after she returned home from work at her nails long was moving out from their con and moving in with his aunt. He testified his mother became enraged about and kil his aunt and he gotta-mac to scare her she began hitting he said he admitted later than try to dispose of dallas led extensively and felt she had enough proce reviewing all of the evidence that dallas lee did suffer from posttraumatic ss disorder of the time of the homicide. We say that that reduced his mental culpability as he didot have the intent to commit murder. >> Reporter: judge ruled thata forensic psychiatric was a -- psychologist was appleo give this without seeing jealously and I could be appeal. >> At the crown offered evidence of critique of the defence doctor and we vigourously oppose that during this trial. >> Reporter: based on the verdict the jury said it with the crown that dallas was exacting revenge on his mother for years of abuse got health of the topo from his abusive and only combined in one friend's been with the rol of mental health still has a stigma and abuse and neglect, we see it, it is out there, it is hard to get young people to help that they need that community needs. >> Reporter: second-degree murder comes with an automatic west life sentence and the judge most decide on a period of parole eligibility in a period of between ten and 25 years. The sentencing hearing has been set for next week at which time players the crown and defence will be making submissio. >>w information about the deadly boat crash over the weekend on bob's l near tungsten. Three youngere killed and five others were injured. >> I hoping not to get another crunch and then I heard the crunch. >> Reporter: tony hammond heard the sickening sound of the boat crash after sunset sunday night. Among those killed was 22-year-old juliette francisco ta who had just graduated from college.she and her friends were on an aluminum fishing boat which was stationary at the time of the crash according to hammond. He was among those tryingo find and save the victims in the dark. >> You're looking and you're not finding and the clock is ticking you're just hoping someone was an actual boat built to search above and below water shows upause I'm using a cell phone flashlight. >> Reporter: cent hammond said he had seen the speedboat speeding in the bay before. It's a bay withhe speed limit of ten km/hr. No charges in the case yet the police probe continues.

>>> A man in hisnties was rushed to hospital this evening was serious life-threatening injuries after being stabbed to north york picket happened just near jane an alliance near lack drive. No word yet on suspects, police continue to investigate. > A brampton hockey coach has been arrested and conion to a sexual exploitation case. Police s6-year-old joshua samet is facing charges for charges for a look at chablissexually exploiting and luring to use who playe in a local hockey league. Investigators are urging any one with information on thisr similar incidence to come forward. >>> Toronto police are announcing the conclusion of a cold case investigation. This is the sketch of a woman found deceased in lake ontario your humber bays surean august of 2017. She had no id, and efforts to identify her, including the release of the composition sketch failed. Then, in january of 2023, toronto police, and using investigative genetic genealogy traced the woman to switzerland. For their dna comparisonsconfirmed the woman to be a missing person from a specific region in switzerland. Herily was informed. Because the cases not criminal, her name is not being. >>> Torontong at changing it's approach to encampments and supports people experiencing homelessn this comes as a new report outlines clearing homeless encampments as a last resort. And with 72 hour notice. Cable a plane has more on the recommendations in reaction. Reporter: this new rep proposes the city softens it's hard-line approach for enforcement outreach. >> We've alsooved our focus away from enforcement. We know there areetter options. >> Reporter: instead the city would move to clear encampments a last resort was at least 72 hours of n that is what a new reports proposing, prepared by toronto shelter and support services department, advocg that the city shipped the strategy to a people first approach. >> Thatf collaboration and exhausting the available tools a options to assist people in encampments to move force. >> Reporter: a symptom of the city's housing affordability crisis, and countenance crept up in many of the city's parks and the pandemic hit in020 as they fled shelters out of the fear of the virus. Last year toronto ombudsman hey cause unnecessary harm and should lack of respect when they clear downtown parks in 2021. >> This clearing which only moves people from one plathe next and does not move this work is in the process to an cam's picks. >> They have lower barriers toor spaces like respite site and move towards smaller shelters. Enforcement is not comply rolled up however. >> There could be immediate health and safety that might require us to move quickly and assist people to move elsewhere. >> For my perspective in the way that they used health and safety, in t past, I would argue that it has been wn eyes does a means to clear encampments for political ends, forces for the well-being of people in encampments. >> Reporter: the report will be were resented to the economic and community development commy scheme at cale maclean tonight, thank you.

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