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>>> Two people are in critical condition after a shooting in mississauga. Peel regional police were calledhurchill boulevard and battleford road justight. Two men were taken to hospital by civilian vehicles in life-threatening condition.ned in the parking lot of settler's g school, and a heavy police presence remains this morning. According to the peel district school board, the school is open today, but the parking lot will remain closed. At this time. [ ] >> Candace: let's -- let's get a check on the forecast now with ross. Pardon me, ross. You know, fiv days off... I'm a bit groggy in the head. Especially with all of this heat. >> Ross: yeah, and you know, I try not to complain about the weather, no matter what we experience. >> Can: mm-hmm. >> Ross: but I did start to hear some complaints about the heat and the humidity. >> Candace: yeah. >> Ross: over the last couple of days. Understandable, especially if you don't have ac, but better weather conditions today. Stilove average, but just not as humid. And sunshine, too. That's always nice, isn't it? And you can see here oe harbour cam, not a cloud in sight. And we're expecting one of those days today. Certainly different than yesterday, when those towering cumulus clouds started bubbling up, so those strong storms north and west of the city. Quieter weather day for all areas today. Still going to be a little breezy with those wiout of the southwest, but certainly not as warm. At this time yesterday, we were already approaching the 20s. Even above t the humidex values are rising as well. And you can see the humidex values. When they start to get 30 and above is when they start to feel uncomfortable, and I think we'll remain below 30 today. Still some cloud cover remaining over far eastern ontario from that front as it moved west to east.that's what started up those thunderstorms, but you can see plenty of clear skies as we have high pressure nudging in and 'll stay dry today and tomorrow. And that sleeping weather... The overnight lows will be much more comfortable, too. So near 25 today in toronto. We're into the MID-20s around otta so cooler conditions across the area. High 20s in windsor, and, yes, e overnight low will be closer to about 13°. We were staying in the high teens, low 20s an overnight low. Quiet weather. You can see that today.plenty of sunshine as we head through tomorrow as well. We'll have to watch out for a line of showers and thunderstorms moving through by the afternoon on saturday. That should clear by the evening. And besides that, we're looking at dry conditions. So, we'll h out for that on saturday. 23 tomorrow with the sine. 22 on sunday with a sun/cloud mix. Looks to be more unsettled early next week.and that's a look at your ok tire weather. Candace? >> Candace: thanks, ross. [ ] >> Candace: toronto argonauts are gearing up for training camp the university of guelph, withicipation building for a cfl pre-season match you have between the hamilton ti-ca may 31stALITY the university's alumni stadium. So, of course, the city of guelph is buz as it gets ready to host the game, and also so many other festivities. Let's welcome the mayor of guelph, cam guthrie, here to talk all about it. Good morning, mayor guthrie. Thanks again for joining us. >> Thank you so much. Brad to be here. >> Candace: no, it's our pleasure. So whatn exciting time of year for the city. The argoes have trained on the grphyons' campus since 2021, and will make four years in a row guelph has hosted the pre-season game. That must be so great for all of you. Tell us more about that. >> Yeah. 's been great. The ARGOs coming to our city always gives a little extra k to everybody in the city, knowing that a professional football team is here. And so, you know, they're out and about I the community. They -- you know, they're very -- very easily accepted into our community, and we are able to kind of meet and greet people out and about in the community that are the team, and it's been really fun.and looking forward to the pre-season game right here in guelph. >> Candace: for sure. >> So, it is kind of a buzz the air for not just the city, but for the ARGOs, too. >> Candace: for sure, and they're prettyy to spot, too. I remember from my time inregina, it's not hard to spot a cfl player when they're walking town the street, for sure. And no doubt a lot goes into accommodating a premiere event like this. The game is on friday -- on a friday, I should say, but why not stay the weekend? Can you tell us more about how the tourism team, the argoes an the university are teaming up to make that happen? >> Yes. So, we have a great oppnity where what we're saying is if you comeo guelph and stay over one night and you'll be able to stay at gordon hall, which is right basically beside the university of guelph. You can -- if you s there for one night, you'll get two free tickets to the ARGOs'

pre-season game against the hamilton ti-cats, so what we want is for people to come to guelph a experience all that guelph has to offer, but at the same time, come and see a great football game between the ARGOs and the ti-cats, which is as a good rivalry and it will be at that greatso... We hope that people don't just come for the game. We want people to stay and see the rest of and what our city has to offer, and that's why you get two free tickets if you one night right beside the uniity in gordon hall. And there's lots of information that's aable for people to find out about that at the gathered here website. Gather in guelph websiwhich is our tourism website. You can get all the details there. >> Candace: awesome. Well, I doubt you'll have to twist many arms to convince them to take part in that. It's such a beaut city with a great downtown, beautiful university campus, and of urse, this wonderful game. Anything else visitors can look forward to? Tailgates or anything like that? >> Oh, there will always be a lot of hype around theame. There is the opportunity for that. There's going to be -- look, it is close to our downtown core. >> Candace: yep. >> Wee a lot of historic buildings, a lot of great restaurants. Lots of great opportunities for -- we have beautiful arborry up where they have have trails and people can really take in some nat trails there. The boat house downtown, w people can grab some ice cream right around the river. There's just so much to do in guelph, and it isuite a beautiful place, and yeah, I'm the mayor and you're thinking, oh, he has to say that. >> Candace: [ Laughter ] >> But I'm a citizen of guelph, and I love thisy, too. And it is a beautiful place. So come, experience what all guelph has to offer. Get to know us a little bit better, and then, hey, get those two free tickets to the ARGOs cheer them on. Or if you have to, youw, cheer on on the hamilton tiger-cats, too. >> Candace: yapp, that'ing to be a tough choice for a lot of cfl fans. But thank you so much. Really appreciate it. And looking forward to that game. Folks at home, mayor of guelph camhrie. Have a great one. >> Athank you. Go ARGOs! >> Candace: stay with us. Yourational headlines are coming up next. You're watching "global news announcer: Tonight... We're ready. Let's go, let's go! (Sirens blaring) 9-1-1,all new tonightat 8 Eastern on Global. Getting the right new windowswith Pella was simple.Yeah, when renovating adr it can be hard tofind great people. Our dedicated Pellaadvisor was a godsend. We had confidence in Pella. They sold over 5 millionreplacement windows and doors. So, we knew our local teamwould be on top of every detail. And the installation wasdone in just a day. Mom the kitchen sinkis broken again. I wish Pella did plumbing. Hurry, replacement windowsare on sale now. Schedule a free in-homeconsultation for details. ( ) Bonnie Crombie. Oh, the new Ontario Liberal leader. Of course, she's friends with Justin u. And just like Trudeau, she supports a carbon tax. Makes me wonder what she was like as mayor. She raised taxes... twice. Three times? And her last act as mayor was raising taxes again? No, thank you. Bonnie Crombie, she's expensive. A age from the Ontario pc Party. [muffled noise] ( ) When my hearing changed, HearingLife understood. ( ) I don't just want to keep hearing my friends. ( ) I want to keep being me. Book a free hearing test with one of our hearing professionals and see how our personalized care can help you - keep being you. Love your ears at HearingLife. Okay, and root beer to drink? No. [gasping] What? He didn't get root beer? I'm getting frozen root beer. Oh! Try frozen a&w root beer with sweet cream. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set ly $998 including a 2 year warranty! We came here with skills, -to keep me alive and thriving.- (Man grunting) Look at that shadow. That's the shadowof a warrior hunter. (Announcer says words on screen) Stream on StackTVand the GlobalTV app. It's canada's favourite morning show! "it's great to see you guys" "i love watching this show" "high five! Do it!" "that makes me so happy" "thank you canada"

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