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because the cost of living isstill very high for a lot of people, and even though it feels like it's slowing, people doesn't necessarily feel that. Grocery prices, people feel, right or wrong, that two-ts of canadians polled say grocery prices, for example, are still way too high. >> Rubina: so, it's like a true and false story at the same time. So, year-over-year, grocery prices have slowed, and that's why we're seeing that reflected inhe inflation rate data. But if being loot where grocery prices were whack back in april of 2 to new, they have come up 21%. So, in recent memory, we paid less for that same chicken, that same eggs, that same bread. You know, we could remember, wow, I remember when ket was x dollars at this same store and now the sal price is the same as the regular price. These are the conversations I hear people having over and over again. D the things that really affect our kay day-to-day cost, those are t ones that continue to be high. Gasoline. Yes, durable g are down, but how many times do you go and buysomething that you're going to keep in your home for years and years and years? So we don't feel it as much, cause the items that they hook at, the things this that are most affected are things that we don't buy on a daily basis. Gasoline, grocery... That's something people die on a daily basis. >> Antony: a lot of people now areenewing their mortgage. There's so many ons. Whether it's fixed or variable, one, three, five years, of course. Whould you advise people right now as they have that conversation with their banker a other lenders, for example? >> Rubina: I'm going to renew my mortgage in july. So I'll tell you what I'm doing. I'm talking to my bank early and I'm wing my options. I'm going to other banks to seeer me, and I'm waiting until the veryt day to renew, because I am in a fixed rate lower which is much lower than wi'm going to renew at. That's the obvious stuff. We can't be forecasters and try to guess the interest rate is going, because that can get you into trouble, thinking, well, interest rat are going down. I can get into this house that may be a little bit difficult right now for me to afford. So, don't go into any loan situation with that in mind. Ly just look at the numbers that are in front of youay. Can you afford that loan or the five years? Can you afford it if interest rates were to go up 2 perage points? Does it make up more than 30% of ur gross annual income? These are the numbers that you should be looking at to see if you can truly afford, especially if you're buying a home brand new or new to you, and if you're renewing. Just numbers that are in front of you. Don't try be a forter, because you might mak up ending a decision based on something th not actually facts. >> Antony: if you look at how many money you're putting into the intt payment every time you make a mortgage payment. Nonetheless. At is our personal financeexpert rubina ahmed-haq. Also the host of "for what it's worth" on corus radio and wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks again, rubina. I'm very good at solving murder cases. ANNOUNCER:Elsbeth, season finale tonightat 9 eastern on Global. (Clattering, horn honking) With the belairdirect app, you can quickly submit and track a claim. Like when a canoe crashes throug It's thatple. ( ) What do Ontario Dairy Farmers bring to the table? A million little things. From 5 am wake up calls... living the words “never put off till tomorrow what you can get done today”. Bringing together what our parents taught us... and what our kids can. Passion, caring... ...learning and growing, year after year. The knowledge that if we set the table, every day, take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves. That's how you milk. Greetings from New Jersey. We welcome you with ways to explore the past From sky to shore. Sun to snow. Let the games begin. Discover culture-rich cities, time-honored towns, shopping meccas, and winning coasts. Create your memories. Visit New Jersey. Plan your vacation at Support your pet's best lifewith food, treats & toys from Ren's Pets. Our knowledgeable stafwill help you makethe right selection. Virenspets.comto find a location near you. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses.

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