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the walk coming up, but I'd like to start with your story, because as an ambassador for the walk, obviously you have a personal connection with multiple sclerosis. >> I do. I was diagnosed with ms, relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, at the beginning of january 2020. I've been living with ms forever four years. It was a life-changi unfortunately, I had to renavigate and discover what my new normal would look like. I woke up one morning in 2018 with full leg paralysis on the right side o my body from the tip down to my toes. Within a year of me trying to seek answers, reaching out to health care professionals, I actually started preed new, critical symptoms by the end of 2019. Ey included optic newerrites, incontinence issues and issues that resulted in an inability to communicate. So by 2020, I was contemplating my uncin future with an unpredictable disease no cure. >> Candace: and when we all think back to 2020 and what was going on in the world at that time, ti can only imagine that would add to the fear and uncertainty you were feeling with getting that diagnosis and just wrapping your head around the whole notion. >> Mm-hmm. >> Candace: how has ms canada and the community that you found there been able to support you help guide you? >> Well, working with ms canada, I'm a completely different woman today speaking to you. Ur years ago, because of my physical incapabilities, I wouldn't be here. So, I'm so thankful for all the opportunities, programs, and resources that they've made available to me for me to livethe best life I can. It's very important for me to move mission forward and unite in hope towards a world free of ms, and I really believe that wean achieve that. And we can achieve better health outc, and because of ms canada, I am just so grateful, and I just hope that everybodycan experience the life that I'm living today. >> Can: wow. And ms canada has been on the leading edge of some research breakthroughs that have been happening recently, and there's more reason than ever to be hopeful, and that is -- if not all, but a large part due to the fund raising that happens during this 5km walk. It happensn cities right across canada. Can you tell us what it means to be an ambassador and how this walk helps you and the community? Ell, ms walk is a community-drivenundraising event for those affected by ms and those looking a world free of ms. Ms walk is very emotional and very personal to me: as you already mentioned, over 50 locations across canada are participating, including toronto. On may 26th, you can join me at downsview park, where I will be walking 5km route, and can hopefully gather with the community and share best practices and make a meaningful difference. So I hope to see you there, because I will be kicking off the opening ceremonies at 11 A.m. >> Candace: mm-hmm, and you hear so many stories and, you know, sval stories and just stories of strength throughout that 5km walk as well. You can make so m friends. I know just because I've done one or two as well.ely is a great event. So, as karen mentioned, the walk is this sunday at downsview park. You can visit canada for more informa find out where the walk is happening near you. Karen, thank you again for your ti and for sharing your story with us. >> Thank you. Candace: time for a quick break here on "global news morning." we'll be back after this. [ ] I'm very good at solving murder cases. ANNOUNCER:Elsbeth, season finale tonightat 9 eastern on Global. You've been waiting to get outand drive a New Nissan,great offersare ready So, check out all the latesttech, features and thrills - it's all happening right now. Now, at Nissan, lease select models from as low as 2.99% for 24 months. ( ) It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set ly $998 including a 2 year warranty! Let's maximize those dreams. That's right. The next lotto max jackpot is an estimated $70 million, plus an estimated 12 maxmillions. A backyard puttien? What about a whole backyard course! Got another dreamer! Get your lotto MAXtickets today! [olg sting] ( )

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>>> Two people are in critical condition after shooting in mississauga. Police were cal after 11 wednesday night. Two men were taken to hospital by civilian vehicles in life-threatening condition. It happened in the parking lot green public school, and a heavy police presence remains thising to the peel district school board,chool is open today, but the parking lot will closed. There is no suspectnformation at this time. >>> A jury has found dallas ly, the toronto man who admitted to lling his mother, guilty of second-degree murder. Our crime specialist catherine McDONALD has been covering this disturbing casehe beginning and has more on the verdict. >> Reporter: just minutes after a jury found dallas ly guilty of second-degree murder, his lawyers speak outside court about their 23-year-old client. >> Yes, we spoke to him. >> He's obviously disappointed, viously, in the verdict, and you know, the fact that he is going to be sentenced now to a life sentence is something that is vult for this young man to have to deal with in the circumstances. >> Reporter: dallas ly, who testified in his own defence, saider years of physical and mental abuse, on the night of march 27th, 2022, he tols mother after she returned home from work at her nail salon thatoving out from their carlaw avenue condo and moving in with his aunt. He testified mother became enraged, threatened to hill kill him and his aunt, and he got a knife to scare her. Began punching and hitting him, he said he saw red and began swinging the knife and struck his mother. He admitted he later panicked, cut off her head and disposed of her body, but he never intended toill her. >> Our doctor, Dr. Patel, interviewed dallas ly extensively, he felt -- he gave an opinion, a psychiatric opinion after reviewing the evidence, thallas ly did suffer from post traumatic stress order at the time of the homicide. We say that reduced his mental culpability. He did not have the intent to commit murder. >> Reporter: the judge ruled a forensic psychiatrist for crown was allowed to give a pure assessment of that psychiatric opinion without interviewing dallas ly. The defence says that could be grounds for an appeal. >> If the crown offered evidence of a critique of the defence doctor, we vigorously opposed that during this trial. Report based on the verdict, the jury sided with the c, that dallas ly never got help f the abuse and only confided in one friend. Still has a stigma, and abuse and neglect. We see it. It's out there. Itard to get young people the help that they, that we need, that our community needs. >> Reporter: second-degree murder comes with an automotive life sene. The judge must now decide on a period of parole ineligibility between ten and 25 years. A sentencing hearing has been planned for week, at which time lawyers for both the defence and crown will be submissions. Catherine McDONALD, global news. >> Giles: the keele 401 eastbound traffic running up to speed, but you're looking at about a 12-15-minute slowdown. Get your diy on during the get ready for summls on paint and power tools, only until june 5th. [ ] . >> Candace: let's get a check on the forecast now with ross. Pardon me, ross, you know, fivedays off... I am a bit groggy in the head.especially with all. This heat. >> Ross: yeah, and younow, I try not to complain about the weather, noter what we experience. >> Candace: mm-hmm. >> Ross: but did start to hear some complaints about the heat and the humidity u. >> Candace: yeah. >> Ross: over the last couple of days. Understandable, especially I you don't have ac, but bet weather conditions today. Still above average, but just not as humid. And sunshine, too. That's always n isn't it? , and you can see here on the harbour cam, not a cloud in sight. And we're expecting one of thosedays today. Certainly different than yesterday, when those towering cumulus clouds sta bubbling up, those powerful storms north and wes the city. A quieter weather day for all areas today. Still going to be a little breezy with those winut of the southwest, but certainly not as war at this time yesterday, we were already approaching the 20s. Evenbove that. The humidex values are rising as well. And you can see the humidex va, when they start to get 30 and above, is when t start to feel uncomfortable. Still some cloud cover remaining over far eastern ontario from that front a it moved west to

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