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>>> U.K. prime minister rishi sunak hasalled at that snap election, stunning even some members ofis own conservative party. So, after 14ears in power, the tories, who are trailing in the polls, could face a wipe-out. Crystal goomansingh has more on in a high-stakes political gamble. >> Reporter: alone, exposed to the elements, any shine rishi sunak may have had almost washed away. >> I hope that myork since I became prime minister shows that we have a plan and are prepared to take boldction necessary for our country tolourish. >> Reporter: come july 4th, sunakill face the voting public forhe first time. In 2022, his party chose him from a list of one. >> Rishi sunak is, therefore, of the conservative party. >> Reporter: in the aftermath of the brexit vote which led to david cameron's resignation, the U.K. has churned through several prime minister sunak, the fifth, hopes to hold on to power, butes sition. >> We will stop the chaos. Time and again, the pursue their own interests, rather than tackling the issues that affect your family. >> Reporter: kier stormer is also a novice in terms of running in a general election. As for his party, labour was last in office in 2010. >> I don't think anyonees too much. >> I won't vote for either, to be honest. >> I'm guided by doing what is righor your country, not what is easy, and I can't say the same thing for theour party. >> Reporter: in terms of conservative leaders, sunak isgood on paper, but the financiere and oxford graduate has often seemed out o step with the public and his party. >> We certainly need some changes. >> Reporter: why an election now, is the question? Inflation is nearly at a three-year low, but t tory party leader's popularity -- well, it's nearly as record lows as well. So, in le than two months, all of the party leaders will have find a way to inspire voters and actually get them to turn up at the polls. Crystal goomansingh, global news, london. >> Antony: iranian president ebrahim rais being laid to rest today. [ ] raisi's body is being taken toburgeon city for a last ceremony before being burien his hometown of mossad. Thousands of people held placards of raisi and waved flags in the streets this morning to bid the president farewell.

>>> Throughout the pandemic, the canadian government spent billions of dollars ore than 0 million covid-19 rapid tests. The bulk of them were given to provinces and territories to distribute in free screening programs. But in many praises, in a will soon be coming to an end. As heidi petracek explains, rapid testing may soon be based on your ability to pay. >> I can only give yne per person. >> Reporter: there used to be lineups for free covid-19 rapid tests. Today, it's no waiting for bill, who picked one up at his lal library in halifax >> If we have been somewhere e we then hear someone else has covid or if we've gotten -- you know, have the sles or something, web use the test. >> Reporter: but the days of ottawa sending millions of tests to the provinces are numbered. Health canadaing in a statement "given the current co19 outlook, inventory levels and indicated testing demands, the federal government does not anticipate the need for additional federal procure many times at this time." new brunswick took that as its cue to stop handing them out when supplies run out. That bothers one epidemiologist, who says rapid test he is should still be part of the plan. >> If we say we're not going to have it anymore, thee're really taking the word "public" out of public health. >> ReporteTHER provinces aren't saying much right now about what the plas. Ontario, for example, would only say through a spokesperson that the ontario has tens of millis of rapid antigen tests available to the public and wouldn't say wheny expire. But lab-based testing by medical referral remains available and for one expert, is the better tool, because rapid tests perform differently for different people. >> The interpretation capacitythat is to improve, and that means that the sensitivity of these tests needs to impro >> Reporter: the experts agree tests need to improve and detect other respiratory viruses like rsv and influenza. That innovn is in the works. Likely rendering these obsolete. Heidetracek, global news, halifax. >> Antony: so, ir seasonal allergies are worse this year, you're in the alone.t. That's why I soull stuffy. >> Antony: well, she's just one of millions of canadians sniffling through a difficult spring allergy seaso so, because warm weather is starting earlier, so are allergies, and that isating a real run on medications at local pharmacies. >> It's the time of year, so the allergen medication is just going to start flying off the shelves for the next little while. I actually havo order a completely new stock. Y just ends up being nose sprays and anti-his antihistamines. >> Reporter: >> Antony: and you may want toconsider a sinus rinse.

>>> Well, a wildlife photographer in montreal captured a stunning showdown between a fox a a goose. Look at this. Alannah bloc says she was photographing birds at real's botanical garden last week when she saw a fox trying to catch this canada goose, so she snuck up in some trees and managed to capture thismatic scene. Who won, you might ask? Well, block says the fox eventually gave up and went off to hunt a squirrel. The goose, meanwhile, simply waddled away. >>> And that's what's making national and international're watching good morning on this"global newsmorning" on this thursy, may 23rd. We'll be right back. [ Are you ready to playBig Brother? Mmm, are you ready? You don't wanna miss out. Announcer: Big Brother, special two-night premiere July 17th and 18th on Global. -I'm always thankfulwhen spring comes.It feels like a positive time. -Yes, we all get to spring cle and put new plans in placefor the year. -How about you? Is there somethingyou'd like to get done?Perhaps it's yourhome renovation or a purchase for your business. It's great to know a Flexi Linecan help you do that. -Could you useeighty thousand, two eighty or even two pointeight million? -Call us today at 1800-new-capital to see what's available to you. Support your pet's best lifewith food, treats & toys from Ren's Pets. Our knowledgeable stafwill help you makethe right selection. Virenspets.comto find a location near you. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set ly $998 including a 2 year warranty! Mother: My family loves to travel. Whoa... (Exhaling) And I love it when they all come back home. Toffifee combines what everyone loves. Caramel, hazelnut, nougat cream and chocolate. (Laughter) Our Enercare technicians are experts at heating and cooling. Water heating and water purification. We can help you with a range of affordable solutions to help your home run smoothly. Enercare Experts at home New Finish Ultramax. Engineered for the toughest conditions. Dry burnt-on stains. Old dishwashers. Very hard water. New Finish Ultramax, with CycleSync technology, helps deliver the ultimate clean. There's a new Tims run in town with new Flatbread Pizza. Served hot out of the oven and freshly prepared in Chicken Parmesan, Pepperoni, Simply Cheese, and Bacon Everything. Try Tims new Flatbread Pizza. It's time for Tims >> Announcer: "global news" told you about a first nation's ongoing fight against a chemical plant that they say is releasing high levels of a cancer-causing utant into their community. >> That plant has been leaking for a long time. >> Announcer: now that facility has been temporarily shut down. Ould not be able to reopen without the bulk consent of arm stopping first nation. >> Announcer: pushing for answers. >> I'm really happy somebody is finally listening. >> Announcer: "global news." [ ] >> Ross: here's aook at this week's "your gta." join kate linder and friends of the "young and the restless" for saturday afternoon tea to supporting canada cares, and show your srt for over 90,000 canadians living w multiple scleroace at ms walk. Registeray to take action and make life better for all of those affecte ms. For more events and fun things to do, visit and click "your gta" . [ >> Candace: welcome back, everyone. Multiple sclerosis affects roughly one in every 400 people in canada, giving our country one of the highest rates of ms in the world. It shows up differently in each person, adding to the challenges of diagnosis and treatment. But this weekend, ms walk ca makes its return to a number of cities I canada, aiming to raise awareness and funds for research and support. So, j now to share her story is karen jacobie, ms walk toronto ambassador. Karen, thank you so much for taking the time to come in and inform and edu us about this. >> Thank you for having me and thank you for raising awareness for toronto's ms walk. >> Candace: it's our pleasure, it's our pleasure. So we'll have more dls about

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