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different species. But the point being, what a great plant to put in your garden to attract pollenaters. I love this vria blue lvia. >> Ross: favorite colour, this purple. >> Is ? >> Ross: yeah, it's beautiful. >> And the truth is, not a lot of plants produce true blue. I can name four. >> Ross: and this is a pollen plant. >> It will come into its own in july, august. And I have holly hock. This is a little holly hoc plant here, you wouldn't know anything by looking at it, it's going to grow almost three metres tall, filled w pollenating ins for the five weeks it's in bloom through july. >> Ross: 90econds left here. Bringing it down to the garden level, why do you think it's important to have the pollenating plants for the rest of the garden? >> Well, pollenaters increase the productivity of your garden. If you grow tomatoes, apple orchard, peach, the more pollenaters you have, the more fruit you have. Whata pollenater doing when it goes in,er I removes the knechter or pollen from the flower and moves it to the next one, what is happening. >> Ross: it's spreading that plant, the food, the seed. >> It's fertilizing t flowers. We maybe shouldn't get into more detail. >> Ross: that's another segment perhaps. >> That's a whole other segment. N't want anything to do with it. This is is important because pollenaters maximize the flowering potential of the plants in your garden and fruiting potent >> Ross: great advice. I'm glad we got into the details >> Much as we did. >> Ross: I thinks important people know the importance to have plants and it's not all about t vegetables or the beautiful plants, it's about the smaller plants that attract what you need to your garden. Mark cullen, thank you very much, our gardening expert joining us today.we'll have more "global news morning" coming up right after . [ ] I'm very good at solving murder cases. ANNOUNCER:Elsbeth, season finale tonightat 9 eastern on Global. ( ) Make room for more fresh ingredients. Say to goodbye to less-than-fresh take out. Say hello to home made and delicious. HelloFresh, home cooking made easy. This is the story of Molly and Sid, retired grandp make Molly and Sid better grandparents? No. But also, yes. 'Cause with affordable plans with guaranteed acceptance, they were covered. So despite his sensitive teeth, Sid knew he could help them finish their sundae. Call 1-877-cover-me to get a quote, like Molly and Sid did. So when their grandkids wanted to do bumper cars, they jumped in, bad knees and all. Were they covered for a neck brace to deal with whiplash? Of course. What about prescription meds for high blood pressure? You know it. Even a relaxing massage after they sent the kids home? Ohh, yes. Molly could take it easy knowing she's covered for her pre-existing condition of diabetes. Sid was taking it easy too. That's Molly and Sid's story. Manulife CoverMe has you covered for yours. Manulife.Where will better take you? It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set ly $998 including a 2 year warranty! What do Ontario Dairy Farmers bring to the table? A million little things. From 5 am wake up calls... living the words “never put off till tomorrow what you can get done today”. Bringing together what our parents taught us... and what our kids can. Passion, caring... ...learning and growing, year after year. The knowledge that if we set the table, every day, take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves. That's how you milk. Three renovation teams... ...renovate threebeach houses... ...with a little helpfrom three pros. (Announcer says words on screen) announcer: What is StackTV? Let's find out. StackTV is a live and On Demand streaming service. You guys are gonna wanna see this. It's the best of live and On Demand. We got you! That is StackTV. That is correct. StackTV: Watch now with your free trial. [ ] >> Giles: we're starting to see some heavy southd traffic from shepperd on the to eglinton on the dvp. Also, if you planning to head westbound on the 401 from the

404, be aware that there are heavy wound 401 delays through avenue road. That's g to add to your journey. Get your diy on during the get hardware. With deals on paint and power tools, only until june 5th. >> Candace: good morning, everyone. Two people are fighting for their lives in hospital after a shooting in mississauga. Jaden lee-lincoln joins us now from the scene with what we know so far. Good morning, jaden. >> Jaden: good morning, candace, and many parents will be waking up this morning a little alarmed to find out that this shooting ally happened in a school parking lot here in mississauga. This is at settler's green public school. Again,ight near winston churchill and battleford you can see in this parking lot, multi evidence markers. I counted at least 17 or 18 evidence markers. There's also a mercedes benz that alsoooks to be a part of the investigation forolice. Keep in mind this is an ongoing vestigation, but, yes, what we know is that two people are in hospital following this double shooting.the suspect or suspects are still on the loose. No information about that either either. Peel paramedics tell us that they arrived sunshine, but ended up leaving the scene because it was the two people themselves that were shot that ended upbringing themselves to the hospital. Now, keep in mind, this is a residential area. Again, this is right by settler's green public school, so the big qion is what happens with the school? Well, I'll let you know that it looks like the parking is taped off. The playground for the most part is taped off, but the school itself looks like it's going to be opens morning. There is a command post that is up just out front of the school. A lot of time, expand posts are put there to let people in the community know, hey, police are here. Don't worry. You know, we're on the lookout. So it looks like they'll be set up there for the at a and it seems as tho school will be open for the day. Although m parents and students might be a little bit worriedut heading to class today.again, the investigation continues. It sounds like there will a heavy police presence in thisarea for a large portion of the day. Candac back to you. >> Candace: okay, jaden. Thano much.

>>> Members of the kilmer sports ventures group are holding a press conference l this morning in toronto. Several media outlets reported earlier this month the wnba will award a franchise to the group. If confirmed, the deal first repo by the cbc would see this new toronto team likely take the court in 2026. >>> New information about the deadly boat crash over the weekend on bobs lake near kingston. Three young people were killed. Five others were injured. >> I was just hoping not to hearhen I heard the crunch. >> Candace: tony hammond heard the sound of the boat crash after sunset on tuesd 22-year-old juliette cote is one the fatalities.hammond was among those trying to find and rescue the victims in the dark. >> Because you're looking, and you're not finding, and the clock's tick, and you're just hopiomeone with anual built to search above and below water will phone us, because I'm using a cellphone flashlight. >> Candace: hammond says he has seen the boat speeding. The bay has a SOkm/h limit. No charges have been laid, but the police investigation continues. >>> A jury hasnd dallas ly, the toronto man whoitted to killing his mother, guilty of second-degree murder. Our crime specialist katherine McDONALD has been covering this disturbing case before the being and has more on the verdict. >> Reporter: just minutes after a jury found dallas l guilty of second-degree murder, his lawyers speak outside court about their 23-year-old client. >> Yes, we spoke to him. >> He's obviously disappointed, obviously, in the verdict, and you know, the fact that he is going to be sentenced now to a life sentence is something that is very difficult for this young man to have to deal with in the circances. >> Reporter: dallas ly, who testified I his own defence, said after years of physical and mental abuse, on theight of march 27th, 2022, he told his mother after she returned home from work salon that he was moving out from their carlaw avenue condo and moving his aunt. He testified his mother became enraged. Threatened to kill him and his aunt and began punching and hitting him. He said he saw red and began swinging the knife and hit his mother. >> Our doctor, Dr. Patel, interviewed dallas ly extensively, he felt -- he gave an opinion, a psychiatric opinion after reviewing all the evidence, that dallas ly will er from post traumatic stress order at the time of the homicide. We say that that reduced his mental culpability. He did not have the intent to commit murder murder. >> Reporter: the judge ruled a forensic psychiatristor the crown was allowed to give a pure assessment of that psychiatric opinion without interviewing dallas ly. That could be grounds for an-- offered a critiqu the defence doctor, and we've opposed that during this trial. >> Reporter: dal ly never got help for his abuse, and only confided in one >> The role of mental health still has a stigma, and abuse an neglect, we see it. It's out there. It's hard to get y people the help that we need, that we need, that our community needs. >> Reporter: second-degree murder comes with an automotivelife sentence. The judge news mow decide on a period of parol eligibility between ten and 25 years. A sentencingearing has been planned for next week, at which time lawye for both the defence and crown will be making cision "h"submissions. Kather McDONALD, "global news." includes: >> Candace: know, ross, as a principle, try not to bring out the ac or turn it on until, like, june at the earliest, but turns out I might have been justified if I did turn it on yesterday. >> Ross: oh, for sure. I had the air-conditioning on in my house, too. It was certainly uncomfortable if you didn't have ac for the warmth and humidity of late. Ore comfortable out there today. >> Candace: forure. >> Ross: a beautiful day in store, though,h plenty of temperatures. At this time yesterday, ere more towards the high tee low 20s, and humanity decks was ready into the 20s. We're closer to the mid-teens comes to temperatures out there, and our humidex values are going to lean more towards the high 20s today instead of MID-30s. Still a few remaining showers

through eastern ontario. A bit of cloud cover too, but that's pretty much it. We have a ridge building in behind that storm tracker that's going toe us clear skies and sunshine really for the next couple of days. 26 in london. Not the high 20s that we got to yesterday. Even some low 30s for some areas. And hen through the overnight, that oight low will drop down to near 13°. More comfortable sleeping weather. As well, you can see plenty of sunshine today. The same situation on friday. Now, we have to watch out for the potential for some wet weather saturday, likel through the late morning and into the ternoon. That will quickly move out and we'll see a drier sunday. 23, 24, 25° depending on where you are across the gta on friday. 21 with the chance of those showers and terstorms on saturday. Up to 22 sunday. A cloud mix. More unsettled weather and somewet wet through next week, and that's a look at your ok tire weather. Candace. >> Candace: thanks, ross. Well, if you feel like yourseasonal allergies are worse this year, you are not gentleman sinus and my throat. That's w I sound all stuffy. >> Candace: yep. She's just one of millions of canadians sniffling through a difficult spring allergy season. Because the warm weather is starting earlier, so are that's creating a real run o medications at local pharmacies. >> It's the t of year, so the allergy medication is just go to start flying off the shelves for the next little while. I actually have order a completely new stock. Just usually ends up being no sprays and antihistamines. >> Candace: and you may want to consider a sinus rinse. >>> Canada's greatestcer star is getting her very own barbie doll. Christine sinclair iseing honoured by mat elle as part of the toy manufacturer's campaign to celebrate women in sports who have broken boundaries. Sinclair's career for team canada includes be a olympicgold and t bronze medals and most international goals scored among men and women.

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