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actual hail falling into lake simcoe. Pretty impressive uff. Obviously this can cause damage when it doesfall. Just a sign of how powerful the orms were, as they pushed through the area. Power outages, still thousands without power north west of the city. Thwas a tornado warn -- a couple of tor warn cells, one that m over northern sections of the gta. These are images of the cell, the frequent lightning. The shelf cloud not seeing any significant damage from the storms, but still, a reminder that, hey, you know, when you get the heat and the humidity, you can often see theerful storms. It's more like a summer feel more like a summer feel to those storms as well. >> Candace: for sure. Hydr one will be working to get the powerrestored, but still to despite the active weather north of us, the dome w open last night in toronto, and the jays are about to kick off a stretch there in detroit, with the detroittigers, is that it? >> Ross: yes, the detroit tigers.6:40 is the first pitch tonight. >> Candace: yeah,er so the jays are actually also bringing back home run jacket, which you might recall, whenbichette hit a home run in the second inni team brought out the famous jacket that they ended up retiring last year. They also have two games in three cay days with n runs, impressive for a team that has struggled to score. Again, as we mentioned, the team gets back in action tonight and, you know, you're a big baseball fan, ross. Do you thihis is the spark they need >> Ross: I heard manager john schneider talk about the fact that, you know, I think it's about the players. If this is something that helps the players come gether, they can rally around this, hey, it helps. I -- it was interestingt bo bichette was the first player towear it. He's not often -- he's not often a show-off when it comes to those types of things on the field. He's more quiet. But, hey, he saw thejacket, there was a smile there. And the redarpet came out and I think it was a great moment. Hopefully thays can keep that momentum going with the offense with the series in detroit. >> Candace: time will tell, and what time does that game start, do you know? >> Ross: 6:40 tonight. Great weather for it. >> Candace: great weather Yes!Ooh, it's on! Announcer: Abbott Elementary, season finale tonightat 7:30 et on Global. [Diving board rattles] [Ripping sound] [Water splashing] [Ding] At ok Tire, we can't solve all the problems in your life but, when it comes to your vehicle, it's going to be ok. At every ok Tire store, you'll find a local owner who lives in your community and might just be your neigh Because we live in your community, we're partners in your community. Ok Tire. Service, repair and tires. It's going to be ok. There's a new Tims run in town with new Flatbread Pizza. Served hot out of the oven and freshly prepared in Chicken Parmesan, Pepperoni, Simply Cheese, and Bacon Everything. Try Tims new Flatbread Pizza. It's time for Tims Dry skin needs a little extra care. And it's natural. Treat it that way. With Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. Formulated with nourishing prebiotic oat. Proven to moisturize dry skin. All-day. Also, try our face formula. Aveeno. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set ly $998 including a 2 year warranty! Depend offers all day protection. So you can say "yes" to alll-most anything. Yes! Yes! Yes! No! Depend. The only thing stronger than us, is you. Mother: My family loves to travel. Whoa... (Exhaling) And I love it when they all come back home. Toffifee combines what everyone loves. Caramel, hazelnut, nougat cream and chocolate. (Laughter) (Clattering, horn honking) With the belairdirect app, you can quickly submit and track a claim. Like when a canoe crashes throug It's thatple. ( ) Are you ready, ready, ready... Mmm, are you ready? playBig Brother? Are you ready? Mmm On your mark, get set, go! Announcer: Big Brother, special two-night premiere July 17th and 18th on Global. [ ] >> Candace: hello, everyone. Thanu so much for joining us on this thursday, may the 23rd. Good morning to you, ross. >> Ross: good morning, candace.

well, you can fee it out there, not quite as humid a it has been of late. When is the next chance of unsettled weather? We talk about ahead. >> Candace: sounds good plus your top stories, with the kilmer ss venture group holding a press conference this morning. What could mean for the wnba in toronto. >> Antony: plus, bin is heading to the polls. Rishi sunak calling a snap general election months earlier than expected. >> Ross: well arkold front that pushed east, in the wake of it, not quite as humid. I'll show you the next showers. The forecast details are just ahead. >> Announcer: you're watching global toronto. This is "global news morning." [ ] >>dace: good morning. Two people are fighting for their lives in hospital, after shooting in mississauga. Jaden lee-lincoln joins us now from the scene with what we know so far. Good morning, jaden. >> Reporter: dworng, candace. Many parents are waking up thi morning, a little alarmed to find out that the sing actually happened in a school parking lotere in mississauga. This is at settlers green public school, right near winston churchill and beford road. As you can see in the parking lomulti. Evidence markers, I counted 17 18 evidence markers and also a mercedes-benz that lookso be part of the investigation for police. Keep in mind, this is an on going investigation. Yes, what we know is that two people are in hospital, following this double shooting. The suspect or suspects a still on the loose. No information about that either. Peel paramedics tell us that they arrived on scene, but ended up leaving the scene because it the two people themselves that were shot that ended up bringing themselves to the hospital. Now, keep in mind, this is a residel area. Again, this is right by settlers green public school. So the big question is, what happens with the school? Well, I'll let you know that it looks like the parking lot is taped off. The playgroundor the most part, is taped off, but the hool itself looks like it's going to be open this morning. There is a command post that is set up just out front of t school. A lot of times command posts are put there to lelt people into the community know hey, police are here, don't worry. We're on the look out. It lookse they'll be set up there for the day. It seems as though the school will be open for the day, although many parents and students might be a little bit worried about heading to class today. Again, the investigation continues. It sounds like there will be a heavy police pnce in this area for a large portion of the day, back to you. >> Candace: jaden, thank you so much. Members of the kilmer sports ventures group are holding press conference later this morning in toronto. Several media outlet's reported earlier this month the wnba will award a franchise to the group. If confirmed, the deal first reported by the cbc would see this new toronto team likely take the court in 2026. A man in his 20s has been rushed to hospital wednesday night, wi life threatening injuries, after he was stabbed in happened just after 5 at jane stre and alliance avenue near black creek drive. No suspects and the investigation continues. Toronto police anned the completion of a cold case on wednesday. This is a sketch of a woman found dead in august of 2017 in the lake at humber bay. She had no id, and all efforts to identifher, including the rele of the composite sketch failed. And then in january 2023, toronto police traced the woman to switzerland. Further dna comparisons confirmed the woman to be a person f a region in switzerland. The family has been is not criminal. Her name is not being released. [ ] >> Due to on going road work at martin grove, the 401 eastbound is seeing heavy volume back to the 410, expect a 12 to 15 minute delay on this eastbound section of t 401. The good news is beyond martin grove, the eastbound 401 is runn incident and volume free. After a devastating accident, trust the lawyers at thomson rogers to guide you. From the hospital room to courtroom, that's real life counsel. Visit [ ] >> Candace: you know, ross, as a principle, I try not to wring out the ac or turn it on until june at the earliest, but turns

out I might have been justified if I did t it on yesterday. >> Ross: for sure. I had the air conditions on in my house too. It wasuncomfortable. If you didn't have ac, with the warmth and humidity of late. For those who don't, who are affected by the humidity more than others, more comfortable out there today. A beautiful day in store, with plenty of sunshine. Let's start off with a look at temperatures. So at this time sterday, we were more towards the high teens, low 20s, and the humidex was already into the 20s. We're close to be the mid teens to temperatures out there. And our humidex values are going to lean more towards the high 20s today, instead of mid 30s. There is humidity out there, but not stifling as it hand been. Remaining showers, a bit of cloud cover too. That's pretty muchit. We have a ridge building in behind that fr that's going to give us clear skies and sunshine for the next co of days. Today, close to mid 20s in toronto, 26 in london, not the high 20s we got to yesterday. Even the 30s in some areas. And for the overnight low, that drops to 13°, comfortable sleeping weather as well. Same situation on ay. Now, we have to watch out for the potential for some wet weather saturday, likely through the late morning, into the afternoon, that will quickly move out. An we'll see a drier sunday. Let's break d the next three days. 23,24, 25° depending on where you are across the gta on friday. 21 with the chance of showers and thunderstorms on saturd up to 22 sunday. Sun/cloud mix, more unsettled weather and wet weather through next week. And that's a look at your ok tire weather. >> Candace: debate is expec to continue at city hall over truction that cloegsed the garner expressway. Why is that only happening now, two months into the project? City hall reporterports. >> Reporter: making room for the gardiners western overhaul has seen traffic moving at a snail's pace everywhere else. >> It is totally unreasonable to ask torontonians and folks from across the entire gta to put up with this for three years. >> Reporter: councillor brad bradfordas a motion before council asking staff look at expediting the work to minimize the years of congestion-related pain. >> Yes, it is a bit redundant. >> Reporter: the mayor said staff are already looking into the issue and contractors are testing noise thresholds for 24-hour construction. But chow couldn't say why the prt speed is being considered months after lane restrictions began. >> I don'ow why it wasn't done, but if we don't do it now, the damn thing will fall down. I shouldn't say it that way. You know, it has to be rebuilt. It has to be rebuiltn order to be safe. What we can and perhaps it can be doneearlier. >> Reporter: the city manager says there willremain limitations in whatever measures are taken. >> If there are ways we can expedite some work, fantastic. But there is also an expectation of how construction takes place in the city. Some of those things would have to be compromises that torontonians would have to live with. >> May have to include looking at ways the city rolls out future construction downtown. Councillors like josh matlow think debating that should be done now and not in july. >> Toronto city council is meant to reflect our resident priorities, and focus on resolving our problems. So I hope that we do have an opportunity to discuss it. I think the residentst us to discuss the things that are impot to them. >> Candace: canada's largest documentary f festival is temporarily shu ship theater in toronto for three months, beginni mid june. The hot docs festival a the ted rogers cinema closure on wednesday, and that they're laying off staff as they weather financial difficulties. The festival explacision in a statement, saying given the s post pandemic recovery and operating deficit brought by itemporary closure was necessary. Hot docs said anyone who bough a ticket for a screening or an event happening after june 12th will get an automatic refund. Canada's greates soccer star is getting her very even barbie doll. Christine sinclair is being honoured by mattel at the toy manufacture's campaign to celebrate women in sports who have broken boundaries. Sinclair's career for team canada includes an olympic gold, twonze medals, and the most international goals scored among men and women. Sinclair is one of nine women being recognized, including I'm very good at solving murder cases. ANNOUNCER:Elsbeth, season finale tonightat 9 eastern on Global. (Song in Italian) ("il geghegè" by Rita Pavone) ( ) Crispy and tangy.

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