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Yes!(Cheering) Yes!Ooh, it's on! Announcer: Abbott Elementary, season finale tonightat 7:30 et on Global. >> You're watching global halifax. This is "global news" morning. >> Good morning to you. Welcome along to the thursday edition of "global news" morning. It is may the 23rd. Thanks for joining us. Paul brothers here with a look at your local news headlines before you head out to start your day today. Well, as a parent, I'm breathing a sigh of relief after this news came down. Yesterday, the nova scotia teachers union have ratified its three year agreement with the province. Now in an online ratification vote held on wednesday, 91% of nsgeu members voted over 80% in favor of this deal. The new contract will give teachers a salary increase of 11.47% over three years. Substitute teachers will also get a 12% salary increase. The previous contract expired last july. Now the province and nsgeu engaged in collective bargaining over a period of about ten months before an agreement was reached in late april. The serious incident response team says there is no reasonable grounds to believe that a halifax police officer committed a criminal offense during an arrest, resulting in a serious injury in october 2023, the hrp responded to a reported assault involving a weapon at a pharmacy in dartmouth. When police showed up at the scene, the suspect had already left in a taxi and later fled on foot during a traffic stop. Sirt says the man failed to stop after multiple commands, and that's when the responding officer struck him with a taser. The suspect fell face down and suffered an orbital bone fracture. In the process. A sirt investigation concluded that the officer lawfully executed her duties. Nova scotia is rolling out more support to help industries transition to cleaner energy sources. The new clean fuels fund aims to help business sectors shift away from fossil fuels and embrace cleaner energy alternatives. The fund started last year and will see another $3 million investment later this year as part of the province's climate plan. The alternative energy options include biofuels and biomass, green hydrogen, as well as renewable natural gas, and eligible local projects can receive up to $1 million to cover up to 75% of project cost. Post-secondary students in nova scotia could receive more financial assistance now based on a change in the funding formula. The province says the updated formula better reflects the financial pressures faced by students amidst increasing cost of living. It includes a higher living allowance, which could help students qualify for more assistance. The formula also aligns the provincial student assistance program with the federal program. Students can now apply for assistance through the my path system for the 2024 to 25 academic year. Some physicians in cape breton are expressing concern about finding staff for the new medical school. 30 students will enroll in cape breton's university's new medical school next fall. Doctor stacey mcdonnell told the canadian press that many local family physicians won't have teaching capacity on top of their existing practice. Mcdonald also says the university failed to adequately consult with physicians and is rushing the whole process. In response, cbu's president says he's confident the university is meeting regulatory standards. The immigrant services association of nova scotia held its first ever employer forum in halifax on wednesday. The sold out event aimed to connect provincial employers and newcomers who are eager to enter the workforce. In addition to networking, the forum featured programs that encourage participants to share their stories and challenges. Isans says it's all about learning and collaboration and national seniors group is concerned more provinces may stop handing out free covid-19 rapid test. After new brunswick made the move last week, new brunswick said the service would end when its supply is exhausted, likely by the end of june. That came after the federal government said it did not anticipate ordering any more to shore up provincial supplies. A representative for the canadian association of retired persons says seniors still want to be able to test at home to have peace of mind. >> Yes, we worry that the same thing will happen in nova scotia, but we're also very concerned for our members in new brunswick and everywhere else. We have some confidence that our nova scotia government will see the value of continuing to supply the tests. And we're certainly going to encourage them to do that. >> At the moment, nova scotia health is only saying it continues to support access to covid-19 testing and is planning its next steps. The health authority says free rapid tests can still be picked up at public libraries, constituency offices and pharmacies. Lab based pcr testing is also available by appointment. Business has been steady for a private health clinic that opened its doors in halifax 14 months ago. The clinic's founder says the practice is helping nova scotians access the care they need amid lengthy waits in the public system. But the province isn't on board. Skye bryden-blom has more on this one, although

bluenose health looks like a typical medical clinic, it's taking a different approach to patient care. >> Amid nova scotia strained health care system since opening its doors in february 2023, the private clinic has been offering a subscription based, nurse practitioner led service. >> It's an additional option to people who are seeking primary health care who otherwise have no other venues. >> Generally speaking, that patient will see the same nurse practitioner or nurse every time that they come in. >> So it's not like a walk in clinic. It's more like a the old fashioned doctor's office. >> The monthly cost of the subscription is about $30 for adults and patients are also charged per visit. Stevens was inspired to launch bluenose health after losing his family doctor and struggling to access primary care. Stevens says the clinic's client base has steadily climbed since opening, but many of bluenose health's patients have complex needs. Not having a primary health care home is very challenging for many people, especially if you have a chronic health disease. >> It is very challenging because you need routine care. >> Although some private insurance companies reimburse for the services offered, stevens says expenses are generally out of pocket. >> We have ongoing discussions with with the department of health of potentially maybe reimbursing our patients directly for the services that, that, that, that we're supplying them. >> In a statement, the province says it believes in a publicly funded health care system where nova scotians can get the care they need. It also warns a potential risk, saying the department of health has no oversight over private providers. Skye bryden-blom "global news" halifax. >> And time to say good morning to meteorologist ross hull. Good morning to you ross. >> Good morning paul. >> How are you doing this morning I am great. >> You know, there is one thing that meteorologists you know, it's one of those things where we, we like to talk about big storms. Obviously, they can have a big impact, but there's one day today which is kind of important. We're looking at forecasts for the atlantic hurricane season from the canadian hurricane center. >> Yes, you're right. The canadian hurricane center going to hold a briefing this afternoon soon to discuss its thoughts on the 2024 atlantic hurricane season. So I know this has been on your radar for quite some time. What are your thoughts on what's going to happen? >> Yeah, well, we've got a la nina building and we've still got warmer than normal sea surface temperatures, so I think it's going to be a busier than normal atlantic hurricane season. But it just takes one storm as we know, to move onshore. So we'll keep an eye on that situation. Looking forward to getting some information from the canadian hurricane center. And let's take a look at our conditions out there this morning. We do have some cloud cover to start, or at least pretty quiet weather conditions. There is some cloud cover and some showers and some thunderstorms to our west. That line will eventually affect new brunswick. A few storms and see that around southeastern sections of new brunswick this morning. But across nova scotia, quiet and it will be another warm and humid day across the entire area. Winds for the most part, are out of the south, the prevailing winds anyway, and we're starting off with some warm conditions out there. Mid teens around halifax, and we're into the double digits already as we head through portions of new brunswick. In terms of your forecast conditions, need to mention coastal areas around halifax 16 but inland going to get up to the high 20s. The humidex near 30 today. That's the same situation along coastal areas in nova scotia. Going to be much more warm or warmer as we head inland and we're looking at temperatures into the high 20s through areas like moncton, for instance, the humidex will be near 35. There is a cold front on the way, though, that will bring us the chance of some showers and some thunderstorms around fredericton. In terms of the situation in halifax and the hrm across much of nova scotia, that potential for rain will be later tonight. So this evening. But towards closer to midnight into the early morning hours on friday, you can see that risk of a thunderstorm then that clears out. Still warm on friday, not quite as humid and it will be cooler but still remaining dry as we head into the weekend. You can see that. All right, let's take a look at how much rain to expect. Some areas that do see thunderstorms could see 510 plus millimeters. So something to keep in mind. Could be some heavier downpours. Your forecast conditions now around fredericton. We're looking at a high of 27 on friday, 22 on saturday. So a little cooler. Not quite as humid after the passage of that cold front. But overall not too bad. It is looking dry. We do have that chance of showers early in the day on friday in halifax and the hrm, then looking ahead to the weekend. Not too bad. 21 on saturday and we're looking at the high teens as a daytime high for sunday and that's a look at your ok tire weather paul. >> All right. Thanks for this, ross. And that's a look at your local news headlines on this thursday edition of our show, right back with a check of national and international news with antony robart in the anchor chair. You're watching "global news" morning.

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