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of course. And a lot of our maritime viewers are laughing right now saying, why on earth would you grow a lupine when they grow in the ditch out here at the end of the driveway? And the answer is, have you ever seen anything so beautiful? >> I think it looks it's remarkable. >> Yeah. They attract bumblebees, right? They attract they attract bumblebees being native bees. And there's not one bumblebee. There are dozens of different species. Right but the point being, what a great plant to put in your garden to attract pollinators. I love this victoria blue salvia. >> Favorite colour? This this purple. Yeah. >> It's beautiful. Well, and the truth is there are not a lot of plants that produce true blue. I could name maybe four. Okay. And this is one of them. It's called victoria blue salvia. This is a pollinating plant as well. You it's a wonderful pollinating plant. And the native bees absolutely love it. It'll come into its own in july august. And I have hollyhock, this is a little hollyhock plant here. You wouldn't know anything by looking at it, but it's going to grow. I'm going to say almost three meters tall. Right. And it'll be filled with pollinated insects for about the five weeks that it's in bloom through july. Right. >> So we got about 90s left here. All right. Just bringing it down to the garden level. Why why why do you think it's important to have these pollinating plants for the rest of your garden? >> Well, pollinate eaters increase the productivity of your garden. So if you grow tomatoes, if you have an apple orchard or a peach orchard, the more pollinators you have, the more fruit you're going to have. Why? What is a pollinator doing when it goes in and it removes either nectar or pollen from the flower and moves it to the next one. What is happening? Ross? It's spreading. >> It's spreading that plant. It's spreading the food. It's spreading the seed. Right? It's fertilizing. >> Yes, it's fertilizing the flowers. Right. We should maybe not get into a lot more detail. >> Yeah, that's another segment. >> Perhaps that's a whole nother segment. I don't want anything to do with it. But this is so important because pollinators maximize both the flowering potential of the plants in your garden and the fruiting potential of the edibles in your garden. >> Well, all great advice. I'm glad we got into the details, mark, as much as we did. Yeah, yeah. Well, and I think it's important that people know the importance of these plants. And it's not all about necessarily the vegetables or the or the beautiful plants. It's about some of these smaller plants that do attract what you need to your garden. Mark cullen, thanks very much, our gardening expert joining us today. And we'll have more "global news" morning coming up right after this. We're ready. Let's go, let's go! (Sirens blaring) ANNOUNCER:9-1-1,all new tonight at 8 Easternon Global. ( ) Some people say there are doers, and there are dreamers. But what's wrong with a little dreaming? Especially when it's shared. With hard work, little dreams grow into big ones. At Kubota, we know that your work never stops. And we're inspired by those who dream - But our equipment is built for dreamers and doers, like you. Kubota, built for those who do. - I'm going to grab us some cold foam... coffee...? Wait... Cold foam coffee... at home! - It's International Delight Cold Foam - We're foaming baristas! Foam and cream your coffee with International Delight Cold Foam. It's foaming delicious. The candles are for ambiance. And to disguise the fact that you wore your bathing suit to dinner. Come find your Island. Prince Edward Island Leo's having a hard time hitting that bullseye. Leaving his family unprotected, should anything happen to him, is throwing him off his game. With North Cover Life Insurance, he'll be so well covered that it would be like he's wearing a parka! And like a parka, North Cover keeps you well protected. Leo, let's give this another shot. With North Cover Life Insurance, take comfort in affordable coverage - for whatever life throws at you. Keep your family protected with a cash payout of up to one point five million dollars. If you're diagnosed with a terminal illness, you'll receive your benefit upfront. And if you're not sure where to start, don't worry, applying is easy. Expert insurance advisors are a phone call away. They'll help you hit the bullseye on a plan that fits your needs. North Cover - Comfort in being protected. Get a quote today. Call 1-833-905-1010 now or visit Woo-ha! (Screaming) (Announcer speaks wordson screen) Are you ready, ready, ready... Mmm, are you ready? playBig Brother?

Are you ready? Mmm On your mark, get set, go! Announcer: Big Brother, special two-night premiere July 17th and 18th on Global. >> You're watching "global news" morning >> Welcome back. Thursday edition of "global news" morning for this may 23rd, paul brothers here with a look at your local news headlines with the focus on new brunswick for this half hour. And the price of rent continues to rise in the province, leading some to say the provincial government is not doing enough to address the housing crisis properly. Silas brown has more force on this one. >> This morning, the average price of rent has increased by over 10% since april 1st of last year, according to new data from statistics canada. New brunswick tenants coalition spokesperson matthew hayes says that's evidence the government is failing to address the housing crisis. >> There's no sense of urgency on the part of the provincial government. Renters in new brunswick are being impoverished by the government's deliberate inaction on this issue. >> In the previous few years, growth to rents has stuck around 6 or 7. Hayes says that the fact that rents are now growing even more is evidence that rent control tied to units is necessary to stem the bleeding. >> Clearly, rent control protects access to affordable housing, and we really need access to affordable housing that is a public good. The government has a responsibility to ensure that it's there. Housing minister jill green has resisted reintroducing rent control after the 3.8% cap expired at the end of 2022. >> She says the province doesn't want to disincentivize construction. >> We have to look at the whole continuum and look at how each individual measure interacts with the next one, and that's what we're doing, and we're taking our time and making a decision that's based on fact and data. >> Yet housing starts continue to fall short of the target of 6000 per year. But we're just over 4500 starts in 2023, down slightly from the year before. Green acknowledged last week. More can be done. >> Can we do better? Absolutely. And we'll keep putting new measures in place to try to force that to the next level until we can get to the number of housing starts we need to sustain the population of new brunswick. >> But hayes says that trying to rely on the market to address the housing crisis is doomed to fail, and that the 380 public units being built over the next few years is needed annually. Silas brown, "global news, fredericton on two miramichi families will soon be moving into homes through habitat for humanity. >> The duplex for the two families was built on a vacant lot donated by the city of miramichi. Since then, the city has decided to donate an additional lot to habitat for humanity as well. The construction of the second duplex has started as the first nears completion. Now, habitat held a ceremony wednesday for the two families. Applications are now open for that second duplex on water street, a thrift store that provides work experience to adults with mental health challenges. Had their clothing donation bins vandalized on monday evening. It's an ongoing problem for many organizations who accept clothing donations. Suzanne lapointe has more. >> The employees at ergon thrift store come to work every day to gain workforce experience while navigating mental health challenges, but they arrive to a nasty surprise tuesday morning when they saw the donations they rely on to stay in business were strewn across the parking lot monday evening, I believe it was four individuals, entered into our our vans and essentially took everything out, took what they wanted from these donations and then just left garbage. And all the donations were just all over the parking lot. >> It took hours to clean up. And this isn't the first time it's happened. Leading them to look into spending roughly $1,000 on security cameras. >> Well, every dollar that I have to spend on that type of maintenance is money that I can't spend towards our program. >> It's creating security concerns not just for the employees, but the people going through the bins. >> One morning, one of our employees went out to empty the bins, and he opened the door on the bin. And when he opened it, there was somebody asleep inside the bin. But that's happened numerous times. >> The bin at daisy's fashions in riverview is designed to make entry impossible, but staff say due to theft, they've reduced their community bins from 18 to 1. >> The different properties where we would normally be allowed to place them have asked us kindly to remove them because there's just always a mess. Whether it's our bin or one beside it. >> The iwk children's hospital foundation has donation bins in nova scotia and new brunswick as part of its fundraising efforts. The man who manages the bins says they've lost roughly 35 locations in moncton alone because of frequent vandalism. >> When we first started putting bins out, it was costing us, you know, seven, $800 a bin. Now with the upgrades we need to do for security, you're pushing almost $2,000 for a bin that will will stop people from breaking in. >> He's calling on the public to report thefts or vandalism of the bins to the police. Suzanne lapointe "global news" riverview , new brunswick. >> Several southern new brunswick mayors gathered for the local chamber of commerce's

first state of the region. It was all focused on the community's efforts to deal with the challenges impacting them. Nathalie sturgeon was there and has this story. >> Last year, mayors from across southern new brunswick gathered as part of the first state of the region, but the saint john area chamber on the agenda was many of the challenges and opportunities facing the various communities. >> Well, the challenges are trying to bring people together to think as a as a fundy rural district, instead of being a series of communities, which they are. They've been historically self-contained communities. But now we've drawn a line around the map and said, now you are a fundy royal district. >> Riddell specifically spoke to the need for some form of public transportation to help facilitate the fragmentation of the large geographical area that encompasses fundy rural. He says plans are in the works to secure professional report on how that could be accomplished. >> We're going to apply for money to get that survey and bring people in to the hospitals and for the non-essential services to meanwhile, growth and housing were top of mind for those at the table. >> Quispamsis has made major changes to its zoning to allow for multi-residential development. >> That's all well and good, but we certainly have to focus on accommodating for people and making sure that we have the services in place, whether it's health care or whether it's schools or or just making sure that the accommodations are available that will satisfy our needs. >> Continued growth is what the mayors are hoping for, with everyone involved. >> And all this work creates confidence in our region, strengthens our competitiveness to attract further growth in housing and industry. We have a very promising future. >> Nathalie sturgeon, "global news, saint john I hope that you. >> In time to say good morning to meteorologist ross hull. Good morning to you ross. >> Good morning paul. >> How are you doing this morning? >> I am great, you know, there is one thing that meteorologists you know, it's one of those things where we, we like to talk about big storms. Obviously, they can have a big impact, but there's one day today which is kind of important. We're looking at, forecasts for the atlantic hurricane season from the canadian hurricane center. >> Yes, you're right. The canadian hurricane center going to hold a briefing this afternoon soon to discuss its thoughts on the 2024 atlantic hurricane season. So I know this has been on your radar for quite some time. What are your thoughts on what's going to happen? >> Yeah, well, we've got a la nina building and we've still got warmer than normal sea surface temperatures, so I think it's going to be a busier than normal atlantic hurricane season. But it just takes one storm as we know, to move on shore. So we'll keep an eye on that situation. Looking forward to getting some information from the canadian hurricane center. And let's take a look at our conditions out there this morning. We do have some cloud cover to start, or at least a pretty quiet weather conditions. There is some cloud cover and some showers and some thunderstorms to our west. That line will eventually affect new brunswick. A few storms and see that around southeastern sections of new brunswick. This morning. But across nova scotia, quiet and it will be another warm and humid day across the entire area. Winds for the most part, are out of the south, the prevailing winds anyway, and we're starting off with some warm conditions out there. Mid teens around halifax, and we're into the double digits already as we head through portions of new brunswick. In terms of your forecast conditions, need to mention coastal areas around halifax 16 but inland going to get up to the high 20s. The humidex near 30 today. That's the same situation along coastal areas in nova scotia. Going to be much more warm or warmer as we head inland and we're looking at temperatures into the high 20s through areas like moncton, for instance, the humidex will be near 35. There is a cold front on the way, though, that will bring us the chance of some showers and some thunderstorms around fredericton. In terms of the situation in halifax and the hrm across much of nova scotia, that potential for rain will be later tonight. So this evening. But towards closer to midnight into the early morning hours on friday, you can see that risk of a thunderstorm then that clears out. Still warm on friday, not quite as humid and it will be cooler but still remaining dry as we head into the weekend. You can see that. All right, let's take a look at how much rain to expect. Some areas that do see thunderstorms could see 510 plus millimeters. So something to keep in mind. Could be some heavier downpours. Your forecast conditions now around fredericton. We're looking at a high of 27 on friday, 22 on saturday. So a little cooler. Not quite as humid after the passage of that cold front. But overall not too bad. It is looking dry. We do have that chance of showers early in the day on friday in halifax and the hrm. Then looking ahead to the weekend. Not too bad. 21 on saturday and we're looking at the high teens as a daytime high for sunday. And that's a look at your ok tire weather paul. >> All right. Thanks for this, ross. And that's a look at your local news headlines for this half hour. Right back with a check of national and international news with antony robart coming up. Stay with us. >> "global news" is proud to support als walk strong, raising

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