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Take a Nissan SUV and go find it. ( ) Oh my gosh. Wow, who am I? Wow, is that really me? Hi, I'm Jonathan Greenhut, the CEO of Plexaderm. All it takes is 10 minutes to reduce the appearance of under eye bags, wrinkles, and crow's feet. The instant results are from naturally-based silicates found in shale clay. Once applied, your skin tightens and firms. Take action with our Plexaderm 10-Minute Challenge. Try it today for only $14.95. Visit or call the number on your screen. jazz music Listen up! Here's a lesson about Activia Fibre A simple way to add fibre and 1 billion probiotics to your day that contribute to healthy gut flora It starts inside Activia This is actuallythe hardest management situation I've ever been in. You need to figure it out,or you're both gone. Damn! (Announcer says words on screen) NOAH: We're inBrentwood, New York, and we've got timefor one more dish. Back with Vinnie's pizza and another Vinnie. He's taking two of everyone's favourite Italian American eats: sweet cannoli, and cheesy calzone, and mashing themtogether to create... the Cannoli Calzone. NOAH: Have you everhad them together? WOMAN: Never. MAN: It just looks so delicious. NOAH: Are you a fan of the sweet stuff? MAN: Yes, I am. NOAH: Yeah. NOAH: So we're hanging out with Vin, Vinnie, there's a whole bunch of you. VINNIE: There's a lot Vinnies, probably seven in my family. NOAH: Seven Vinnies. So your grandparent's start this, your parents take it over. You then, what, grow up in this world? VINNIE: Grew up in this world. I left for a little while and then got roped back in and loved every minute of it. NOAH: Vin, let's get this thing started. VINNIE: I'm ready. NOAH: This dish starts with our sweet cannoli filling. VINNIE: So, we're gonna start with putting some fresh ricotta in the bowl. A lot of people say it's all "ricotta," but you know, when you're Italian, you gotta sayrigotta. So, next we're gonna add the powdered sugar, a little bit of cinnamon, just a touch. NOAH: This is, so far, classic cannoli filling. VINNIE: Absolutely. Last thing, chocolate chips. NOAH: Oh! One fell into my hand by accident, Vin. VINNIE: Gotta get it all. NOAH: Oh, my goodness. I love cooking with you. VINNIE: You mix it up. So, pretty much now it's ready to go for the filling. NOAH: Time to make our calzone, using Vinnie's pizza dough. NOAH: This is homemade? VINNIE: Homemade. Made this morning. NOAH: I would-- no, you didn't hit 'em with the back hand spin-o-rama? VINNIE: This is not my first rodeo at all doing this. Now, we lay it on the counter here. We're gonna cut it in four pieces. So I'm gonna move these three out to the side, and we're gonna do one here for ya. Basically, start with some of the fresh filling I just made here. You gotta have a little extra ricotta to make it creamy and delicious. A little fresh mozzarella. NOAH: Mozzarella? VINNIE: Ah, you gotta have that stringiness of the calzone. Some fresh strawberries we're gonna put in there. And then last part, just fold it all up. You pinch the ends. Get a little air escaping there. Now, we gotta bake it. VINNIE: Temperature's 550 degrees, about 8 to 10 minutes. Close the door... and let the magic happen. NOAH: And in just a short time, the wait is over and we're ready to dress. VINNIE: Nice and delicious there. We dust it with some powdered sugar. Next, we take some chocolate syrup. NOAH: And we're gonna hit this with a little strawberry dip? VINNIE: Yup. NOAH: Oh, wow. VINNIE: So what do you think? NOAH: It's all good news. VINNIE: [chuckles] NOAH: It starts with the crust. It's that crispy, crunchy cracker-like snap; you're then hit with that beautiful, puffy, fresh, doughy bite. The ricotta, the cinnamon, the powdered sugar, the chocolate chips, the strawberries. The mozzarella! It's this constant balance of sweet and savoury. I am so excited, mostly because I'm not even halfway done. MAN: Moist, delicious. That chocolate, so warm. MAN: Nice, flaky dough. Creamy filling. WOMAN: Strawberry sauce. Absolutely delicious. NOAH: Ba-da bing, ba-da boom! Ha-ha! That's it for me. NOAH: From the Pizza Alla Vodka to the Pop Donut. Those Loaded Churro Fries and the Strawberry Cheese-Shake... What an amazing day of delicious delights! We'll see you next time on Carnival Eats!

noah: Oh, wow!This is a real show. >> Tonight. A visit from the prime minister. Justin trudeau holds a round table with nova scotia's community leaders. Plus pitching the plan. The finance minister is back home after talking with her g7 counterparts about an idea to help ukraine by using seized russian financial assets. >> You're watching global maritime. This is "global news" at six. >> Good evening and thanks for joining us. I'm shallima-maharaj what was supposed to be a high school hpv presentation is raising concern with some in new brunswick. While the presentations organizers say a photo of the slide show being shared online is being taken out of context, others say it shouldn't have been shown at all. Global's anna-mandin has more in tonight's top story. >> Upset parents have the ear of the new brunswick premier. They're speaking out about a high school hpv presentation. It was put on by hpv global action using its online resource called thirsty for the talk. A photo of the slide show garnered a strong reaction with premier blaine higgs in a post on x, formerly known as twitter. He called the presentation clearly inappropriate and beyond the scope of an hpv presentation. He said its contents have left him furious, saying this is not part of the new brunswick curriculum and that it was a result either of misrepresentation by the organization or improper vetting. But hpv global action's president disputes that. She says an outline of the presentation was submitted to schools for approval beforehand. As for the photo, she says it was not intended to encourage those actions but to discuss the dangers of unsafe sex, including questions that young people often have. She says that she has the same goal as concerned parents. >> We want to help protect our children, and we are of the same common mindset that we are also preoccupied about where our children are getting their wrong and misguided information on the web. >> Online reaction has been polarizing. A post by father and pastor in quispamsis brant ingersoll gained hundreds of likes and comments on facebook with an open letter denouncing a lack of parental consent for the presentation. He said his daughter felt uncomfortable and he called for less focus on graphic sexual content in schools. Another quispamsis parent, amanda rose, posted a response in support of sexual education in schools, saying it was the beginning of a full presentation about hpv and sexual health. Higgs says the organization will no longer be allowed to present in new brunswick schools, a move norris calls unfortunate anna-mandin "global news" moncton prime minister justin trudeau spent this morning in cherrybrook, nova scotia, speaking with ethnic community leaders about the government's new pharmacare plan, highlighting two specific areas. >> First of all, access to prescription contraceptives for women of all ages. This is something that is really, really important in terms of being able to have the ability to plan when to start a family and how, but also initiatives on diabetes. >> Under the plan, medical phones and devices including insulin, birth control pills and iuds will be free for canadians. Nova scotia nurses union president janet hazelton says contraception and diabetes coverage are among the most needed for those without a drug plan in the region. The remains of an unknown newfoundland soldier who died in france are expected to arrive shortly. In saint john's, the government of france transferred the remains to the government of canada during a repatriation ceremony at the beaumont-hamel, newfoundland memorial. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the national war memorial in downtown saint john's. This is where the unknown soldier's remains will be placed in a black granite tomb on july first, memorial day, an aviation program in halifax is back again for its seventh year running. Dream wings is a nonprofit organization that takes children with special needs on the flight of a lifetime. Global's ella macdonald went along for a ride in the dream wings aircraft and brings us the story. >> Dimitri neonakis is a seasoned pilot. He's been flying more than 25 years, but his favorite flights by far have been with children like 11 year old chloe paul howlett, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. I'm a little choked up, to see chloe. >> She reached out to me, grabbed my hand on my elbow. That's her saying thank you. She's nonverbal. You saw her.

and, that's what makes me come back. >> In june 2017, neonakis founded dream wings, a free aviation program dedicated to children with special needs. One of those kids is 12 year old mckenzie crannach. >> I want to see clouds, houses, towns, neighbours. Yeah >> And are you scared at all? >> No, I'm not. Not nervous. Nope. I am feeling great. >> Another dream wings passenger is 12 year old jason slocum, who lives with a rare disorder called kabuki syndrome. What are you gonna see when you're up in the sky today, mommy? >> I might see my boy and how fast chloe answers. I might see them. I might see it. I don't know, neonakis says. >> Not only is dream wings a once in a lifetime experience for kids, but for some parents as well, especially those whose children need full time care for them to get a phone call and say, hey, come to the airport, let's spend a couple of hours together on the ground and in the air and do something unique. >> Is wonderful for them. They take a good break from their medical duties after coming down from the clouds. >> Crannach says her mom was scared, but she was brave enough for the both of them. >> I say mom really scared to hold my hand. >> Now in its seventh year, dream wings has done more than 750 flights and flown over 1000 children. >> Give a child an opportunity that like this, is priceless to me. >> Ella macdonald, "global news" enfield. >> Time now for our first check on the forecast with more on what you can expect. Let's bring on our weather specialist noor-ra'fat. >> Hey, thanks very much shallima. A lot of us in the maritimes waking up to some sunshine in some communities with some clouds. And then they started to see some sun. The good news is, for many in halifax specifically, the sun went on to shine through much of the afternoon. And here we are still looking at a mix of sun and cloud as we approach the evening hours, we will get into some on and off cloud cover tomorrow. Starting off the day with a lot more cloud than today, a lot of us, as I mentioned with some sunshine early this morning, although we did see some showers roll into the miramichi area towards bathurst and moncton in the afternoon and also towards the west cape area in a few hours. As we approach the evening. We also had a bit of a wind from the northwest, especially in sydney, gusting up to 40 and 50 k. Also in saint john, a windy one, and that wind from the northwest making it feel a bit cooler. Of course, the humidity also nowhere near where we were a few days ago. 22 with the humidex in fredericton, also in shelburne 2315 in yarmouth. We are doing good and that is a welcome relief. Those showers will roll in to the west cape area, as I mentioned, as we head through the overnight, a lot of us will see some clearings in those clouds and then tomorrow morning, western nova scotia starting to see some light rain. Your overnight very warm though in fredericton into the double digits by tomorrow. Temperatures on the rise for a seasonal 20 degrees. Our friends in charlottetown with a mix of sun and cloud. More on the cloudy side, actually 13 degrees for your high. >> Thanks so much. Noor deputy prime minister and finance minister chrystia freeland is heading home from italy, where she and other g7 finance ministers have just wrapped up three days of talks. As david-akin reports, canada has been pushing the g7 to adopt a plan to use seized russian financial assets to help finance the government of ukraine, finance ministers of the g7, canada's chrystia freeland, included, spent three days in italy's alpine resort town of stresa grappling with two key problems china and russia. >> There was broad consensus among the world's richest nations canada, the us, the uk, germany, italy, france and japan that they must do more to curb china's anti-competitive behavior. But getting agreement on dealing with vladimir putin's russia is a trickier problem. Canada has been pushing a plan to use the interest income generated by the $300 billion in russian financial assets that were seized by western nations after russia invaded ukraine in 2022, and either give that money directly to ukraine or use that as collateral against a loan for ukraine. Either way, such a move could give ukraine as much as $50 billion, which it urgently needs. Canada's firm position has always been that russia, the aggressor, must pay for the destruction it has caused. Deputy prime minister chrystia freeland told reporters. It cannot be the sole duty of the democracies or of the brave people of ukraine, to pay for putin's war of aggression. Us

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