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We're ready. Let's go, let's go! (Sirens blaring) ANNOUNCER:9-1-1,season finale Thursdayat 8 Eastern on Global. [piece of a falling bbq] - Oh! [Men forcing] [sledgehammer blow] [woodpecker] - Dinner!! - Rona So I didn't think I needed Swiffer, until, I saw how easily it picked up my hair every time I dried it! Only takes a minute. Look at that! The Heavy Duty cloths are extra thick, for amazing trap & lock. Even for his hair. Wow! And for dust, I love my Heavy Duty Duster. The fluffy fibers trap dust on contact, up high and all around without having to lift a thing. I'm so hooked. You'll love Swifferor your money back. They say it can see the future. ( ) And it can live for decades. With outstanding safety and longevity, you can always trust... The new Subaru Crosstrek. The true Urban Legend. The candles are for ambiance. And to disguise the fact that you wore your bathing suit to dinner. Come find your Island. Prince Edward Island Canada has one of the best backyards in the world. Don't let allergies prevent you from breathing it all in. (Sneeze, birds squawking) Get relief fast. Reactine acts fast to relieve allergy symptoms and lasts 24 hours. Depend offers all day protection. So you can say "yes" to alll-most anything. Yes! Yes! Yes! No! Depend. The only thing stronger than us, is you. Okay, and root beer to drink? No. [gasping] What? He didn't get root beer? I'm getting frozen root beer. Oh! Try frozen a&w root beer with sweet cream. -(Siren blaring)-Melissa! I want youto remember me forever. There really is somebodyfor everybody. (Screaming) . Three, two a settlement has been reached between the province and the company behind pictou northern pulp mill. Now paper excellence will abandon its plans to reopen the mill and instead pursue a new site in queens county. As. >> We have an update about the cyber attack affecting london. Drugs, cyber criminals who stole files from the company's corporate head office have made good on their threat to release data after london drugs refused to pay a ransom. Jordan armstrong has the story. We're not going to show you what's been released or tell you how it's accessed, but "global news" has viewed some of it and it is highly personal. >> Information on london drugs employees. We're talking medical and human resources files. >> Companies do hold very sensitive information about their employees. In the past, for example, we have seen salary information end up online. Details of disciplinary records, performance reviews, russian based ransomware group lockbit has claimed responsibility for the attack. >> It demanded $25 million by thursday. London drugs refused to pay. The company now says this is deeply distressing and london drugs is taking all available steps to mitigate any impacts from these criminal acts , including notifying all current employees whose personal information could be potentially impacted and providing them with complimentary credit monitoring services and identity theft protection. As previously stated, we have no indication to date of any compromise of patient or customer databases. Cyber security experts all agree there was no easy way out of this for london drugs. >> This group is known to lie about things. In the past, they've promised to delete information if the victim pays the ransom and yet, when the fbi and the national cyber crime center in the U.K. busted some of the servers and things that they used to display the stolen data, they discovered, even the data that was promised to be deleted had, in fact, been retained by the criminals. So there is no honor among thieves. >> London drugs employees whose private information is now public, could decide to pursue legal action against the company. >> But you have to be able to show the damages you suffered as a result of the effect that it's had had on you personally. But that effect must make objective sense in other words, if you're a very, very sensitive person and you're upset that your name has been taken, you're not going to recover very much. >> Thursday's data dump to the

dark web significant 300gb. It is unclear if lockbit is finished with london drugs or plans to release more stolen info in the days ahead. Jordan armstrong "global news" >> The rcmp has added a traditional indigenous ribbon skirt to its uniform. Commissioner mike durham made the announcement on social media, saying it demonstrates the rcmp's commitment to reconciliation, equity, diversity and inclusion. Officers have also been allowed to incorporate eagle feathers and the metis sash into their uniforms. Many indigenous groups across canada have a tradition of making and wearing ribbon skirts, usually worn for ceremonies. They are seen as a powerful symbol of identity and empowerment. Well, the federal government is planning an important change to how those born outside the country can gain citizenship. Immigration minister marc miller announced a new bill to reverse a 2009 rule, preventing canadians born overseas from passing on their citizenship citizenship to their children if they were also born abroad. Mackenzie-gray is more. >> You'll see if you examine the budget. >> A new move from ottawa to bring home so-called lost canadians. >> There's no doubt that canadian citizenship is highly valued and recognized around the world, where we want a citizenship to be fair, accessible, dal with clear and transparent rules. >> Currently, if someone is born to a canadian outside the country, they couldn't pass on their canadian passport to their child. If that child was also born abroad. With the change, citizenship could be passed along as long as their parents spend a total of three years in canada before their kid was born or adopted. I love you guys that will allow the kids of boston resident katherine burton to become canadian. >> They want to come here. They want to learn language. They want to go to school here. They want to do so many things here because this is what they consider home. >> All of the citizenship the liberals forced to make the modification after an ontario superior court ruled the law limiting citizenship was unconstitutional. >> It will be the first time that the citizenship act is actually charter compliant. >> The old rules, imposed in 2009 by the then conservative government after they spent $94 million repatriating around 14,000 canadian citizens during the war in lebanon. Evacuees, many in the harper government, viewed as canadians of convenience, as a part of an estimated group of over 4 million canadian citizens living outside the country who can access canadian social services like health care and reduced university tuition while paying little to no taxes. >> We don't have the same system as in the us, where, if you're an american citizen, regardless of where you live, you have to fill, your income tax report every year. >> The immigration minister was unable to say how many new canadians there would be from these changes, but a report from the senate estimated that 2 million canadians living abroad obtained their citizenship by descent. Mackenzie-gray "global news" ottawa. >> Canadian singer celine dion has shared her first official trailer for a new documentary, I am celine dion. Now, this documents the superstar struggle with a life altering illness. >> I'm working hard every day, but I have to admit it's been a struggle. I miss it so much. People I miss the if I can't roam. >> Dion was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder in 2022. Known as stiff person syndrome. This causes muscle stiffness and painful spasms that progress over time. She was forced to cancel her world tour a year ago. Dion calls the film a love letter to her fans. It will stream on prime video at the end of june. That's what's making national and international news. You are watching "global news" morning on this friday, may 23rd. I'll see you in a little bit. Paul is back right after this. Don't go away. I'm your host, Stephen Colbert. Normal girl Taylor Tomlinson. I am so happy to be back. He is so cool! There will be memes, emojis, murder... Featuring awesome celebrity cameos. This is one of my favourite guests we ever have on. Who put "murder" in here? (Bell ringing) (Laughing) [Song playing - Here Comes theHotstepper by Ini Kamoze] [people shaking the ice in their cups] [people shaking the ice in their cups] [people shaking the ice in their cups]

Tide is busting Laundry's biggest myth... that cold water can't clean. Cold water, on those stains? Cold water can't clean tough stains? I'd say that Myth is Busted. Turn to cold, with Tide. (Upbeat music) [pistons firing] Unlock your engine's true performance with new and improved Shell V-Power Nitro+Premium Gasoline. Performance Unbound. Listen up! Here's a lesson about Activia Fibre a simple way to add fibre and 1 billion probiotics to your day that contribute to healthy gut flora It starts inside Activia ( ) Ever wonder what's around the next corner? ( ) ( ) Past the trees. ( ) Over the mountains? ( ) That's where adventure lives... ( ) Take a Nissan suv and go find it. ( ) Get the team there now. Announcer: TheFBIfranchise, only on Global. >> You're watching "global news" morning >> Welcome back to "global news" morning. Well, specialists at the two health sciences center are expanding the abilities of their world class pet ct scanner and gallium 68. Now a tracer used to detect cancers, now used to detect prostate cancer. This combination of equipment and technology is great news for nova scotians who would have previously needed to travel to montreal, for example, to get this test. Joining me today with more is doctor david barnes, a qe two nuclear medicine physician. And also wayne hatcher is with us this morning. One of the first patients to have this test done at the qe2. So guys thanks for joining us this morning on "global" news morning. Welcome yeah. >> Pleasure. Happy to be here. Pleasure to you. >> Pleasure to meet you both. Doctor let's start with you. Tell us a bit about the equipment. What is gallium 68 psma and how does it all work? >> Well, many viewers might be familiar with a pet ct scanning. We've been doing imaging of pet imaging in halifax now for about 15 years for various types of cancer, and we use a tracer in that called fdg, and it's a radioactive molecule tied to a sugar molecule. And we inject it into someone and we scan them and we can find areas of increased sugar uptake and many cancers have an increased sugar metabolism. So we're able to find them with this. With this test. Fortunately, prostate cancer isn't one of those. Fdg scanning isn't very helpful in prostate cancer. Well, over the last decade or so, a new test has been developed where the way we inject a molecule now that has an affinity for a antigen or a protein on the surface of prostate cancer cells, very specifically on prostate cancer cells. And it, it, it, it seeks those out. And we're able to use this gallium psma. That's what it's called to find prostate cancer specifically. >> Wow wow. And wayne that's why we have you here this morning. You were first diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2018. You made a full recovery at that time. And you found out last fall that it had returned. Now tell me about how you found out through this new test on the pet ct. >> Yes. Back in 2018, I was told that I had prostate cancer. And with that, I went for the operation and I was cancer free. Even though keeping in mind that every three months I would have my psa checked. So one day, less than four years, my doctor told me that I had to have radiation. So with that, there was no scan, more or less to stay in halifax where it could truly pinpoint where my cancer was at. So I refused the radiation three times. And then this glorious news came to halifax that there's going to be this new pet scan. And I had the opportunity to go to the qe2 hospital. And as I enter that room, this as well, all the bright lights and everything and this long bed and this welcoming staff and I and this big open dome. So I felt like I was just lying on the beach down south somewhere. I was just so comfortable. And then roughly 26, 28 minutes, taking lots of pictures. Then after that, a week later, I received a phone call that I have metastasized prostate cancer in the lung. Wow. And I had two lumps. I guess there's a stage four t4, and then six weeks later, I was on the operating table and had my two cancer tumors removed, removed, plus part of my lung, and they say amen to this. Gallium 68

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