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was rewarding terrorists. Israel announced wednesday it will allow israelis to return to three former west bank settlements. Access had been blocked since the evacuation order in 2005. Israel is also recalling its ambassadors to the three countries. >> Ireland, norway, and spain are telling hamas in a loud and clear voice that the october 7th massacre pays off. >> Reporter: the news was greeted much differently by palestinians. In the west bank, a spokesperson says a two state solution is the only path to peace. While in gaza there was hope the new recognition needs to change. "we have the right to live like other countries," this man says. "to have a state and live in freedom." whether the move leads others to follow is the big question. In each, recognizing it palestinian state, analysts say it will play well domestically 143 countries voted early this month at the un to recognize a palestinian state. The addition of three more isn't moving the needle in the U.S. or canada. >> Canada's long-standing position has been to support, to call for a two state solution. >> Reporter: one thing the three countries are saying is that while they will recognize the palestinian state, they insist they also stand behind israel's right to defend itself. But what was legitimate and even necessary, they say, has dragged on too far. Mike armstrong, global news. >> Blake: live look at westminster this morning in london, where there was some big news announced. British prime minister rishi sunak has called a national election which will be happening july 4th. >> Now is the moment for britain to choose its future. This election will take place in a time when the world is more dangerous than it has been. >> Blake: sunak says king charles granted his request wednesday to dissolve parliament, which will be suspended friday. This announcement comes months ahead of one it was expected with the governing conservative party support dwindling after 14 years in power.

>>> New data from interpole is confirming canada ranks among the world's top ten countries for auto theft. The international law enforcement agency says more than 1500 vehicles stolen in canada have been identified by police around the world since february. The information comes after the rcmp integrated canada's database for stolen vehicles. The agency says thieves are attracted to canada's abundant supply of high-value models such as suvs and crossovers. >>> Throughout the pandemic, the canadian government spent billions on more than 800 million covid-19 rapid tests. The bulk of them were given to the provinces and territories to distribute and free screening programs, but in many places that will soon be coming to an end. Rapid testing may soon be based on your ability to pay. >> Reporter: there used to be light apps for free covid-19 rapid tests. Today it's no waiting for bill, who picked one up at his local library in halifax. >> If we had been somewhere that we hear someone else has covid, or if we've had the sniffles or something, we use the tests. >> Reporter: but the days of ottawa sending millions of tests to the provinces are numbered. Health canada saying in a statement, "given the covid outlook and demand, the federal government does not anticipate the need for additional procurement at this time." new brunswick announced it will stop handing them out when supplies run out, likely the end of next month. Saskatchewan did the same in february. >> People who are wealthy can continue to buy them. >> Reporter: that bothers one epidemiologist who says rapid tests should still be part of the plan. >> If we say we are not going to have it anymore, we are taking the word public out of public health. >> Reporter: nova scotia is planning its next steps, as is alberta, which stresses no decision has been made. Ontario would only say through a spokesperson the province has tens of millions of rapid antigen test available to the public, not saying when they would expire. But lab-based testing by medical referral remains available. And for one expert, it's the better tool. Rapid tests performed differently for different people >> The interpretation capacity has to improve. That means the sensitivity of these tests need to improve. >> Reporter: experts agree tests have to improve and detect other respiratory viruses like rsv and influenza. That's in the works, likely rendering these obsolete. Heidi patrik schick, global news, halifax. >> Announcer: you're watching global news morning. [ ] >> Blake: checking in now with qr calgary to see what's coming up on the show. What's coming up on this thursday? >> We are talking to our mental health advocate, karen gallagher. We'll talk to her about the opioid crisis, drug poisoning deaths which we know are on the rise across the country. How does that tie into mental health? It will check on mental health and hopefully propel everyone forward much better today. And, we are giving away pair of miranda lambert tickets once again today. It's been a very popular ticket. The country format certainly big, especially when you look at stampede coming. We are not far away from stampede, and there is a great country music lineup, rock 'n' roll, tons of great music coming our way. >> Blake: it will be here before you know it. Good stuff. On our side of things, we are talking about the calgary marathon getting underway sunday. This year's big. For the first time in a decade it's sold out. Kristin fleming with the marathon is going to talk about the huge influx of people this year and all the new things happening for this race to mark the 60th anniversary. I think there are three guinness world record attempts being made sunday. So we will get the lowdown on that. Also talking okotoks dogs as they get ready for their season, trying to make it three straight championships, which would be just incredible. >> Sounds good. Have great day. >> Blake: talking sports on the other side of the break, specifically the stamps, hoping for a much healthier season, especially in a key area of the team. Talking about the receivers, plagued by injuries as they get ready for preseason. Also tiffany lizee wil Closed captioning of this program is brought to you in part by CLiC Privacy Glass,

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