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>> Announcer: you're watching global news morning. [ ] >> Blake: good morning and happy thursday. It's may 23rd. My name is blake lough. Before we start with news, let's look at the forecast for today. Temperatures that we are expecting as they see the calgary tower lit up in what looks like read and purple. 6 degrees right now, expecting more rain through the day. Only getting up to 11 degrees in the afternoon, risk of thunderstorms later in the evening. Tiffany lizee will have the full check on the forecast coming up later this half hour. >>> Topping the news right now, we will find out later this morning with the city has planned for the permanent closure of the inglewood aquatic centre. The pool along 17th avenue southeast has quite the history. The city wanted to shut it down several years ago, but people in the community fought back and were given a two year reprieve while the city looked at long-term options. That was back in 2019. Today the pool is still open. There have been many concerns about the lack of aquatic facilities in the downtown area. In 2021 the eau claire ymca closed due to falling membership numbers. The city also closing the beltline pool. The mnp community and sports centre has a massive expansion planned, which this he hopes will help. We will learn more about what's happening at the inglewood pool at 9:30 this morning. >>> Gas prices are all over the place right now. In some cases, there's 20 cents difference in our city. Gas at nearly $1.62 in some parts of calgary as well as as low as $1.42, depending where you fill out. Energy and gas expert dan mcteague says there isn't it clear explanation on why we are seeing that range in prices. He says for a gas station to replace the cost of the fuel they are selling, prices should be around $1.44 or they wouldn't be making any money unless the retail side of the business is doing very well. Mick tags as prices right now are indicative of what we are seeing in markets across much of the U.S. midwest and western canada. >> If you're getting gasoline in calgary for under $1.52, you're doing very well. And in edmonton, buying for under $1.50. Take advantage of oil you can. Things like this don't always happen and they certainly don't always last. >> Blake: he says canada continues -- calgary continues to see gas prices higher than edmonton, generally 2-3 cents more.

>>> Some new developments in the ransomware attack against london -- london drugs. The group block bit demanded the company pay $25 million by today or stolen data would be released. But according to one analyst, the initial demand disappeared from the group's website wednesday. The retailer had said it would not pay that ransom, something some experts say could be risky. >> Digital data is something that can be stored, copied, and shared. So what guarantee do they have that that data would not surface again 5-10 years from now. >> Blake: london drugs as paying for up to ten years of credit monitoring for its employees. >>> Calgary police have released it photo of the men they believed to be responsible for a hit and run crash in bridgeland last month. Police are hoping someone recognizes the man, believed to be driving an older model honda odyssey van. Back on april 27th, investigators say a man fell in the parking lot of gas station on fourth street northeast. He was run over twice by the van when it reversed, then drove off. The victim was taken to hospital suffering life altering injuries. Anyone with information is asked to call police or crimestoppers. >>> Calgary police need help finding a missing man who is not familiar with our city. The 34-year-old was last seen in the southeast community of auburn bay. He left his home on auburn crest way around 11:00 o'clock tuesday morning and was expected to visit the calgary transit customer service centre downtown, but never made it there. He only speaks ukrainian and russian. His family and police are concerned for his well-being. Anyone with information is asked to call police or crimestoppers.

>>> In just one year, nearly 100,000 more people moved to calgary, according to statistics canada, which shows our city's population grew by 6 percent last year, the highest jump since 2006. The city has a new housing strategy in place, but some question if it will be enough to meet record demand. Adam macvicar has more on that. >> Reporter: it's no secret finding a place in calgary is tough. Some have to rely on some fortune. >> I only got in because my brother previously rented there for six years, so he had a relationship with the landlord. It was never posted online. I was lucky. >> You shouldn't have to rely on luck. >> Reporter: the city approved its housing strategy in september. Since then vacancy tumbled to 1.1 percent, while brent and home prices saw double-digit increases. >> It's going to keep getting worse until we complete the push forward to more of these actions. >> Reporter: officials say they've completed five of the 98 recommendations in the housing strategy, including citywide rezoning and making several parcels of city-owned land available. Councilor walcott says its good progress while staying realistic about timing. >> Realistically, we have to be self-aware about the time it takes to create a problem is almost the equivalent of solving it. >> Reporter: speed is a challenge for affordable housing providers. Home space societies working on two nonmarket developments for families. >> We have other partners building throughout the city, all competing for the same resources. Labour, materials. >> Reporter: city officials target more than 41,000 homes being built by fall 2026, with more than 6003 federal housing money. But some councilors feel they're not doing enough. >> It's just a few homes. Maybe 1000 in total. I don't see the return on investment. >> Reporter: while others feel any steps count. >> I love this city and want to see people continue to call this home. >> Reporter: city councilors also giving the initial green light to create a volunteer expert advisory committee. Officials say the plan is to have work underway on 80 percent of the strategy recommendations by the end of the year. >> Blake: still at city hall, it committee has voted to move forward with a plan to encourage more calgary homeowners to build secondary suites. They're offering thousands of dollars as an incentive. Councilors are warning there are tight parameters on what the money can be used for. >> They have to make sure they know all the rules on what a safe suite is before they sign it. Then the building permits, the inspections. There's a lot of parameters to make sure whoever is living in that secondary suite is safe. >> One it we look at the cost of constructing new homes, construction of renovations is also high. >> Blake: the motion will go to council later this month. If approved, the city would pay up to $10,000 where the suite is registered. It could be an additional $5000 for those who meet certain accessibility requirements and up to $1250 for energy efficiency improvements. We spoke to basement builders calgary, say a new basement sweet renovation that meets the standard would cost at least $80,000. >> I think a lot of homeowners would love for that incentive program to alleviate those costs. Right now we are at about 25 percent. All basement suites. Compared to last year, that's up about 22 percent. >> Blake: mark graham says he'll be even busier if the incentive program is approved. The city expects to see up to 3000 new suites in the first year of the program.

>>> Alberta as I province may be enticing for many, but any report card on how provinces are responding to the poverty crisis, alberta comes in with a near failing grade. Food bank canada's poverty report card gave alberta an overall grade of d-, dropping from last year's grade of d. The report says 47 percent of albertans feel worse off financially than last year. The province was also given an f. For both its legislative process and for the nearly three in ten albertans struggling with food insecurity. >> Food insecurity ranges in severity. Everything from being worried about not having enough food to cutting down on the quality of food to in some severe cases skipping food for entire days due to lack of money. This has been found across the board to affect physical and mental health. >> The number of kids experiencing food insecurity is really growing. The latest numbers from statistics canada tell us about 30 percent of kids live in households experiencing food insecurity in 2023. >> Blake: the report recommended the province introduce a provincial poverty reduction strategy to expand the temporary rent assistance benefit to all albertans waiting for affordable housing. >>> Three countries have announced they will recognize an independent palestine. Reaction from israel and what it could mean for other western nations. [ ] -Think fast!-Dad! (Announcer speaks wordson screen) It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! What does Joy mean to you? Winning $1,000,000 dream home? A new adventure-ready luxury motor home? Maybe it means going on a once in a lifetime trip every year, for ten years? Or maybe it means giving southern Alberta's tiniest patients a healthy start to their lives. With the children's hospital lottery, It's all possible. Get your tickets and add a little joy to your life while making a big difference for kids and families at the Alberta Children's Hospital. The Sounds of Summer Sale is on now at Visions Electronics! Incredible savings on amazing tech for outdoor entertainment TVs, speakers, car audio, and more! No Interest and No Payments Until 2026 Plus a chance to Win your purchase See all the deals atVisions dot ca Joing Global News Morning for Storage Solutions with California Closets. We'll show you how to cut clutter with storage solutions so stylish you'll want to keep the closet doors open. Storage Solutions with California Closets. Sundays on Global NEws Morning. Thousands stranded on 9/11,a small town in Newfoundland that opened their homes. The Broadway musical Come From Away, September 17th to 22nd. Tickets on sale now at You've been waiting to get outand drive a New Nissan,great offersare ready So, check out all the latesttech, features and thrills - it's all happening right now. Now, at Nissan, lease select models from as low as 2.99% for 24 months. ( ) nivea q10 Targeted Wrinkle Filler. ( ) With Pure q10 coenzyme and Bioxifill peptides. Visibly reduces the look of fine lines in 5 minutes and moisturizes to help reduce the look of deeper wrinkles over time. For every expression of you. Nivea. >> Blake: welcome back. The leaders of norway, ireland, and spain say they will recognize an independent palestinian state starting next tuesday, calling it an essential step to piece in the region. The decision was met with anger from israel, with the prime minister calling it a reward for terrorism. Though is largely symbolic move, all eyes are now on other western nations to see if anyone else will follow suit. Mike armstrong has more. >> Reporter: and three european capitals, coordinator announcements. In madrid, the spanish prime minister, also the norwegian prime minister, and in dublin the irish prime minister each saying they will recognize the state of palestine may 28th and they hope others will follow. >> I'm confident that further countries will join us. >> Reporter: reaction from israel was immediate. The country's foreign minister standing with the families of hostages says the move supports hamas atrocities, while the israeli prime minister said it

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