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>>> You may live in an area with a lot of and fills. Over the past 2 years over 1000 homes have been demolished to make way for anyone's. Only 61 were saved and move to another location. At a time where where experiencing and having carolyn kury de castillo to review the process of moving an entire home are@in this case the 1950s buffalo has been spared and is about to hit the road taking a trip to newtown. >> Is a lot of demand on our end as well with people with and for quality recycled homes. >> Reporter: they first come in district the basement and later beams are concerned and they raise the house with a hydraulic jack system and in this case this bond at around to save the city cheap. Loads of promise and ensuring are no wires peer. >> He said it's moved from recycling burns 2 houses. >> 18 years ago we did maybe 30% of it that and the 70% looking for people and outs probably 80% is recycle houses. Everything so expensive so be able to find a home and have it set up her a fraction of the cost of building a brand-new is just huge. >> Reporter: she said it can be the owner's best interest cost wise to have it moved but they have to reject many homes because of their condition she said it would be make sense for. Not only asked for our fairly affiliates and landowners student loan carolyn kury de castillo global news.

>>> The world's eyes we'll be on paris 2 months from now but here in our cities some students are already taking part in their own science will affix. Students from grades 1 through 12 pack the elliptical quality university of calgary for the 2024 olympics where they put their creativity and problem solving skills to the test. The challenges they face are all based on the alberta school curriculum. >> We've seen some of the exciting and innovative solutions. We have teams come and develop prototypes to harvest fruit. Robots likened to the autonomously. >> Curious minds and having an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Keep trying things and honestly just make stuff. Just make something, you know,. >> Tracy: around 900 students from 54 schools took part in the challenge. Next, a new documentary shedding light on bc for strays dirty little secret. Line would pellets exported as green fuel might actually be hurting and not helping the environment. Global Weather is brought to you by Alberta Home Services. Visit for more info. The Patio Store is now open with new locationsin Edmonton and Calgary. Hurry in and take advantageof the huge selection. The patio store is open. The Patio Store dot com. At Pharmasave. We see you and we care. We see the people in your life who depend on you. So you can depend on us for prescriptions for common conditions, expert health advice, or support for life's little mishaps. Come talk to your Pharmasave pharmacist. Live well with Pharmasave (Announcer speaks words on screen) Insurance companies deny legitimate claims all the time. They're playing the odds. They know that most people are just going to walk away. Your insurer may ignore you. They may even ignore your doctors. But they can't ignore us. We know how insurance companies work. We know their weaknesses. We know how to use the legal process to force them to pay you what you're owed. Go to Discover your rights. Fight back and get what you're owed. Nice hand towel, huh? What do you need a hand towel for? Can't you use a big towel for your hands? What's next, foot towel? Turkish... for eight bucks? You're getting this towel. Deals so good, everyone approves. HomeSense. ( ) ( ) Stop dreaming. Start shopping. Red Tag Days are on at Toyota, with great offers on select models. Find yours today, at [ ] t we are flying to the south bust looking at this bit of ongoing construction. A big project along 14th street here appears this is anderson road. Cursor heading eastbound. We have this huge strip from anderson all the way to canyon meadows. You can use a low jive as an alternate. When you call health link professionals can answer you're questions and provide care. Call 811. In global 1 I'm louise than dan.

>>> Bc task force held a massive cleanup is apt -- weekend at at the dumpsite in the south okanagan. Its is done back if the egg is her. >> We are in a local those okanagan calls didn't work this 1 here we are expected to their current members. >> The okanagan took to task force has been prepping for a while. >> It's own at the bigger halls, were not even going to be at the finish it in 1 day. We will have to make piles and come back next week and hopefully. >> I'm surprise, how it happens to be as seas motorhomes is the annual mayonnaise during the it almost feels 1 of these entire bins they have to it sideways. Loose of that feels of the home to china get at a period he can't do have this humping week that while live in calhoun who grew I'm glad it's going to skiing for negative. >> They would urge anyone who is reported. Also task force to the new ampere and the team will take care of it. Victoria, global news.

>>> Bc's forestry practices here is paul johnson. [ ] >> You're washing along bone was the wood pellet in his june this program was not in canada but was produced by the puc of the uk. >> As it turns out, the environmental and forest policies at clay and vc right now in the uk. >> Reporter: the jacks power station. 1 of the biggest in the uk it runs off of wood pellets. Most of them sourced from bc. Hanson says envision reeked of 1 of the most triple cut the allowed limit. >> Aside from the air quality issues, watchable sconce vision is turning whole laws in a few coats to renewable business. While trestle rule hanson says she's seen whole laws herself at their facilities. >> I've walked around and seen these enormous piles of logs. Anyone who goes to apollo clinic knows their grinding cheese to turn into politics. >> Reporter: the forest minister than being turned into pelts peer paul johnson global newsnoon-mac next spring weather putting a damper on memorial day week. Travel plans for millions of americans were travellers can expect major delays this weekend. [ ]

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