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long. Taking place at various venues. 35 movies are being shown designed to resonate with all audiences and showcasing the talent of creators from all backgrounds. Organizer say calgary has truly embrace the movement. >> Over the lash while years we've seen an increase in attendance and interest and support. And this year is even topping last year. Just the turnout you see today is fantastic. We are extremely happy and proud of all the work that is gone into this and as well the city of calgary. We are proud to be here in calgary. >> Tracy: all the films are also accessible online. >>> Still ahead the backlash over a ribbon skirt and why the rcmp newest ceremonial uniform for indigenous officers is getting a thumbs down from some critics. >>> But first pushing the boundaries of political disinformation. New democrats call for an ethics probe into the use of fake television clips by a conservative mp. >> Announcer: get a deal on a new deck or a fresh coat of paint. The new sale is on at home hardware now until june 5th. >> I'm joelle tomlinson. We are in montera on cochran lakes. Byron, what does montera have to offer? >> It is a premier state development and we have state lots at exceptional value for all homebuyers. We are located about 45 minutes outside of downtown calgary and minutes north of the town of cochrane. >> Reporter: talk to me about the amenities montera has to offer. >> Lots of nature pathways to disc -- explored that the moment itself and 2 community parks available to all the homeowners here and we were hosting today a family adventure day some asking people to come on down and explored the developments and have fun and an adventure day. >> Reporter: and check out the beautiful landscape as well. To learn more head Weather Window is brought to you in part by Birchwood Furniture Galleries. Learn more at It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! A refocused healthcare system in Alberta means... Some of the people in this waiting room won't have to be here. This family could have a practitioner to call their own. These patients could have more continuing care options. This person could be accessing mental health treatment. Leaving fewer people in Urgent Care who can now access more timely acute care. Giving every Albertan the care you need, when and where you need it. Learn more at a message from the Government of Alberta. - Remember those times you felt truly independent, windows down, on the road to anywhere you want to go, the freedom to do the things you love to do most? At Advantage Home Health Solutions we want you to feel that same sense of freedom. - Independence costs less during our demo days sale. Enjoy up to 40% offselect mobility scooters and foldingpower chairs. Did you know we repairthe best brands of power chairs andmobility scooters? - Test drive comfort,fit for you, at Advantage Home Health Solutions. Welcome to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, where every spring adventure calls and passions ignite. Feel the pulse of excitement as you immerse yourself in nature's playground. Let the vibrant spirit of the valley fuel your passion for life as you taste, touch and embrace the beauty all around. From Alpine to Ocean. Join us this spring in the Comox Valley. Joing Global News Morning for Storage Solutions with California Closets. We'll show you how to cut clutter with storage solutions so stylish you'll want to keep the closet doors open. Storage Solutions with California Closets. Sundays on Global NEws Morning. >> Tracy: new democrats say they are planning to ask the house of commons ethics committee to include a video by a conservative mp as part of an ongoing study into the impact of disinformation on canadian politics. A manitoba mp distributed a video on social media titled breaking news, trudeau resigns. As david akin reports experts say it pushes the boundaries of political messaging. >> Reporter: this video never erred on ctv news channel and this video never erred on cbc news. The scenes are fiction created for conservative member of parliament brandon leslie. >> Over the coming weeks choose

there next leader. >> Reporter: they were part of a four minute leader -- video leslie released criticizing his time in office but the technique used to do that, experts say, mixing real footage with newscasts from global, ctv and others with out of context news in what amounts to fake news is a problem. >> It is taking the work journalists do and using the model and the formats that journalists used to try to spread things that aren't true. >> This is the first instance of this sort of content that I have seen produced or published by member of parliament and canada. I've not seen anything like this before. It's pushing the boundaries. >> Reporter: leslie shrugged off concerns the doctored images might be mistaken for real news. >> I don't think anyone thinks I'm the guy that will break the news that the prime minister has resigned. I think canadians are very smart. >> Reporter: new democrats take a different view. >> It ought to be absolutely unacceptable and there should be an ethical consensus amongst parties we will not partake in this type of misinformation and disinformation. >> Reporter: matthew green is a member of the house of commons ethics committee that is studying political disinformation and misinformation. >> I call on mp to delete and apologize. >> Reporter: as for the broadcasters ctv says it was concerned about misuse of its low goals -- logos and branding and cbc says it has detected an alarming trend of false ads and news stories. David akin, global news, ottawa. >> Tracy: since a landmark ruling in 1990 the rcmp on occasion have adjusted uniform regulations to reflect cultural and religious diversity in the ranks. The latest addition, a ribbon skirt, as part of the ceremonial uniform options available for indigenous officers who identify as women or two spirit people but as melissa ridgen explains public reaction to the change is largely negative. >> Reporter: it was a soft launch on the rcmp media thursday. Ribbon skirts a symbol of resilience and survival of first nation women now part of the dress uniform options available to rcmp officers. Along with the eagle feather and métis sash. >> It's an immediate know for me >> Reporter: summarizing the wave of reaction. >> Upon me seeing it what I was turned off. I try to unpack, why did I feel that when I saw it? And a big part of it is the historical and ongoing trauma. >> Reporter: social media flooded with hard nose from indigenous folk except on the rcmp's own social media page. >> Comments were turned off when it was posted. Maybe they foresaw some issues or didn't want to deal with the backlash they knew they were going to get. >> Reporter: many felt the announcement did not consider the dark history with the indigenous people from hanging métis leader louis riel in 1885 to the forced relocation of inuit families to the high arctic to act as human flagpoles for canada during the cold war and the forcible removal of first nation children from their homes to residential schools. Inspector kim mueller is cree and worked with other indigenous officers to have it added to the dress code. >> Some of the social media coverage and interviews I've seen so far make assumptions about where this is coming from and that it is a colonial organization taking something sacred and agree to disagree. I am a first nations woman who is a proud police officer and my elders and my family and my community are also proud of that and this is a way to celebrate people like me within the rcmp. >> Reporter: in the end it will be up to the 300 officers who identify as indigenous women or two spirits whether they wear the ribbon skirt as part of their dress uniform or keep their culture and career attire separate. Melissa ridgen, global news, winnipeg. >> Tracy: next, the truth is out there. But who is responsible when space junk hits the ground. A surprising discovery by a saskatchewan's farmer.

>>> But first despite soaring prices the length some canadians are willing to go to keep summer travel plans alive. >> Single use bylaw is no more at least for now. The price of townhouses is surging. >> Some areas could see a month worth of Closed captioning of this program is brought to you in part by atco Energy. Electricity and natural gas for your home. Thousands stranded on 9/11,a small town in Newfoundland that opened their homes. The Broadway musical Come From Away, September 17th to 22nd. Tickets on sale now at Nostalgic Music 45 years of watching Saturday Morning Cartoons morning cartoons while munching on your favorite cereal. It's an honor building memories with you, Calgary. Okay, and root beer to drink? No. [gasping] What? He didn't get root beer? I'm getting frozen root beer. Oh! Try frozen a&w root beer with sweet cream. It's a fact that there are thousands of homeless military veterans in canada. Homes for heroes foundation is a national charity, building tiny home villages with full support services. These villages provide a safe place for canadian veterans to transition back to civilian life within a community of peers. With the support of companies like the brick, homes for heroes has two villages operating, with plans to build across canada. You can help, with your donation. They stood on guard for us, now let's stand up for them. Camping season is here and the great outdoors are calling. Global News and Western rv Country are teaming up to bring you the camping forecast. Get important weather updates on Global News Hour at 6 and on Global News at 11. And check out Western rv Country, where Family fun is number one. At Spa Spot, we always say you got it made. That's a bold statement. Here's why we say it. Spa Spot has a huge selection of premium position design hot tubs engineered to the highest quality for the coldest environments every customer gets from the heart service. We're not going to sell you a hot tub, were going to find you a hot tub to make you happy and then deliver the best customer experience after the fact. Get our best price right up front. No high pressure sales tactics here at Spa Spot you got it made. >> Tracy: scratching the summer travel inches high on the list of priorities for many people across the country despite high inflation straining health hold -- household budgets. Fresh polling is shedding light on how any people are willing to stretch themselves financially to make their getaway happy. Anne gaviola has the details. >> Reporter: financial times are tough for a growing number of households but the urge to take a break is particularly strong this summer. >> A lot of canadians are excited to travel whether that looks like a road trip or a staycation or a flight overseas. >> Reporter: four in five canadians say they really need a vacation but only three in five are likely to take one according to ipsos polling exclusive for global news. Two thirds are scaling back inflation plans because of vacation and more than a quarter says there's no way to afford it this year while nearly 20 percent say they could easily afford one. The vp of ipsos public affairs says age as opposed to income dictates how likely you are to want to splurge. Younger less affluent respondents are willing to break the bank to get away. >> There may be implications for line of credit with a credit card we younger people leading the way with that vacation intentions and will simply find a way to do it and budget be damned. >> Reporter: personal-finance exit says budgeting as you go is the way to go. >> There is an opportunity to use your itinerary as a budgeting tool. >> Reporter: she recommend saving money by flying out on less expensive dates and times from cheaper airports. >> We want to think about chasing the deal and not the destination if we want to trim costs on airfare. >> Reporter: other ways to trim costs. Consider a staycation rather than a luxury vacation abroad and choose free activities like self-guided tours and scope out less expensive food options. >> We want to avoid coming home to the nasty credit card build we are not anticipating. >> Reporter: anne gaviola, global news, toronto. [ ] >> Courtney: it will not quite be as beautiful as we saw in that story. Getting up to 16°. We were up to 4° and started at and we are moving in the right direction and it will be

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