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>>> And edmonton teenagers suffered a spinal cord injury in a car crash last summer that changed his life forever. >> Joel: now a new wheelchair is destroying some of the freedom that he once had. >> Reporter: an annual road trip for kelowna for carly and her kids change in an instant. >> We were involved in the head on collision on the trans-canada highway about 20 minutes west of revelstoke. >> Reporter: everybody in their car survived in this manner were described but her son got the brunt of the injuries. >> He is paraplegic a. >> Reporter: fortunately has full use of his arms and you can use a manual wheelchair, like many teenage boys, he's a thrillseeker, his medical team nominated him for the shiny foundation, where he they came up with his dream of worry eight not a wheelchair. >> When mom wanted me to get it because we always go camping, dad help me to get the idea of going really fast. >> Reporter: it's an electric four-wheel altering the chair that he conceded with his arms you and it's not just his manual chair getting out, he can go on the grass, off-road, he can do jumps, is seeing the smile on his face, the wind in his mullets. [ Laughter ] >> At this gives me the ability to do thing I thought I could not do, or do well. And it's just amazing in general. >> Reporter: for his parents its broad peace and out and I can keep up with his friends. >> And being able to have more positive in our life then it dealing with a negative in this way, just so excited to, you will have a summer this year, we did not get one last year. >> Reporter: that shine foundations as they are all about changing lives for the battery and in this case is at tanner's new rig. >> It's given him an opportunity to really look at a new trajectory into the future, it's giving him confidence, helping to build confidence and optimism optimism, and a boost for mental health. >> Reporter: for tanner, he cannot wait until his next adventure. >> Linda: still to come, the rcmp adding to its offices uniforms, then you option that the forces Let's maximize those dreams. That's right. The next lotto max jackpot is an estimated $70 million, plus an estimated 12 maxmillions. A backyard putting green? What about a whole backyard course! She's dreaming to the max! Get your lotto MAXtickets today! [ ] Ram Power Days are here.The power to choose fromthe most awarded truck brand over the last five years. Like Ram Classic.As versatile as it is capable. Ram 1500, voted bestlarge pickup in Canada. Or Ram Heavy Dutywith a no-charge Cummins. And you don't pay for 90 days. The power is yours.The time is now. Get 20% off msrp on Ram Classic for up to $14,200 in discounts. Plus get 4.99% financing. Parrots are incredible animals. [Parrot] Another overdue bill! Yeah. They're also extremely intelligent. [Parrot] Forgot to pay again! They also repeat things they hear a lot. The new bmo eclipse rise Visa card rewards you with points for paying your bill on time every month to help build a routine. [Parrot] Rewards you with points! And you get 5x the points on things like groceries, dining and recurring bill payments. [Parrot] For paying your bill! —But also you can... — [Parrot] Every month! —And just remember. —[Parrot] Build a routine! [Parrot squawking] He is a talker. When a bank helps you make real financial progress. That's the bmo Effect. Bmo It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! Vanessa:Hi, I'm Vanessa! Tori:Vanessa likes gymnastics. She loves soccer, she loves to ride her bike. She loves to stay at the park as long as she can. She shows me every day that she can do anything she puts her mind to. The War Amps is able to provide Vanessa with the devices and support that she needs because of the

generosity of the public. Nothing will stop her. Any help that she ever needs is right there because of your generosity. Vanessa:Thank you! [Giggle] . >> Announcer: you're watching global news hour at six. [ ] >> Joel: the rcmp is adding a ribbon escort as part of its uniform. >> Linda: ribbons cards will be offered to indigenous female and two spirit officers to where, the national forces it -- demonstrates the rcmp's commitment to reconciliation. But of the move has come under fire from some and the indigenous community, the director of the indigenous relations and we can say I just go gordon says the rcmp decision is solely for show. >> Reconciliation they can start with that, the calls to justice, many of those have not been implemented and it's been years since they become about. >> Linda: the rcmp says the addition of their ribbon escort to the uniform was part of the initiative coming from indigenous officers within the rcmp. This cards will only be warn by indigenous officers during ceremonial events. >> Joel: turning now to the united nations court that ruled israel most hauled its military operations in the city of rafah. >> Linda: the international court of justice made the ruling in response to a request by south africa looking for interim protections for palestinians. The quartz presidents said of the death and humanitarian suffering in the gaza strip, as white israel must end its offensive. While the ruling is it legally binding the court has no way of enforcing it, premise are justin trudeau says he hopes israel is listening. >> Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau: canada's position has been clear for weeks, we need an immediate cease-fire, hamas means to lay down its arms, release all hostages, and there must also be no more military operations in rafah. >> Linda: international pressure continues to mount against israel to rain in his war on hamas, meanwhile the israeli military says it has recovered of the bodies three hostages taken into the gaza strip on october 7th. Officials say the data on the day of the attack and their families have been notified of. >> Joel: here in calgary, a man who helped with war relief in ukraine is continuing to donate his time to the community. >> Linda: he's volunteering for the calgary marathon, natural fit for the avid runner. >> Reporter: heading out for one every chance you gets, you cannot get enough of it. >> Running gives me more energy were. >> Reporter: caring on something he started back home in ukraine. >> It's good community, good exercise. >> Reporter: longer in his work as a project manager. >> Once the war started I told my boss of a can't work, I feel like I need to do summing helpful for people around. >> Reporter: it volunteering to run a distribution centre for aid coming in from abroad, things like food and medicine. >> To small and went -- villages and hospitals, different communities in ukraine. I do my best to help my people. >> Reporter: after moving here last year, he's helping out at stampede park, preparing for the calgary marathon and day. In charge of a team of 60 volunteers. >> Running the important bag check operation to the field of 13,000 runners won his timing was impeccable because we are redoing how we are doing our bag check, he takes his smart demand like herman to figure out the logistics. >> This thing with volunteering, it's really helpful to meet people, I'm so happy to be here with the organizers you and he is a phenomenal human to given as his time over there and show up in canada, how can I get involved after going through something like that is really admirable. >> Reporter: he's hoping to maybe take part in next year's marathon, looking forward to whatever comes his way this weekend. >> At the ghetto be good attitude, I think it be a good day and we will have a good time altogether. [ ] >> Linda: good for him, so many volunteers taking parts and they bring it altogether. It is the 60th anniversary of the marathon this sunday into market the special occasion, some runners a be going before a world record. >> We are going to be linking ourselves together using a static chord which is about a metre parted between each runner, you will have 14 runners attempting to run this half marathon altogether.

>> Linda: running arrays can be tough enough but these guys be tied together, they are part of that model canada and bastard team, attempting to beat the guinness world record for the fastest half marathon by a linked team, hoping to raise $60,000 to support it might okay which helps people with mitochondrial diseases, something with personal meaning for the cofounder of the national charity. >> I have a sun, evan who is now 20 years old but when he was four you got diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, which is affecting him very severely, he suffered a brain injury as a result, quadriplegic, nonverbal. When evan got diagnosed that it was no organization to support families or help them navigate that care and find a specialist, now it exists to help families. >> Linda: the keep the team is aiming to beat the current guinness world record of an hour and 26 minutes and a half marathon on sunday, we talked to them earlier today, the cofounder of the charities said at that time there about 20,000, so they're really hoping people will be able this step up and help out and help them reach that goal on sunday as they go for the world record attempt and to make a difference in a lot of people's lives. >> Joel: what motivation can also down! [ Laughter ] literally tide! [ Laughter ] >> Joel: anyway, good luck! That's amazing, that's incredible! Birthday wishes coming out to the cutest little residence at the calgary zoo, one years old today, the little gorilla has been a big draw out of the zoo showing up his adorable antics and the zoo said they love sharing his milestones over the past year. We have body many of them! From his first tooth, first crawl, first play session with his big half-sister, a lot of milestones in that first year and now we wrap it all up. >> Linda: that you go, first birthday! Wonder if he got cake. >> Joel: I wonder, or whatever they eat. >> Anything cuter than that? [ Laughter ] if you got a good news story you would like to share with as, e-mail as simply add to >> Linda: still ahead, harnessing the winds, the worldly gigs is it a one artist is creating and how it is spinning into success. >> Joel: plus a new investigation into major grocery chains, details on the allegations, coming up. >> With the rain in the cloud today we were still a little below seasonal, 14 degrees should be at 18 right now, we will talk about our 24-hour forecast but right now, you want to tackle what camping. This is what you can expect on saturday, band of 12 degrees, 18 drumheller, maybe some as thunderstorms, jasper about 14, I was again in silver lake which are be 16 in waterton, 19. He wanted us to feature your photo on the camping forecast such as the one from janelle at slave lake in the northern lights, send a photo along to We're ready. Let's go, let's go! (Sirens blaring) ANNOUNCER:9-1-1,season finale Thursdayat 8 Eastern on Global. (Opening Mnemonic) (music throughout) ( ) ( ) Woman: My nephew is having a blast with his new team. I'll have to tell him what I learned about his great-grandfather, Philippe. Through Ancestry, I found that he played on three different teams. And even landed a scholarship. Get to know your family story at ( ) ( ) Power through your to-do list... ( ) ( ) and create a space that makes a splash. Find stihl tools, starting at $179.99. Shop local. Buy stihl. Find yours at Vanessa:Hi, I'm Vanessa! Tori:Vanessa likes gymnastics. She loves soccer, she loves to ride her bike. She loves to stay at the park as long as she can. She shows me every day that she can do anything she puts her mind to. The War Amps is able to provide Vanessa with the devices and support that she needs because of the generosity of the public. Nothing will stop her. Any help that she ever needs is right there because of your generosity. Vanessa:Thank you! [Giggle] They call methe Christchurch Carver. The police are all that see. Hey, Joe.

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