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[narrator]: this time on heavy rescue: 401... [mitch]: this is gonna be a mess. [narrator]: ugly offload... Driving me nuts, man. [narrator]: ...shreds mitch's nerves. [groans] my god! It's very dangerous. [narrator]: sonny...cuts it close. Are we good to go? [horn blaring] [narrator]: ...and a load of whisky... Looks like it went for a bit of a ride. [narrator]: ...brings a brutal hangover. Oh, that doesn't look like fun. [narrator]: on the 401 through toronto, dawn is still hours away, but commuters are already starting their push into the city. [news report]: traffic is actually looking pretty good on the 401, but the temperature is dropping, which means once it gets below freezing, keep an eye out for some black ice, and just reduce your speed. It will be an ugly drive. [narrator]: sergeant kerry schmidt needs to be ready, because some drivers won't be. [schmidt]: we get that first bit of ice on the roads, drivers don't anticipate that's going to affect their stopping distance or their handling, but only when they step on the brakes do they realize that they're on a sheet of ice, and all of a sudden, now they're either into a vehicle in front of them, or into the concrete guardrail or the ditch beside them. [siren wailing] [narrator]: just after 5:00 a.m., the ice is taking its toll... [narrator]: ...and on the 401east of oshawa... [narrator]: ...emergency crews are on the way immediately... [narrator]:...but the ice isn't finished. That's the dangerous thing with black ice. You never know when you could hit a patch and lose control. [narrator]: b&g's bill wright junior is heading to join his father at another call just down the icy stretch of highway. [bill jr.]: the roads are complete ice. There's cars sliding all over the place. [narrator]: bill can't pass up the chance to stop and help... [bill jr.]: it's jackknifed pretty hard. It's sunk in the mud a little bit here, but he's not too heavy, so it shouldn't be terrible, I'm hoping. [narrator]: ...but bill's spent most of his career doing long-haul towing... I don't have a ton of experience doing recoveries, so I'm going to have to do this one on my own. [narrator]: ...and this jackknife is right on the edge of the slippery road. [bill jr.]: we gotta be, uh, super careful here. Keep your head on a swivel. [ ] [narrator]: on north america's busiest highway, closure... Is not an option. [ ] [bill jr.]: I have to winch this tractor around straight and get him up on the road. It's super icy out. People are looking at the scene and not paying attention to what they're doing, so one little mistake can be big trouble. [creaking] it should come over easy if it's empty. [narrator]: bill gets the semi straightened out... Okay, so that's far enough around now I can get a front tow hook on it, and, uh, pull 'er the rest of the way around from the front. [narrator]: ...and as he prepares for phase two... Phew! What's up, dude? [narrator]: ...he'll have some help:

his little brother, mitch. [mitch]: in front of you is, like, really slippery. On the road, you mean? Yeah, I know. Yeah, just, like, sliding on my feet. Yeah, the roads are slick. You could pretty much put hockey skates on and skate around right now. Billy doesn't have a ton of time on his own doing big recoveries like this, so it is cool to see him out there on his own trying to get it done. Yeah, you just want to sit in it and steer? [mitch]: if I could give him a hand, give him some, you know, emotional support just as much as, you know, physical support, we can get this thing out of here. Good? Okay, hold on. Hey, mitch, I'm just gonna pull ahead, and we'll pull it a bit further. [narrator]: bill just needs to make one final pull... Whoa! [narrator]: ...but the ice is building up, along with morning traffic. [mitch]: whoa... [mitch]: there's still a couple of lanes open. You know, you got high speeds, you got slippery roads, and billy's kind of standing there. This is probably, like, the most dangerous time to be operating a heavy tow truck. Go! That'll be it. That'll be good enough. All right, billy can get hooked up and get this thing taken out of here now. [reverse alerts beeping] you're good. [bill jr.]: it kind of went as good as it can go. It was a big confidence booster. It was a good chance for me to show my skills as an operator. [mitch]: I think billy did an awesome job. He got the thing out of there just as fast as anybody else would have. [narrator]: while bill heads to the shop... Okay, buddy. Later, man. [narrator]: ...mitch is heading to a much bigger job. [narrator]: just two kilometres to the east, the ice has claimed another semi... [narrator]: ...and bill senior is assessing a tough recovery. No serious injuries, everybody's okay, but, um, a lot of damage. [narrator]: an eastbound car spun out as the fully loaded semi was heading up the on-ramp, forcing the truck to swerve, crashing off the ramp. [bill sr.]: the bottom of the trailer, the wall and the upper roof rail are both broken, so the integrity of the trailer is not there to allow us to upright it with the load in it. [narrator]: the crew will have to offload 50,000 pounds of baled shredded paper. Oh, yeah, it's right on its side. The truck's mangled. All right, let's do it. [narrator]: as the new arrival gets his first look, his father is forming a plan. [bill sr.]: we're gonna cut the roof out of the trailer. We've got the fear of fire with the small pieces of paper. Matt, do you wanna bring the bucket around so I can stand in the bucket? [narrator]: the crew needs access to unload, but they can't risk sparks from a saw near the paper, so bill's called for a specialized tool... [whirring] ...the nibbler. [mitch]: it's like using a can opener, but it takes a really long time, but that's the only way we can do it right now. You're good now. I can feel the wall coming out. [mitch]: once the wall's down, we can start grabbing these bales, and, uh, getting them offloaded. [narrator]: ...but getting at the load... This is gonna be a mess, eh? Like... [narrator]: ...was just the first challenge. [bill sr.]: the problem now is how do you handle 50,000 pounds of confetti? How do you unload this? We're just gonna see how well it stays together if you lay it down. Come ahead a bit. No, you're in. That's it. Try it? No. Everything you touch, it just, like, falls apart. Can he get under it with the bucket? Just, like, by the bucket load? Okay, clamp! [narrator]: ...but even when they do get a grip... Oh, back up.

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