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have do honey drizzle. I am often in ther to. That looks delicious. >> See if it is. I mean, I will take little bite. Mmm. That's so good! Pis attach cho cream I help not in my face. >> You are gad. >> You are stop if work hard. >> That's our partner andy. >> And start when he was 17. >> All them have butter. >> Grandmother insist on of curse in this one is new flavours and announcing you are in flavours that's good. >> Oh, yes. Regular bases and almost anything goes on beaver tail. >> That is true sow come with new flavours. Staff helpful with create one. >> With our franchise company we come sophisticated we young partner from montreal that run that. And they have someone that just does nothing but look at -- they making stores poutine beaver belt like a -- with walnuts and those are beaver tails and poutine. >> I nutting to and show picture. You are a natural. >> I had ache my grandmother growing up in the back day and how do I do. Let lack. >> You did. >> Mud pie my creation. >> I try this. You want my mind? Take a bite and she how this. How do I do. A plus. Looks good. Thank you so much for joining and you can find beaver tailsary in the byward market original one that start back in nain teen 8, two hundred location in the world that incredible. I love that store. >> It is all over my face. >> Idea for daily dish, chef or local restaurant let you know. [text on screen] >> Thank you. Nomination period open for under 21 youth a ward recognise make a difference in the community. Here tell us about the ward is daniel and with rbc and what min past recipient award and good morning to you both. >>. >> Good morning. >> Good morning. >> Happy to have here. Tell us about the rebran because some of our long time ottawa residents may know this by another name. >> So we are excited happens rebrand to under 21 youth gala present by bb drochlt to recognise young canadian like yasmin are contribute in our community it is organized coordinate by youth ottawa and they have for twenty seven years an incredibly job and we are so proud to sponsor and support and get behind. Marter in the for six years and last six years and part ten year half billion year compliment to young canadians. >> I plntion to you I use to the board called spirit of capital youth and saw cat iryou have no categories tell us about that. >> No longer specific categories so we have open to broadly and so you can head to the website and nominate individuals that yun recogniseing 21 individual year previously recognise 14 and so excited that. You can recognise individual or group young people between four attend an 21 than made contributions to the community and demonstrate leadership an initiative and it will on october 2four. We are excited >> Mark your calendar for that date you are past recipient and this is time to do humble brag tell what do and you are a recipient? >> Slaught you so I was recipient few years ago and is received recognition for my community involvement under grad pleper to inbig part of way love doing in the community and amazing role model my life and my aunt my mom and my parent and my academic mentors but that's not youth will have that in their system and so I tried be mentor to others or build man terer to ship with u ottawa that over hundred people matched in the first year pandemic that scary time for the youth start university so I did received award. >> You are doing it is time what now? >> I am currently masters at McGILL aunt -- for clip and

NOW STAYING INCOME GILL AND -- >> CONGRATULATIONS. >> THANK YOU. >> WONDERFUL HEAR YOU ARE DOING SO WELL AND GAL LAY OCTOBER 24? GET FOR THEM WITH NOMINATION. >> NOMINATION PERIOD OPEN UNTIL JUNE 14? HEAD OVER TO THE WEBSITE AND ENSURE THAT -- FOLKS CAN NOMINATE. SO IMPORTANT TO TAKE TIME TO RECOGNISE SOME INCREDIBLY WORK THAT YOUNG CANADIANS ARE DOING IN THE URE COMMUNITY. >> KEEP ENCOURAGE YOUNG PEOPLE TO GOING FORWARD BE GOOD SAMARITANS ON BEHALF OF ALL US WITH YOU ALL BENEFIT THANK YOU FOR JOINING US. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORT RBC TO WHAT YOU ARE ENCOURAGE OTHERS THROUGH MENTOR 174. LOTS MORE TO COME HERE ON CTV "MORNING LIVE." BEAUTIFUL START OR TO YOUR DAYS. SCATTERED SHOWERS YESTERDAY AND SOME RAIN TODAY BUT ENJOY WHILE IT LASTS. IT WILL WE WILL BE RIGHT BACK May the night shift and shatter. On the road again.Hi, everybody.I'm just arriving in Kemptvilleto check on Over $3.5 million in prizeshave been awardedso far! You've been waiting to get outand drive a New Nissan,great offersare ready So, check out all the latesttech, features and thrills - it's all happening right now. Now, at Nissan, lease select models from as low as 2.99% for 24 months. ( ) Snowmelt and spring showers caused damaging leaks inside your home. Hi, I'm Jerry from the Foundation. Guys, we offer foundation repair, basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation. The foundation guys were the right guys to call. [Music] There's no question the financial landscape has changed in deciding when to buy or sell. Your next home can be challenging. The good news is that bennett property shop with over 150 years of combined experience is here to help. To learn more, check us out of Bennett Pros dot com and learn why it's better with bennett In life. We plan for so many milestones weddings, retirement, our children's education. But what about planning our final arrangements? Your celebration of life is just as important, pre-planned now so your family doesn't have to later. By pre-planning, you can tailor every detail to reflect your passions and character detailing how you want to be remembered for over a century. We've helped families in Ottawa honor unique lives. Plan Your Celebration with Dignity Memorial. Every detail remembered Race weekend is coming to Montreal and so is Mr. Worldwide Pitbull! On Saturday, June 8th. He headlines the Podium Concert presented by Google Pixel. Featuring top DJs, tons of interactive activities and more! It all takes place at Parc Jean-Drapeau, just steps from Circuit Giles-Villeneuve. Don't miss out! Tickets at It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an L2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! On now for a limited time! Were at DesLaurier Custom Cabinets with Joe from Capital Barbecue Joe. I hear capital is teaming up with DesLaurier We are super excited to team up with DesLaurier custom cabinets. they've been around for years. Locally owned premium products. we're giving away a $1,000 gift card at Capitol Barbecue. When you buy a DesLaurier custom kitchen, the summer sizzle special is on till June 9th. Get into DesLaurier custom cabin and then grab yourself the barbecue of your dreams. Red hot summer FOUR FARMERS ONE MISSION TRUE LOVE A NEW CROP OF DATERS PLUNGE INTO RURAL LIVING ON THE SHOW WITH REAL LIFE ROMANCE FARMING FOR LOVE

on ctv Double the Love with AFS!May proceeds willsupport the DistressCentre ofOttawa & Region afs. The Adult Fun Superstore, where the customer always comes first >> Melissa: here's a look at your forecast for today. A mix of sun and cloud this morning right through to your afternoon. The uv index is high today. Sitting at 7. 7. >> Melissa: it is therapy thursday on move 100. This week a viewer wrote in asking for help saying one of her best friends asked to borrow, get this, her wedding dress. She feels weird about if and feels they are personal. Let's check in with move 100 this morning. Guys, this is a spicey topic. It generated a lot of debate among our teammates yesterday. >> She wrote and said her best friend wants to borrow her wedding dress. She seems like a waste of time and money to buy one on her own. She is kind of hesitant about t. She's maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing. Should she just lend it to her. That is what she wrote us and asked about. Jackie, where did you come out opposite this? >> There was a lot of back and forth. -- yeah, let her borrow it. It will be a great story. But then I got to thinking, I don't know. I was like, how many sentiment to you have for it. >> To me, if it were my wedding dress -- because I'm a guy, it probably doesn't seem like a big deal to me because I don't know what it's like to spend hundred hours looking for the perfect dress and then, you know, making sure it's boxed correctly. I just -- practicality wise I think you're going to get married in that dress, put in a box and never so it again, the question is do you think it would steal from your day? >> Melissa: right. I think the thing is too, a lot of people do sell their wedding dress after so then you are going to give it to a stranger to enjoy on their day and someone else will be wearing your dress that you don't even know. Wouldn't you rather it be a friend wearing the dress. I agree with jackie. I don't receipt big deal. I would lend it. I don't have a wedding dress but if I did I would be up up for sharing with a friend. Especially given the cost of wedding dresses nowadays. They are not cheap. >> Right. So the other thingsy if you're planning on reusing it, someone brought this up, like sometimes people will take their wedding dress and have it altered, made into a different dress, for a christening. So if you are planning to reuse to you worry damage that may be from your friend. And I came up with a sip esther angle as well. As long as they are not single white femaling you where they start to become you, is the haircut the same way -- if they are not stalkerrish. >> Melissa: you don't want two friends wearing the same dress but then I was trying to remember my friends' dresses over the years I couldn't remember what anybody's looked like. >> No. You're the only with one that will look back at the pictures. >> And we also said, everyone will -- say we wore the same out fit, we are going to look different. >> Melissa: sure are. So what is the over all consensus from listeners on the topic. >> They are kind as usual. Almost to -- only one person I thinkisaid no. Lend it to her. You will be happy your dress got to live another life. >> Mel m thni fy sd hastw. Is see foe and jeff weekdays from 6 to 10 A.M. only on move 100. >> I heart radio week enders q is brought to you by ... . >> Canada's biggest running walking festival returns. Tamarack race weekend is here. Whether you're planning on running or cheering for your loved ones from the side there are three days. And there's a fitness expo with more than 30 kindtors to check out. -- exhibittors to check out. You can stimulus sign up.

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