Chiefs gave Super Bowl rings to more than just players. Here are some who got one

A year ago, the Chiefs gave out roughly 700 Super Bowl LVII rings or pendants to people in the organization.

That’s way more than the 53 players on the roster, the 16 on the practice squad and the entire coaching staff.

And it appears the Chiefs repeated that mass distribution of rings, beginning with last week’s ceremony at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

You likely have seen photos of the Chiefs players getting their Super Bowl LVIII rings and acting like little kids on Christmas morning. Here are some of the people with the Chiefs organization that shared photos of their beautiful rings.

Elyse Ricigliano

A Sales and Marketing Producer for the Chiefs, showed off her rings and a friendship bracelet.

Anthony McGee

A pro scout for the Chiefs, McGee displayed his collection of rings.

Travis Hogan

Hogan is the Chiefs’ head groundskeeper and he now has three Super Bowl rings.

Nick Gougas

Gougas is a graphic designer for the Chiefs.

Bryanne Gatewood

A conversion coordinator for the Chiefs, Gatewood shared photos from the ceremony.

Drew Morris

A senior digital designer for the Chiefs, Morris could not hide his delight.

Anna Tobkin

Tobkin, a lead producer, showed off her rings and photos from the ceremony.

Nathan Brunzie

The director of digital media for the Chiefs, Brunzie was happy to display his three rings.

Evan Craft

Craft is one of the Chiefs’ assistant athletic trainers.

Kaitlyn Hornsby

Hornsby is executive support coordinator for the Chiefs.

Greg Tonge

A senior social producer for the Chiefs, Tonge showed off his rings.

Robert Alberino Jr.

Alberino, the Chiefs’ vice president of content and production, enjoyed the entire night.

Brad Gee

Gee, the Chiefs’ vice president of football communications, shared this photo on X.

Moorea Long

Long, a fan experience representative for the Chiefs, posed with tight end Travis Kelce.