The Chicago Bulls need a blockbuster trade – that gets rid of Zach LaVine’s contract

The Chicago Bulls need a blockbuster trade to materialize this offseason, one that gets rid of Zach LaVine’s contract. It might not be the sexiest move out there, but by now it is very clear that the UCLA alum is not part of the Bulls’ future. And between his injury history and the cost of his current deal, it makes little sense to hang onto him beyond the NBA’s 2024 offseason.

To such an end, Bleacher Report NBA analyst Zach Buckley recently weighed in on the notion, and he seems as fervent as most Chicago fans in wanting a divorce from LaVine.

“As tricky as he is to trade given his huge contract, detailed injury history and lack of team success, Chicago seems determined to do everything in his power to find him a new home,” he writes.

“If Chicago can find a taker, it shouldn’t need much in return,” suggests Buckley. “Some draft considerations would be nice, though anything more than a protected first-round pick seems optimistic. …  As far as incoming players go, plug-and-play veterans at any of the frontcourt spots should work.”

This might not be the sort of returns one would hope for, but given Chicago’s situation and LaVine’s context, merely resetting the roster would be a reward enough for the Bulls.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire