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on wednesday to the associated press. Variety magazine reported that coghlan had slipped and fell in the shower while housesitting for a friend in belgium. Train formed in san francisco in the early 90s and are best known for their hit songs drops of jupiter and meet virginia. Earlier this month, london drug stores reopened after a cyber attack forced their closure for more than a week. Well, we now know the group claiming to be behind the attack is demanding a multi-million dollar ransom. As erin mccarthy reports, this news comes as another high profile cyber attack has been made public, this time on a health authority. >> The methods are not subtle. Pay up or the data is dumped on the dark web. London drugs, the latest corporation to be targeted by the group known as lockbit. The hackers demanding $25 million from the richmond based company to retrieve its employee data by international standards. London drugs, a small company, experts say it doesn't matter. >> The goal for organizations are the most likely to pay up. So that is to say, organizations that are going to be under significant pressure to get their systems back up and running. >> All 79 london drug stores were shut down at the end of april for more than a week to deal with a cyber attack, the company has finally confirmed what happened and despite claims from lockbit, it offered $8 million in ransom london drugs says it is unable and unwilling to pay, saying we acknowledge these criminals may leak london drugs. Corporate files. This is deeply distressing. Cyber attacks are on the rise around the world. B.C. has been hit several times in just the last few weeks. First it was london drugs and then the provincial government reporting intrusions. Now a new attack. The first nations health authority has been targeted. >> I can tell you that it is different from what the province faced, and it is also different from what the london drugs incident. >> According to the health authority, the attack was discovered may 13th and in a statement says while the investigation is still at an early stage, fna has uncovered evidence that certain employee information and limited personal information of others has been impacted. The cybersecurity industry says companies and organizations that are targeted need to come forward with more information about the nature of their attacks without direct access to the information. Other companies remain vulnerable. >> The chief operating officer has been pretty tight lipped on exactly how this took place, what was happening and we don't want other companies to, get into that same issue and we need to know london drugs is paying up to two years worth of credit monitoring for its employees potentially compromised. >> Experts say every one should pay close attention to their online profiles after these kinds of attacks. Erin mcarthur, "global news" well, with the penny having been out of rotation in canada for more than a decade, you may want to consider yourself extra lucky if you come across this coin today, as may 23rd marks lucky penny day. >> That's right. While they aren't worth very much the superstition brings good omens to those who find pennies. Today, ancient civilizations actually believe that metals like copper were a gift from gods to protect them from evil. And that's what's making national and international news. You're watching "global news" morning on this thursday, may 23rd. We'll be right back announcer: Tonight... We're ready. Let's go, let's go! (Sirens blaring) 9-1-1,all new tonightat 8 Eastern on Global. At Chemong home hardware Building Centre you can count on our award winning paint experts to ensure you have everything you need for your paint project with Canadian made beauty tone paint we offer colour visualizer experienced tools exceptional and affordable paints and stains and a large variety of painting supplies to home owners DIYers and paint professionals colour outside the lines with the with the experts at Chemong Home Hardware building centre where we turn your dreams into a reality Huge jackpots are back at Delta Bingo Online, with even more chances to win! With 20 thousand dollars in prizes starting April 20th, and one-hundred-thousand dollars in prizes on May 25th, Saturdays are for yelling bingo. Play at At Wolfe Lawyers, serving Peterborough and the surrounding area is what drives our dedication for each and every client that steps into our office. We want to ensure that every member of the community is given the treatment they deserve. If you're injured in an accident, or have been denied a disability benefit from an insurance company, call us for a free consultation and make sure your rights are protected. Looking to transform your furniture with high-quality fabrics? Look no further than Restwell Upholstery! Working with 25 material suppliers,

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I'm dawna friesen ahead tonight on "global" national. >> Earlier this week, statistics canada revealed the country's inflation rate slowed to 2.7. so from grocery and gas prices to rental and mortgage costs, how can this all impact you? Well, on this week's edition of your money, we're joined by our personal finance expert, rubina ahmed-haq, to discuss all that and more. Rubina, great to see you. So let's get into the numbers. The lowest it's been in three years. Good news right? >> Absolutely. This is what economists were predicting, and this is what the bank of canada is watching. And this gives some encouragement that we could see rate cuts in 2024, which is obviously welcome relief for anybody that is paying more and more for their mortgage payments because they went variable or they recently renewed. So this is great news. It is in that target range that the bank of canada wants between 2 and 3. Now we just got to wait and see what the bank of canada does next. >> So that's the big one, right? Because that's in a few weeks early june, some I've heard mixed opinion on whether they're going to cut or whether they'll hold off. And if they do cut, it's going to be incremental, isn't it? So they're always more aggressive going up than they are coming down, because usually when they're raising interest rates, it's in an emergency. >> We got to get inflation under control. We've got to get the economy under control. Whereas when you're coming down it's more about how can we make sure that we lower interest rates without actually stoking inflation. Now, one of the most interesting things is, is that part of inflation is interest rates. So one of the things that is propping inflation up is the fact that interest rates are higher. So that is one thing that they will be considering that if they lower interest rates, that's actually going to cool inflation because people will be paying less for their mortgages, less for their loans. The other big one is gasoline is also higher. And that's stoking inflation. That's not going to be affected by interest rates being cut. But that's something to bear in mind when you think about why is inflation at 2.7? What's bringing it down? What's keeping it up? >> Interesting. So despite that I mean that's some, you know, silver lining. And so when seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, because it's been a very long tunnel for a lot of people. With all of that said, as you know, rubina, there is a disconnect for a lot of people because the cost of living is still very high for a lot of people. And even though it feels like it's slowing, people don't necessarily feel that it's, you know, grocery prices, people feel right or wrong, that grocery prices. Two thirds of canadians polled say that grocery prices, for example, are still way too high. >> So it's like it's like a true and false story at the same time. So year over year, grocery prices have slowed. And that's why we're seeing that reflected in the inflation data. But if you look at what where grocery prices were back in april of 2021 to now, they have come up 21. So in recent memory, we paid less for that same chicken, that same eggs, that same bread. You know, we can remember wow, I remember when ketchup was x dollars at this same store. And now the sale price is the same as the regular. Price. These are the conversations I hear people having over and over again and the things that really affect our day to day costs. Those are the ones that continue to be high. So those grocery prices being higher over three years, gasoline, yes, durable goods are down, but how many times do you go and buy something that you're going to keep in your home for years and years and years? So we don't feel it as much because the items that they look at, the ones that are most affected, may not be things that we buy in our daily lives gasoline, groceries. That's things that everybody buys. Usually on a daily basis. >> So, rubina, let's expand on the housing conversation for a moment. I want to squeeze this in because, as you know, it's one of, if not the most expensive thing that we pay for. So a lot of people now are renewing their mortgage. There are so many options, whether it's fixed or variable, one, three, five years of course. What would you advise people?

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