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victoria blue salvia. This is a pollinating plant as well. You it's a wonderful pollinating plant okay. The native bees absolutely love it. It'll come into its own in july august. And I have hollyhock, this is a little hollyhock plant here. You wouldn't know anything by looking at it, but it's going to grow. I'm going to say almost three meters tall. Right. And it'll be filled with pollinating insects for about the five weeks that it's in bloom through july. Right >> So we got about 90s left here. All right. Just bringing it down to the garden level. Why, why, why do you think it's important to have these pollinating plants for the rest of your garden? >> Well, paul, pollinators increase the productivity of your garden. So if you grow tomatoes, if you have an apple orchard or a peach orchard, the more pollinators you have, the more fruit you're going to have. Why what is a pollinator doing when it goes in and it removes either nectar or pollen from the flower and moves it to the next one. What is happening, ross? >> It's spreading. It's spreading that plant. It's spreading the food. It's spreading the seed. Right? >> It's fertilizing. Yes. It's fertilizing the flowers. Right. We should maybe not get into a lot more detail here, right? >> That's another segment. >> Perhaps that's a whole nother segment. I don't want anything to do with it. But this is so important because pollinators maximize both the flowering potential of the plants in your garden and the fruiting potential of the edibles in your garden. >> Well, all great advice. I'm glad we got into the details, mark, much as we did. Yeah, yeah, well, and I think it's important that people know the importance of these plants. And it's not all about necessarily the vegetables or the or the beautiful plants. It's about some of these smaller plants that do attract what you need to your garden. Mark cullen, thanks very much, our gardening expert joining us today. And we'll have more "global news" morning coming up right after this finding your way to the information you need it matters more than ever before global news navigate the now online on tv My name is Trevor Chaulk, owner of Chaulk woodworking. We are a cabinet manufacturer in Minden Ontario. We're currently in a space of 5000 square foot employing 9 people and we're doing about 100 to 120 kitchens per year and we're looking on to keep growing. Music Hey it's Tom Reburn the proud new owner of Leon's in Peterborough.Discover everything your home needs, Furniture mattresses, appliances, electronics and unique home decor. We've got tons of Canadian made products and exclusive custom order options you won't find anywhere else. With flexible payment options Guaranteed lowest prices and free local delivery on purchases of $798 or more. Your dream home is just one visit away Come check us out at 1731 Lansdowne Street West or visit us online at Leon's Peterborough, your home shopping superstore At Wolfe Lawyers, serving Peterborough and the surrounding area is what drives our dedication for each and every client that steps into our office. We want to ensure that every member of the community is given the treatment they deserve. If you're injured in an accident, or have been denied a disability benefit from an insurance company, call us for a free consultation and make sure your rights are protected. Let sunblockers in lakefield find you a swimuit that makes you look confident on the dock, beach or around the pool. Our swimwear specialists will fit you in the perfect swimsuit for your body type. With sizes 6 to 24 sunblockers is sure to have a swimsuit for you. We carry mix and match tankinis and bikinis, one-piece suits, cup size swimwear and polyester suits that last 20 times longer in chlorine. Personalized fitting is what we're known for. Sunblockers lakefield village we are your swimwear specialists. ALL:Let's see your voice! I'm very good at solving murder cases. Start the clock.(Howling) (School bell ringing) (Clapping)It's a masterpiece. Announcer: Abbott Elementary, season finale tonightat 7:30 et on Global. >> From "global peterborough" this is "global news" morning. >> Good morning, and thank you for joining us. I'm keri ferguson teresa kaszuba is off today. One of ontario's largest trade unions is lobbying the provincial government for more support in the public service.

ofsaa held its first of three rallies planned for our region this week. Outside mpp dave smith's office, robert lothian reports. We're we're done. >> We're ready to say enough is enough. Government needs to step up. >> Dozens of public service workers line a busy chemong road. Their goal to send a message to the ford government that current social services funding levels fall short. Services are underfunded and that, in our case, children are at risk. >> And I know that for myself and my coworkers, we are not prepared to walk away from a child in need to balance an inadequate budget. >> On wednesday, union members representing the kawartha haliburton children's aid society delivering a letter to mpp dave smith's office. >> We want to just be able to drop our letter off asking for support and what they call a chronically underfunded system. Children can't stay in their homes and then when they need to be removed from their homes, they can't stay in their community and they end up being hours out of the area. >> We're either addressing it through funding, children's aid societies and children's mental health, or we're addressing it in emergency room departments, or we're addressing it in shelters. So at some point we are going to have to fund it. >> A spokesperson for smith's office says the mpp was not in the riding on wednesday or available for an interview before a deadline. And while children's services took the focus of wednesday's rally, representation came from several unions. The concern, labelle says, is a growing theme of funding shortfalls impacting many public services. >> Clean water agency you know, the cuts to public health labs, like all of those things, are going to impact people in peterborough, and they should care about those issues, because if they don't have access to those services in their community, where are they going to get them? >> Apsley will continue to hold rallies on thursday at mpp david puccini's office in port hope, and on friday at lindsay at mpp laurie scott's office. The goal is to maintain pressure while these elected officials are at home. Robert lothian "global news" >> The city of kawartha lakes council is calling on the provincial and federal governments to step in to address program cuts at fleming college. At its meeting tuesday, council voted in favor of a recommendation that the municipality encouraged both levels of government to invest in and provide support legislation that promotes colleges specifically fleming's frost campus, which is heavily impacted by the cuts. Last month, the college announced it would cut 29 programs due to low projected domestic enrollment, as well as the federal cap on international students in ontario. A gas leak in east city prompted a school to keep its students inside on wednesday afternoon. In an email to parents, the administrator fashion team from kaawaate east city public school says enbridge gas and peterborough fire services asked that students be kept indoors for recess after a gas line was ruptured in the construction zone on armor road. Dismissal at the end of the school day was not impacted. Food insecurity continues to be a growing issue in the region. The haliburton, kawartha, pine ridge district health unit has released a new report detailing the impact locally as many families fall short of making ends meet. Tricia mason has the story. >> Haliburton, kawartha pine ridge district health unit is reporting that 12.9% of households in the county of haliburton, 10.2% in the city of kawartha lakes and 8.7% in northumberland county, are now considered low income. >> Food banks would love to go out of business, and that is not the trend that we are headed towards at this moment. >> As a result, northumberland fair share food bank says the increase in need has become more prevalent throughout the region as time goes on. >> So in 2023, at our services, we had 668 new food bank users, people that have never used a food bank before, whereas in 2022 was 271. This year, already in 2024, we've seen more than 400. >> The hkpr district health unit estimates a family of four two adults and two children would have spent an average of $1,184 per month towards eating healthy in 2023. And this household income scenario within the report, if the family earns minimum wage, they would have spent 28% of their income on food that meets canada's food guide. After paying for rent. That would leave them with merely a few hundred dollars to pay for other basic living expenses. The trends that we're seeing now don't tend to be going away, so we've had unprecedented years, year over year. So even our costs have risen as well. The costs of transportation has risen. Gas, housing, obviously, the report also found only 20% of households experiencing food insecurity are using food banks.

>> Lindell crediting that to people being overwhelmed with their new reality and the whole reason that we're here and that we're community supported is to be there for the people that are facing food insecurity and are making these really difficult decisions. She goes on to say. Luckilly local donations have not gone down. "global news" reached out to the health unit multiple times, but did not receive a reply by deadline, according to the report itself, the living wage in the health unit's jurisdiction is $20.60 per hour, but the current minimum wage in ontario is 1655. And while it's set to increase to 1720 an hour in october, officials say that still falls short. Tricia mason "global news" port hope will be reopening its medical walk in clinic this summer. >> It will be reopened at its previous location on the second floor at 99 toronto road. Northumberland county will undertake a one year pilot project for clinic services with support from community health centers of northumberland. These services will aim to address a critical need for accessible primary health care, as well as more than 4000 northumberland county residents are without a family doctor. The walk in clinic will open in july at the peterborough downtown business improvement area, has appointed a new executive director. Nur mazloum will take over as head of the dbia on june 10th. She joins the team after spending five years with the kingston economic development corporation, where she most recently served as its marketing and communications manager. She takes over the reins in peterborough after the position sat vacant following the departure of former executive director terry guile last october. The city of kawartha lakes is the country's 26th municipality to become bird friendly city certified, nature canada says the municipality was certified at entry level, which means it received 50% of eligible points awarded. The organization goes on to say the city of kawartha lakes and its local bird team are moving the dial to protect, defend and restore local bird populations. >> You're watching "chex peterborough" >> Good morning. What was an active day yesterday? Some strong storms, especially north of peterborough, moving across lake simcoe towards the east. And this is the evidence right here. Very large hail. This is from kevin smith. And yeah there was some well obviously some lightning, some heavy downpours too. Even some tornado warned storms. A quieter day today. There has been the passage of a cold front. You'll feel that when it comes to the humidex values, although it still is a relatively warm start and we've still got a few residual showers, especially kingston up through ottawa and portions of eastern ontario. But that should start to clear as we move through this morning and taking a look at the winds, they are still out of the west. Southwest will be a little breezy at times and it was breezy yesterday and you can see temperatures are still holding on to the low to mid teens depending on where you are more towards the mid teens, even 20s as you head farther east. But again, it's not going to be quite as as warm and humid today. Not the high 20s where we've been of late, but more towards the mid 20s. Around peterborough there will be some sunny breaks and we'll see that develop as well around kingston after some morning showers. Let's take a look at your future cast. You can see plenty of sunshine today. Pretty quiet weather conditions that will be the case once again on friday. More comfortable sleeping weather as well. And then we are looking out for the chance of showers and the risk of thunderstorms on saturday afternoon. And then we should dry out by saturday evening and sunday. So 21 a little cooler tomorrow. That chance of some afternoon late morning afternoon showers on saturday. It could be a thunderstorm back to the mid 20s on sunday with a sun cloud mix and some wet weather into early next week. And that's a look at your forecast. >> Thank you ross. This is "global news" morning peterborough. We have your national and international headlines just ahead. Ecotech windows and doors offers cutting edge eco-smart technology in it's latest product line, meeting energy star compliance for substantial savings on your energy bill. Right now we pay the tax or don't pay till 2025. See more at Huge jackpots are back at Delta Bingo Online, with even more chances to win! With 20 thousand dollars in prizes starting April 20th, and one-hundred-thousand dollars in prizes on May 25th, Saturdays are for yelling bingo. Play at At Peterborough Pregnancy support services it's all about love we provide physical

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