Have Chelsea 'struck gold' or more experience needed?

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We asked for your views on highly-rated 17-year-old Brazilian Estevao Willian, who is set to join Chelsea next summer.

Here is a selection of your responses:

Paul: I can't wait to see him play for us. He sounds beyond amazing. Let's hope that he lives up to the hype.

Kevin: I'm getting fed up with Chelsea's transfer policies to be honest. We need to sign experienced players, especially a striker. We keep getting kids in and it isn't good enough! Do our owners want us to struggle? They bang on about becoming a top-four team - well it won't happen unless we sign older players.

JJ: Hopefully we have finally struck gold with Estevao Willian.

Ollie: The same was said for Enzo Fernandez and we are still waiting for him to show up. It has been hard to get excited over Chelsea in recent times. It is just a game of whether the players can last longer than the managers it seems.

Jan: Excited? No. Chelsea has a history of buying talented youngsters only to loan them out and eventually sell them to a rival club where they become stars. Expect similar under these clueless owners and their "rookie" manager.