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and a little dry. Before the next system pushes and into your day onsday. There's a look at rainfall totals for today and then here is a look at we get into the next system arriving on tuesday. It is not over yet and we do have another round coming on tuesday, it is going to be a grey and dreary next few days, cooler as well so all along the coast wet and when between 10 to 15 millimetres of rainfall y, showers up the sea to sky, prince george will see showers and thunderstorm activity, we do have a risk of thunderstorms around thos northern sections, otherwise not bad day for the columbia kootenayunshine a risk of showers but there is your 5 day, I wis could show you something better but fri friday is golden, there you go jennifer. >> Jennifer: it will be nice tosee the son eventually. Thank you so much. Coming up, hamas tests israel's r defence systems firing off several rockets today. Plus, the fallout from the russian strike on a hardwa store in ukraine. Why the ukrainian tary isn't backing down. We're ready. Let's go, let's go! (Sirens blaring) ANNOUNCER:9-1-1,season finale Thursdayat 8 Eastern on Global. [ ] [ ] ( ) Technology goes beyond special effects or epic camera shots. Shh. This is my favourite part. It offers surprising new perspectives. Evokes feelings. It takes you places that seemed out of reach. ( ) When technology becomes and extension of yourself that's progress you can feel. That's Audi. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $99uding a 2 year warranty! sday! At Pharmasave. We see you and we care for prescriptions for common conditions, expert health advice or support for life's little mishaps. Come talk to your Pharmasave pharmacist. Live well with Pharmasav When you're smilin' Announcer: ihop has tons of omlettes, so you can have omlettes for breakfast, brunch brinner or even a brittle of a night snack. Try the new meaty cheesy 'n crispy mega omelette and add cinnamon dippers for $1 Only at ihop. As the proud owner of your own business, why take a chance with your future and your dreams? Be prepared for the unexpected by counting on the commercial insurance experts at Johnston Meier Agencies. 50 years of trust and business experience in your community. [ ] [ ] Closed captioning is brought to you by FortisBC. We've got reba Frog: *rebates* on high efficiency ows, doors and insulation. Find them at >> Reporter: I think most people want to be energy cious but what can they do button and use of their home? >> Speakeat question we want them to be more aware of energy in r homes or how you use energy in your home is going to be very fferent than that of your neighbour. Understanding the patterns in which you and your family use energy in yourreat place to start. >> Reporter: when you know how your home's energy what do you do next? >> Speaker: we know that it's heavy hitters with energy in the home. So take an opportunity to walk around your home and figure out, where you might be losing space and water heating. So you can fix a leaky faucet, anul a showerhead or faucet aerator. >> Reporter: are there research better for. >> Speaker: steph. Customers can log into their account online, fill out a home assessment and this creates a customized action and it is a really great place for customers tart saving energy in their home. >> Jennifer: israel's military says it's intercepte of rockets fired by hamas from za. Air raid sirens as far as tel aviv were set off after hamas took responsibility for eight rockets fired from the area of rafah. Earlier, a number of aid trucks new agreement to bypass the rafah crossing with egypt. It's unclear I groups will be able to access all he aid because of the ongoing fighting in the area. 200 aid trucks and four fuel trucks were expected to enter.

the ukrainian military has clawed back territory around kharkie country's second largest city after russian forces ramped upir offensive earlier this month. That's ukraine's president volodymyr zelenskyy sayi ukraine is back in control of following russia's latest advance. The russian military stepped up its assault of the kharkivregion two weeks ago, launching repeated strikes on border areas with the stated aim of creating a buffer zone, to prevent ukraine from launching attacks on ran territory. Meantime, the death toll has risen to 14 in a russian strike on a crowded hardware ma and residential area in kharkiv. Another 43 were injured and 16 are missing. Zelenskyy sayspite the gains made by the military, russia is preparing to intensify its nsive in the region. Pressure is mounting on canada to meet its commitments of spending 2% of its gdp on defence. A bi-partisan group of U.S. senators has now written a letter to prime minister justin trudeau. Ottawa bureau chief mercedes stephenson has more on this week's the west block. >> Mercedes: I'm wondering if the white house shares the view of these U.S. senators that canada is not doing enough on defense. >> David: I think the U.S. government position, including the white e, is that canada needs to spend more money on fense. The threat environment in which we are all functioning today is fundamentally different than it was three years ago, five years ago, ten years ago, certainly at the time that the voluntary, commitments to spend at least 2% of gdp on defense was, was originally entered into a decadeago. So there's just no doubt that, that canada needs to spend more. T that's not just the us government in the white house, I think. I mean, minister blair believes that general believes that. I I think that the canadianes that or else it would not have approved the defense policy update. That was just it was just entered into what you're what you're ng here is the leadto the nato summit in a couple of months in july, he united states. And at the end of 2024, the way projections are looking, canad will be the only country in nato that is not spending at least 2% of its gdp on defense and does not have a plan to ghere. And that end is very important. So that canada's gone has moved within nato from being, a of an outlier to being the outlier in the entire alliance. Jennifer: time now for a check on those sunday morning roads with barbara beam, good morning to you.>> Reporter: good morning, jen it is slick on the roads this morning so itant to see the headlights if you do get on the road, traffic is moving well at the portman bridge whether you're heading into coquitlam or surrey, although traffic is a ttle busier heading into cook whitlam and onto wes van highway one. Get your diy on with your get ready for summer sale at home hard would deal on pins and power tools only until june 5th, in the global traffic centre I am barba beam,. >> Jennifer: thank you so much barbara willk to you later. It's a debilitating disease, but it isn't stopping one woman from sharing her story. Why she hopes she can raise more awareness about multiple sclerosis, and the impact it can have on families. That is next. >> Yvonne: discover onf the most unique and mysterious monuments in the world was stonehenge. The exhibition explores the chronic world heritage site and over 400 ancient artifacts, info at right and celebrate the 26 of ms bike fraser valley help raise funds for the over 90,000 canadians living with ms. The ride will include beer gardens and a saturday evening gala. For our bc I'm yvonne schalle >> Announcer: in partnership with the 2024 grey cup festival. Canada's legendary grey cup festival returns to vancouver november 10th to 17. Game tickets go on sale june 4th at Every time I open my eyes... ...i am still there. - I am gonna need you to cover two classes. - [Narrator] Without enough teachers, school counsellors and specialists are being pulled away when kids need their support most. Bc needs to hire more teachers so we can help more kids. Our heritage is engrained in our skin.

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