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>>> 12 PEOPLE HAVE BEEN INJURED TURBULENCE ON THE FLIGHT FROM DOHA TO DUBLIN, IT HAPPENED FLYING OVER TURKIYE, ED TO LAND SAFELY AS SCHEDULED, THE TURBULENCE LASTED LESS THAN 20 SECONDS AND OCCURRED DURING FOO AND DRINK SERVICE, THE INCIDENT FOLLOWS A SIMILAR INCIDENT ON THE SINGAPORE AIRLINES FLIGHT FIAYS AGO WHERE DOZENS OF PASSENGERS WEREURED, AND A MAN DIED OF A SUSPECTED HEART >>> COMING UP, IVONNE IS HERE WITH THE WEATHER FORECAST AND KEEPING TO THE SKIES, A NEVER BEFORE SEEN IMAGE FROM SATELLITES, MORE ON THE MISSION We're ready. Let's go, let's go! (Sirens blaring) ANNOUNCER:9-1-1,season finale Thursdayat 8 Eastern on Global. (Background conversations) (Nonna speaking in Italian to her son) (Crashing sound) (Upbeat music) Canadian, Ultra, Exel. Molson, Everyone In ( ) ( ) ( ) When we work to end inequity... ( ) we help start something better. ( ) Support Even the Odds. What do you do if your child needs hospital treatment but your family lives far away? Ronald McDonald House is a place for families to stay while their child is in hospital. [kids laughing] Because when families stay together, sick children get stronger. When arthritis pain makes the stairs feel like a summit... There's Tylenol Arthritis. With 2 layers of pain relief, one acts fast, one lasts for up to 8hrs and it's gentle on your stomach. Tylenol Arthritis: made for everyday moments. (ball thuds) (children laughing) (door thuds) - Miss? (student sighs) (slams desk) - Just one second. - [Narrator] Helping kids find their way is what teachers do. - Deep breath. - [Teacher] It's okay if I join you? - [Narrator] But with more complex needs and less classroom support... - I'm gonna need you to cover two classes. (colleague sighs) - [Narrator] There's just not enough of us. It's time for BC to hire more teachers. - Are you okay? - [Narrator] So we can help more kids. Want to drive new sales? Then don't leave your business marketing to cLeave it to the professionals at JM Media to drive the results you've been looking for. We're experts in digital, social, content, TV, radio and sports marketing. Whenwith JM Media. BC Denturists are denture specialists. From complete and partial dentures to dentures over implants Denturists fabricate all types of dentures from start to finish and can repair, reline, and rebase your dentures. To find a local Denturist thats agood fit for you

>>> A project being led in part by scientists at the uniity of british columbia are offering new insights into the cosmos. The european space agency this week releasing the first five new images of the universe taken by the euclid satellite, featuring a cluster of galaxies, regular galaxy, globular cluster anhe horsehead nebula. The satellite was described as a mission to map a dark universe. >> I think it isool because we are finding out about the bright universe, hink the first results are a lot more exciting an some people may have thought because they are king dark universe. >> Emily: sure. >> Suddenly there are free floating planets and red shift objects and fuzzy dwarf galaxies that we didn't know were there, there are a lot of new things. >> Emily: the euclid satellite sense 100 gigs of data to the ground every day producing images with a wider field of view than is possible with other satellites. >> Yvonne: beautiful, but day is not the days be looking at anything up there. I reach for my rain boots and it was a bit cold. >> Yvonne: it has been cool and unsed as evening, it is going to be unsettled for the beginning of the workweek but there is an improvement on the y, I will have that coming up in just a mom it looks like piece soup out there, temperes curling police sitting at 12 degrees with the southerly wind at 22, this evening still the potential first some showers overnight word monday morning. Here's a quick snapshot of what it looks like on the satellite and radar, a few isolated ers will continue to pop up overnight we will see it across the island and behind it we have likely impacting us on tuesday. The planned for tomorrow morning cloud cover with the chance of showers, it will be cool tomorrow with highs between 15 and 16 degrees, then as we get into word the evening greaterchance of showers and behind it this will be next system by tuesday morning, it will be rainfall heavy at times, a soaker on tuesday, similar to what we are seeingarlier this morning, then b thursday and friday and I sprinkle on the way as well. A quick reminder the latest and the fire danger rating the province sitting betwe moderate and high in a few spots extreme, much of the central and southern half of the province still low or very low police be diliges you enjoy the outdoors. For the coming days it wille a cool start for the workweek but thursday and friday a nice improvementing out, a return of sunshine andtemperature start to bump up, normal for this time ofr is 19 degrees. Went along the coast for tomorrow, prince rupert up to ten, terrace will see some of those winds with gusts up to 40 callers per hour, there is someinstability, for nelson in prince george across central interior we are looking at that instability and risk of a thunderstorm the afternoon and early evening. Columbia region will have a greater chance of sho, revelstoke up to 19 degrees, southeastern corner near cranbrook under mix ofun and cloud, whistler cooler with highs up to ten, oast areas across the island will be tracking that rainfall it will intensify and we will watchor tuesday, cloud cover for the chance of showers, be prepared a cool one tomorrow, e cooler and wetter on tuesday, it shouldstart to improve byay, a look ahead by friday we are back to a mix of sun and cloud.

>>> The first ever stadium climb fo nature event wet underway this morning at bc place. >> You are the first ever bc place stadium climbers. >> Emily: hundreds of particts signed up to climb stairs raising money and awareness for nature in bc a similar event hosted by the world wildlife fund has been ongoin cn tower for 32 years , in vancouver there is do the number of stairs but that did not's up either cli from tackling the steps. >> Every step people take is a step for wildlife in canada, we are doing incredible work out here in bc, we have incredible supporters thrilled they are showing up for the firsttime ever and we are looking forward to I >> Emily: world wildlife fund says they raise $00 and counting. I think I read somewhere it is like 3000 steps. >> Yvonne: not that bad. >> Barry: the thoug that comes to mind for me is that bc place stadium had to clean up about 50,000 tons of garbage afthe soccer game so they were busy because the place look spotless. >> Yvonne: it looks very good. >> Barry: we are unfortunately going to look back at that whitecap game, sports is all about seizing the opportunity, white cats had a big chance t show off for some new fans and they definitely fell short, losing to-1, we will show you some of the highlights, and another overtime game in the stanley cup playoffs. That ising up as well. vonne: there were so many people, it was nice to seehe crowds I don't know ift is called a cheer or a chance at that point. Emily: still ahead, how a pair of vancouver designers are paying tribute to the tragically It's my homecoming! We're a team! (Announcer says words on screen) It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $99uding a 2 year warranty! sday! (Sentimental instrumental music) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Is that a Cheestring? I'll trade you my bagel for it. How about my pirate's treasure? Mystery Orb? I offer Cthulhu, the World Eater! I'll stick with the Cheestring. Keep it Cheesy. Cheestrings, only from Black Diamond. (Upbeat music) [pistons firing] Unlock your engine's true performance with new and improved Shell V-Power Nitro+Premium Gasoline. Performance Unbound. How many people do you think you pass by every day? A few, maybe a few dozen, perhaps it's hundreds. Everyone is unique and everyone has a story to tell. Real people, real stories. Share your story at Want to drive new sales? Then don't leave your business marketing to chance. e professionals at jm Media to drive the results you've been looking for. We're experts in digital social con tv, radio and sports marketing. When it h jm Media. Canada has one of the best backyards in the world. Don't let allergies prevent you from breathing it all in. (Sneeze, birds squawking) Get relief fast. Reactine acts fast to relieve allergy symptoms and lasts 24 hours. Foundation cracks and sloped floors? Call True Level Concrete. Settling or sinking foundation? Dont wait. Call True Level. Foundation problems don't get better with time, but they do get better when you call True Level Concrete. Bc Denturists are denture specialists. From complete and partial dentures to dentures over implants Denturists fabricate all types of dentures from start to finish and can repair, reline, and rebase your dentures. To find a local Denturist thats agood fit for you and annual fundraising event was held at kelowna city park raising money for bc residents living with dementia.

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