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sun in the mixing for the lumbia kootenayion of the thompson, okanagan it is more of risk that but otherwise, the coia kootenay region in the interior releasing some active weather today. Whistler more showers and then for us here around the south coast here, southeast of vancou island and into tomorrow for the day and showers. So we have a birthday. Happy birthday celebrating your hundred from global bc we hope you are enjoying those beautiful afternoon that we are going to seme brakes because it's really all that were getting for the next 5 days. So you might need puffy jackets the time into next friday, jennifer. After that we were drowning in the next week but a little bit of a stretch. >> Jennifer: were counting on you, thank you so much. A new series by yvr ising to be an invaluable resource for neurerse travellers. As claire newell reports, ittakes you through an entire airport journey, before you go. >> Claire: well, the hustle and bustle of the airport can be unintimidating and even an overwhelming experience for someone with narrow diverse issues. Now, there is a new tool for na diverse individuals to become acquainted with travel fore entering an airport or getting onto a plane. Give cooper international airport is with autism network and canada to offer inttive training videos and to offer people with the different processes and aspects of the experience so that they feel more confident going into real life travel situations, the three part series shows the entire airport journey from arriving at the drop off area for departures right till take off an travel with autism as she goes from check-in and then backdrop to security screening out why the ark, viewers will be able to practice interactions and help navigate common scenarios that pop up like setting up a medal detector having your bag searched by security agents. Next, though viewers will have travellers as they find there gate and goes the boarding process in the video also demonstrates how to clear canadian customs upon return international trip and will hopefully help many travellers and their families by insurance and it is safely and humbly enjoying air travel you can visit for more details on this interactive accessibility initiative and I hope it really helpeople. Now it's that you travelling here is some deal that caught my eye. First look get to orlando florida august 31st until october the 26th here and 7 nights hotel, the adults are 999 and taxes of children's $599 in taxes of 240. Xt is steel and in portugal september 1st through until december 30th. Sightseeing and the train between thea including tax is $2079 and finalthis 10 night mexican riviera inics to choose from nber 11th and january 30th, the 10 night is round-tfrom los angeles and comes with a 60 us dolla credit is $799 and the taxes of $317 if you miss that or want more inspiration can go online anytime avel best >> Jennifer: thank you so mu claire. No show messi. The fans that are upset. Jay takes a look at what happenus it's the bc hockey league championship. Jay's got a look at highlights, and if a local game can take place, next in global sports. >> Announcer: travel tips is brought to yy bcaa travel insurance. Lemore at Three beach houses... Three renovation teams. Summer's hottest renovationcompetition returns. It's time to battleon the beach. (Announcer says words on screen) ream on StackTVand the GlobalTV app. ( ) ( ) Stop dreaming. Start shopping. Red Tag Days are on at Toyota, with great offers on select models. Find yours today, at It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $99uding a 2 year warranty! sday! (Upbeat music) When you're performing at your best, it's hard to imagine anything holding you back. ( ) But performance inhibiting deposits restrict your engine's performance, robbing it of its true potential. Don't let anything stand between you and performing at your best.

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years europa les in united is gifted matches first goal man city's defender and keeper cross their wires here alexandro garnacho runs onto it slots it into wide open net 1-nil with some serious shame being felt. 9 minutes later united score a beauty bruno fernandes quick flick to kobbie mainoo city added a late one not enough as manchester united celebrate their 13th fa cup championship one back of arsenal's record of 14. See if this is enough to saveerik ten hag's job after a disastrous premier leagu campaign. World hockey championship from parag brandon tanev and team canada taking on switzerland y canada making it to the goal in game 7 it was a great stop for thess. Heavy one time or from point the power-play goal goes it over the shoulder makes it. Two minutes later they had another one and another power planother bomb from the point part of me. Unloading and it off the pants to nothing swiss. Can I miss a shorthanded breakaway including one by brandon and he makes it on this chance, smacks it in the lose box and goes in off the defenceman's skate and 2it was-1 into third. Canada with a power-play of their up john tavarez as he goes 5 w in. Often over time we go, canada killed the penalty in overtime as did this was they go to shoot out. Or bedard first for canada and he is going to snap it through leonardo. Will be score. As he w proud watching this won the swiss court on both of their chances and left it up to dylan cousins to t it. But he makes for the swiss and canada falls the we did tomorrow for bronze, check, yeah, beat them by 7-4and the other finals and theve the first in 2010. Bc hockey league championship fred pag out in penticton tonight after game 5 was won by surrey and evans bound first goal turned out to be the winner for nothing would be the final will look at this eagles goalie ajeet gundarah the game's first star beautiful as they kept the pedal down right here is penticton needs to win on home ice ice tonight to force a game 7 back in surrey on tuesday. Formula one monaco grand prix rough ride for red bull's max verstappen he touches the wall right there 8 anunting tying with the forced to shut it down today he will start tomorrow with a 6 placehometown boy charles leclerc takes the pool third of his career 3rd as carlos sainz beaten out for front row alongside leclerc by oscar piastri. And in some very sad news on the pga tour it sense passi away did he played on thursday shot 68 withdrew from the tournament yesterday and today they announced that he is dead at the age of 30. Tragic news to hear the he said keep on playing that's what our son would like to do but just devastating news for the pgatour. No indication of why? >> Jay: he has battle with depression in the past but motor. >> Jennifer: rest in peace, thank you so much. Coming up, the power ofng made. How a group of women are working together to make sure everyone is housed and safe. The ideas that are flowing, next. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $99uding a 2 year warranty! sday! This is the story of Molly and Sid, retired grandp make Molly and Sid better grandparents? No. But also, yes. 'Cause with affordable plans with guaranteed acceptance, they were covered. So despite his sensitive teeth, Sid knew he could help them finish their sundae. Call 1-877-cover-me to get a quote, like Molly and Sid did. So when their grandkids wanted to do bumper cars, they jumped in, bad knees and all. Were they covered for a neck brace to deal with whiplash? Of course. What about prescription meds for high blood pressure? You know it. Even a relaxing massage after they sent the kids home? Ohh, yes. Molly could take it easy knowing she's covered for her pre-existing condition of diabetes.

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