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tropical note of it here and you get pineapple, some guava and then with the cabernet lens is a little red foo we should serve it with a c think of it kind of la have your rose and the later red silk quite juicy, quite awful and it's great oef curry and something like this is like a juicy helps. >> Jennifer: what would you have with this? >> Speaker: the sparkling customer with the chef menu you can do a 4 course chef menu or a lat. The chef menu you get little snacks to start and so this is kind of my snacking wine and whic is ruled out tuna and littlest salty snacks like potato chips really. D then, finally the reason why I chose thesewo is moved on a project with them, this is a continuing series with the ling project and I think the last time we were here with the first edition which is a collaboration between the winerylocally, we are also volume two of the riesling project and so, scout vineyard have joined forces for fruit together. Chef angus and I went to the okanagan and did a bunch ofblending trials and everything and so we have here this local riesling it is unfiltered so you can see there is supposed to be that litter haze and so, that will give it a little bit more texture, what we like in this and what we like is a lot of ginger and lime leaf. In there, so really savoury riesling and then speaking of collabion calm after a bunch of one a good beer is refres main street bririspy logger, this is a new beehat chef angus worked on with main brewing in mount pleasant and here and t is a little bit of a black line, so preserve lime, bit of a ferment and a bit of toasted fennel seed. And so just a lovely atics and this goes with anything on the menu, I guarantee you it is fresh and get just a little toasty note to it that crisp texture in there and then ia really nice and fun thing to play around with. >> Jennifer: so fantastic, so later is better for type food pairing? >> Speaker: just because the food can be quite loud and there's bold flavours and everyt so I like freshness, I and that is coming in spades with everything. >> Jenni that we have here. Fantastic check outnam if you can. Weekend weather with steph is next. Will the sun arrive ever, we do need to shower though. We can see a little peek out in thek. Stephanie's back with your forecast,t. I was a young man... Keep moving! a terrible place. Go, go, go! But I found something there. Someone. What wouldn't you doto keep them alive? (Announcer speaks wordson screen) Stream on STACKTVand the Global tv app. You've been waiting to get outand drive a New Nissan,great offersare ready So, check out all the latesttech, features and thrills - it's all happening right now. Now, at Nissan, lease select models from as low as 2.99% for 24 months. ( ) Tune into Traffic Tips on Global News Morning every Tuesday. Learn about the dangers of distracted driving. The importance of following the posted speed limit. Safety tips to avoid crashes and more. Brought to you by icbc. Together we all make BC's roads safer. [ Dramatic Music ] Once upon a time, I traveled far and wide defending villages from dark forces. Ah, but there's little call fo only know one thing. Protecting. (Hey honey...) (The painters are here.) Protect your castle with Guardian. The ultra premium, 100% acrylic exterior house paint. Able to battle every Canadian climate. Guardian. Made in Canada. Exclusively at Cloverd Paint Stores and dealers. Here's Travel Best Bets with Claire Newell. xe 12 night cruise October 27th, including air, $600 shore excons credit and Wi-Fi, $5629 Tax included. Details at Looking at these scenes, no one wants to imagine a wildfire. However, extreme weather and wildfires threaten the places we love. The Government of B.C.

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