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>> Jennifer: thanks, kelly.coming up, jay's here with sports. Coming up, the word on the mess more on the controversy surrounding his absence, and how the caps are trying to focus their efforts on who will be on the field. We're ready. Let's go, let's go! (Sirens blaring) ANNOUNCER:9-1-1,season finale Thursdayat 8 Eastern on Global. All the things you take care of make you beautiful on the inside. Collagen30 can help on the outside. It's clinically researched to help reduce eye wrinkles within four weeks. Collagen30. Beauty from the inside Tune into Traffic Tips on Global News Morning every Tuesday. Learn about the dangers of distracted driving. The importance of following the posted speed limit. Safety tips to avoid crashes and more. Brought to you by icbc. Together we all make BC's roads safer. To 50 years with my best friend. Nooo... Aya... Quick, the Quicker Picker Upper! One sheet of Bountyis all you need And Bounty is 50% moreabsorbent so you can use less. Bounty, the Quicker PickerUpper. (Upbeat music) When you're performing at your best, it's hard to imagine anything holding you back. ( ) But performance inhibiting deposits restrict your engine's performance, robbing it of its true potential. Don't let anything stand between you and performing at your best. New and improved Shell V-Power Nitro+Premium Gasoline. Performance unbound. (Shell mnemonic) Ronald McDonald, House bc and Yukon, has been supporting families for 40 years. They are committed to continue growing their services, en critical access to BC's pediatric health care system. Please donate today at Fog this mirror with yourbreath, and you're approved! All we need is a dollar down and we'll follow youaround for the rest. With any new or used purchase,get a trip for two to Vegas airfare and hotel included. Buy at Willowbrook Chryslerwhere friends mean more than money! Watch Global News Morning Saturdays for We Find out what's happening this summer at BC's best g courses brought to you in part by iga Vancouver Golf Tour. Iga- Simple Goodness. Go, go, go! What wouldn't you doto keep them alive? (Announcer speaks wordson screen) Stream on STACKTVand the Global tv app. All: Let's see your voice! Good morning to you and this cutie barney. >> Steph: barney would rather walk us and to be chilly and avery wet tomorrow we are to see t of a break this aften there's good news there is sunshine in the mix, high of 15 degrees, maybe we will get to 15 degrees tomorrow and even cooler. So definitely enjoy the brakes this afternoon. To mostly cloudy skies thisafternoon and then those two bc dolking forecast at global mixing the cct dogs already, I have to admit. But it is coming down in certain pockets right now we will shake off the showers and we will dry out for the bcps getting a little gusty in the day tomorrow and then the risk of a thunderstorm in the afternoon hours, whitehorse, same thingwins of the whitehorse 40 kilometres an hour on monday, d the rain begins through the overnight but showers pick up this morning at will get wet and windy for the next several days. For the bc central interior for the columbia kootenayion with the risk of afterno showers and thunderstorms but we are getting mix of sun and cloud for the day for the next several days, temperatures normally 21,the thompson okanagan slowly making its way back otherwise seeing sunshine, and stability this afternoon. Normally 18, much cooler whistler the rain pushes in and it will be much more showeor the c2 sky for us that is rated for the overnight and morni for vancouver island as well and then the system eases a little bit for the later part ofthe day before we end up seeing more rain in the forecast again on tuesday, so look at that jay, it's cooler and wet for the next days so enjoy the brakes today, back to you. >> Jay: appreciate it, good morning everybody. Today should've been a massive soccer celebration with over 50 thousand on hand tonight at bc place seeing lionel messi and his felliami superstars face the whitecaps. As you know, miami chose to lemessi, luis suarez and

sergio boo-skets at home to rest, that's entirely theirperogative as miami is playing 3 matches in the next week. Major-league soccer is not a household and not visit markets that you plays a major failure. It makes simply not fair to you thes or your family as many of you spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars to go to tonight's game. And please, let's stop letting the turfbc place. Yes, players in the past have refused toy on the artificial surface but mess he has played a full 90 minutes on a fake grass before in the major-league soccer, so it's time formma left to get its you know what together to avoid future messes like this. >> B: soccer fans who were hoping to see this kind of messi magic at bc place are now tterly disappointed because the inter miami star never boarded the team charter to vancouver, basically it was load management says miami coach tata martinith home games coming up next wednesday and saturday, in florida, the coach decided a 6 hour cross continental flight for his 36o is nursing a minor leg injury, wasn't a good idea. >> Speaker: we obviously understand the frustra of the people, wanting to watch these players play. Sometimes have to make these very difficult decisions, but we have to always keep in mind the players first and that is what we felt was the appropriate decision at this time. >> Speaker: we did it for some year the law travel we were on a school bus because we wanted to do rotations. >> Barry: it makes sense from a coaching standpoint, just not to the 54,000 fans who paid hundreds and even thousands of dollars for tickets for a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> Speaker: I hear them, I feel with them. I understand their frustration. And I can tell them we share this frustration. As I said before, I think there is no one more disappointed and frated than our players. The one thing is to come to thisevent the other thing is to be on the stage at this event. >>speaker: I think the chance to walk with him would be really good for everybody. But, unfortunately, that's not to be. Hopefully next year, we can play them again. >> Barry: and it g than that, the whitecaps have a massive street party planned saturday afternoon, building up to what they hope can still be a great party atmosphere. >> Speaker: we have always said we want to use this game two showcase the organizatt our team looks like but also how it looks like how we were, how w have improved in the excellence and how we can make an experience like such a game day something great and that is the best I can say we want to make up for the frustration and what the peopledon't get what they expected to get.itecaps have offered half price food and bege to help cushion the blow for fans, but they say they will not be offering refunds or tickets for future games as compensation for disappointed fans.barry deley, global sports. >> Jay: now if you're up for it. Vancouver fc of the canadian premier league are offering free tix to their match against pacific fc out in langley this afternoon to anyone holding a whitecaps game only to do is show up show them your whitecaps ticket they will give you a ticket to watch their game 3:00 and a little bc to take on 20 bc born players on both rosters bc hockey league championship fred page cup could be handed out in penticton tonight after surrey took a 3-2 series thanks to their 4-0 shutout victory on home ice last night. Evan brown's first period tip in the slot turning out to be the game winner. Eagles goalie ajeet gundarah the game's first star stopped all 31 pentiction shots fired his way look at him but the paddle out there. Penticton needing a win on home ice tonight to force a game 7 back in surrey on tuesday. L playoffs the eastern conference finals matthew tkachuk and the panthers trying to sniff out a win in game two vincent trocheck goal plane for the new york rangers he gets held down tkachuk holds troheck down carter verhaeghe in over time with the 1-1 barclay goodrow overtime goal now piece as they went in over time the oilers * game two of horse edmonton holding a 1-0 series lead

alek manoah and the bluejays in detroit yesterday manoah showing signs of findingstuff sort of but he got mauled by the tigers. 5th inning this is the last batter he'd face kerry carpenter ringing up the change up to right fieldmanoah giving up 6 runs 4 of them earned, on 5 hits. Bluejays taking n the chin 6-2 toronto 23-27 on the season now dead last in the al . Think of on the road 4-2 as they won in hillsboro so de day of soccer vancouver fc at 3:00 out and the whitecaps against m with the bc place. >> Jennifer: the lindley deal sounds great. >> Jay: lindley deal sounds great and take your ticket and t watch them play. >> Jennifer: think straight. Coming up, the power of community and the call being made. How a group of women are working together to make sure everyoneis housed, the ideas that are flowing, next.but first, here is kelly medos. >> Kelly: thank you so much jen, ta a look at the portman bridge and as you see cloud cover surrounding the bridge deck traffic is moving well both east end westcross the bridge, you are also moving ball out of langley into surrey and further and took and burnaby, no delaust drive with caution due to the conditions. Select sussex insurance and make a difference. When you renew your auto plan online st your neighbourhood sussex insurance location when pred and help support diabetes canada, exclusively at sussex insurance. In the global traffic ce, I am kelly medos. >> Announcer: this program is brought to you by jm media. Visit jm Closed captionin of this program is brought to you in part by RecycleBC recycle like a probringing flexible plastics to your local depot. Learn more at [ ]You might not know howto keep cool in your home. [sfx: phone ringing] But we do. "That was fast." Get a featured heat pump with no monthly rental payments may be eligible for up to $6,000 in government and utility rebates. Call on Reliance Bladder leak underwearhas one job. I just want to feel protected! Especially for those sudden gush moments. When your keys are in the door and your body's like it's happening! If you're wit's not the right protection. protects like no other. With double leak guardsthat help prevent gushes escaping from the sides and a rapid dry corethat locks in your heaviest gushquickly for up to eaks. And it contours to every body. Now this is protection. Always Discreet— the protection we deserve! Retirement living should be comfortable, inspiring and active. You'll feel that way from the moment you arrive at Legacy Senior Living. Join our vibrant community where your personal growth and health goals come first. Live a healthy, independent life your way. Call now for a tour. Located high above Coquitlam on Eagle Mountain is Westwood Plateau. Outstanding Golf. Amazing food, memorable event setting and the perfect venue for the intimate wedding of your dreams. Say I do. And book your wedding at Westwood Plateau. (ball thuds) (children laughing) (door thuds) - Miss? (student sighs) (slams desk) - Just one second. - [Narrator] Helping kids find their way is what teachers do. - Deep breath. - [Teacher] It's okay if I join you? - [Narrator] But with more complex needs and less classroom support... - I'm gonna need you to cover two classes. (colleague sighs) - [Narrator] There's just not enough of us. It's time for bc to hire more teachers. - Are you okay? - [Narrator] So we can help more kids. Want to drive new sales? Then don't leave your business marketing to cLeave it to the professionals at jm Media to drive the results you've been looking for. We're experts in digital, social, content, tv, radio and sports marketing. Whenwith jm Media. >> Jennifer: fifomen on the sunshine coast are helping other women have a sustainable placeto live. They have banded together to fundraise for a housing project that would meafordable rents in sechelt. As angela jung reports, it showspower of community. >> Speaker: I took outife insurance policy and I did my will because I did not expect to survive. >> Angela: she feared dying at the hands of her ex husband. As a survivo violence we are not revealing her identity. >> Speaker: my seven-year-old son at the time, basically pounded on him and said, 'leave my mummy alone.' d my son saved my life that day. >> Angela: she turned to sunshine coast community services society helping her navigate next steps offering her chidren counselling. Her story is one of many. >> Catherine: the key reasons that people are accessing our services are poverty, food security, affordable housing, and gender based violence. And that's across all our programs. We've never really seen thatbefore. These are all the units.

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