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late day sunday, but it is going to be a soaker on sunday morning for y so keep that in mind, otherwise we do have more risk of thunderstorm activity this afternoon. Cooler temperatures than seasonal, so here's a little, was there 11 degrees, kamloops 17 should be above that 23 mark, prince ge 23, so we are expecting about 5 to 10 as far as williams lake, prince george, philmont, those areas that se quite a bit of rainfall in t printer reversing the showers pick up this morning. A soggy 5 day stretch this afternoon and cooler than the seasonal high of 19 degrees. We have a contest to tell you about. Thunderbird show park wants to give you a chance to see the world's best equestrians compete right in your backyard. We are givyou a chance to win tickets and a table for 8 in the pink soiree vip area, during the odlum brown grprix on june 2nd. Head to to enter. >> Jennifer: oh a pink soiree, your dress for it already. Think you soh. No chance of a merger. The constaack and forth is put to rest between bc's two right-of-centre part details on what to expect as the election in We're finally here! This is wild, man. (Announcer says words on screen) [Song playing - Here Comes theHotstepper by Ini Kamoze] [people shaking the ice in their cups] [people shaking the ice in their cups] [people shaking the ice in their cups] "you can have it all" by george mccrae You. Look. Fabulous. - No, you. - You! You! - Youuuuuu! - Youuuuuu! - It's Old Navy. - It Navy. Get a jump on summer. The Odlum Brown Gran Prix returns to Thunderbird Show Park. Sunday, June 2nd. ( ) Get your tickets now at Foundation cracks and sloped floors? Call True Level Concrete. Sticking windows and doors? Call True Level. Cracks in drywall and stucco? Call True Level. Settling or sinking foundation? Dont wait. Call True Level. Foundation problems dont get better with time, but they do get better when you call True Level Concrete. Hometown Heroes Lottery has thousands of prizes worth millions, and the tickets are l three for $75 by now for the Heroes bonus. Choose from a midland appliance package, a chevrolet equinox or cash. onus deadline May 31st. Get your tickets today. I'm just going to be a little late for the meeting (pause)... ...about a week. And I did it all fuel free... almost. (sound of gentle lake waves) Closed captioning is brought to you by FortisBC. We've got rebate Frog: *rebates* on high efficiency wis, doors and insulation. Find them at >> Rter: I am here in the vancouver coastal health sim centre joining me I have sally, tell me about the learning culture here at bch. >> Speaker: think of a close house we have a coastal experience and we want to ask support them in their journey and passionate care with their patients andwant to support their creative outlet as well so we want formal, informal that staff can grow their career to deliver excellent patient care but also to become better educators, but mentors and leaders. >> Reporter: how d translate to right now? >> Speaker: and they really help staff, practice their skills and protected in a safe way, they do get lots of hands-on experience with patie but in the simulation centre they practice their teamwork, communication, collaboration and work scenario in a way that whe they return to the clinic they are providingn safer patient care. This provides an extra planning opportunity where they can learnand try new things out in a safe way and learn from that. So all of us but so that in the type of lending. >> Jennifer: there is no chance of a merger between bc's two right-of-centre parties before the election. That is the final word friday. But ashard zussman reports, what happened depends on who you talk

>> Richard: it is a deal now dead. >> Speaker: I think both sides are now desperate, because if they do id divide the front. They will almost surely handpicked the ndp. >> Richard: bc united leader kevin falcon with si proposed for bc and was rejected was not a merger the two parties, but rather a commitment for the des to not attack each other during the to form a coalition government of the parties had enough seats added on. >> Speaker: in any agement both parties have to give up something that's hard to do. >> Richard: the bc conservativescan continue to gain momentum in a provincewide bc united goi the other way, tied for third all the way back at 12 percent. >> Speaker: for 50 years the separate party from the covatives have not elective a single one and there is a lot more an election twhat the polls are saying. >> Richard: the bc unitednd stipulated that they cannot run against an bc united would against the two conservative provinces. With the candidates, bc united 46 sey did not go up against each other at will take place for ratings where air they are running. >> Speaker: we have cruise with british columbia with 93 cabinets that's by the people of british columbia that they are looking for political party that is going to elect a government. If you are running half the candidates so you cannot be seriously. >> Richard: all this giving the bc end it p giving up opponents. >> Speaker: these guys are soout of touchhey are dealing with challenges in healthcare and they are sbling over back deals. >> Richard: making I once again clear bc united is a struggling to live up to the united's claim richard zussman, global news. >> Reporter: british columbia has actually had one coalition government in the history that was back in the late 1940s when the liberalnd conservative to block the party from gaining power in bc. That was a coalition that was put together before the 1945 election not afterwards will bc united is proposing here. I did ask about the original aspects given the fact of the two parties basically wanteo carve up the electoral map of bc and deny the choice witlf of the writings and not a case of potential here is his response. >> Speaker: no I don't, at the end of the dayhink we owe a duty to the public interest, and the broad public interest is in would want to see and ndp w and have an advantage to get reelected because of the free enterprise vote being divided. And so, what we did was listen to the people in the public that were speaking to us and I committed to them that I would make jenny widen sincere and an open and transparent way to see if we can finat common ground. And on the basis, we had good interactions that want to do the right thing but they have factions and he decided to go with the faction t is no deals for anything. >> Reporter: no deal whatsoever the bad blood is also flowing. This is the first fundraiser put out by the executive director of the bc ed caucus today. David eby or as everyone is going back here has been doing, instead the focus on this one is purely on john rested attng him in term saying gets his own personal interest ahead of the interest of british colombians, it is a nasty, nasty fight between bc united in bc conservatives the ones ahead because to get to david eby and bc united has to conservative party. Global news of a legislative party. >> Jennifer: are you planningheading out this summer, can you afford it? Inflation is eating into summer travel plans, but do you care? The decisions canadians are making about adventure. >> Yvonne: discover one of the most mysterious and unique e monuments in the world was stonehenge. The exhibition explores the iconic world heritage state and over 400 ancient artifacts. Info at Ride and celebrate t 26 anniversary of the bike fr valley. Help raise funds for the over 90,000 canadians living with ms. The ridel include beer gardens and a saturday evening hour. For our bc I'm yvonne schalle >> Reporter: in partnership with the 2024 grey cup festival returns to vancouver november 10th to 17th game tickets go on Get the team there now. We're on our way. Announcer: fbi, fbi: International andFBI: Most Wanted, only on Global.

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