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( ) >> Farah: on this friday night, te U.N.'s top court orders israel to stop its rafah offensive now. Israel's response as the suffering in gaza gets worse. >>> A potential strike for border workers. >> Members are angry. >> Farah: when they might walk off the jo >>> Backlash, the indigenous community re to the RCMP's new dress uniform option. >>> Altered news clips and a conservative MP's video, the concerns about disinformation and his response. >>> Plus, wheel of misfortune... >> I apologize, but I was a little excited. >> Farah: the game show contestant who became the butt of the joke. >> Announcer: "gl national" with farah nasser. >> Farah: good evening to you. Thanks forning us. It has been a week filledh legal and diplomatic blows for israel over its treatment of palestinians in gaza. From three european countries taking symbolic steps to recognize a palestinian state to theernational criminal court announcing it's seeking arrest warrants against israel's prime minister and defense minister and now a ruling from the U.N.'s top court. >> In conformity with gations under the genocide convention, israel must immediately halt its military offensive. >> Farah: the international urt of justice ordering israel to stop its rafah offensive today warning it could make the disastrous humanitarian situation there even worse. Experts say together, this week'sicc and icj decisions are a legal one-two punch to the country and its leadership. R europe bureau leader crystal goomansingh has more on reaction. >> Reporter: conditions inah have deteriorated to levels now tegorized as disastrous by the president of the international court of justice. In an effort to protect civilians, the iided with south africa issuing an order for israel to halt military operations in rafah, maintain the opening of the border crossing there and... >> Ensure the unimpeded access to the gaza strip of any commission of inquiry, fact-finding mission, or other investigative body. >> Reporter: those U.N. bodies would be probing the larger issue of genocide, which is at the heart of the original complaint brought forward by south africa last year. While a full military withdrawal from gaza was not ordered, friday's rulin ground breg. >> It is the first time that explicit mention is made for israel to halt its military action in any area of gaza. >> Reporte israelis bewildered. >> It's not really connected to the reality. We need to go in to rafah. >> Thinking that we're there in order to harm innocent people is completely false. >> Repor the court was not satisfied that israel has sufficiently mitigated risk to the population fleeing rafah. >> What has been very positive is the way sation is being discussed across the board. >> Rter: this legal advisor specializes in crimes of starvation. In conflict, she says, it's not new but it is finally being recognized in legal proceedings. >> To signal really a change in the way starvation is being viewed as not only an inevitable consequence of war or a byproduct of war but as deliberate strategy. >> Reporter: at this point, it does not sound as if israel will halt operations. The government issued a statement sayingpart, israel has not and will not conduct military actions in the rafah area which mnflict on the palestinian civilian population in gaza conditions of life that could bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part. Icj rulings are legally binding but not enforceable. Farah? >> Farah: crystal goomansingh in london, thank you, crystal.

>>> The genocide convention was adopted by the U.N. in 1948, the same year israelas founded in the aftermath of the second world war and the murder of about 6 million jews in the holocaust. The world united around the now familiar phrase "n again", since then it has been invoked to level charges from the bosnian war to the killing of the rohingya community in myr, both sides of the war in ukraine and now south africa's genocide allegations of the specificntent to destroy palestinians in gaza against israel, the very state that was founded out of the same tragedy. >>> Israel says it has recovered the bodies of three more hostages in gaza and warned it will not stop fighting for peoptill being held there. >> There are men, women, children, and babiesng held by hamas in living hell across our border in gaza. We will not stop fighting for their freedom. >> Farah: israel's military says three bodies were recovered in an overnight opera in northern gaza. The army says they were killed the day of the hamas attack on october 7th. >>> The truck driver who caused the deadly humboldt crash in saskatchewan in april of 2018 has been ordered to be ported. Jaskirat singh sidhu has sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to causing the crash that killed 16 people and injured3 others. Sidhu, an indian national, has permanent resident status in canada. His lawyer had called the deportation decision a foregone conclusion because he's not a cana and committed a serious crime. However, he says the process could still take monthsf not years. >>> Thousands of workers at canada border services agency are threatening job action. The union representing members across canada has secured an overwhelming strike mandate. As MacKENZIE gray reports, it is warning people they could see significant disruptions during a busy travel season. >> Reporter: it's setting up to be another treacherous travel summer with cbsa workers potentiallckling up for a strike. >> Members are angry, our members are very angry as we can see from the 96% strike mandate. >> Reporter: two years after the last cbsa contract expired, the union representing 9,000 border workers says they want higher wages, new rules around remote work and a better retirement plan. He members take great pride in the work they do. They're there to keep canadians safe. They work terribly understaffed, working incredible amounts of overtime as well. >> Reporter: the last cbsa strike august 2021 causing major delays at borders and airports, something the head of da's largest public sector union has already promised could happen again this summer. >> The trudeau liberal government has to be prepared for a summer of discontent. Whether it's at the borders, the airports. >> Reporter: chris aylward threatened to wrsummer after the federal government ordered civil servants back to the offio days a week to three, a core public servants strike, one the union didn't get in to the collective agreement. >> Actually considered a management right ttermine the place of work. This round of bargaining, it's not surprising that it's emerged as a pressing issue for these members as well. >> Reporter: 6,000 cbsa workers are deemed essential and unable to strike, making it unlikely the liberals ailling to change their telework policy. Calling the cbsa strike threat unnecessary. >> Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau: the best labour agents happen at the bargaining table and that's exactly where the ministers are focused. >> Reporter: 15 different unions have called on ndp leader jagmeet singh to hold the government accountable through their supply and confidence deal over the work from home policy but singh isn't ready to force an election over it. >> We're not at that point yet and right now, we're going to ng the pressure we can to get the government to do the right thing. >> Reporter: the treasury board says it's ready to negotiate at any time but the union's countered saying it hasn't even gotten a wage offer yet and they'll be in a legal strike position by no later than june 10th. >> Farah: MacKENZIE gray in ottawa.

>>> At the university of ottawa, the deadline has passed for pro-palestinian demonstrators to accept the university's fin their demands. Protesters have now been issu a trespass notice. They now have until monday morning to leave. Protest organizers calle school's terms outrageous criticizing the negotiating tactices as an ultimatum. The osal invites them to discuss their concerns with the university's business boardf governing council but declines demands to divest from israeli companies and/or partnerships with israeli universities. >>> Ono's accelerating plans to expand where alcohol can b bought. Today premier doug ford announa multi-stage plan that will see alcohol sold in corner stores along with a wider selection in grocery stores by this fall. >> People are excitedy're going to enjoy the same choice in convenience as other canadians and other people across the world. >> Farah: ontarians can find like wine coolers starting august 1st and after september 4 they can buy beer, wine and cider in convenience stores. >>> New democrats say they're planning to ask the house of commons ethics committee about video used by an mp. Manitoba mp brandon leslie distributed a video on his social media accounts containing doctored television news clips with real and out of contex news. David akin reports. Channel and this video never aired on cbc news. The scenes are a fiction, created for conserve member of parliament brandon leslie. >> Over the coming weeks, the liberal laurentian... >> Reporter: they were part of a four-minute video leslie released criticizing justin trudeau's record in office, fair game, but experts say the technique he used to do that mixing real footage from newscasts by global, cbc, and ctv with out-of-context news and what amounts to fake news is a problem. >> It's obviously taking the work that journalists do and using the model and thrmats that journalists use to try to spread things that aren't true. >> This is the first instance of this sort of content that I've seen produced or publishy a member of parliament in canada. I've not seen anything like thisbefore. It's pushing the boundaries. >> Reporter: leslie shrugged off concerns that the doctored images might be mistaken for real news. >> I don't think anybody thinks that I'm the guy that's going to break the news that the prime minister has resigned. I think canadians are very smart. >> Reporter: new democrats take a different view. >> It ought to be absolute unacceptable and there should be an ethiconsensus amongst parties that we will not partake in this type of misinformation and di >> Reporter: matthew green is a member of the house of commons ethics cttee which is currently studying political misinformation and disinformation.o deleteand apologize. >> Reporter: as for the broadcasters, ctv saidwas concerned about misuse of its logos and branding, while cbc saidhas detected a "alarming trend of false ads and n stories." >> Farah: david akin in wa. Thank you, david.

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